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Forgotten & Forsaken, Angel Families

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!

Migrants on the Move

Migrants on the Move

Let Down

The question posed, “do you feel the United States has let you down”?

Yet another Parent, an agonized Father, who has lost his child to an illegal immigrant, left to ponder this question.

I was thinking to myself, no, it’s not the United States of America that has let him down.

It is not the United States of America that is letting down these many victimized families.

It wasn’t the President of the United States, at the time, Donald Trump, who was letting them down, quite the contrary!

It’s not the Republican Party, nor most life members of the Democratic Party, it’s not the American people letting them down...

None of us are okay with any of this!

The only ones letting these families down is the far left; the current leaders of the Democratic Party and all who fall under that umbrella; activist judges and twisted mainstream media for example!

They are the ones letting these families down

According to the heartbroken Father, not one member of the Democratic Party ever reached out to him or to any other members of his family -

but, why would they?

Why would they reach out to any of these families, when wide open borders and illegal entry and defending wide open borders and defending illegal entry and defending the criminal element, a byproduct of illegal what consumes them?

Blood on their Hands

When Donald Trump was President, activist Judges were having a field day, nearly every day - a field day for them, was stopping him, at every turn!

Angel families would be silenced, as the cheers for the judges that would stop Trump, would overshadow them and drown them out

Too many arms of the Democratic party, via newspapers and newscasters, would make the story all about how Trump was outwitted, outmaneuvered, outsmarted, defeated, at every turn, never a second thought for these families, as they'd be victimized all over again!

The spotlight could never be on these suffering families

They, the far left, had to make it all about how powerful and how skilled they were, at stopping Trump!

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They had to make Trump and his supporters out to be opposed to immigration, it was necessary in winning back the White House, the Senate, the House -

The current President, Joe Biden, certainly isn't casting any light in their direction, he too is fully invested in keeping up this facade.

He too is all about open borders and protecting those who cross illegally, unvetted, {soon to become unaccounted for} as his administration still works to lump them in with Immigration.

With their never-ending accusations, in an effort to make Trump supporters, {now that Trump has been pushed out of the picture} come off as anti-immigration, the charade must continue!

As if we are never to consider the laws which are on our books or the long list of migrants who waited their turn or are currently waiting, following our laws, going through the vetting process, doing it the right way

As if we are never to utilize our God-given common sense, in these matters...

As far as I am concerned, the out of control, beyond help, Democratic Party, has the blood of Angel families' loved ones, on their hands!

Angel Families Speak

Where is the Democratic Party's Allegiance these days?

During the Trump administration, Homeland Security brokered a deal with Mexico's President Lopez-Obrador. Under this agreement, those seeking asylum in the United States, would stay put in Mexico, while awaiting their court dates.

An activist, Obama appointed Federal Judge, Jon Tigar (San Francisco, California) stalled this agreement, time and again.

Wasn't this radical action then and the total and complete inaction now, placing illegal, unvetted, {soon to become unaccounted for} entry above every single law-abiding American citizen, above every single law-abiding migrant who seeks or has sought asylum and above every single Angel Family?

Yes it does!

If not Judge Tigar, another radical Judge, always waiting in the wings, ready and willing to play political games with people’s lives.

Always ready to shoot down, whether a former President or any person/entity, who attempts to fix this ongoing problem, which has gotten so far out of control, it often ends in tragedy!

Where is the Democratic Party's allegiance, these days?

Who can tell me?

Do you know?

Do tell!

Again, it seems to me, it isn't with their constituents or U.S. citizens or migrants attempting to do things the right way (not sure what "the right way" means to today's radical, far-left Democratic Party, if anything)

Angel families, I am so sad to say, you aren't even on their radar!


I Will Never stop Sharing this Story...

My daughter and her friend, were stopped at a red light, waiting to make a left turn, when a highly intoxicated male, here illegally we would come to find out, ran into the back of her fully stopped truck.

We would also come to find out...that he did not have any type of identification, nor any type of license to drive, no registration, no insurance, no type of documentation, whatsoever!

After impact, he did not even bother to check on them, why would someone like him be bothered to do such a thing?

He's above it all, right?

Our laws don't apply to him, right?

His first response was to leave the scene; fortunately he was caught a short distance away because the car he was driving was no match for the truck that my daughter and her friend were in.

Thank you God, they were okay, they did not die that night, we did not become Angel Families that night

We never saw a cent toward the damage and were told that he would be deported. I wondered how many times he had already been deported and would he eventually manage to kill someone, before someone would take this seriously!

I've shared this story, multiple times and I will share it multiple times more, because these stories must be told.

There are consequences to the actions of these people; they break our laws when they enter in illegally, why would we expect them to suddenly give a damn about my daughter, your son, someone's Dad, someone's Mom!

Why would they care?

They're given a pass by a certain political party, by activist Judges, by biased newspapers and newscasters, "shutting down" anything and everything any one in the minority party or any good law-abiding citizen, attempts to do.

They are welcomed by the open arms of leftist Mayors in leftist cities, offering them sanctuary, seeing to it that they need not care to care about anyone or anything, because, for some unexplained reason, they take precedence, even over their own constituents!

But why should any of this matter to us, Trump was defeated and continues to be vilified every single day and that's all that should matter, right?

In the meantime, Angel Families lost the one man that was truly in their corner!

Calling All Angels

© 2022 A B Williams

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