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Enlisted Men of Company G - 93rd Indiana Infantry

In researching my Civil War ancestor, I became fascinated by all aspects of that war. If you're a Civil War buff, check out my topics.


Researching the Lives of Enlisted Men for Company G - 93rd Indiana Infantry

I'm on a quest to find the men who served in Company G, the 93rd Indiana Infantry during the Civil War. My great-great grandfather volunteered for this company. He survived the war and lived a long life. In trying to determine what his life was like during the Civil War, I'm exploring what I can find about his fellow soldiers.

He left a pocket diary and the first few pages listed the men who were in Company G with him. I'm researching each name and will include what I find here. If you had an ancestor who served in Company G, the 93rd Indiana Infantry, I hope you find some new information for your family tree. If you have information that I don't have about the enlisted men, I hope you'll share it in the comment section.

Names of Co. G - 93rd regt. Ind. Volunteer Infantry - August the 4 1865

This is a transcription of the list in Abraham Bates Tower's pocket diary. I'll put his spelling of the names and then I'll put the name from the book in parenthesis.

The Adjutant General's Report on Company G

Names F to W - Information on each man's discharge or death.

Names F to W - Information on each man's discharge or death.

The numbers correspond to the listing in my ancestor's pocket diary. In ( ) you see the name as officially listed in the Adjutant General's Report.


Jerome Spilman Capt. 1 (Jerome Spilman)

Cammel Welch first lieu 2 (Campbell Welch)

B F Willson second lieu 3 (Benjamin F. Wilson)


D.B.Hubs 4 (David B. Hubbs)
J . C. Newton 5 (James C. Newton)

N. J. Munier 6 (Narcissus Mennier, later First Lieutenant)

Thomas Sharpels 7 (Thomas Sharples)

Hall 8 (Francis Hall)Corporals

R.F. Bates 9 (Reuben F. Bates?)
D.S. Hall 10 (Daniel S. Hall)
Thomas Brady 11 (not listed in book)
D.I. Conly 12 (David I. Conley)
Wm. Dickey 13 (William M. Dicky)
S.D. Rodgers 14 (Solomon D. Rogers)
H.J. Clapp 15 (James H Clapp)
J.C. Demons 16 (James C. Damron)


S.H. Amic 17 (Samuel H. Amrick)

Joel Albrite 18 (Joel Albright)

John Andry 19 (John Andry)

Wm. Andry 20 (William R. Andry)

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(Samuel P. Fletcher)
(Joseph W. Garland)
(Fidel Gates)
(William C. Gilham)
(Peter Grant)
(Daniel Galliger)

(Jerome Goffinet)

(Adolph Goffinet)

(John T. Hatchings)

(Francis M. Hobbs)

(James R. Hunter)

(William Hammond)

(Elias Hammond)

(John J. James)

(Amable James)

Not listed in my great-great grandfather's diary


Williard M. Gage

Charles H. Wood


Absalom Combs

Soldiers - A - Amrick, Alvey, Anspach

Samuel Amrick II of Oregon, Indiana died at Markham's Plantation, Mississippi on Aug. 18, 1863

Benedict I Alvey served Aug 28, 1862 to Mar. 3, 1863. He died in Tennessee. (Index to Perry County, Indiana, Civil War Veteran Burial Sites by Martha and William Reamy)

Cornelius Anspach died at home February 28, 1864 according to Wilson's History of Dubois County.

Soldiers - B - Brady

Corporal Thomas Brady of Bridgeport served Aug 28, 1862 to Feb. 20 1864. He died in Memphis, TN. (from Index to Perry County by Reamy)

Soldiers - C - Combs

Absalom Combs was listed as a wagoner, so may not have been a soldier.

More to Come...

It will take me quite awhile to research online all 100+ names that were in my great-great-grandfather's pocket diary.

Check back if you have an ancestor who was in Company G, 93rd Indiana Infantry

Soldiers - D - Devillez, Didier, Dupont

Henri Devillez is also listed as Henry. He was from Leopold. He suffered health problems after being in Andersonville but lived until 1919.

Below is a photo I took in the Leopold Catholic Church cemetery of Henri Devillez' gravestone, when I visited there in the fall of 2012.

Theodore Didier was from Leopold, Indiana also. Didier became ill and died at age 18 before the regiment left the state of Indiana.

Alphonse Dupont served from Aug 28 1962 to Aug 10 1865. He deserted Dec 16 1864 and returned on June 1 1864. He was reinstated in the company but lost his pay for the missing time. He returned to Leopold after the war, married and had 6 children.

Auguste Dupont also deserted from June of 64 until January of 65. Returned but lost his pay. He transferred to Company K in July 1865. Due to the war, he was blind in one eye.

Henry Devillez Grave Stone

Devillez Grave Stone in Leopold, Indiana.

Devillez Grave Stone in Leopold, Indiana.

  • Indiana Belgiums in the Civil War
    Based on pension records, this site gives quite a bit of information about all the men in Company G that have Belgium roots. More details on Devillez, Duparque, Dupont, Goffinet, James (or Jacques), Meunier, Naviaux, Rochelle, Rogier, William.
  • Leopold, from A Living History of Perry County
    In telling how the church in Leopold was built, it includes a story about Henry Devillez, Lambert Rogier & Isadore Naviaux. While they were in Andersonville Prison, the three vowed to bring a replica of Our Lady of Consolation to the church, if t

Soldiers - F - Samuel P. Fletcher

Samuel P. Fletcher was an assumed name used by William Holman Birth. He spent the last three years of the war in company G.

