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Child Protective Services False Allegations

I'm the owner of the FightCPS website. I'm concerned about false accusations of child abuse and neglect, and the children involved.

Madame Vigee-Lebrun and Her Daughter, Jeanne-Lucie-Louise (1780-1819) 1789 - by Elisabeth Louise Vigee-LeBrun.

Madame Vigee-Lebrun and Her Daughter, Jeanne-Lucie-Louise (1780-1819) 1789 - by Elisabeth Louise Vigee-LeBrun.

Why I Started the FightCPS Website

Every day in the USA families face false accusations of child abuse. Children are frequently unjustly ripped from their families and placed in foster homes.

These families suffer extreme trauma and depression in their attempts to be together again.

FightCPS is a family rights website that seeks to assist parents and others who are falsely accused of child abuse and neglect.


Image: Madame Vigee-Lebrun and Her Daughter, Available from AllPosters.Com

Many Children in Foster Care are Traumatized by Separation From Loving Parents

Why I Help Victims of False Child Abuse Allegations

Many people have asked why I would try to help people whose children were taken away from them by Child Protective Services. Here are a few of my reasons:

  1. Many accusations of abuse or neglect are false. False accusations can come from anonymous callers, doctors, nurses, neighbors, school teachers, or even the social workers themselves. People who are falsely accused and have their children taken are devastated, and need legal information and social support. Fight CPS helps with both those needs.
  2. A large percentage of the young parents falsely accused of child abuse or neglect are impoverished, and must rely on court appointed attorneys for representation in juvenile court settings. These court appointed attorneys are notorious for doing almost nothing to help their CPS clients. They seem like they're there to guide people through the court process, but don't provide any type of aggressive defense. So my site, Fight CPS, fills in the gap by showing people how to provide their own evidence and legal paperwork.
  3. When parents are sent to juvenile court they are denied constitutional rights such as the right to a jury trial, the right to a public trial, and the right to be confronted by their accusers. Yet they stand to lose their children, one of the saddest and most heartrending losses known to humankind. This lack of constitutional safeguards leaves child detention hearings open to gross injustices, the like of which few people believe could happen in America - unless they've been through it.
  4. Federal statistics show that children in foster homes are about ten times more likely to be abused sexually, physically, emotionally, and mentally than children in their natural family homes. They are even more likely to be killed. A recent study concluded that foster children are more likely to have teen pregnancies and to become juvenile delinquents. The study said that children are better off when left with their natural families, even if those families have severe problems.
  5. Social work should be a process of helping families resolve and recover from problems, not a process of tearing families apart forever and traumatizing children for life. This imbalance in the social work profession has been caused by federal legislation that gives financial incentives in the form of federal funding and social security reimbursements when children are torn from their homes and placed in foster homes.

Children are Abused in Foster Homes - Many Children Have Died While in the Custody of the Child Welfare System.

Children are Dying in Foster Homes

Children are Dying in Foster Homes

Children Killed Under the "Care" of Child "Protective" Services

Activism to Help Victims of False Allegations

Child protective services (CPS) often accuses people erroneously, or takes children for trivial reasons.

This page clarifies family rights issues and explains why I choose to help families who have been torn apart by CPS, something that's happening far too often these days.

CPS false accusations are a travesty of justice, one I cannot silently ignore because I've felt the sting of false accusations made by a CPS caseworker, and resolved to try to prevent this injustice from continuing.

I haven't been able to stop it, but I have helped many families to fight the CPS injustice system and get their children back.

Sir Edmund Burke, a British statesman, said, "Evil flourishes when good men do nothing."

I believe that if everyone would choose a social issue, this one or another, and devote their lives to it, many wrongs of this world could be made right again. I have devoted myself to the cause of helping to reunite families attacked by CPS false accusations.

If you've been targeted by a Child Protective Services agent, the best thing you can do is get a good lawyer.

Next, a positive step forward is to read my site, FightCPS, and others like it.

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Learn as much as you can so you can help defend yourself and help your lawyer plan an effective defense.

Collection of documentary evidence in your favor is crucial.

You can find information that may help you develop a strategy for fighting your CPS case.

Psychotropic Drugs are Given to Foster Children

Foster children are often forced to take multiple psychotropic drugs. Foster and adoptive parents get extra "special needs" money for damaged kids, so they rush to take children to doctors known for their willingness to prescribe medications regardless of whether the child actually needs them.

This is well-documented.

Many people are aware of this now, and it is a tragic practice that could affect a foster child's brain and nervous system for life. Some children have died because of it.

They are forcing foster children onto psychotropic medications after they're traumatized by being forced to leave their families.

Read more about it here: Drugging Foster Children, where you'll find multiple tragic case histories including the testimony of former foster children.

CPS Approves the Drugging of Foster Children - Here's the Proof

Grandparents Never Forget Children Lost to the System

Remember Cynthia Rose

Remember Cynthia Rose

Grandparents Fight to Save Their Grandchildren from CPS

The FightCPS Website

The FightCPS website provides support and information to families falsely accused of child abuse or neglect.

The FightCPS website provides support and information to families falsely accused of child abuse or neglect.

History and Philosophy of Fight CPS

My fight against the injustices of the child welfare system has been ongoing since 1989 when my fourth child, a newborn infant, was taken from the hospital by a social worker because her father had battered me when I was pregnant. I found out first-hand what it felt like to show up at court to find a social worker's court report full of slander and lies.

In 1990 I started writing articles about CPS cases. Numerous parents came to me asking for my help in publicizing the cruelty and injustices they were enduring, including direct lies by social workers in court reports. My articles were published in The Enterprise News, a weekly newspaper in Central California owned by a kind Libertarian, Richard Palmquist, who also owned a Christian radio station. I also made a few public appearances including a call-in talk show on that radio station and a televised talk show in Fresno, California.

Next I got involved in exposing CPS using the FidoNet BBS network from 1991 through 1997. I was not as active in meeting people with open CPS cases at that time because I was busy raising my own children.

The Fight CPS website has been online since October 2000. I started it a month after starting the Child Protection Reform Yahoo Group - which I've since passed on to other owners so that I can spend more time improving Fight CPS.

I started Fight CPS because at the time, there weren't many sites on the internet that informed people about the topic of family rights. And some of the sites that already existed didn't seem to fulfill the needs of the people. For example, one large site had lots of good information, but forbade anyone from mentioning any other sites that might help. I felt this was too controlling - that the flow of information had to be free so that people could learn more from each other.

Therefore one of my main goals with Fight CPS, at the beginning, was to collect links to information, to encourage others to start sites, and to link to their sites, and promote them. To this day Fight CPS allows all family rights sites to be linked on the site.

The front page of Fight CPS is now a WordPress blog. It started out with no blog at all, on Geocities in 2000. It moved to its own domain name in 2002. In 2004 I put a Blogger.Com blog on the front page of the site. In 2007 I changed it to a WordPress blog for better search engine optimization.

Child Protection/Abduction Services - The Modern Mafia: Federally Financed Perjury, Fraud, Kidnapping, and Child Drugging for Profit

The Fight CPS Message Forum

Families involved in CPS cases are welcome to participate in the Fight CPS Message Forum where there are other parents and grandparents who have been through the system and who want to help and counsel others.

The Fight CPS Message Forum is frequented by helpful advocates. When you register at the forum, there's a short wait until the forum administrator activates your account. The forum is closed to non-registered viewers and is not listed in Google search results, for the privacy of the participants.

We have an official FightCPS Facebook Group that gets lots of traffic and helps lots of people. This is a great place to find support from other parents.

An Inside View

Any Questions?

Questions about the goals and history of Fight CPS are welcome. Also, if you're going through a Child Protective Services case, you're welcome to tell us about it.

© 2007 Linda Jo Martin

Your Comments:

Matthew Gillespie on November 14, 2018:

My ex wife had our child taken by GA DFCS. Luckily the grandmother (ex mofher inlaw) took gaurdianship. I a legal father of my child and have been involved in my childs life since birth. Paid and still payong child support to the mother since the day of seperation even set my own child support of 657$ for one child. My ex and new guy bavnt worked in almost a ywar and a half and i paid mostly all bills. Noticing td he decline in my childs hygiene and actions throughout my weekly 2 or 3 day in a row visit. I assumed something was going on in the house. Me already being physically abused while my child is in my arms by my ex i wouldn't enter the house. Not kn nowing what my ex had planned this time. The grandmofher called dfcs. The day before she xalled dfcs my ex called and made allegations on my roomate of child molestation. Which is and has been proven false it was a way to keep my child from being in my custody cause my ex wants that check. I didnt know abour any of this until 3 days later when i showed up to get my child. Not ever contacted about my ex allegations against my roommate or by the dfcs on which my child was taken from the mother. I xalled the Caseworker and was informed to get my own place which i did. Ive been inspected and interveiwed and was told i could have visitiation wjth mg child on the weekends. First night ex make anofher allegation of drug abuse. 1am i had to take my child very verh upset back to the grandmother. Very next morning waiting at urgent care for drug screening. With negitive results i got my child for the rest of the weekend and qas told to get a lawyer for custody. 2nd week ex makes another allegation domestic abuse dfcs investigated nothing against me 3rd week a hearing in wbich i was never contacted but showed up anyway and qas not let into the hwaring to ask for custody. Was told not about me. Ex signed custody to grandmother. Grandmother called dfcs in the first place and wanfs my be with me because with me my child is safest and happiest. And geandmother can tell in fhe difference before i was given weekends. So after 3 allegations all false we have a new caseworker... What???? And for some reason i have been requested to be inspected again as if the first caseworkers notes werent viable. Inspected all fine now i cant get my child on weekends qhile i wait for a court date for custody modification ive got a lawyer but now the new worker is saying another false allegation which she made herself im sure of it. And wants more drug screens which is fine but theyve taken mt weekends away untill fhe reaults come back for hair and uraine but that can take 7to 20 days. Or until fhey want to tell me anything. I wanted to deny but my lawyer said to do it cause of situation. They are prolonging me getting custody and doin gf all they can to keep mg child from and responsible fit hsrd working very xaring father doinf all that is asked and even paging the grandmother child support and has provided everhthing or anything my child needed jncluding a new bed and all school supplies and clothes for first year in school which i have to miss taking to bus and doing homework because of DFCS while the mother has just got a job and her bf does not doing meth treatmenfs and still failing test but i get allegations and they have to jnvestagate thinfs ive already proven and saying safty of child. As if i have a case against me wifh dfcs and im the issue. Which i dont ive done all theyve asked i even get off early on thursdays to take my child and step child to the mothers 3rd party visit because she makes issues at her mothers andhas to be more supervised in a dfcs situation. All ive done to get custodu and they make more and more situations to keep fhat from me... why? I only wanf my child in my custody buf seems my lawyer cant get it done and dfcs and my ex are teamjng up to make it impossible. Is there any petitions or motions i can file against dfcs for these actions and prolonging a father obtainjng custody?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Im fightjng depression and have extreme stress over this have sold my other car and live as basic as possible pouring all my money into my lawyer and my own research to bring my child home. Please share any suggestions i can take to file against dfcs they need to be held accountable for this

Kc Duncan from West Lincoln, Ontario on March 14, 2018:

I watched someone close to me have their child taken away, maybe five years ago. She never got her back, her ex boyfriends parents have now adopted her and they have moved 2-300 hundred miles away with the little girl who is now 12. She sees her mom every month or so, very sad situation.

