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something about world refugee day

Hi, I am Paramita Sen. I am an Indian writer. I write articles and poetry. I also like to write stories. Welcome to my writing page.


In today's world, the refugee is the most concerning word. We did lots of work for them but did not stop the war. as result every minute twenty people became refugees. We do lots of things for them but we don't stop the war.
As the report of the united nations, since 2018 there are seventy-one million residential people becoming refugees because of the war or terror.
Among seventy-one million people thirty million are under the age of eighteen,
In this report one thing is clear, refugees are going on... We do not learn anything from our past.
Hope is the ultimate word against the war. Belonging from home Rio organization did lots of work for Refugees. They organized the event at Rio Olympic 2016. And united nations Organized so many commissions for them.
I wish, One day all refugees get their homes back. Is this the only wish as a human? no. but this is the only wish as a residential person.

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