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Is Russia's President, Vladimir Putin, Dead?

Vladimir Putin answered questions from Russian journalists

Vladimir Putin answered questions from Russian journalists

For many months, prior to Putin invading Ukraine, suspicion was rife, both in Russia and beyond the country's border, on the deteriorating health condition of the president.

His recent public appearances have further fueled the rumours the president is very ill with some providing the likely reasons for what might be ailing him.

A number of footages show a man battling a disease(s) evidenced by some signs that are characteristics of certain diseases. The frequent noticeable signs seen of Putin that convinces many Putin is very sick are: a trembling hand, fidgeting and tapping feet, a bloated face, holding firmly a chair or table, appearing less mobile, and walking with a limp.

During the Russia's Victory Day celebrations (May 10, 2022), Putin was seen walking with a limp, and seated with a thick blanket spread on his laps.

Russia, Putin Cambia tutto: come riforma la costituzione

Russia, Putin Cambia tutto: come riforma la costituzione

Another instance, as reported by Daily Mail, occured on February, 2022.

"In February, Putin was seen with a shaking hand as he firmly gripped the side of his chair for support.

"The clip, which was taken on February 18, just before the onset of his invasion of Ukraine, shows him welcoming fellow strongman Alexander Lukashenko at the Kremlin.

He put his trembling hand into his body in an attempt to quell the shakes, but then he almost stumbles as he unsteadily walk towards Lukashenko.

"Later, Putin sits on a chair but is unable to remain still, constantly fidgeting and tapping the feet while he grips onto the arms for support."

What is Ailing the Russia's President?

The rumours plastered on social network sites, and the belief among some intelligence sources, senior individuals, academics, and health experts, is that Putin is at the advanced stage of the disease(s) he's battling against - blood cancer and/or Parkinson's disease.

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Daily Star notes that Ukraine's head of military intelligence, Major General Kyryio Budanou, believes Putin is very ill with cancer, which was also remarked by a Russian oligarch who has close ties with Kremlin that Putin is "very ill with blood cancer." Furthermore, he stated that Putin had undergone surgery before Russia' invasion of Ukraine.

M16 Thinks Putin Is Already Dead

A British intelligence source told Daily Star that M16 bosses believe Putin's health condition has declined rapidly, and that he might be already dead.

They're of the view that if Putin has died, his inner circle may not announce to the public so they can hold onto power for as long as possible. Also, they think a body double may have been used at public events, and his recent media appearances may have been pre-recorded.

An intelligence source told the Daily Star that the 69 year-old president is very ill, and when he dies, his death won't be disclosed for weeks, if not for months. The source further stated,

"There is also the possibility that he is already dead. It's impossible to know. It is believed that Putin has employed body doubles in the past when he has been unwell and the Kremlin could be doing so now.

"Putin is the head of a small group of senior officers who are completely loyal to him.

"The real fear (for his colonies) is that once his death is announced there could be a Kremlin coup and Russia generals will want to withdraw from Ukraine.

"Putin's death will leave them powerless and vulnerable so they have vested interest in saying that Putin is alive - when the reverse could be true."

The Prime Minister of Russia

The Prime Minister of Russia

What Would Happen to Russia if Putin Dies?

According to Russian constitution, if a president dies, then the Prime minister would take over as acting president until a new president is elected three months later in a presidential election.

However, the view among political analysts is that that Act of consititution won't be adhered to. In an article published by Vocativ on January 22, 2015, titled, 'What Would Happen To Russia if Putin Died?' Gleb Pavlovsky, a former Kremlin spin doctor, told the media organization, "If Putin were to vanish from the political scene, through his death or any other circumstances it's extremely unlikely that the constitution would be observed to the letter of the law."

Vocativ, having interviewed various political analysts on this subject, learned that "Instead of a smooth transition to a new president, Russia would see a violent internal struggle of power among the Kremlin elite, especially of Medvedev - largely seen as a weak figure with little political clout - were named acting president." By the time of publication of the article by Vocativ, Dmitry Medvedev was the Prime Minister of Russia. He resigned from the post in January 2020, and subsequently, a new Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, was appointed Prime Minister on the same month. Mikhail worked as the head of the Federal Taxation Service prior to being appointed to the seat.

Furthermore, Vocativ learned that the incoming regime would be more authoritarian than Putin's when it gains power. Dmitry Oreshkin, a pro-opposition analyst who heads the Moscow-based Mercatar political research group, told them the new regime "would be even less inclined than Putin to pay even lip-service to the rule of the law."

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