She misses her mom, she used to it now but it's not right. Why the system can't reach out a helping hand instead of the rod I don't understand. But then I do, it's an agenda against family values and its fits perfect with the other atrossities that is happening these days, its disgusting all the anti-family BS. Notice all the propaganda on this issue comes from prime time shows and late night talk shows.

Save your kids, smash your TV, go camping.

Do you want to know why she lost her child? Because she yelled and swore at the girl in frustration. She never learned how to be a mother and it wasn't because her mom didn't love her and didn't try. You see, her mother never learned either, and so on.

I wonder if the women across the hall that recorded her was a good mother? I know she wasn't a good neighbour.

Anna on September 14, 2017:

I'm to tears because I dont know what to do. Ive had my friends baby since a newborn and she just turned 2 years old. The mother was pregnant and had a stillborn with a dirty test. CPS came to my house and had to run my name and a few other adults so that we could keep her with us. Well they said we all didnt pass and that they were coming for her. She is well taken care of and we love her so much. We havent been in trouble for years and yet they denied us. I dont know what to do. If they take her, it will be 6 months to a year to get her back and that is if the mother follows all the programs. I feel helpless.. I would do anything, take any drug test, any classes, any program to keep her with us. I cant afford a lawyer. I feel like they arent even trying to help not have her in the system. I am almost tempted to run away with her so they dont take her,.

A Lynn Bradley on May 20, 2017:

Please Somebody help! I have always been grateful there is CPS out there that help abused and neglected children.I am very passionate about children and love them.I worked for many years in a church nursery and enjoyed that time in my life.I am now a grandmother of 6.I have 2 very different daughters,each have 3 children.One daughter is just graduating college with honors and a wonderful mother.The other daughter is far from that and most of the family has nothing to do with her,her sister being one.I have raised her 3 boys since birth and taken very good care of them.There has been times my daughter has tried to use them to get her way and when it didnt work,took them home for a day or two,but always brought them back to me.She has never been willing to sign over custody or gaurdianship.I've never wanted her not to be part of their lives because I've always hoped she would get her life together and be a good mom.She's had signs of drug activity and a lifestyle i didn't agree with but I've been more than glad to help her by taking care of them.I don't ask for money or benifits.I work and pay for their needs myself.

Awhile back the other grandmother came and took 2 of the boys home with her for awhile to spend time with them,her son is the dad of those 2.The oldest has stayed with me and is my heart.I've gave him a wonderful home thats safe and healthy and most of all he knows he is cherished.

I got a knock on my door from cps monday and i welcomed her in and we were completely honest about everything.She was here regaurding a report about my daughter and her drug use.I explained Ive called and made reports in attempt to have custody only to insure the boys stay in my care but all reports had been ignored.She told me she would make sure my grandson would remain with me since this was his home.

Wednesday,I got a call while at work from cps stating my daughter was refusing to let them do a walkthru in her home and refusing to take a drug test and therefore they were placing my 9yr old grandson in state custody.I begged to please not to do that.She told me i needed to leave work and go by where my grandson was and pick him up and meet her at my home.I agreed but only to find out it was a trick to get him.She had 5 police in my yard and took him.This was totally unnecessary because he was in a good safe and loving home.She could not give me any good reason why and did not care that i cried and begged her not to do that to him.She told me it would only be for 2 days he would have to go to a childrens shelter.Then after she put him into her car ,told me i would hear from her next week.My daughter was told to be in court Monday morning but she never told me to be there only that the judge will not return him to his mom since she wouldn't comply.I contacted CASA who told me that if I'm not there in court that the judge will order him back to the state home he's been placed at.Cps never told me to be there though,which makes me believe they have no intention of returning him to me.I've never been arrested,I don't use drugs,Ive never had cps involved with my children and they had no reason to remove him from me and i feel they have traumatized this child for no reason.When I asked why she had to do this,she only said she could had taken him on Monday when she came initially and found out i didn't have guardianship of him.They have contacted the other grandmother who has the other 2 boys and trying to remove them also.She is freaking out because she too,takes very good care of them and provides a good home for them.I've lost all respect for cps because this was so unnecessary.They have wasted their time that could be spent on children who are in bad homes and need their help.

I don't have money to hire a lawyer and beyond broken hearted with so many fears of my grandsons' emotional bell being and what he must be going through all alone.We are in desperate need of advise so that we don't end up at the mercy of this woman who has lied and tricked us for whatever her reasons were.She was mad at how my daughter treated her but that is not a reason to do this to a child.Any help from anyone?

Krystal on February 24, 2017:

Hi I became a ward if the state when I was 16 years old I had a baby when I was 15 home CPS ripped from me after she was almost three years old they made allegations and said things that did not happen and I lost my parental rights they threatened me they gave me a court appointed attorney and now all I think about is my child because she is now 14 years old and I have not seen or spoke to her anything and when I went back to try to get all the records from CPS like a few months ago they refused to give them to me and I don't understand why I want to overturn the verdict that they decided that I wasn't fit to be a parent and I just got my friends right so I did not understand those things as an well let me sign my rights over 18 but I did not understand those things that were in that paperwork and I still don't understand some of it the lawyer did not explain them to me the way that you should have in the fact that I was on Extreme psychotropic drugs that I did not need I was like incapacitated like I couldn't function like a normal person and now I only wish to get my child back but I don't know if it's even ever going to be possible I don't know what happened I don't know anything and is the pain that I live with every single day

connie bailey on September 28, 2016:

Omg! Why does this continue. We've been traumatized again and it continues til today. I've lost my daughter in the process because she couldn't deal with the pain. We need support they've managed to cut away our support system alienating us from our own human rights as a result. no justice for all the families facing hardships but loved their children unconditionally to no end. Its Unfortunate my daughter will never have this chance. We cry everyday..saddened and broken hearted.

Christine Vairo on April 26, 2016:

Plz help me. My grandchildren was taken from my daughter approximately 5 yrs ago the CPS would not let me as their grandmother have them every family member CPS refused them they was in foster care they adopted the children now it was on facebook and news the foster mother abused them I dont no where they are or how to find them. Plz help.

Jodi Preston on September 04, 2015:

We live in PA. I have been falsely accused of abusing my step son all because the caseworker wants to believe that he calls me mommy when in reality he calls me JoJo. My fiancé, step son, & I have told them plenty of times that he calls me JoJo but they don't believe me. Now my name is on the Child Abuse Registry all because when he questioned the child the child said my mommy hit me with a piece of wood & he took the child to the bathroom by themselves & stripped search him to look for bruises. He found one on his butt & accused me because again he thought he calls me mommy. We want to file a lawsuit for false accusations but I don't know how to go about finding a cheap lawyer who is good.

william Greenfield on August 15, 2015:

My daughter was 12 years old living with her mom. Something went wrong and i went to bat for my daughter. My ex-mother in law stated to CPS that I was a heron addict. I have been in Law enforcement for over 30 years , they kidnapped my daughter in a RV park during the day and its been over 2 years and me and my daughter dont even see each other anymore. Its not right

Sad Dad

Jessica holley on June 14, 2015:

My children were taken for false allegations. Guardian said in court children verify I have never hurt them, my youngest was playing on stairs with brother and step sister and got some bruises from a fall, guardian also said he didn't believe it was poor supervision because it was accident during play but the judge and cps still are keeping my kids. The other offending parent who made allegations is getting unsupervised visitations. Please help I need my babies! What can I do?

kimberely on June 10, 2015:

Hi im going threw a heartbreaking situation when all i did was take my son to doctors to see what he had on hes bidy were rashes or allergic reaction and they twust the stroy saying it was abrasion and looking at it as child abuse neglect and reprt it to cps as after the appointment a social worker came to my home a hour after to investagate and she investagate law informent also got called to speak with me and took pictures and after all this they made a appointment with a different doctor and she didn't say much about it or what she thinks my other children got interviewed and noone knows exactly what it is we are clueless and the worker filed me as a inclusive case which is still not any better and has the nerves to dig more holes and ask to drug test me since theres no edvice on abuse im so hurt by all this i feel hopeless and feel like i have no right as a mother for being falsely accused for being a concern mom and doing the right thing in taking him to a doctor to see what wrong with him so that they can say i abuse my son i want to know do i need to be drug tested what should i do im devasted please help i still have my kids she said they are nothing for them to have them take them away but i feel its notvthe end if she asking for a drug test please help me should i get a attroney ?

