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YouGov Poll: Sunak Cannot Catch Truss Now.

Truss and Sunak.


If ever Mrs Thatcher had gone head to head with Tony Blair on live television it may have looked like the Sunak-Truss debates. Or would it?

Liz Truss has the model of Margaret Thatcher as her role model. She seems to be aping her in her cold calculating demeanour unless all this is just staged to impress Tory voters. On countless occasions when appearing in public Ms Truss's clothes have aped the first woman Prime Minister of the UK. The question is: "Will the real Liz Truss please step forward"?

Rishi Sunak with his slick demeanour, charm and charisma with a well oiled election campaign behind him is compared to Tony Blair. His mannerisms, his voice, remind one of the former Labour Prime Minister. If you looked away you could believe it was Mr Blair. Unlike Truss, Mr Sunak has made no mention of Tony Blair as a hero. So it appears (or does it?) that Mr Sunak is his own man and not just Tony Blair wiith a sun tan.

The campaign has a whole has been a bumpy ride for both candidates. The insults, the arguments, etc, have flown thick and fast. It is doubtful, when the campaign is over and whoever wins either candidate will serve in the other's cabinet.

According to YouGov Liz Truss has led the race to replace Boris from the beginning. Its just a few weeks to go and the current Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is still leading despite falling back some what. She is on 66% while the ex-chancellor Rishi Sunak is on 31%. Truss's lead has fell back from 38% to 32%. Obviously, Sunak has made small inroads but it may not be enough to erode Truss's lead.

While Truss remains popular among Tory voters of approximately 150,000 members Boris is still favoured. 55% feel that to oust Boris when he had an 80 seat mandate is wrong. While 40% feel that Mr Johnson's ousting was correct given what happened.

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Many Tory voters are not impressed by either candidate. If Boris were one of the candidates he would romp home. 46% would vote for Mr Johnson, 24% for Ms Truss and 23% for Mr Sunak. Many feel the two candidates have brought the party into disrepute. However, ciritics of the Conservatives say the party didn't need Johnson, Sunak, or Truss, to bring the party into disrepute, it already was like that.

Meanwhile while this leadership campaign grinds on the nation is going to hell in a handcart.

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