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Ladies, Don't Force Yourself to...

The author is a writer of captivating short stories. He teaches English and literature.

The Peculiar Journey

Reek crept out of the house in the dead of night and sneaked downstairs. He stealthily opened the wooden door and was soon on his motorbike with his five-year-old daughter. As he drove to an unknown destination, a mind-boggling question crossed his mind. What if Jane(his beautiful wife) woke up and knew of his wicked plans? How would she react? Anyway, he had to go on with his plans. He did not care whether boys in blue would arrest him or not if they later learned of his evil acts. Reek was rather a reckless man.

Although it was pitch-black, the headlights of his motorbike made it possible to see through the deserted streets of the city. But something was peculiar. Never before had the city experienced a blackout. Probably, it was a premonition of what was going to happen. The innocent girl sat at the back of the bike holding tightly her 'father's' leather jacket oblivious of what her father was up to. On the other hand, her father sped past skyscrapers carelessly making no notice of the bumps and potholes on the road. She could not cry or shout for she knew the obvious consequences.


It was not long before they arrived at a dusty town. Reek halted and dismounted his motorbike. The ignorant girl was left there startled taking care of the bike, something she wasn't aware of. Sooner rather later, Reek appeared. With him was a middle-aged woman whose slender body silhouetted against the dim light at the outskirts of this town. She glared at the puzzled girl and clicked. "Reek, so this is the luggage?" she asked smiling sheepishly. Apart from her angelic voice and small pointed breasts, I must admit that I have very few details of the lady. She just mounted the motorbike and in the blink of an eye, the trio was long gone.

The night was still. Except for a few noises from some hooting cars, the town was as noiseless as a shadow. There were revolting showers here and there and the busy women near Rubis sheltered under the roofs of the tall houses. At the Jupiter House, there was a beehive of the activities as usual. More than a hundred girls aged eighteen or so stood along the road heading to Kitengela Prisons, nude. In front of the house were luxurious cars of men who were supposed to be in their homes having a good time with their wives. What were they doing here at the wee hours of the night?

So baffled was the little girl that she made up her mind to ask her father a question that had been bothering her. "Where are we headed for? What is our destination dad?" She received a hefty slap that sent her sprawling to the ground. Blood was oozing from her ears profusely. The lady(Reek's accomplice) was busy on her phone calling, hanging while smiling broadly.
Even though it was still dark, her strangely dazzling white teeth could be seen, as they glittered in
the light.

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Reek rode past the house and were soon near Enkare. On reaching a bridge a few metres from Pavilion XV, they stopped and got off the motorbike. Mwende — Reek's daughter— was ordered to rest on a rock in the vicinity. Without dilly-dallying, Reek and the lady disappeared into thin air. Mwende's impassioned pleas not to be left alone fell on deaf ears.

That was when the girl started crying uncontrollably. Before long, the lady came and roughly dragged the girl heading to an anonymous place. Her efforts asking where her father had gone proved futile

Her mother is still looking for her beloved daughter. Her whereabouts are still not known. Is she alive? If yes, where is she and whom is she living with? I'm perplexed.

Ladies, I'm sorry though I must ask. Why do you force yourself to live with men who are not biological fathers of your children?



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