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on May 03, 2015:

Rachael... there are so many variables in what your situation could be, I cannot recommend anything other than to get your lawyer's attention onto this matter and follow his or her advice.

tamilla ware on March 18, 2015:

hi lind jo matrin my husband and i and our kids are viticems of the system wrong doings of false allegations . we are good parents that had every thing for our kids we are active in our church of helping others my husband is a hard working man he is a truck driver and he sreved in his counry for 7years in the army disrt strom) we had every one that konw us for years testafed on our behalf we even our kids dr that had been around seens they was babys our kids dr testafed saying we are good loving parents that toke well care of them and she also said that our kids are healthy growning good and NO SIGHS OF ABUSE!our kids dr went to shcool for child abuse and she is also a maner reporter every one testafed saying good things that was the truth that we will NEVER HURT our kids and that we are good parents that both parents and kids was very bond and the bad trail jugde we had didnt care if we was good parents that had a safe loving stabale home for our kids.this bad judge didnt listen to our side this bad trail judge WRONGLY TOKE OUR RIGHTS OVER AN ACCIDENT that i amit to i had foot surey 3/8/2013/ and i wasnt taking no pain meds beacuse i m a recovery addict. this accident happened at my mom home 7 /15/2013/our first home was geting remodaled so i had to go over my mom home 4day so i was trying to find my son bottel i walk truos my mom kitchen and that is were i steped on my kids minin toy that is a light wight holo toy with shrip eges i was in pain i got angery baecuse i was in pain i wasnt angery at all at my kids i throw the toy in the airea were my kids was playing i didnt see the toy hit my son after i throw it i truned back truos the kitchen to contue on finding my son bottel thin i hared my son cry lounder i trun around saw my son bleeding and the minin toy next to him there also was a small tabel behid him that had a nial sticking out i scram for my mom and my mom came out of her bedroom saw me holding my son saying sorry mommy didnt mean to i was belming myself over something i had no control over i wasnt really standy on my feet and our foots are what control blines with out it we wouldnt beable to throw or do anything right .my mom gave me teow to put on my son month my mom was on the phone with ems and by the time ems came to my mom home the bleeding had stoped one of the ems told me it just be best for me to take my son to a clicke.the ems was at my mom home for good 10mins to 15mins and so when they got done looking at my son my mom got my gaughter and i have my son i toke my son as he was in his daper it was summer time my son was in that stag of wanting to take his clothes off and i put it on them over and over so i didnt want to west any more time so we head out to the car and there was still one ems that havent lived yat. the dr i toke my son to HAD NO EXPERIENCE IN CHILD ABUSE NO EXPERIENCE IN PHYSIC or nor DID HIS SUPERVISOR. this dr name is YALDO and he works out of CITTIEN IN LAKE OROIN) ALL BEACUSE OF THES DRS STUIPEDY AND DIDNT WANT TO BELIEVE THAT A SMALL TOY OR ANY TOY KIND CASUE A TRAT THROW OPEN WON. when it can. our kids dr testafed saying it can our kids dr haves kids come in every day with all kinds of different toy injury.but this bad trail judge didnt want to listen to a REALL husband ,i was in this progrem called early haed start we had all this different people coming in and out of our home for 2years and non of them had no consres of our parenting.all of thes bad cps workers judge prasaquer,forster worker builed a false case agans us by lieing using our past and down creting us making us look like bad parents when we are NOT.all of them mostly attack me beacuse of my ocd,impals,and my hdd and me being part dith in my lift ear were i spek lounder thin most peolpe and all of them truned it agans me like i m all ways angery when that is NOT TRUE. people with hdd gets exsated think firster thin they talked. we are parents THAT HATE BAD PEOLPE AND HATE BAD PEARNTS THAT DO HURT THEIR KIDS!my husband and i are 4years clean and we got clean all by ourselfs with God and our kids that God bless us to be roman desiree parents God knows what happen was an accident and God knows us !we have a biger home that we live in now and our kids havent been in their new home yat our church family allways praying for us to get the RIGHT JUSTICE THAT WE ALL DESRF we did put in for appeal that same day that bad judge WRONGLY TOKE OUR RIGHTS WHEN IT WASNT IN THE BEST INTERS OF OUR KIDS TO BE DPROV FROM US AND REAP OUT OF THEIR LOVING SAFE STABAL HOME THAT THEY ALL READY HAD. just to be place with a forster woman that been abuseing our kids. every time we went to visit our kids at the oakland family srevices we knowess brouies,brun marks odd marks on our son and our daughter had brouis odd marks under her arms and up and down her back same with our son up and down his back.ITS NOT RIGHT it makes us so very mad this is happening to us and our kids are the ones suffering. i told the first forster worker we had my consrs of our kids safey and all she said was that i had No rights to complant my consrs. when we did had RIGHTS to do so we still had our rights to our kids.we as good parents falt so hopeless. we couldnt do any thing to save our kids from this bad stuation. all we had was our GOD we been praying throw this and pray that god will give wisdom to the godly appeal judges to see the truth and dont believe the davil lies and to give our rights back to our kids and bring our kids home.well our GOd have been working in our faver and our kids faver .God gave wisdom to the appeal judges and they gave my husbands rights back but not mine and they order a new best intrs trail.but we our now facing it all over again just to have it handed back to the same bad peolpe that WRONGLY TOKE OUR KIDS AND OUR RIGHTS . going throw this is very PAINFUL that we good parents got to FIGHT and FIGHT to get our kids back when they should NEVER BEEN TAKING FROM US IN THE FIRST PLACE! i complent my angery maggment class at tti that i put myself in after the accident to show this bad trail judge that we desrf to have our kids and she didnt care. we didnt do nothing wrong to have our rights taking from us. we been puting out our stroy to share with other good parents and puting out AWARENESS to other good parents that met become viticems of the system WRONG DOINGS telling them to avoid any accidents that you can that mit be cause by you as a parent or the child themselfs or a nother child. beacuse there are bad trail judges taking good parents rights away over accidents that we cant all ways avoid. and for good parents that are viticems of the system WRONG DOINGS please dont give up on fighting for the RIGHT JUSTICE THAT YOU AND YOUR KIDS DESRF! there are so much more to say about our stroy.i dont want to run out of page so this is good by for now and keep up the good worke you are doing GOD BLESS US HOW BLEIEVES IN HIM.and thank you all for your support we will keep you all in our prayers expoaltionly our kids that should be with their birth parents!sighed by tamilla, weston ware and please VOTE FOR BAD JUDGES TO BE OFF THE BECH!GOD BLESS

Tanya on March 17, 2015:

Hello my name is tanya and i would like to see what people have to say about my situation i am 25 i met my kids father hen j was fifteen i had just left him a year ago he was never in our kids lives an now because i am with someone els he has been making false alligations against me so that he can force my new significant other out of my life he is continuing to use my children as pawns kinda like a game he is allowed to have my kids with his girlfriend who has neglect charges but me on the other hand i have never been involved with any type of government agency i need advice please

Christopher on March 08, 2015:

So cps took my kid and gave him to a nurse that's took care of him since the day he was born ohsu called cps over 34 times and all where unfounded till this last call they took him because they said that we missed a lot of DR visit we have missed a few because he was either in the ICU or to sick to go out also the case worker made up a lot of lies and even lied in court my son was in a great place here at home

Amanda Cromartie on February 27, 2015:

I am a mother of two wonderful kids I made a mistake and I started using drugs at 23 first time ive ever been in trouble or even being a reg. user. I got busted on aug. 16 2013, drug squad told me if I didn't snitch that they would make sure I never get my kids back, I couldn't snitch b/c I feel it wouldn't of helped me I have fully took responsibility for, I couldn't see putting someone else through what ive been through. so im doing everything I need to do to get them back the right way and then some im even in a out patient rehab ive been there for almost 10 months now and almost a year clean I have went to a convention and share my addition with people to maybe help someone else out. ive passed every drug screen and even hair fartical but I had a false positive 3 weeks ago I told them I wanted a hair fartical bc I know I have not been using and I passed that I was suppose to get my visitation back last weekend but I was denied now my case worker wont respond to my calls or text messages I even went to the office bow I cant get them again I cant even talk to them cuz defac moved them again 4th time they have been moved they want to come home just as much as I want them to be home I know that I should have them back by now but I have no help ive already paid my lawyer and now she wont answer I just dnt kniow what to do??

~Amanda Cromartie

Cairo, Ga 39827

jamie rayanna elliott on February 22, 2015:

I need a good lawyer aganist cps false alligations made by my 14 year old to cps they hv took her side because of past they hv removed her and my 13 yr old son i hv 3 grown kids my 14 yr old has involved they also believe her because of past even tho 3 wks ago nobody could hv said n e thing bad about me are relatonships were great

Rachael on January 26, 2015:

Cps is refusing to give confirmation of whether a report was made or not made conserning sexual allegations on my boyfriend pertaining to my daughter. What do I do? I'm in Kansas

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on January 23, 2015:

I hope you have a lawyer.

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on January 23, 2015:

Jack, when it happens to you or someone you love, you'll see the injustice we've been writing about.

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on January 23, 2015:

bu773rfly - I've been observing people trying to "band together" to fight CPS ... for years I've watched as groups form and then fall apart and disappear continually. The American Family Rights Association (AFRA) was a good effort by a good man, Leonard Henderson . . . sorry to say, he passed away earlier this month. I don't know who will take on the work of AFRA now. The organization has been beset by discord and even a lawsuit. And as you can tell, despite all their efforts there hasn't been progress in stopping CPS injustice. Some legislators claimed to be willing to help, and after much expense spent on lobbying, nothing changed. Very frustrating! Maybe you can come up with solutions, especially for your state.

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on January 23, 2015:

bu773rfly - I was a battered woman too - that's how I got involved in a CPS case. The CPS agencies are re-victimizing battered spouses by taking away their children. Trauma upon trauma. There's an alliance between domestic violence shelters and CPS. Google "dv cps" and you'll get all kinds of information on how they're using domestic violence shelters to find children to take into foster homes.

