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The Cauterization of America's Heart and Strained Hope of Light Where Darkness Lurks

I am merely a humble citizen watching the news with astonishment as the numbers tick on this insane stopwatch.


How America's Heart Got Burned Black


A few months ago I sat at my computer watching the memorial of 9/11 and the spectacle and feeling it invokes in New Yorkers who were there when, Lord be praised, those towers, engineered to do what they did when they fell... imploded, leaving dust and anarchic shrapnel which could have been millions of times worse if they weren't designed by erudite architects, every year this date is faithfully observed, by a melancholy group of dutiful friends, family and traumatized veterans as what was the sole, most blatant, act of terrorism on American soil. Now we have a morose grid of 20,000 stagnant flags adorning the lawn adjacent to the Washington monument which, even though I've never seen them for myself, would swear don't sway in the wind and, for the sake of propriety, should be changed to 30,000 right now. At the same time I feel the terror circulate through my veins about this disease which has killed more than 100 times the people that were murdered in 9/11 and is on the way to killing one one hundredth of the country in their sleep. I reflect on the way that it's been explained that the victims of this disease die, isolated and alone, with a nurse holding their hands in their final moments. I don't blame President Trump for this, I don't even really blame China for this. The fact of the matter though is that you don't understand the gravitas of what it is to have somebody in your family die, especially from a disease that isn't treatable by normal means, until you experience it yourself... Which I have, My father passed away from cancer in 2012. Whether you be 5ft. or 8 ft. Soft as charmin or slate faced, the overwhelming feeling of helplessness that you wish you could wake up from is the same. Capital Hill brags about how medically advanced our country is, and claim this vaccine is a magic bullet. They brag about all the notable advancements that they have made, but when your mother, father, or sibling's doctor talks to you with that transparent sense of feigned empathy there is nothing you can do but watch your relative die. Unless your belief in God is considerably solid you can do nothing but feel helpless. My sincere sympathies go out to my fellow New Yorkers, whether they accept me or not, for 9/11 and concurrently for the murderous scourge they now face.

The beautiful Hydra.

The beautiful Hydra.

The Trump Card

I don't believe that Mr.Trump is a bad person but throwing SuperSpreader Events in every state of the Union because the average American believes he's bulletproof and COVID is a hoax... and people, including me, believing that there's no way that they can catch this disease when it's the furthest thing from the truth, it deserves a mention. Lemme explain this to you people in terms you understand. Those of professional sports. You see these supermen playing their games in antimicrobial bubbles and you understand that the owners of these teams want to keep them as lucrative as possible, testing them for coronavirus as rigorously as possible. Even if they can't legally fill stadiums, offering to have cardboard cutouts of rabid fans for sale placed in the stands at super premium, exorbitant, beyond the reach of the average joe, prices. All of this in their scrambling to monetize these men and exploit them and their talents any way they can... That's always been the game but it's become particularly nasty about now. But they still have corona outbreaks. I'm praying I'm not positive right now. However, the rank and file are not leading us to the standard their office demands in this time of crisis when they see these huge gatherings of people not wearing masks, not social distancing, sweaty and ripe for their irresponsible Republican shindig SuperSpreader events and then languish... Pivoting, digging their heels into the earth, locking their thumbs behind their apathetic backs head down in the pursuit of their political goals and nothing much else. It is inexcusably selfish and completely self-serving. 300,000 deaths in our country, 100 times the death toll of 9/11, 300,000 souls erased from this beautiful land. God help us, 300,000 souls gone, and you don't feel anything till it's someone close to you.

© 2020 Jeremy Artise Williams

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