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Recycled tires-scrap car flower pots


Flower pots from recycled tires

What is the easiest way then to used some old used tires. New age planters for flowers and herbs. Call the scrapyard to get an old tire. They may charge you $5.00 or its free. If the scrap yard owner is in a good mood, you might get them for free. Start with a strong box cutter or a large knife. Even an electric carving knife will do. Cut the top section as illustrated in this picture. Use a big truck tire as a planter or for a small outdoor pond. If you fill the tire with water , place a squirter in the middle to create a water spout Make sure you line the tire with plastic for your make shift pond. You are all set to fill the tire with good soil to plant herbs or flowers.

People don't need to see the tire. Bury it if you like. If you have really bad soil, the tire prevents cut worms or other bad bugs from getting to your plants. It helps with watering too. The water will not leach to the surrounding area.

Recycled rubber tires for roads and sports tracks

Recycled rubber tires for roads and sports tracks

Halloween Recycled Tires

Halloween Flower pots

Lets get into the spirit and decorate using recycled tires. A fun project you can do with your kids. You can fill the tire with candles or soil. Plant orange mums or fall flowers inside these pots for extra drama. It's an easy way to decorate and find useful ways to recycle old tires.

Recycled scrap tires

Recycled scrap tires

Getting started

Recycled tires: new age designs

There are so many designs for flower pots using old tires. The imagination is boundless. You can leave the rim in or take it out. If you leave the rim on the flower pot, you have to flip the tire inside out, You also have to have some elbow grease. Let me show you what I mean in this photo. Use a white marker, chalk or a pen and create the scallops around the rim on the outside of the tire. Use any sharp kitchen knife to cut out your pattern. Some people use a dowel to guide them along. a broom handle will do. the dowel helps lifts the tire as you cut out the design.

Flower pots from recycled tores

Flower pots from recycled tores

The Flip side

Elevated flower pot from scrap car tires

This scrap tire is still on it's wheel so when the tire gets flipped inside out it looks like a raised pot. You don't have to take the tire off of its rim. This part you need to maneuver the tire around. Ladies can do it easily. It is a bit awkward so you need patience for this task. this one has smaller scallops as you can see. I like the elevated flower pot. It allows for good drainage.

Recycled Flower pot

Recycled Flower pot

Add Colour

Not only your flowers have colour

Your new designer flower pot is perfect to look like a big blue flower. The scallops are good for petals and it makes a lovely addition to your yard. The petals can be round or pointed. For this pot you need very wide cuts to create the large petals. This one has eight 'petals'. You can print them all colours of the rainbow. Bright orange, yellow and stripped like a tiger lily. Some recycled tire flower pots have smaller scallops around the border like the one above. You can use the bottom of a glass jar for a pattern guide. It is a lot more work. If you have the patience and the dexterity, you are all set. What's better then these big beautiful flowers adorning your backyard. They add whimsy to your life!

Recycled Tires Products - Let me count the ways

What can we make from recycled tires.

Recycled Tire Pond

Recycled Tire Pond

Recycled Tire Mini Pond

Bird bath or fish pond

This quaint little pond is made from an old truck tire. Picture Perfect! It's so easy to make you only need to look at the pictures to see how it is done.

If you agree or disagree with "recycled rubber tire" flower power then lets hear from you!

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