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on January 23, 2015:

bu773rfly - I agree... CPS abuses children and families by separating them. The trauma caused by these unnecessary is beyond imagination. So many people are suffering! And though we know there are some situations where children need to be given a better home, our country has gone overboard, taking children that would be better served by staying with the parents God gave them. A MIT professor did a study on this and concluded that many children would be better off staying home rather than being taken to foster homes:

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on January 23, 2015:

Hi Bridgette, please sign onto the forum for feedback on your case:

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on January 23, 2015:

Tanisha, if you were given a court appointed lawyer, sometimes it is easier to get them to help than to look for someone who specializes in CPS cases. Honestly, not many lawyers take on juvenile court cases. Trying to get court appointed lawyers to do more for you is the best solution. Good luck with that. You may find helpful ideas on my website:

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on January 23, 2015:

Trina, it is hard to know who is making the false accusations. They won't tell you who called in. Sometimes you can guess accurately. Some states will allow you to sue if you can prove who did it, and that the accusations were false. Look for your state's "Mandated Reporter" laws to find out what could happen to people making false accusations of child abuse or neglect.

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on January 23, 2015:

There are a lot of cases where the mother is the one who has to leave the house, but you are right, more often it is the father who is excluded. It is a sad society that breaks up marriages and won't give people a second chance. Even worse, many of those targeted are innocent of the charges. My heart breaks for them... I know how much trauma these cases cause.

Nadine Siracusa(concerned accused) on January 04, 2015:

I have been a victim of CPS corruption for atleast since 2000 and got worse since my second marriage in 2005 when they were even there. There are so many other cases in my state that need help. Please lets also remember Nancy Schaefer

To Mr. Booker Thank you for your help in anyway you can .. harassment and gang Stalking.

Carmen Nieblas on December 20, 2014:

i will Like to Someone Help me out My daughter Make a Disclosure at Psychiatric evaluation Where case mánager she always denied to me.

jack on December 12, 2014:

Stop using drugs and neglecting/abusing your children and you won't have to worry about it.

bu773rfly on December 03, 2014:

Pls get ahold of me at bu773rfly together we can make a difference alone I know we wont be heard... we need to stop cps

bu773rfly on December 03, 2014:

So why dont we band together because alone I am a small voice in a hugh crowd to fight against cps!!!!! I was falsely acussed and am now fighting my own family n cps to keep my kids..

bu773rfly on December 02, 2014:

Tell what laws protect the innocent what laws protect the battered women from getting revictumized what laws are innocent children....WHO PROTECTS US FROM CPS

bu773rfly on December 02, 2014:


Bridgette on November 28, 2014:

i need help dec. 2014

Tanisha on November 20, 2014:

I really need a lawyer for a dcfs case

trina hall on November 17, 2014:

i'm in texas I total shock how cps is try to do a false case on my son and his wife both or disable and lives with me my granddaughter is 3 yrs and my daughter - in - law is 5 months pg , where we was had a visitor from cps on this past sat . night saying false auccsation and we let her see they wasn't founded , then made all of us take drug test where all came neg. , they refused to let us know whom reported i frigeit out whom i suspect that my older brother , because he was ban from see our mom by the city police dept and the apt where our elder mother lives , he was remove from being poa because of the lack care he give her , and fund been removed from her bank . also he is a reg. sex offender , so now my younger bro and me are mother poa , so i feel using cps to try to remove my granddaughter from my son and me . there is no laws to protect those whom are false auussed as well for those who makes them is not punish .

William A. Howard IV from Baltimore Maryland (USA) on November 10, 2014:

This is an example of giving government too much power. There should be a Common Sense Review Board that could be appealed too. Most of the power is now in the hands of CPS and even judges have no say. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are totally abrogated by this system as well. I also found that men are not treated fairly. If a man and woman are both involved, they assume the man is the one at fault. Yes, they are allowed to profile by gender.

Marinemomma3 on October 30, 2014:

Hello. I am currently living in Indiana. About a month ago my oldest daughter who is 4 took my youngest daughter who is 1 out of her crib while i was at work. My middle child age 2 was sleeping still. I had left them in the care of my boyfriend as i normally do and came home to find the oldest watching cartoons and the youngest cuddled up with my boyfriend sleeping. a normal scenario that i came home to. no chaos just peace. he had woke up and told me what had happened with my oldest getting the baby out and showed me the mark on the babies and her face and explained that he told my daughter she cannot get the baby out of bed. i took pictures sent them through text to my mother asking if i should have the baby examined or if i was right by just keeping an eye on her. she was fine and i put a little witches hazel on her face to help with bruising. this was all on saturday morning. monday morning i have daycare reporting to cps that my children are abused and asking my oldest daughter who hit her and her sister in the eye. that evening we go to the local emergency room, i watch my children be examined and the doctor was going to let us go until the cps case worker decided to have labs xrays and ct scans done. my children were tormented. my son held down by three women screaming for me while every bone in his body xrayed resulting in 19 bruises all over his body. he is 2 and has asthma as well. my children stuck with needles and blood drawn. the doctors still find no traumas no signs of neglect or abuse cps says they need more " information' and have my children given to my mother an alcoholic and my sister investigated by the same case worker and a drug addict. we go to court and cps tries to say my daughter has a broken hip the oldest and they had not received medical records yet. mind you i went to school for occupational therapy, i know the effects of a broken hip. they still say they need more information and case continued. i need a lawyer. the court appointed lawyer non aggressive. they order my children to go through more testing this time with contrast dye. they are hooked up to IV's and have a dye that is harsh to an adults kidneys ran through them resulting in no trauma or signs of abuse. still they cannot come home. I am also my children's only living parent their father was a marine iraq war veteran. he suffered from traumatic brain injury and anxiety disorder and he passed away . now we are still battling a little over a month to have the children come home no signs of abuse, no background reports, no case in my mind. i am now out of funds due to paying for a lawyer and very stressed. any advice please.

Ashley on October 22, 2014:

I am so thankful to have found this support that I am not the only one who is dealing with this evil from Dcs and CPs.I live in Tennessee.I have the funds to hire a good lawyer and fight for my kids and fight for the pain and injustice and all the other evil things.I want to help other parents and there children never experience CPs. I am a christian I believe its a battle of good and have no rights to your children since CPs can take matter what.there is no law for parents and there kids

Please email me I will start up a lawsuit and do whatever to get some laws past.I lost 3 of my children going on 2 years because of truancy my oldest was in kindergarten. The judge said CPs involvement. CPs found out about my children s lawsuit money from me suing the jail hospital and doctor for death of my kids dad.CPs took me to court to get the money which is in an account for kids no one can touch not even me since me and there father was never married.but CPs said that money was there's for CPs funding.thank God above the judge said no since lawsuit was in my name. So I will not stop in till we all get vengeance we need to sue and get our kids back we need to sue and get justice we can all do this if anyone in Tennessee knows a great lawyer to begin this or to help me me

sumiko on October 17, 2014:

Oh ya forgot to mention they said that my baby was at high risks because of my denial and my problem acknowledge that I am a drug addict WHICH IS NOT TRUE U GOT MY HAIR FOLLICLE AND MY UA AND THEY BOTH CAME OUT NEGATIVE AND ALL THE OTHER TEST TO.. Until all of a sudden magically I was dirty and then the next day clean like serious come on they were trying to find a needle in a hay stack that wasn't there I am still fighting them til this day she is almost 2 months now..

sumiko on October 17, 2014:

In the state of ARIZONA I need to find out how to fight my Cps case because Someone made a false cps call to the hotline in revenge i filled a harrasment injunction on themI was falsely acused of using drugs/sailing I was contacted by Cps while pregnant still with my first baby said they had to investigate all calls to them. They came over once never heard from them again until my baby was born had to have a c section when i was tooken to the hospital by my mom I was instanly put under anastasia then woke up all dizzy couldn't get up kept fainting out they had to give me 2 blood transfusion I guess I was supposed to be at a blood count of 11 but was at a 6. Then they said my baby had amphinamines in her system and I had meth not to mention hospital treated me like dirt and neglected to take care of my baby while in the hospital couldn’t have her in my room or anything was left in a nasty diarrhea diaper for hours the rash one her legs and Ching Ching and butt was so bad you couldn't even touch her to change it or move her around it hurt her so bad the diarrhea was on her back on her clothes it was horrible.. And when I brought it to there attention they got all offensive and said "what you accusing us of neglecting your baby in that case we need to contact Cps to let them know" this was the same day a my baby was just token out of the hospital 20 minutes before they even yelled at my mom and said "grandma you believe we neglected and agree with her accusations". My baby gained wieght in my moms care in a week after getting my baby in her temperory care then in the hospital they kept getting her wieghts mixed up I could call 1 time they say 4lb 6oz then in a hour call back now she is 3lb 15oz then call back ten minutes then now at 5lb they didn’t even have her name right the whole time. When my baby got tooken out of the hospital they did a hair follicle and a UA tests on me and they came all came out negative.. Then they couldn’t find anything out on me and after a MORE THEN A FEW UA’S they called me and said I came out dirty again but did a UA next day in the morning and it was clean again.. Making me do these programs to prove something and trying to use my sisters case against me which is eralivante to mine. :/ I am very confused on what’s going on and it just seems they are fighting extra hard for my daughter even called immigration on my husband and froze his bank account and reported him to the IRS until they get his legal status.. They been trying to get us to fight since they took my daughter right out of the hospital one they discharged me but told me she needed to stay a couple days more 5 days later exact.

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on September 29, 2014:

It sounds like you've angered them and they're retaliating, Jenette. Have you looked for an attorney to sue them for harassment?

Jenette Fairchild from Warsaw, Indiana on September 26, 2014:

warsaw indiana is corrupt. they purger themselves in court and get away with it. my granddaughter was found abandened in a crack house in NYC. new york cps contacted us but before we arrived to get her the other grandmother who molested her picked her up. her father is a twice convicted murderer, along with multipule drug offenses. but since i filed 2 tort claims against the county they have illegally removed grandchildren from me as my daughter lives with me as my caregiver. 12 county officers illegally searched and ransacked our house looking for business books, even being told our attorney had them. after looking for 2 hours they left laughing. they didn’t even have a warrent, when my husband got home he called and wanted a copy of the warrent. it took them 2 days to get a judge to sign one. they harrased another daughter of mine who has six children, they left warsaw to protect thier children from cps. my grandchildren are the victims of a vindictive and corrupt court system who allow these people to violate every right we have. they know im on disability and think they can walk all over us.

