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PTA Silent Auction Baskets


Silent Auction Themed Basket Ideas

As soon as school begins, so does the need for PTA funds, and fundraising. Some schools and sports associations sell wrapping paper, or popcorn, and others try to raise funds with silent auctions.

A popular silent auction item is a themed basket of multiple useful products with a particular theme. Baskets can be made with a variety of price tags, to help draw both large donors, as well as small donors. With a little preparation and planning, your silent auction can offer a variety of different, useful and fun themed baskets to raise funds for your school or PTA. Find a variety of creative silent auction basket ideas here, and pass them along to friends.

Garden-Themed Silent Auction Basket

There is always someone, or multiple people, who are in need of gardening supplies. This is a very useful and popular basket idea. For a smaller more affordable basket you could find a medium sized planter, or set of 3 planters, and fill them with plenty of seeds appropriate for your area, gloves, small hand trowels and tools, spray nozzles, fertilizer etc.

For a larger garden themed auction basket, you could display your items in either practical garden wagon, or a decorative garden wagon. These make for outstanding displays, and a larger area for more items. Items for a pricier basket could include a bag of soil, seeds, good quality gloves, pruning sheers, trowels, watering cans, garden hose, small trellises, garden tote bags and many other garden essentials.

Garden Themed Basket


Gift Card Silent Auction Basket

Collecting gift cards for your local restaurants, ice cream parlors, book stores, movie theatres, grocery stores and even i tunes can be a big seller. The gift card basket can be displayed nicely in a bouquet of flowers or any other creative way you can think of.

Harry Potter Themed Auction Basket

Putting together a Harry Potter auction basket could be done in many ways. It could be just a complete collection of the books, or a set of just the movies, or a much larger basket including books, movies, games, posters, decorations and even costumes. It all depends on the budget. Seeing how enormously successful the series is, this should be a popular auction basket!

One Direction Basket

If your auction attendees will include teen and pre-teen girls this year, this could be a big seller. One Direction, or 1D as they are known to fans is the latest boy band melting girls hearts. They even sang at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. Fill this basket with One Direction posters, messenger bags, stationery items, 1D spiral notebooks, One Direction T-Shirts and of course some CDs.

Young Readers Silent Auction Basket

There are so many options for a young readers silent auction basket. You could make this a large basket, or small. It could include complete sets of book series, small samplings, or even one book from a wide variety of different authors. Not only will many parents bid on these baskets, but often teachers will too to add to their classroom collection. You could get creative with your display of the books by putting them on a table with a nice set of bookends if you don't want to use a traditional basket. Here are a few popular children's authors and series: Robert Munsch, The Flat Stanley Series, My Weird School Series, Junie B Jones Series, Magic Tree House Series, Cam Jansen Series and many more. Click on either of the Amazon links below to find even more books.

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Picnic Basket Auction Basket

This is another popular theme, the picnic basket auction basket. Who doesn't visualize a peaceful sunny day, on soft fine grass, with a basket full of delicious food and a nice big blanket.

Picnic baskets come in a variety of sets, for 2 or more people, with or without blankets. You could buy just the basket set itself, or embellish it with a blanket, sun umbrella and even a bottle of wine. With the picnic basket open, it displays itself.

Baking-Themed Silent Auction Basket

The grocery store offers plenty of snacks and cookies and cakes, but nothing is better than home baking. This is a fun basket to put together, and the options are endless. Such a variety of products can be included in a baking themed basket: parents favorite recipes, muffin tins, muffin liners, cookie sheets, mixing bowls, colorful spatulas, measuring spoons, baking supplies and so much more. Like many other baskets, this can be made into a small more affordable "bowl" to be auctioned off, or quite extravagant, the choice is yours.

Yoga / Exercise Basket


Yoga is very popular these days, so a yoga basket should get a few bids. This doesn't have to be a basket per say, it could be a nicely organized collection of items, such as a rolled up yoga mat, exercise ball, speed jump rope, some yoga videos, and some weights. If you have a yoga studio nearby maybe you could get a them to donate a "one free session" gift certificate to go along with the items you have.

More Auction Basket Ideas

Ice Cream Delight Basket

Ice cream, ice cream, we all love ice cream. Collect an assortment of favorite toppings from Hershey chocolate sauce, to butterscotch and caramel, then add in a variety of colored sprinkles, even some coconut, or marshmallow topping. Find some nice ice cream parlor style bowls or v -shaped glasses, and long spoons, as well as a good quality ice cream scooper. You could also include gift certificates to some nearby ice cream places in your neighborhood.

Family Movie Night

Do a little research and find some of the best and most recent family movies, then gather up some popcorn, candy bars, twizzlers and other popular movie snacks. Consider displaying it all in a nice red and white bowl popcorn bowl.