Soldiers - G - Thomas Jefferson Garrison

Michele Baker shared this information about her ancestor,

This is my GGGrandfather Thomas Jefferson Garrison and he was a survivor of Andersonville Prison. There is an article from the local newspaper that tells of his rather interesting exploits. The story also tells of a letter my GGGrandmother sent him telling of the death of their son he had never seen. The letter is still in the family. He came back home to Perry County, Indiana to his wife. When she died he married her sister and had 18 children all told.

T.J. Garrison Photos

Photo of Thomas Jefferson Garrison (shared by his descendant, Michele Baker)

Photo of Thomas Jefferson Garrison (shared by his descendant, Michele Baker)

Clipping about the life of Thomas Jefferson Garrison

Clipping about the life of Thomas Jefferson Garrison

Soldiers - H - David R. Hubbs

David R. Hubbs was a first sergeant in the company. He was a brother-in-law and in business with Jerome Spilman with a general store before the war (according to Rootsweb). He served in the company from 28 August 1862 to 5 March 1863.

Soldiers - J - James

Amable James of Leopold, Indiana died November 8, 1864 in Florence, S.C. Originally I'd spelled this Aimable but in my ancestor's pocket diary, he lists him as Amable and it is shown that way in several Civil War sites.

He died 8 Nov 1864, a prisoner of war in Florence, S.C. He was from Leopold, Indiana according to list of enlisted men.

John J. James (Jacques) was a brother to Amable (above). He was mustered in 28 August 1862. Died of illness 16 August 1863. His widow, Elisabeth Rhodes, remarried after his death to Auguste Dupont on April 2, 1866.

Soldiers - K

Martin C. Kellems died in Columbia Prison in South Carolina. His middle name was Cashmer. He was born 11 January 1839 at Riceyville in Crawford County, Indiana (the same county my ancestor was from). Martin died 28 October 1864 of starvation as a POW.

I found more about him in an online book (Soldier of Indiana in the War for the Union Vol. 2 by Kath

  • ebook History of Dubois County by George R. Wilson
    Online etexts of History of Dubois County from its primitive days to 1910 by George R. Wilson. It includes some info about the 93rd Indiana Infantry and Martin C. Kellems
  • PVT Martin Cashmer Kellems
    CAMP SORGHUM CIVIL WAR PVT MARTIN CASHMER KELLEMS This page gives some additional information about Martin Kellems. They've featured the page from Abraham Tower's diary showing his name.
    This site lists a number of Kellems who served in the war, many of them from Crawford County IN. It gives some genealogy information on Martin C. Kellems.

Soldiers - M - Marks, McLean

I found a mention of James M. McLean as a fifer in company G, 93rd Indiana Infantry. It was a posting by his descendant, David Stutesman in 2008 to the Indiana in the Civil War message board. McLean is not listed with the musicians in my ancestor's diary. I'll have to look further into this.

John Marks

  • Find A Grave - John Marks
    John Marks was born Sep. 18, 1842 and died Sep. 7, 1899. His gravestone shows that he was in CO G 93RD INDIANA INFANTRY.

Meunier's Grave Stone in Leopold, Indiana


Soldiers - N - Naviaux, Nevett

Isadore Naviaux, of Leopold, Indiana, was mustered in to Company G on August 28, 1862. He was mustered out August 10, 1865, as Corporal.

He suffered many illnesses and injuries while serving in the Union army. He lived until 1932. Below is a photo I took of Isadore Naviaux' grave in Leopold.

John M. Nevett, of Troy, Indiana, was mustered in on the same date and out on the same date as Naviaux. He also was a Corporal.


Soldiers - P - Patterson

  • William T. Patterson died September 25, 1864 in Andersonville of "diarrhoea."

    (I found this in the program for the Dedication of the Indiana Monument at Andersonville, 1908, available online)

Soldiers - R - Rogier,

Lambert Rogier survived Andersonville Prison, the same as my great-great grandfather.

Soldiers - S - Swallows, Schrader

Isaac Reuben Swallows, born October 11, 1839 in Overton County,Tennessee (parents were Reuben and Bethena C. Swallows); Isaac died February 15, 1884 in Stoddard County, Missouri.

Charles Otto (Otto Karl) August Schrader Born December 9, 1838 in Stadtoldendorf, Braunschweig, Germany, died August 2, 1930 in Blue Springs, Missouri. He is listed in the roster as a recruit from Leopold, Indiana, starting October 31, 1862 and mustered out July 10 1865. His great-great-great-great granddaughterRebecca Speaker gives more detail here:

"My 4G great grandfather, Charles Otto August Schrader, enlisted in the 93rd Indiana regiment (originally in company K, then transferred to Co. G on 7 Nov 1862.) He lived in Oil Township, Perry County (near Oriole or Fredonia), just a couple of miles from Crawford, County. He was shot in the left leg near the knee on June 10, 1864 at the Battle of Brice's Cross Road and was taken prisoner. Although his obituary stated that he was a prisoner at Andersonville, his pension & military records state that he was a prisoner at Cahawba, Alabama, so I'm curious how he ended up at a different prison than so many others from Co. G. Your website was outstanding in helping me understand the first two years of his experience in the Civil War. Thank you for all the work you have done to document your family and this Civil War company!"