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on September 14, 2014:

Good work, Mr. Booker... please keep fighting the injustice. We can't let this continue. Of course my best help ever comes from Jesus. I keep telling people we need someone with more clout and God is the most powerful ally we can appeal to. Nevertheless, please continue to do whatever you can to get legislators on board. Thanks!!

Mr. Booker on September 14, 2014:

Goggle Adonis Booker. I've got a congressmen office involved

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on September 10, 2014:

I think it is right to let a teenager go when he or she wants to make false accusations that would hurt younger siblings. There's nothing worse than living with someone who doesn't like you or doesn't want to be there! You did the right thing... even with all that transpired afterwards, you heart was in the right place.

Back in 1990 I was writing newspaper articles to try to expose CPS injustices! How times have changed since then...

Barbara Radisavljevic from Paso Robles, CA on September 09, 2014:

God bless you Linda, for taking up this cause. When we were falsely accused by our daughter, we were fortunate enough to hire a highly recommended lawyer, Jerry Crow, who helped us keep Jason. He could also have gotten Sarah back, but we let her go back into the system without a fight as long as we could keep Jason. The lawyer said if we brought her home she would probably just run again.

I wish there had been a resource like your website around for us back in 1990, but we didn't even have the Internet back then. I'm glad today's victims have this help.

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on September 09, 2014:

Here in the USA your case depends more on your worker's supervisor, who is really the person calling the shots. I don't know if that would apply in Canada as well.

Fuzz on September 09, 2014:

Thank you for posting your stories and fighting for the truth. As for the person who commented that Ontario CAS does good, I ask others to look for the truth and not listen to such a load.. Cas rarely helps families, especially in Ontario. Recently there was an ombudsman appointed to be responsible for actions of the CAS, and this came only after petitions and outcries, so I believe that rather than blowig smoke, people should be looking for the truth, because it is out there amidst all this nonsense.. Cash works just like welfare does, your case depends on your worker, not so much based on the system in place as it should be..

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on September 09, 2014:

What you can do to help end the child welfare system injustices: pray.

I suggest that because nobody has been able to make a dent in their power.

We need divine help. We need a Higher Authority to end the torment of families. Someone with more power than they have.

rena-camargo on September 03, 2014:

i am mother of nine children that cps manage to put them all in there care and wont let me have any information . im tire , so tired im driving my heart stressfully , what can i do to change this dawm system

daddio101 on August 15, 2014:

Hello. I have a bit of a dilemma. I was married to my now ex wife for 17 years. She began to cheat on me and I tried to stop her but she just wouldn't. So we divorced and I kept all 3 of our kids who are now 22, 18 and 12. The 22 year old was her daughter not mine but she wanted to stay with me. Long story short. I had became very close with the 22 year old because she was a trouble maker and extremely rebellious. So being her best friend was what I found out could keep her somewhat contained. My ex moved almost 800 miles away and barely communicates with the kids or me on anything. I decided I was getting lonely and wanted to start to date. This began to inferiorate the 22 year old because she was now the woman of the home. She tried to break me and my girl friend up several times. She ended up getting pregnant and having my grand baby. Things seamed to iron out a little bit untill I announced I was getting married. The 22 year old got very angry and went against everything we have taught her and moved out with her now lesbian lover. We had problems with it but I decided keeping my now best friend as a friend would be better to guide her than become her enemy. But I was blocked at every angle by the new lesbian girlfriend. After months of attempts I was threatened by the girlfriend that if I didnt leave them alone and leave there child alone she would call the police and have me arrested for raping my daughter since she was 14.

I backed down because that is some serious threats, but had lunch a few times and breakfast once with her and my grand baby. The girl friend found out and after that, I haven't heard anything since from my daughter, its been 6 months. Then CPS shows up at my door with the allegations and they took 60 days but did there investigation and after it they found no reason to proceeded. The agent told us that it was my ex who called them and made the complaint. She then told us that she had talked to the 22 year old "victim" and she stated to cps that it happened but wasnt going to press any charges because she dont want to deal with it. Duhh, she knows she cant lie in front of the court. So cps says they have to call my ex to inform her that they are dismissing the case and they do just that. My ex tells cps that she isnt backing down she wants me hung and she will get her kids back.

Through the course of all this we find out that my ex called right when she got her 2 week visitation in her home state. We believe it was specifically done then so I would be arrested and convicted and she would never have to return the kids to me. It was stated to my 18 year old when she asked why would the 22 year old say this and do this and the statement was " because he got married and she has no use for him"

So I have hired a very expensive criminal defense lawyer as insurance just in case this goes any further. My understanding and belief is the 22 year old is over it, dont want to file charges and have to be accountable for her actions. But my ex does without a doubt.

So my question is does anyone have any experience in this or advice for me. This has devastated my family and taken so much away from the kids because of the stress, fear and financial burden. If my ex keeps pressing the issue what can I do. I guess also can my ex who lives 800 miles away and dont have a job or a way to come to my state do anything or am I just living in fear?

Thank you

laurateames on August 05, 2014:

Hi, my name is Laura. In 2011, my ex-husband came in my home, pulled two guns on me and said he was going to kill me and then himself. I had my 14 year old daughter in the house along with friends which he pulled a gun on them as well. I was shot twice and had to retrieve my own weapon in order to live. about 30 cops witnessed this as they would not come in and continued breaking my windows to get a shot at him before I got my weapon. I divorced my ex in 2000 and 11 years later he did this out of the blue. He had never been violent and I did not fear him. While in the hospital having sugery, CPS went and took MY kids out of school, in front of their peers after surviving this traumatic event and begin to question them. Never in the past was CPS ever called or any issues of violence. They harassed me the whole time for months as they found no evidence of wrong doing of me, yet would not close out the case. 8 months later, the CPS worker told me they were closing the case , yet told me I would be attending abuse classes for 8 weeks which put me in shock!!!! This guy came in my home, shot me, attacked my friends and child and tried to kill me and now CPS treats me like the criminal??? I told her " She would need a court order to get me into those classes" and I began to contact the attorneys in my family for help. Cps ended up not getting a court order, yet I later received a paper stating my ex was guilty and I was "in question" of endangerment, etc. I couldnt believe it! The city police dept was also in shock along with the D.A. SInce then, I have signed up with legal shield, began to speak to government officials on "Stand your ground" issues, etc. I have began speaking and informing all I can on the evils of CPS. They had victimize me no different than the criminal that shot me! I am an Occupational Therapist, two B. S. degrees, I come from a social and well known family here, a good family which I never was exposed to any abuse until that of Ruben Teames, my ex invaded my home and almost killed me. The experience has made me start to write books along with articles hoping to inform the public of not only CPS , but the government themselves and our rights that are being taken away more and more each day.

devotedmommy on July 27, 2014:

My family was a victim of the cruelties of Cps in 2013. We live in Kansas City, Missouri. I was 24 at the time. My ex husband did not like the fact that my children loved my boyfriend more than him. My boyfriend had moved in with my two children and I. My son was 4 yrs. My daughter was 2 yrs. They loved him and he treated them like his own. He's the one for me and we wish to be married. But my biggest mistake Was allowing him to spank my children. Words can not express how much regret I have for that one single decision. I no longer use corporal punishment anymore because I do not believe it's beneficial and even when I did it was never extreme or in anger, just a quick smack on the bum but no longer do that even as I am scared to death of CPS being involved in my life again. We used time outs 75% of the time. My ex husband called CPS with allegations my boyfriend was physically abusing my children.( I know the in formant is "confidential" but I KNOW he made the call). He said there were bruises on their bodies. Yes there were bruises...on their legs, elbows, and some others that were from them being kids and playing outside. We were outside a lot as a family and we are outdoor enthusiasts. He also claimed I was a drug abuser, which when I met my ex husband he and I both smoked marijuana together. I do not believe smoking marijuana makes you a bad parent, I have severe anxiety issues due to my ex and family past and I do use it and I see it as medicine. I do not abuse any other drugs. I try and live a healthy lifestyle. The only reason I knew he told them that about the drugs was because I requested a copy of all the paperwork regarding the case once the case closed. They never drug tested me, I assume because at the home visit my house was clean, food stocked fridge, a normal family home. We were watching Mickey Mouse together when the worker arrived. I received a call from a social worker, very nice in the beginning but she was a wolf in sheep's clothing., but I had no idea why I was under suspicions of child abuse. She wanted a home visit so I complied like I said previously, nice clean home, goos environment for kids. I had nothing to hide. My kids were happy, taken care of, talkative, I answered all their questions. She left, I was assured my children seemed healthy happy and I was in no danger of an investigation. Two days later same worker called and told me that I had to give them to their father immediately for my children's "safety". Give my angels to an emotional abuser with anger problems who is not good for my children and who my son has hated since birth and had a very hard time having a relationship with. My ex has threatened to kill me, stalked me, brought a gun to my home after a threat and to this day I have a restraining order against him and had one at the time. I complied, trying to do the right thing. THIS WAS MY NEXT MISTAKE. DO NOT ALLOW CPS INTO YOUR HOME. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFO, DO NOT GIVE YOUR CHILDREN TO THEM BECAUSE YOU ARE TRYING TO DO WHAT CPS IS TELLING YOU IT WILL HELP THE PROCESS PASS OVER QUICKER. They will use anything you say to them and twist it to what they want it to mean. I was threatened with law enforcement involvement so again, I complied. IF CPS CONTACTS YOU, CONTACT A GOOD ATTORNEY IMMEDIATELY. I mean IMMEDIATELY. I contacted one after my children were put in their fathers care. Once they were removed I had no physical contact with them for two months, I was not allowed to even have a supervised visit on my daughter's 3rd birthday. It was cruel and torturous. I called my children religiously every day to speak to them and assure them that mommy will be back with them. Eventually after a month of being in my ex husband's care my children started saying things such as "I hate you, I don't like you anymore". Before that started all they would ask me was when they could come home, how much they missed me, they were tired of staying with daddy, etc. We had never used negative words like hate in our home, their father had manipulated them to say and feel this way towards me. My children were also young and didn't understand the situation. I don't even understand why I was under investigation when the allegations were made against my boyfriend. After two LONG absolutely torturous months they were back in my care but under the condition my boyfriend move out of the home and he have no contact. I cried all day, every night my babies were gone, developed severe depression, anxiety sky rocketed. My BF saved my sanity through that time, it was the worst experience of my life and those feelings will never be erased from my heart. At the end of the investigation it was concluded that no abuse Occurred BUT they filed a POE against my Bf (preponderance of evidence. Basically meaning they believed he abused them but couldn't prove it. My son has severe anxiety and ptsd from being ripped from a loving and doting mother. He has also since been diagnosed also with autism. His behavior, once I received my children back worsened which is why I sought medical help for him. CPS TOOK MY HIGH FUNCTIONING AUTISTIC SON AWAY FROM THE ONLY PERSON PROTECTING HIS RIGHTS AND SHIELDING HIM FROM HARMFUL EMOTIONAL ABUSE! I understand there are parents out there with worse circumstances than mine was and my heart goes out to you. Fight them, document everything, if you cannot afford an attorney then you must do everything in your power to be your own and that means doing hours of research, it's a lot of work . BUT IT IS FOR YOUR CHILDREN, the single most important thing in your life. Do what it takes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Make sure you have people supporting you through it. To the woman who made this website....thank you. You are fighting against a corrupt system and doing a wonderful thing. Please never stop. The pain of having your family ripped apart is literally unbearable. You inspired me to share my story online for the first time with others. (this was only the shortened version believe it or not). Stay strong parents, and get those wonderful children who you love and are your life back to you!

