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Cancer Patient Benefit and Auction Planning


Planning a Successful Cancer Patient Benefit

When you know someone battling a disease such as cancer watching them battle the disease is hard enough but when you see their entire family struggling to pay their bills and falling farther and farther behind it just seems so unfair. There is something that you can do though, get in contact with other close family and friends and plan a cancer benefit for them. You don't need to have a degree in party planning to organize a cancer benefit; in fact it really is quite easy when you ask around for help.

The key to planning a great cancer benefit is letting others help and monopolizing on every person's talents and skills. Just think about it, everyone you know has some sort of connection or know how to pull off an amazing cancer benefit. Usually, you are just one conversation away from getting everything you need for a beautiful, fun and most of all successful fundraising cancer event that the family will always be thankful for.

Cancer Benefit Advertising

The key to having a successful cancer benefit is people showing up, that means you need to spread the word about the benefit to as wide of an audience as possible. Social media sites are a wonderful place to begin and Facebook has a great feature to add an event and invite everyone on a person's friend list, you can even allow others to invite everyone on their own friends list which is perfect for getting a ton of people invited quickly.

Cancer benefit posters and flyers are a great way to advertise to all the people you can't reach via social media sites and the general public. Do keep in mind that not everyone that comes to a benefit knows the family; there are many people who come to "pay it forward" because they themselves have been affected in some way by the disease and they remember what it is like to go through that time in their own life and what a help their own cancer benefit was.

Here a few great cancer benefit flyers available through the Zazzle website:

The front side and back side of the flyer shown above can be personalized and purchased by clicking on the flyer itself.

Here are more examples of cancer benefit flyers:

Ask and Thou Shall Receive

Asking for donations is something that quite a few people struggle with when planning a cancer benefit, let's face it most people are just not comfortable asking people for help. A great place to start is on a social network site such as Facebook, this is a wonderful way to ask donations without doing much of anything other then posting a single status update. You can post one that looks like this:

"Just getting out the word today about Jane's Cancer Benefit coming in June and wondering if anyone has donations that could help raise money at the live and silent auctions. Donations can be baked goods, crafts, movie tickets, gift certificates, business services and really anything that you think you might be able to donate. Thanks in advance and please email me with any ideas that you come up with."

That old saying "ask and thou shall receive" is so true! People are generous and almost everyone has a service, product or trade that can be auctioned off for money. Someone on your friend list might own a business that can offer a gift certificate, handmade jewelry, a basket of Avon products, etc., even a teenager can offer a night of babysitting or a lawn mowing. Every little bit helps so take the chance, spread the word and rejoice in the fact that people are giving and wonderful when presented with an opportunity to help.

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Cancer Benefit Posters

The following cancer benefit posters are sure to get noticed and are perfect for advertising the benefit, lining the walls of the benefit hall for the big day and they even make great keepsakes for the family after the benefit. Any of the following posters are available through the Zazzle website to personalize for your own benefit by clicking on the poster that fits your purpose.

Live Band or Deejay

A cancer benefit just like any other party just isn't a party without music, usually the person who is battling the disease knows someone who plays in a band or deejays on the side. If you ask around you can usually find someone who is willing to donate their bands time to the benefit. I recently went to a cancer benefit that had FIVE bands each performing for an hour long period, this is likely to do with the fact that the cancer patient had some musically inclined friends and family but even at this benefit there were people in the crowd that made their way to the stage to play drums, guitar or whatever else was in need.

A great way to break the silence in between bands playing is to have a live auction if you can find one person to MC the event and take bids from the crowd on the bigger more expensive donated items. The person doing this does not have to be a professional auctioneer of any kind they just have to speak clearly, have the ability to steal the crowd's attention for a few minutes and be comfortable with a microphone.

If you still can't find a donated band after exhausting your list of invitees try hiring a band, usually they will curb their regular rates for a cancer benefit and if the benefit is during the day most bands are looking for a daytime gig.

