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You Don’t Know Me, I Voted for Trump

Don is a retired engineer and shares his experiences and knowledge with his readers to help them as technology gets more complicated.

Don Bobbitt, an Abused Retiree

The Author, Don Bobbitt, finally retired and trying to survive an insane government that is trying to strip my rights and benefits away just to waste the money on ridiculous projects.

The Author, Don Bobbitt, finally retired and trying to survive an insane government that is trying to strip my rights and benefits away just to waste the money on ridiculous projects.

Yes, and I Voted Early Too.

It’s the day after the elections and here I am, sitting at home with my morning Coffee in my hand. I watched the results as they occurred so last night was a long one. I need that caffeine kick today.

Oh, and I have the news media on the TV this morning and it sure is funny to see how fast some people can change, as they deal with the reality of this election.

These are the selfsame ones who scoffed at his speeches, and took small slices of his statements from all across his life and laid them in front of the American public, ad nauseam!

What did these hundreds of millions of dollars in ads say to me? Well after the first hundred times I saw the same sound bite, I accepted them as blatant examples of opinionated prejudice being shoved down the throats of the American public. It turns out that it seems easier to throw rocks than talk about real issues and real solutions.

And your almost hourly census results tossed onto the TV screens that berated Trump and his basic goals for America. I felt like I was seeing a robot taking snapshots of trees when ti was the flowers they were supposed to capture and display.

So, What Happened to Make me do This?

From my perspective, it seemed that you public nay-sayers, with your degrees in Journalism, and such, with your very visible jobs that are supposed to provide the American public with TRUTH and FACTS, forgot about what concerned your whole audience.

Oh, sure, you touted the rights of Blacks, and you defended the millions of illegal immigrants, and you played the same concatenated quote segments of Trumps years-old statements.

But, with all of your ideals and your defense of your obviously favorite candidate, you forgot about us, the AVERAGE AMERICAN.

A Silent Majority of Just a Bunch of Deplorables?

Here are a few facts about us, the Average Americans, you need to remember.

  • We are tired of being told we are not being PC. Who the Hell but well-off elitists constantly think during their daily life about being PC? We, regardless of how hard we try not to, will sometimes slip up and say something to others that is no PC. You see we’re humans not some group of robots with perfectly programmed AI.
  • We are tired of being told we should sit quietly and watch our Tax dollars being wasted to support so many nations around the world who literally hate us, while we have people we know who are barely subsisting. I mean, really, take the money away from the ungrateful haters of the world, and make them earn the right to get paid for support.
  • We are tired of being called uneducated. You know that popular difference your polls use for dividing white people (really everyone) into “College Degree” and “Blue Collar”. The vast majority of us are pretty damned smart even if we didn’t study those ‘Liberal Arts” subjects that teach a person nothing that gets them a real job where they can contribute to our economy.
  • We are tired of being told that “Your lives matter” and Our Lives are secondary”. Every life matters, so cross that street of Hate where you hang out now and work and let’s work together to make everyone matter, everywhere.
  • We are tired of using our hard-earned money and paying for our groceries while watching so many other people, who have given up on the system, paying for their groceries with a tax-backed benefit check. Often a check they have received for years, some even for lifetimes. Why isn’t someone building a real working system for training these healthy prime-of-their-life people to get a job and off of the public dole.
  • When you take your polls, remember this; we’re the people sitting at home after a hard days work, with those unknown telemarketers telephone numbers blocked, are enjoying our time with our families, and don’t need to take time away for some stupid survey.
  • Remember, a night out for us is taking our kids to McDonalds, or some other cheap fast food restaurant, not some fancy restaurant that costs three times as much for an often frozen meal from China.
  • We usually meet our friends in a neighborhood Pub, or Pizza place, or some other cheap joint that also serves cold beer during “Happy Hour” to save a buck or two. Your “classy” theme oriented bars and restaurants are far too expensive for us.
  • At home, we eat a lot of cheap frozen foods so we can pay those high deductibles on our family’s medical care and medicines. And the stupid ObamaCare system that was shoved down America’s throats, has broken down, exactly like everyone said it would.
  • We can often be seen in clothes that are a little worn and a little ragged, as we go about our daily work and lives, because we can’t afford those cool looking clothes with popular logos on them that the COOL people wear.

Did you Overlook or Just Ignore us, Again?

What I’m trying to say is that you overlooked (ignored) us.

  1. We are the working class, once strong middle-class, people who you have taxed to the point that we are barely getting by ourselves.
  2. We are the working class people who often sit down at a table with friends and half-joking say such things as; I should just quit my job and go onto Welfare. Working my Butt off just doesn’t seem worth the effort anymore.
  3. We are not all white people, fool! I know for a fact, that we are a true melting pot of hard working people regardless of race or color or sex, who want more for themselves and their families.
  4. Whether we are white citizens, or ethnic Latino citizens, or Asian citizens, or Black citizens, WE ALL resent being dismissed by anyone as an insignificant section of the population.

Is it Time for you to go Back and Take a Refresher Course.

So, you may need to change your criteria and look for and listen to US also.

Sure, the slick marketeers want to show America as being a mass of cool looking, cool dressing, young people, all in perfect physical condition, walking around with their super SmartPhones in hand, constantly smiling through their day.

Well guess what? We are the true majority and we are not COOL. We avoid those places your poll takers frequent for opinions.

We keep our mouths shut and typically we no longer argue over politics, or state our real opinions on issues in public for fear of being branded as “whatever”.

In today’s world where everyone has a phone and all of them are capable of recording voice and video, we watch our words and who we say them to. Why? Because we now know that someone, somewhere, might get a copy of one of our “stupid statements” and play it for the public to see, years later. I mean, look at what they did with Trump!

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So, now you know.

We voted Trump into office. And we did it because we are so damned tired of watching the status quo taking care of the status quo, and crapping on us, the majority of Americans.

Oh, and one other thing. This article was written from the Heart. And by the way, I do have a college degree. But, you will find spelling errors, and grammatical errors, and syntax problems with what I have written. I took Engineering courses and not numerous courses in Journalism and other liberal arts classes so I don’t write perfectly constructed sentences.

But, I went to school at night, eventually got my degree while working full-time, and I used the GI Bill plus my own money to pay my way.

I didn’t lay around in nice apartments or dorms, eat good food every day, take an extra year to get my degree, and then expect someone else to pay my exorbitant school loans. You see, when I sign a loan document, I read it, and I know what a loan is going to cost me.

No, I did it like so many Americans do things. I set a goal, and I accomplished it, my way. And I paid for my success.

by Don Bobbitt, November, 2016

© 2016 Don Bobbitt


Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on July 24, 2018:

Glenn - Great Minds Think Alike??? I read that somewhere.

As to politics, in my mind we are moving that whole world into the near instantaneous world of Social Digital communication of thought. And sad to say, the established governments of the world are holding on to their ignorance of how to participate on a level playing field yet.

Me? I'm waiting for a fellow Engineer to come up with a Digital Safety Harness that comes in my size??? Have a great Day, Glenn, I read and enjoy a lot of your stuff.


Glenn Stok from Long Island, NY on July 24, 2018:

Very well written article Don. His success with the economy is obvious despite all the rock throwing. Other things just take longer, as to be expected.

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on July 19, 2018:

I admire your courage!


Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on July 18, 2018:

Thanks for your answer to me, Don. It is not a strange question coming from someone who spent 10 days in the Soviet Union during Perestroika. There was a general feeling, a whole atmosphere if you know what I mean, of oppression. The minute that plane landed in Helsinki where we spent the night before coming home to the USA, there was a collective sigh of relief.