dougeg on July 27, 2014:

hi i wanted to be a parent or a new daddy but i as a child had alot of child history with my parents abuse so on but then when i got older i moved out on my own and i lived with some freinds at the time they where good people but i did not know the family had a lot of records for child abuse what i am asking is i am a new father i want to have kids but will i be flag in someway because i live in some bad homes with bad people i dont want to have a kid then find out we have to get it taken away probly kill some people so is there a way of finding out if i am clear i am from calgary ab canada

26busterkyle on July 22, 2014:

both myself and my partner now feel its time to fight back against the cps, my 2 young boys are aged 8, and 9, both have been placed on child protection for allegations of child abuse, not sexualy, but physically, there is no evidence from doctor's, hospitals, school, reports to back this up. it started with playground chit chat between pupils at school lunch brake. when a teacher overheard the wrong conversation, and thought that the boy's may be being abused. no evidence of this either, it seem's that as i grew up in a care home, that we are being targeted because of my past, they strongly do accept this to be untrue, although i beg to differ. i have had confrontations with them in my own home, and told them to leave, and not to come to my address any moor. the fight will continue, and will keep you all up dated to help others with the stress, emotional abuse, that the cps can case to your family.

kimora21 on July 21, 2014:

CPS has done great work. Some people on this message board honestly should not have the right to have complete care of children, are you serious...your on drugs but you want a child, your homeless, but you still want your child??? children cost money they need love and affection and FOOD. Some mistakes have been made by the CPS but its not them that needs evaluation you need to fight against the foster homes and the places they go to so they can take better care of them when they are "ripped" away from there families. You want your children?? sober up and make sure no harm comes there way smh

Echo Phoenix on July 16, 2014:

A very worthy fight & cause... I have been following the devastating plight of the Lakota people who are especially targeted for unwarranted "neglect" as they continuously rip these poor little Native children from their homes, families and culture. There must be a way to stop this assault on the Lakota tribe, perhaps as simple as an after school program to keep watch over them while their parents finish their work days. It is so heartbreaking what is being done to our children.

4smiles on July 14, 2014:

My baby was 2 months old when I reported that my husband had brought her home to me bruised from there visit together while seperated. I had waited 5 days to notify them till I had a restraining order on him keeping him away from me and my baby . I was scared to notify them right away because I thought they would think it was me so I took pictures of my baby's bruises and waited 5 days till I had a restrain in order . He was a marine and I had a past .I thought no matter what I said they would think it was me and I was so scared of him but I knew I had to report it.

I trusted them and my family and I did all the right things and said the right things . I was the only one taking care of her I had my own place and kept my place clean I was trying to keep my head up and take care of my baby and do everything they say . One day they asked me to go to the doctor look her over and I did . The doctor had picked her up and patted her back a little bit to hard and my baby was screaming a terrible torturous scream I was so upset of how she patted her back and seeing her cry like that it made me so sad and scared for her I told her to give her to me right then .

She reported that I was unstable suffering from postpartum depression and that I should not have her with me.

I was married to my babys dad for three years while I suffered from abuse and got pregnant and then was left 1 month after I had her but I was on anti depression medication.

Anyone would be sad but I was not a danger to my child .

14 months ago my 2 month old baby girl was taking from me and never given back . She was put up for adoption and now calls my stepmother mommy and my dad daddy

I am happy she is with family no matter what . I spend every day and night feeling a way I can not explain I miss my baby's touch and her smell and her smile.

I am now 6 weeks 3 days pregnant with twins alone and I want so baby to keep them and raise them and I am so afraid of what could happen if I don't decide to hide my pregnancy.

Robert Connor from Michigan on July 09, 2014:

This lens brings out the bad side of CPS workers being human and making the wrong decisions. Being a parent this job would be hard for me.

lilman2012 on July 08, 2014:

i used to be on drugs and cps took my kids they didnt try to help me get help just gave me a packet and said thats what i had to do my baby was born addicted my brother reported me to cps when i went to have my baby at the hospital . my own mother showed me how to use drugs me my mom n my stepdad did drugs together .my brother told me he was moving to dallas to better his self his girlfriend and her family lives here in dallas so her mom let us stay in her house she had for rent . little did i know i was gonna become more addicted to the drug world. my brother knew the drug of my choice so he decides to start selling the drug and of course sell to me .... what a disgrace instead of helping me he made me worse ... well i got pregnant and smoked my whole pregnacy i then got my own place alot took place im cutting it short my baby boy who born addicted til this day doesnt know who i am all 5 of my kids were taken from me. when they terminated my rights i lost it i got more hooked in and out of jail .i was stabbed i was pistol whooped . they did a home invasion on me i almost died that day. there was this much older man who i was seeing but to me it was only to support my habit . i didnt know he caught feelings for me. cutting it short after my home invasion he moved me out of there and moved me to arlington to his apartment he kept telling me to clean up my act he started going to get on my nerves always in my face trying to tell me stop using drugs you are too pretty you need to fight for your kids . well i started to go to church with him and finally i just said enough was enough my body was tired i was tired i quit cold turkey from one day to the next i was done i have been clean since 2010 have not relapsed at all the taste is gone from my mouth . im glad to say the man up above helped me he redeemed me he gave me a second chance in life he has also blessed me with 2 beautiful kids my daughter who is 3 and my baby boy who will turn 2 in dec. since then my oldest daughter came home when she was 16 . then my 13 yr old got a hold of me on fb and told me about the abuse he was going thru with his dad its a shame cps placed him with his father who served 3 yrs in prison for almost killing me he has over 30 cases of domestic violence with all the females hes been involved with . and still cps sent my son to sanantonio to his abusive father well put it this way his dad went to jail my son sitting in an empty parking lot i paid for a ticket for him to come to dallas my sister in law picked him up and took him to the bus station n i waited for him here in dallas i had to put myself on cps to fight for him his father gave up his rights to me because he knew i had a lawyer and he was going to prison for physically and mentally abusing our son . then my 16 yr old son came home left cps care and came back home now my other 3 have been adopted since then the adopted mother has gave me visits with them but she cut me off because my kids were telling her if they can stay with me they were crying wanting to come back home. oh and the older man who helped me out stuck with me and we got married feb11 ,2014 yessss we got married lol hes the father of my 2 youngest babies.......we have a 3 bedroom house own 2 cars all to the man up above but theres 3 people missing which are my babies .... my rights were terminated with all 5 of my kids but i got custody of my 13 yr old there has to be a way for me to get my 3 kids back they are 13,12,5 someone please give me some advise..................

auntsony7 on July 05, 2014:

I was extremely happy when I stumbled on this site doing more investigating. We had a "friend" of 13 years, 2 children for the weekend soxshe could "visit family" we were told, as we have done numerous times, since we first meet them when moved to our town. After a week and no answer or call from her and the principal asking why they were still staying with there aunt and uncle and when mom would be home. The principle who also has been very familiar with the kids and mom through CPS over the years, contacted them to inform with me again and no contact in 2 1\2 weeks at that point. We again went through the all to familiar routine along with the kids aunt. After a few months and back into routine there mother popped back in state and was incarcerated, CPS began termination of rights and we process of kinship foster and adoption. Enough was enough, while gone we had found again she had stolen from our home, her brother and others homes, to support her meth addiction. We were not leaving kids and CPS seemed to actually finally understand we are family and all they have. After a few months in jail mom was released. Kids both were scared as were we of what she would try. 2 days later, I receive a call CPS and several officers are at our house. When I arrived it was like pulling up to a horror film, the kids, my 1 yr old and my nephew were scared and lost then told taken next door when I got there. Was told they knew we had drugs in the house and where they would be. I told them to search house we gave nothing to hide. After 2 hours they found a back pack in my basement. Our foster girl when the kids were all asked if ever seen bag immediately began sobbing it was her moms and she was told to put it there the day before while we were at work. Officer said follow upon that, and CPS lady took bag out with cop to cawr, cane back in said all kids were being taken and we coiukd call family to get ours but not the foster kids they would be placed in new home. After 14 long days our kids cane home and CPS still this day 8 months ago can not tell me who cane to get the from our home that night and have not once followed up with us at all on anything involving drugs.

In the e past 8 months we finally after 6 months of me and there aunt non stop calling and protesting we were approved for supervised visits, there mom has left state again on warrents and probation transfer. We found out our foster girl is 2 months pregnant. After I argued and demanded she be out on it knowing her past, when they were taken the other foster mother took her off the, for no reason. We are facing felony charges for her drugs in many house even after she testified was her CPS has stated. Nothing has been done to her, we can not get a straight answer on anything about kids, visits have been canceled last minute, communication through the girls cell I bought her has been taken away by foster mom,. Case worker has quit answering mine or aunts call or text, will not be available when we try to catch at office. The kids have been sending messages through mutal people. We are and will continue to fight to bring them home again!

