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choices how we believe

I was having a discussion about how life was going with someone the other day and it was so amazing how religion took over. We were talking about all that was going on in the world. The three pandemics going on in the world and the food shortages and everything else being in short supply. I was looking for something so simple I felt strange with the way the conversation went.

With God for us; who can be against us. Being God provides for all our needs; what right do we have to be afraid for. When did we have to start analyzing everything? When did we give up having the faith of a child? Now we worry about quarantines and will we get one of the plaques? We stock up on food because we hear and see that shelves are empty. We worry about finances because everything is so expensive. We worry about losing our jobs or having our hours cut.

Barter was a system they used so many years ago. I have seen farmers advertising meat if you pay to have it butchered. I may have to go back to drinking milk that wasn't pasteurized but it is food. God will make a way where there seems to be no way. It seems like the government tells us, again and again, to not get too close to anyone. We all have heard of the people who have died from Covid and all the other sicknesses that are more around because of the Covid.

We have to have contact with other people. I admit sometimes I feel like talking to the walls.

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