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Audubon Magazine on Gulf Drilling

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Introduced to the Meaning of "One Thousand Points of Light"

After two years of Birds and Blooms, this birder wanted more than pictures of the birds. Canceling that bird magazine for Audubon has opened a new world of bird news.

An Audubon article by Mike Tidwell drove home the need of converting to clean energy. The piece on the Gulf Oil Spill was an eye opener. The author's description of endless lights in a black ocean at night was interesting. The lights are a testimony of man's work and ingenuity. It was a "Wow!" moment, and recalls President Bush's 'One Thousand Points of Light'.


Amazed at Audubon Society Reporting

The map here pinpoints the location of the thousands of wells established in the Gulf of Mexico. The Spill is old news but the large concentration of oil wells is here to stay and growing.

The most shocking fact: there are 6000 wells in the Gulf of Mexico. The picture Tidwell drew in the article prompts me to think that number is quite a few. Did you know that in the Gulf of Mexico, from Texas to Alabama, this many platforms are drilling off the coast of the U.S?

Additionally, there are 4000 huge platforms, each housing a crew to regulate the workings of the wells in their care. 4000 platforms maintain 5,969 active wells. Tidwell wondered why major spills haven't happened before. How can such a large number of maintained wells have enough oversight to prevent more spills?

Are we willing to support change and switch from oil? Citizens can support companies making a difference. Anyone can do a little bit with a Audubon Magazine subscription.

Alternative Energy

Recently, Audubon Magazine has outlined six sources the United States can use for clean energy to help eliminate drilling. They are solar photovolaic, concentrated solar, geothermal, tidal turbines, wave and hydroelectric.

Solar Panels are Clean Energy

Solar panels are another good alternative. Jimmy Carter installed solar panels on the White House. President Reagan took the system down.

A few years ago our house was fitted with solar panels to equal the amount of energy used for a year.The utility bill is less than $12.00 every month. The local utility is very sensitive to this home owner trend and has asked for a grid user charge.

The sheer number of wells is amazing. More wells are located in the area than all other wells in the world combined. The employees have good training, but mistakes can happen. Has the U.S. grossly over worked the presence of drilling in the Gulf?

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It has been reported that oil companies are targeting mores wells in the next 20 years.

Report shows US GoM drilling permit numbers still riding rollercoaster 03/16/2017

Expanding Deepwater Drilling

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Do You Enjoy the Audubon Magazine?

marsha32 on June 04, 2012:

I was shocked about all of this too. My hubby wants to get those windmill type things for energy, but who has the money to put them in to begin with?

Linda Jo Martin from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on September 18, 2010:

I'm shocked that so many people still don't know what a huge ecological disaster the oil "gusher" not "spill" is. I wrote a lens on crop failure due to the oil "spill" ... what shocks me is that people still eat tainted seafood from the gulf and will eat tainted crops that have been rained on by rain poisoned with corexit.

julieannbrady on September 16, 2010:

Well, my dear! I too am sitting here SHOCKED ... I am shocked about there being 4,000 oil platforms -- I had NOT a clue. I'm sitting here shocked about injustices in the world. Can't we all just get along? Can't we all value the next person? Can't we all CARE a little more about the BIG picture? LOVE ya.

anonymous on September 16, 2010:

It's sad that we can do so much damage to our planet, I don't know what the answer is, I know we aren't perfect, and know it will take us years and years and year to fix our past mistakes, I just hope it isn't too late.

ohcaroline on September 16, 2010:

What is more shocking is that the regulation of these wells is sloppy at best! I pray these wells that currently exist hold up better because the beautiful Gulf of Mexico has given; but it deserves better care in return.

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