CPS sat with us when me and my husband promised kids and told case workers that no matter wh mlat we have been and always will be family, will take more than red tape and whatever else they through at us to keep us from them. The case worker told them as we were pulling them off of us to get in car they would be home when other kids cane home be a week to investigate and be back she was so convincing to them, CPS has continuef to lie to them about our visits, when could see us or aunt.

We go talk to new lawyer and yes sounds more promising to be able to help us to show CPS everything we have documented they have not complied with along with all the bogus allegations.



A bogus felony charge because of there mothes actions, is the new factor they say they can't come home.... Keep trying to find things , because we will walk right through that to get our family back again.

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on July 03, 2014:

@heart4truth: I don't do case reviews; I'm not a lawyer and don't have clients. If you want feedback on your case, visit our message board: ...

heart4truth on July 03, 2014:

@annestroh: Hello,

I'm thankful to find someone like you. My case has gone south and I do need a review.. Where are you located?

heart4truth on July 03, 2014:

@annestroh: Hello annestroh,

I'm coming to the end of my case. And I don't have much time. I may cruelly need your help as my Atterney was talking to me about having my case reviewed my an out side social worker. As there has been many false allegations and word twisting to make me look unfit after I was the one that went to them for help to protect me and my daughter from DV had sexual abuse.. Now they are trying to make me say it never happened and place my daughter with her abuser her father. It's been a nightmare. I hope you can help. Thank you

14145202 on July 02, 2014:

During the  months that we had to deal with Child Protective Services, my son ran away from his placement twice; the agency fraudulently obtained funds from Social Security from my sons account; my daughter felt she was being pressured to tell the GAL "what she wanted to hear", essentially lying; neither of my children were allowed to speak with the judge in our case despite repeated requests; my niece and nephew were given drugs not rated for children their age; and my husband and I were considered "guilty" despite having the department non-suit our case and return my children, despite having no charges filed; my son's social worker actually told authorities at the juvenile facility she wanted him kept longer, rather than actively working to get him released.

In no way do I support the Department of child and Family Services. Their practices are inefficient and wasteful - No criminal charges could be filed. If they spent as much as I did fighting the accusations, then it was about $12,000 down the drain, plus the cost of services required by both myself and my children, and the cost of their housing during that time. We complained but were directed to a department of the agency them selves, who of course upheld their own finding. 

To this day, my children (now 19 and 21) display symptoms of PTSD from the time spent in the states care (and in my son's case, on the street and in a juvenile facility). 

children are up to 11 times more likely to be abused and/or molested while in foster care than with their own families. And the agency put my children in that environment. My niece and nephew went to a woman who put them back in the hands of their biological mother who lost them to the state in the first place. 

Abolish the agency in it's current incarnation. If the charge cannot be substantiated in a criminal court, DCF has no place in the families life without their request. The only thing that should be presented are voluntary services for making life easier for the family - yes counseling, but also parenting classes and so forth. The theme song should be "in the best interest of the family" as children will always do better when at home with their family

if this sunset committee would like Evidence of wrong doing , we have recordings of their lies and decent in both interview clients and black mailing people, we have tapes of their so called appeals process which is a sham and false in there so called produce of evidence,  we have records of  their drugging of children under the age of six till they convulse and their sexual abuse while in care. if you want any of these records please contact ME 

Anne -

jackie-masson3 on July 01, 2014:

my daughter is going through a voluntary care agreement with cps right now she left her daughter my grandaughterthats twenty months old in my care .For three weeks i didnt hear from any worker as to what was going on finally my dauyghter came to my house to have a family meeting to let me know what was going to happen . the worker told me that she was going to do a in family care agreement with me but had to do a criminal record check on every one over the age of nineteen i have a boyfriend that does not live with me but is in my life there was a red flag on his criminal record check and the worker emmediatly removed my grandaughter from my home she kept reasurreing me that it wasnt because of my check but because of my boyfriends .she didnt even give us a chance to explain the circumstances to the allegationshe removed my grand daughter its been over a week she hasnt contacted me as to where she placed my grandaughter i have called her many times and left messages still waiting for her responsei would like to know is there anyway i can fight her desition i have been involved in my grandaughters life since she was borne and am wanting her in my care while my daughter does her work to get her back with her what should i do

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on June 25, 2014:

@amandapotter: Amanda, you need an attorney; I am not an attorney and not allowed to have clients. If the kids are with their mother and social workers know what's going on, please stop worrying about the kids. The mother has a right to be a mother to her children. Why don't you work, instead, on finding ways to get along good with the mom so you can be part of the lives of your grandchildren?

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on June 25, 2014:

@dcortes77: That's the kind of question you should be asking a lawyer. I don't know if it will affect you. I don't know your judges or your state law. I hope you can get some kind of written verification regarding why you are being denied the police report.

amandapotter on June 25, 2014:

I had my grandson and my step granddaughter in my care bye social work as there mum gave them up voulantraly and she had weekend visits and then on her 4 visit she did not return them so I phoned standby social work and they phoned me back and told me that the kids were to stay in there mothers care and I have tried everything in my power for answer and I keep phoning social work and keep getting told someone will call me back and I have had nothing I am concerned about my grandchildren and getting worried because I don't know if they are on ok could you please could u help me??

dcortes77 on June 24, 2014:

I was so happy to find this site. I separated from my ex-husband about eight months ago and we got joint custody which I now regret. About 2-3 months ago he had my permission to take my son for an extra day (wish i hadn't done that) he never showed with my son when i called the cops in turned out he beat me to it. He was trying to accuse me of child abuse against my 4 year old son. The police after several hours quickly realized it was a false report because he changed his story several times.

I now want primary custody due to several other situations and tried getting the police report at the Police Station. It turns out i can not get a copy due to the fact that it was turned into CPS. I was not aware at all about this. I was wondering if anyone could help. Could this affect me in any way if I try to get primary custody of my son??

nicci-griffitts on June 10, 2014:

@annestroh: Hi I could really use some MAJOR help before cps takes ny other 3 kids for good they already got me to sign my oldest away. I need help. Plz

jen09 writes on June 09, 2014:

I was so excited when I saw you here on Squidoo! I found your site several months ago when I was looking for ways to protect myself from CPS. They have not been called yet, but in my area they are showing up at neighbor's doors almost daily it seems. I really started looking for ways to protect myself and my family as a result of something my friend went through. I'll post a short version here for others to see how wrong CPS allegations can be:

My friend ("Alice" for this site's sake) left her 3 year old ("Erica") and 14 month old ("Angel") with two trusted friends for ten minutes so she could run to the convenience store to buy milk. When Alice returned her friends told her that they had gotten a little rough with the baby right after Alice left and the baby had cried for a couple minutes but then seemed fine. Alice thought nothing of it and went about her day. She went to work and dropped the kids off at Grandma's house. Alice picked them up, took them home, put them to bed. The next morning, the baby's leg was swollen and so Alice took Angel to the ER. The baby's leg was broken and so CPS was called and both Alice and Grandma were allowed no contact with either child for almost 2 years. They also both faced criminal charges of neglect for not taking the baby to the hospital (although she appeared totally fine, walking, running, playing, laughing, etc).

taraloveslillys on June 09, 2014:

@RozlynSmith: My attorney told me not to be scared. That they might try funny stuff like that or bring up my criminal record. Dont let them scare you because they are there to handle whats IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN. Make them stick to the best interest of the kids not of themselves.

taraloveslillys on June 09, 2014:

@annestroh: I need advice please! CPS told me they were taking my daughter into protective custody because I was going to jail. Not only did I not go to jail but I was never and am not being charged with anything. My home was raided by federal agents and and the swat team and everything in it literally thrown around and I bet you could guess that My house was not given the same appearance it had before my home was invaded. It looked as if a tornado ran through it immediately followed by cps.f I wet my pants because an agent wouldn't let me use the bathroom right away. (They scared me so much I had never been raided before) My husband was arrested. He is step-dad. Also, I provided a UA in which they had me pee in a plastic hat. It was clean of course. I did not sign anything the day they took her and at the shelter care hearing I requested placement back with me. Denied. I've been depressed since the day they took her and I feel My rights have been violated. Most importantly my daughter was already in counseling because I had a three year cps case that was previously closed just exactly two months earlier. My daughter has already been through so much and throughout all of this she has had no voice or choice. This is traumatizing her is such a bad way. I feel cps is fighting against me because in the three years i was involved before I was assigned four different cps workers. This time its been 8 months and I'm already assigned my fifth one. I just dont know how or where to start but I know that I need to do something soon. I appreciate any advice. Thank You

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on June 07, 2014:

@brandon-weig: Brandon, yes, they can coerce people to do things like separate from loved ones, by threatening to take their children. And yes, they probably will follow through on the threat if there's a reconciliation.

brandon-weig on June 06, 2014:

@annestroh: I have a question my girls daughter was sexually abused and they did a rape kid abd no dna came back I have ni criminal record with anything that has to do with childern. They decided that they wanna think its me but there aint anything proof and there telling my girl that if she continues to talk to me that there taking our unborn child and she wont get her other two kids back. Can they do that. There Iis no restraining orders either.

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on June 05, 2014:

@moverm: Moverm, I don't like to give out my email address for two reasons. First, because I'm not legally allowed to help people individually or give advice on a case-by-case basis. Second - because I get way too much email and can't handle it all. So I put everything I know on the FightCPS site: ... and there's a message board there for people who want to discuss their situations with other parents who have experienced the child welfare system. A lot of parents also get help through our Facebook group.... but keep in mind, none of us are lawyers, and a good lawyer in your home area is still considered the best source of information and assistance.

