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Relay For Life Team Theme Ideas


Relay For Life Team Theme Ideas - Decorations, Themes, Names and More!

Welcome! If you've found this page, you've probably already signed up for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life, gathered your friends and family to help raise money and walk, now you need a fun team theme! This article will provide you will ideas on possible Relay For Life team themes, names, decorations, games and more!

First, be sure check with your own local Relay For Life organizers to make sure there aren't any local rules or regulations on team names or themes. Each Relay is different and unique, so make yours fun and have a wonderful time!

Why I Relay

My family started Relaying the year after my grandmother died of cancer. We didn't know much about Relay, but we had heard there was a cancer-fighting event in our hometown, so we went to the park the night it was being held and checked it out. It was such a fun, uplifting, hopeful event, and we decided that we would form a team and participate next year. Our first year, we didn't know what to expect, but we ended up being one of the top fundraising teams for our Relay!

School, University or Alumni Cancer Fighters


Get your fellow students, alumni, coworkers together on a ACS Relay For Life team!

The school, college or university campus, and alumni team theme is a common one at Relay For Life events. Not only are school groups easy to organize, the common bond gives an obvious team name or theme.

Sometimes school groups join together, for example, the teachers of a local school, or students in the eight grade class. Some team name examples are Classrooms Against Cancer, or St. Catherine's Cancer Fighters.

High school and college Relay For Life teams are also common, and often feature members of a service club or Campuses Against Cancer group. Some examples are San Diego School Stops Cancer and Wisconsin Warriors Against Cancer.

The third most common school and university theme is that of alumni of a particular school or university. Some examples are Fighting Irish Fight Cancer and Chicago College Community Against Cancer.

What kinds of fun ideas can you do with a school themed team?

  • Matching shirts or hats for your team members
  • Decorate your campsite with your school colors
  • Have a team member dress up as the school mascot
  • Fundraise at your campsite with cookies decorated in school colors
  • Offer a face painting station at your campsite featuring school colors
  • Organize your fraternity or sorority to compete with others for fundraising glory
  • Invite school star athletes as special guests to take photos or play games at the event

Holidays - There's 365 days of ideas for your holiday-themed team!


Holiday themes are common among Relay For Life teams. Holiday themes can be around well known holidays such as Christmas, or lesser known, such as President's Day. You can also have fun with holiday themes, with Christmas In July... and especially fun theme to decorate if your Relay is in the hot summer months. Holiday themes are limited only by your own imagination!

Some ideas for Relay For Life Holiday Team Themes are Christmas In July, Halloween Spooks Cancer, Winter Wonderland, Be A Cancer-Fighting Valentine, and American Independence Day From Cancer.

Fun things you can do with a holiday themed team include:

  • Decorating your campsite for the holiday (Christmas in July, Valentines, Easter eggs)
  • Wearing holiday themed hats or costumes (reindeer antlers, Santa hats, bunny ears)
  • Run a craft station at your campsite to make holiday-themed crafts for a donation
  • Invite a special guest like Santa to come and take photos with people for a donation

Hobbies - Turn your passion into a Relay For Life team theme!

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What's your hobby, passion, that thing you do in your spare time? Why not gather a group of pals who share your interests and create a Relay For Life team around the idea of your hobby.

Some potential team themes include Knitters For A Cure, Clowning Against Cancer, Karate Kicks Cancer and Poker Players For A Cure.

Fun ideas you can do with a hobby theme team include:

  • Running a craft sale featuring your creations as a fundraiser at your campsite
  • Offering a mini-lesson in karate as part of the Relay "Fight Back" ceremony
  • Decorating your campsite with hobby related items
  • Fundraising before the event through your hobby's networks and community
  • Hosting a poker game or bingo at your campsite with donations benefiting ACS

Sports Fans!


Sports are also a popular Relay For Life Team Theme, as nearly everyone has one that they hold dear. Some folks even have themes made up of other players on their bowling or baseball team! Examples of sports themes for your Relay For Life team are Bat Away Cancer, Bowl For A Cure and Touchdown For Cancer-Fighters.

Fun ideas for a sports theme include:

  • Paint your faces with your team colors, or wear team hats to show your allegiance!
  • Decorate your campsite in your team colors
  • Challenge another team to a fundraising contest to see who can raise the most money
  • Host a mini-sports game at your campsite for a donation
  • Raffle off prizes donated by your favorite sports team - game tickets are very popular!

Food - Yummy Team Themes!


We all have to eat, and there are few things that have as much personality as food! Why not create a Relay For Life team theme around food? Perhaps you work at a restaurant and are getting your fellow waitstaff together for a Relay, or maybe you're just a big fan of baking - everyone loves food! Some team theme name examples are Ice Scream For A Cure, Serving Up A Cure, Cookies For Cancer Research and Healthy Eating Beats Cancer.

Fun ideas for a food themed team:

  • Wear chef hats and decorate your campsite with cooking items
  • Host a bake sale at your campsite
  • Invite an ice cream truck to benefit ACS
  • Put together a cookbook of healthy recipes and sell as a fundraiser
  • Raffle off food themed baskets
  • Have a chili cookoff contest to benefit ACS

Work and Professional Themes - Turn your 9 to 5 into a cancer-fighting community!


One of the most common ways people get involved in American Cancer Society's Relay For Life is through their co-workers or as a service project for their employer. Many companies assist employees in fundraising or provide time off for Relay activities. Organizing a Work or Professional Themed Relay team is also easy because you already know and work with the folks on your team.

Some Work and Professional Team theme ideas are Manicurists For A Cure, Salon Cuts Against Cancer and Fighterfighters Fight Cancer.

Some fun ideas for work and professional teams include:

  • Invite your company to be a sponsor of the Relay, with all the benefits that provides
  • Host an information session at your campsite about services your company offers
  • Raffle off gift certificates or baskets with items related to your company
  • Fundraise at work with dress down for a donation days or bake sales in the break room

Entertainment Themes - Music, Movies, Television, Comics, you name it!


Entertainment Themes for Relay For Life teams are easy to put together and build from. Whether it is a favorite movie, or a bunch of band members, or a cartoon character, the possibilities for fun are endless! Let your imagination run wild, these are just a few ideas to get you started. Some team names are Rock Against Cancer, Cancer-fighting Superheroes, Dance For A Cure, Luau For A Cure and Pirates Fight Cancer.

Fun ideas for entertainment themed teams include:

  • Host karaoke at your campsite for a donation
  • Screen a movie and sell popcorn as a fundraiser
  • Dress up in costume and create a photo booth - ask for a donation for photos
  • Provide a mini dance lesson or craft project

What are your favorite Relay For Life team themes?

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