Golf Auction Basket

Sometimes nearby golf courses will be willing to donate a round of golf for your auction. In addition to the round of golf you could add golf balls, tees, gloves, ball retriever, ball towel, golf cooler, golf hat , ball marker and any other interesting golf related items you can find.

Gift Wrap Supplies Basket

Put together a basket of different wrapping paper, ribbon, tissue paper, crepe paper, scissors, tape, bows etc. This gift wrap supplies basket could be rather simple with a small amount of supplies, or quite organized with all of the tools, as well as themed paper for Christmas, Birthdays, Floral, animals etc, each with coordinating ribbons and bows to match. Don't forget gift bags as well.



American Girl Doll Basket

We were told that American Girl will donate one doll every other year to a school fundraiser. Then you could also add some doll clothing and accessories. Whether it's an historical doll or a regular one, it should get quite a few bids.

Lego-Themed Auction Basket

Lego can be enjoyed by just about all ages of kids and adults, and with so many different kits and lego pieces available, this auction basket can attract lots of bidders. Of course you can specialize too, and make it just Star Wars lego, or Bionicles, or Duplo, it might depend on the age or gender of what group you are fundraising for.

Car Wash Auction Basket

Who doesn't enjoy a clean car? So this basket will be useful to most of the attendees to your auction. For an interesting display, you could start with Griot's Garage Ultimate Car Was Bucket on wheels, and fill it will car shampoo, car wax, micro-fiber mitts, squeegees, leather wipes, shammy, tire spray, and an assortment of other car cleaning products.

Halloween Silent Auction Basket


If your silent auction is planned before Halloween, this can be a great seller. This theme could include items such as: candy, ghost decorations, big spiders, skulls, lawn decorations, halloween house flags, halloween rope lights, skeletons, candy bowls, halloween plates - napkins- cups, candles, spooky halloween cd's, halloween books. Depending on how many items you have you could display it in a big halloween punch bowl, or candy bowl.


Teacher for a Day and other school freebies

Some auction ideas that sold well at our school essentially involved no cost. Our P.E., Art and Music teachers allowed a student to be with them all day as a "Teacher for a Day". Our Principal also did this. Another easy auction item to sell was "Front Row Seats" to each grade level's play.

Other ideas:

lunch with your teacher

front of the line pass for car line pick up for a month

certain teachers may be willing to auction off one hour of tutoring

Cat Lover's Basket

Many families have cats, so this is an easy basket to put together and you will have plenty of potential bidders. Not to mention the fact there there is a huge assortment of items to choose from. A creative way to display this basket could be to put it in and around an interesting cat bed - check out Interesting Cat Beds. brand new litter box, or purchase a large upright cat scratcher or cat condo and display the items around them. Items could include: catnip mice, feather toys, balls, brushes, pretty collars, nail clippers, cat beds, cat scratchers, litter, litter scoopers etc.

Smurf Auction Basket

With the 2011 summer release of The Smurfs movie, this would make a popular choice among children. This auction basket could be displayed as a traditional basket, choose blue or white if you can, or alternatively you could display it in a big blue bowl, or even a smurf backpack. It could include a collection of smurf figurines, the smurf mushroom house, some puzzles, games for the DS, old smurf episodes or even smurf party supplies. Of course once the movie is out on DVD that would be an important item to consider including.


Italian Auction Basket

Choose a nice basket, line it with a pretty linen cloth or tablecloth, then start to fill it with some of your favorite Italian foods and supplies: a variety of different shaped pasta, several jars of different pasta sauces, some wooden stirring spoons, a nice bottle of wine, two wine glasses, some parmesan cheese, even a strainer and a pasta server. Buon appetito!


Sports Team Gift Basket

Everyone has their favorite sports team. Whether it's baseball, basketball or football, choose a team that is popular with your auction guests, and fill it with an assortment of unique, fun and useful team items.

Start with a good insulated cooler, or picnic basket to hold all of the items, and add team jerseys, mugs, chef aprons, team balls, posters, autographed photos, blankets, plush toys, and any other items you can find.

Fishing Tackle Box Auction Item

If you live near water there is sure to be a fisherman or fisherwoman amid your bidders. This auction item would be a welcome addition to the often more women and children oriented baskets. Once again, you can get creative with your fishing auction basket and display it in a big fishing net, or a nice tackle box, or a live well bucket. Other items can include a fishing rod, pliers, lures, gloves, hooks, small first aid kit, bobbers, weights, nets and any other fishing equipment you can think of.

Scrapbooking Auction Basket

Scrapbooking is a popular hobby, so it makes for an obvious choice for an auction basket. Displaying scrapbooking items in a handy and pretty scrapbooking tote will not only look nice, but be useful as well. The ideas for a scrapbooking auction basket are almost limitless, start with a scrapbook and add: paper, scissors, cutters, a variety of shaped punches, stickers, vellum, interesting paper, or paper sets, ribbons, tags, stamps and ink, page protectors and so much more.

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