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loved ones lost their loved ones


The real reason for corona is the mistakes of us humans.

Who says that the above has wreaked havoc

We humans have called it,

In the face of false pride

Loved ones have lost their loved ones.

There was no awareness behind his selfishness

Don't know how many we have crushed under our feet,

If a person takes care of him, then he is afraid of nature

If you do not know this, you remain fearless while living in this epidemic.

Doing the honor of giving respect to nature

It was not difficult, the road was very easy,

When we humans become enemies of nature

It was natural to wreak havoc

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Take care, O soul, don't insult him now.

It is not his nature to cheat someone unnecessarily

It's not your habit to accept your mistake,

Maybe that's why you are wandering today for your loved ones

What will the witness now prove and for whom?

In the morning, he was also alive, he was also among them

Now you did not become innocent without setting fire,

Bite them when you were happy for your happiness

You did all this for your own sorrow.

By committing the crime you have sinned

Now is the time to improve it,

In the face of false pride

Loved ones have lost their loved ones........

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