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on June 05, 2014:

@nikkitucker23: I created my website to help people learn to help themselves during a CPS case. I'm not allowed to help people individually as I'm not a lawyer.

moverm on June 04, 2014:

@annestroh: I could use your advice. Do you have an email or do I have to put info here? And I thank you for doing the right thing at personal cost (loss of job) to you.

nikkitucker23 on June 04, 2014:

Hello, my name is Stephanie Nicole(Nikki) Tucker. My son Daniel MoonWolf Oekawa(Tucker as DCFS calls him) was taken from me at birth by DCFS under false allegations made against me based only on the fact that i was homeless at the time of his birth and had a dog that no one wanted the whole time while i was pregnant. These false allegations state as follows:

"The child, Daniel Tucker's mother, Stephanie Tucker, has mental and emotional problems, including incoherence and confusion, which render the mother incapable of providing regular care for the child. The mother failed to obtain necessary mental health treatment. Such mental and emotional problems on the part of the mother endangers the child's physical health and safety and places the child at risk of physical harm, damage, and danger."

"The reporting parting stated the the child, Daniel, was born in an alley in the Venice CA area. According to the reporting party, When Daniel arrived at the hospital he was still wrapped in his amniotic sac." (Which is another lie. My son was born inside the ambulance on the way to the hospital onto which the EMT pinched the amniotic sac while my son's head started to come out)

"Further, the hospital reported that the mother did not have any apparent support network to assist her with the child's care and did not report to having any stable housing, as she was currently homeless. Further, the hospital staff advised DCFS that the mother was resistant to any housing plan or supportive living arrangement that the staff were attempting to arrange for the mother and the child" (Which is a lie because they never offered me and my son any help what so ever... if they would have then i would have said yes)

Homelessness is NOT a crime.

Homelessness alone is NOT a reason to take a child away from their parents.

Taking a child from their guardian/parents because they are Homeless/Low-income is Illegal.

I do not have a criminal record and i do not have a mental health record that states i have any sort of mental health problems..... i do however, have a mental health record that actually states that i do NOT have any sort of mental health or emotional problems, that i am perfectly sane and normal, that i am very intelligent and should go to college.... this is what two phsycologists told me and wrote in their report a few years tell me, who is in fact the mentally and emotionally ill person here?

i know for a fact that it isnt me.

if anyone could help me in any sort of way, to get my son back and to fight these false allegations, that would be great. thank you

amanda-rivera-5682 on June 03, 2014:

Cps has ruined my life thinks to my grandpa telling his worthless lies he said to cps that my dad melested and beat me and my sister and my dad has court ruling paper's saying that my dad is inacent of all the charges well i got to go back to my parents but because my sister is mildly mentally retarded she didn't get to go back home and i have not been able to live with my sister since i was nine now I'm 31 and my sister is 33 and the state of Texas still has her and won't give her back since cps don't lesson to court paper's singed by a judge i still ask my self then what's the use of a judge and sadly that's no the end me not knowing that i was not allowed to have my own kids around my parents my grandpa called cps and told cps that i was at my parents house with my kids and cps took my kids away when i had visets my daughters Foster parents rubbed it in my face saying now we have a reason to go to toys r us and my sons Foster parents took my son to my visit in a car seat without seat belts and he was always dressed in pj's and when I told the judge about it yes it changed but they also put my kids up for adoption and i have my younger kids with me think god even tho cps is like bee's on honey with me they haven't succeeded yet think you jesus christ

portera36 on June 02, 2014:

@annestroh: I am in need of advice. I am so lost right now. I am a mother and a grandma. My daughter has lost her son to CPS. CPS refuses to let me have my grandson because of a CPS case filed many years ago by my daughter against me and my husband. Nothing was ever found and CPS even said my daughters story kept changing. She has a habit of hurting those around her when she does not get her way. she has also told her CPS worker many lies about us. The CPS worker refuses to even talk to my about my grandson. I am so lost and don't know what to do for my grandson. We are more then capable of providing for him and giving him a stable and safe place to live. We love him so much and are so hurt by my daughters actions. She uses him against us and it is so unfair to him.

saddgurl23 on May 30, 2014:

I need help to get my sons name cleared from all this madness. My 7yr old niece (now she's 8) I would babysit her and my nephew. She had a lying issue, I caught her lying so many times. She would always complain how her parents wouldn't pay much attention to her. That she wishes that they would listen to her. Yet my sister would let her wear short shorts, skirts, and even a two piece bathing suit. She's a husky set. My sister would never teach her to sit like a little lady she was always flashing her underwear. Couple of times I had to remind her to cover up. Anyways, there were multiple occasions that both her and my other niece 5yr old(now 6) would follow my 10yr old son (now 11) to the bathroom, I could hear my son telling her "what are you doing? I have to go the restroom move so I can close the door." That's when I would step in I had to tell them to wait and to take a seat in the living room. One evening too, she wanted to lay down close to my son, since we were guests well we would sleep on the floor. She was getting mad, because she wanted to sleep close to my son. I was outside by the door and I could hear their conversation. My son told her if she didn't stop that he was going to come and tell me. So he came to tell me that she wanted to sleep next to him. I said "no, I am the one that's going to sleep next to him." As soon as I went to go lay down I threw my arm and part of my leg over him to protect him. Something told me that something was going to happen. Couple of weeks later, sure enough she accused my son of sexual abuse. I know my son I've never leave him abandoned, he always was with me. I've never had the luck of anybody to do me the favor on babysitting him. I was hardly going out because of school that I was going at the time. My 5yr old niece(now 6), I took care of her since she was 6mos. old, because my sister had leukemia. Nobody ever came to volunteer to help in anyway possible to assist with her. Ever since my sister was in and out of the hospital. CPS ended up taking her too placing her with my sister of the 7yr old. She would miss treat her curse at her especially the 7yr old would bully her too. It would break my heart because she would cry and hug me tight saying to me that she wanted to come back home. This all turned out to be lies, betrayal, and deceiving plan of CPS, my so called sister, coke head cousin, and an interrogator of a niece. Yet CPS lied to us and said she was going to come back home. They are full of shit if you ask me. My sons case got closed, but the hurt, pain, and tears that those people put us through can never be erased.

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on May 20, 2014:

@momree: Please send me an article about this that I can post on FightCPS.... something unique that has never been posted on the internet before... at least 500 words. I would love to use my site to tell people about what you're doing in Kentucky. You can send the article to me by posting a comment on my site, on any page.... - I read all of the comments before posting them. I'm hoping for an article I can use on the front page of the site. This sounds like an important step forward in the fight against CPS injustice.

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on May 20, 2014:

@annestroh: Hi there... we could really benefit from your help at my site, to answer comments there on the blog and the message board. Thanks for offering!!

annestroh on May 20, 2014:

I was a CPS worker for over 15 years and resigned my job at the point I was asked to do harm to families. I felt so stongly about it I went on all the local media and have continued to do so the last 2 years. I am happy to review any case and give advice to those who feel this system is failing our children. There is a reason for CPS and I have seen first hand why we need some sort of system to protect the innocent but the one we have in place is failing and greatly in need of change.

momree on May 20, 2014:

A grassroots movement in KENTUCKY is starting. Our first official meeting is in Lexington, KY 1st Saturday in June 2014. Our objectives: 1). Restructuring the current âmodelsâ used by CPS, Group Homes, Foster Care, focused more on holistic mind/body approachs in recovery. 2). Programs and Resources for families BEFORE a crisis. 3). Public awareness 4). Reporting abuses in the system (how to) 5). Parent advocacys and legal advice (currently not available to parents or pro-bono attorneys). And much more. For more information, pm on facebook ⦠Val Williams, Nashville, TN, picture of electric and vibrant floral artwork. Kentucky is a large state. So far 'county representatives' include only five counties. If you have a a realiable vehicle (or a friend) we need car-pooling support. I'd like to see one hundred people at a minimum.

26nezzerz on May 19, 2014:

@sue-cps: Omg thank you I will fight til the end for my baby

26nezzerz on May 19, 2014:

@Heather87: I'm so sorry this is happening please don't give up we are in this together keep word out

26nezzerz on May 19, 2014:

@DeborahDian: It is I'm going threw it with my son

26nezzerz on May 19, 2014:

@OUTFOXprevention1: A little more studying of cps can help thanks for awareness

26nezzerz on May 19, 2014:

@tazzytamar: Thanks for contributing

26nezzerz on May 19, 2014:

@amy-l-davies-754: Your right I hate cps too

26nezzerz on May 19, 2014:

I have a five year old in a foster home he was taken from at six months old he was taken because I did drugs I made alot of mistakes but never had anything this devastating happen to me before. I feel like I been stuck with a knife into my heart I dream about my son every night he is on my heart the most I cry and have it hard at night I can't get over this but you know what every time I wake up crying after a dream of him I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to. Clear your mind from I can't I tend to take this sang up

amy-l-davies-754 on May 04, 2014:

i hate cps they have stolen my children for money and made false allegations against me and they also sat in court and lied to a judge. i know what cps are like and not all children that have been adopted have a good life and i know this myself as i was adopted at the age of 5 because of sexual abuse but the cps took me from that hell whole and put me in another as i was further sexuallly abused by my adopted father and my adopted mother didnt do anything about it instead she blames me for what he done and for ruining her marriage. i have never had a mother or father figure in my life and ive had to learn things the hard way growing up and because of my traumatic childhood the cps have accused me of wantiing to physically harm my children just because of my traumatic childhood. ive been told i have to do therapy before im able to have my children all because theyve never had a case like mine with what ive been through in my life and im only 27 now and for 27 years ive been put through hell the only good things that have happened in my life are my children and theyve been taken from me and now have to suffer without their mother. cps do not protect children any more they steal them for money. if they really put the childrens needs first then they would actually do their job right and get proper evidence instead of all the bullshit they say and the slander of parents as they DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO THEIR JOBS PROPERLY!!!!!

anonymous on May 01, 2014:

I'm Turkish and we do not have a CPS. I used to think we have a lot of ground to cover as a community, but after reading this lens I can see that every culture has its own set of horrible demons to fight. Good luck to all parents and kids over there. My heart goes out to all of them.

2envelopparadox on April 29, 2014:

nice lens

Anna from chichester on April 16, 2014:

Extremely interesting topic, and also heartbreaking to think so many families are split unnessecarily. The first step in the fight against cps is surely raising awareness - which is exactly what this lens does.

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