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Tricorn Hat: Symbol of Tea Party, Freedom and Liberty

Tricorn Hats

The Tricorn hat, seen around the United States at the spontaneous Tea Party movement events - which is protesting big government and its out of control spending - has quickly become a symbol of the movement and the liberty it seeks to bring back into the American way of life.

These hats are worn by men and women as a symbol of their dissent over the outrageous policies of Barack Obama, and to a lesser extent, his predecessor George Bush.

Bush fueled some of the fire with the Patriot Act, but Obama has went out of control, trampling on the constitution of the United States while attempting to oppose his will against the will of the vast majority of the American people.

Big government supporters on both sides of the political aisle are running scared and attempting to co-opt the Tea Party in hopes of stopping, retaining and advancing their progressive, or socialist agenda.

They're attempting to do this by demonizing those in the Tea Party via making them appear to be fringe Americans, rather than the majority they represent.

Either way, however you look at it, the Tricorn hat is cool and back in style, brought back into favor by the the passion of those fighting to reduce the size of the American government, decrease taxes, and implement a sane fiscal discipline for the nation.

Tricorn hats will be a political statement for years to come, and when you get down to it, they just look great as well. Both men and women are embracing the colonial style once again.

Tricorn Tea Party Hats

Now how cool do these Tricorn hats at this Tea Party event look? Add to that those period-looking uniforms, and you have a fantastic symbol of freedom and liberty in lieu of out of control government spending and expansion.

Tea Party Tricorn Hats


Tea Party Men and Women Love their Tricorn Hats

As you can see below, men and women are as passionate about the cause of the Tea Party as they are of the symbolic hats they wear. Love that liberty bell being rung by the man.


Great Tricorn Hat Worn by Woman

What does this Tricorn hat below have to do with the Tea Party? Other than being part of the inspiration, absolutely nothing. After all, this is about Tricorn hats and what they now represent. But I couldn't pass up this high quality Tricorn, as it looked too good not to share it with others.

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Tricorn Hat Worn by Tea Party Woman

Since we're on the subject of Tea Party women and Tricorn hats, we'll look at a couple of more photos of women wearing different style hats. The one below is among my favorites. As it looks fantastic, and could be somewhat believable for the period.


Cool Tricorn Hat

While it is difficult in some cases to find the Tricorn hat styles seen at Tea Party rallies and events, the one below can be found, and you can get it by checking it out underneath the photo. The hat looks great, and in my opinion, the less frills the more real, although the frilly ones still are compelling, especially on the ladies.


Tricorn with Tea Bags

Tea Party or not, some ladies are just going to make a fashion statement no matter how important the matter, and you see that humorously here with the tea bags hanging from the sides, appearing to be worn as earnings. That's too funny!


Man with Tea Bag Hanging from Tricorn Hat

The guys may not wear their tea bags like the ladies do, but including it as a statement is definitely part of their actions, as seen below. There's no doubt what he is standing for with the tea bag hanging right in everyone's face - including his - to see.


Tricorn Substitutes

Now if you can't find a Tricorn right away, then just go ahead and wear the tea. At least that is what appears to be the message of the two Tea Party members below, who were not afraid to dangle some tea for everyone to see. How could you miss it?


As with everything in life, when something that generates passion becomes a part of the lives of people, there is always going to be an accompanying fashion statement included in the movement. The Tricorn hat, without a doubt, is the most powerful of those symbols associated the the liberty-loving and seeking Tea Party.

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