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A successful activist


An activist

"A person who brings social or political change by campaigning is an activist."

Successful Activist

"A successful activist is that who arise with such determination that he bound people to accept his demands".

  • Skills of successful activist
  1. Honest
  2. Best communication skill
  3. Full of determination
  4. Thirst to achieve goal
  5. Good knowledge of surrounding

So question arises how to become an activist?

There are certain offline aspects like arranging street marches for cause,hunger strikes,rallies,writing large numbers of letters or e-mails to authority.For offline activists we can take example of Martin Luther King who fight against racial segregation.

There are certain online aspects as social networking sites like facebook,twitter,youtube or by blogs.For online we can take example of Oscar Morales who created facebook group against FARC(a terrorist organization) and worldwide protect was arranged.


Skills and Reasons for becoming an activist

For becoming an activist a person should have proper skills like

He should be:-

  • Communicative
  • Honest with his cause and should be a positive thinking person.
  • Capable of gathering people to support him
  • Should have positive image of his personality in eyes of people.

Reason are necessary for becoming an activist so some reasons of becoming an activist are for peace, education, poverty, politics, human rights, against corruption.

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