A YouTube Cancer Fighting Inspirational Song

Fight Like A Girl Breast Cancer 27.8 Poster

Messed With Wrong Girl Cartoon Breast Cancer Posters

Breast Cancer Rosie the Riveter Poster

Breast Cancer Awareness Poster

Breast Cancer Tree Poster

Survivor 22 Breast Cancer Poster

Dog Tags Breast Cancer Mom Poster

Together We Can Find a Cure (Black Text) Poster

Patient Feelings: To Attend or Not To Attend

When a cancer patient is able to show up to their own benefit it is very difficult for them to do so even if they are getting around pretty well. We all need to remember that many feelings will arise from such an event especially when you consider they may not look the same, have their same normal confidence or even the desire to see anyone in person. They might go through many emotions during the time leading up to the event and change their mind often about whether or not to attend. Keep in mind that any decision they make is the right one for them and people will understand if they do not show up, many successful benefits have been thrown without the patient attending.

Things you can do to make the patient feel more comfortable attending the event:

1. Have a plan already in place about how long they will be attending and who will help them arrive and depart.

2. Help them pick out a flattering new outfit specifically for the benefit.

3. Let them know that a wig or a baseball cap is okay to wear for this event if they are worried about hair loss.

4. Ask them if they have any concerns about attending the benefit. Do not act like eveything is normal, it is not.

5. Listen and have patience with the ups and downs of mixed emotions over attending the benefit.

6. Have a special something at the event that once given to them they can carry around with them (a gift), kind of a conversation piece. Make it something interesting that the patient can show off, start a conversation with and something that breaks the ice about talking about the disease/illness. Here are just a few examples of the kind of gifts that get people smiling and talking:

Blue and Gold Cancer Angel Posters

Awareness Matters Ribbons Of Cancer Posters

Feel My Beauty Pink Cancer Angel Print

What Cancer Cannot Do Print

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Cancer Benefit Thank You Notes

Don't forget to thank the people who made it happen. When a cancer benefit is all done and the money has been tallied you will probably be surprised to see what a huge success it was due to your great planning and all those great donated items. A simple thank you card is always very appreciated by businesses and other donors; it is a great way to let them know that participating in these events is the right thing to do and that their contribution large or small made a huge difference in the success of your cancer benefit.

Here are a few examples of cancer benefit thank you notes available on the Zazzle website for purchase:

Many business (big or small) like to have thank you cards to display in their store to show their customers that they are socially responsible and give back to the community, it is just good business.

Your Comments on Cancer Benefits

Brandy Patton on August 10, 2016:

Im trying to get all my ducks,in row for a very dear friend who has brain cancer and it has now spred to his bones and lungs. . And is having a hard time getting to his opponent for treat ment..any ideas or info would be so helpful

janice on April 16, 2015:

Thanks for the great ideas. We're planning a cancer benefit/ auction for my husband may 30, 2015. In Robertsdale, al. In the Elsanor community. Hes been battling lupus for 5 years and now dealing with esophagus cancer. Starting chemotherapy and radiation in a few days. Surgery later, w/ feeding tube. So much stress with medical bill, meds, and even just keeping our old car running. No air in it really get to him. Hes my heart of 37 years. I need him around for another 37. Hes a fighter, but we need financial help. Thanks so much again. Lu

EmmaGraceEllis LM on May 13, 2014:

Fantastic Lens- Thanks

martingallagher on February 21, 2014:

Fundraising is not that easy for charity. You need to be persistent.

CristianStan on March 07, 2013:

For any cancer patient I recommend getting an alternative aside from the regular route.

anonymous on December 04, 2012:

In a time where family is overwhelmed with all that discovering a loved one has such a devastating illness, its great to have a resource like this to help put ideas in front of you to spark ideas and link you to helpful pages. To all who made this site happen, the most sincere thanks is given.

Vikki from US on December 03, 2012:

Really nicely done. Blessed ;)

WriterJanis2 on July 04, 2012:

Such a helpful lens for such an important cause.

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