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You Can't Shame Me Into Wearing a Mask

I accept everyone for who they are, but that doesn't stop me from having my own feelings. Having feelings does not equate to caring.

Me in Riverside County, CA, not wearing a mask at the peak of SARS-CoV-2 and laying on the ground.

Me in Riverside County, CA, not wearing a mask at the peak of SARS-CoV-2 and laying on the ground.

I'd like to kick this article off with an introduction that jumps immediately to the topic at hand and say that no matter what anyone says, I'm not going to start wearing a mask. Now I have many logical reasons, backed by study after study and even factual evidence from my own life—shocker—that says wearing a mask does not protect you from respiratory illnesses such as coronaviruses. Equally so, I am walking evidence that you can go without wearing a mask and other necessary protective equipment even when living in one of the most infectious and dangerous counties in America for SARS-CoV-2.

Honestly, all these mask-toting extremists who are literally trying to emotionally scar people into wearing a mask are only making me less inclined to do so.

To all of you not wearing masks: I hope you and your entire family get sick. I hope you all die off so that there are less stupid and selfish people in the world. I don't want to die because you can't tear yourself from your own world long enough to care about anyone other than yourself. Please, hurry up and die or even better just start wearing a mask so we can all live. Let me catch you not wearing a mask out in public, you'll wish the virus had taken you out instead.

— Anonymous inspiration for this article

Some Important Facts for You

To the mask-toting extremists I would like to offer some quick and easy-to-read facts as they concern my situation and rationalization as it pertains to wearing a mask. Are you ready to relax your sphincter and drop your angst for a second? Good, let's delve into the unarguable facts around my unmasked lifestyle:

  • I live an extremely active, outdoor lifestyle.
  • I have ignored the mask recommendations from the beginning.
  • I can't wear a mask without having severe, and possibly lethal asthma attacks—I've tried, it isn't an option, so screw you.
  • I uncontrollably touch my face when wearing a mask, so as to remove and replace the mask, so I just don't wear one because it is safer not to.
  • I lived in the most dangerous county in the United States during the peak of SARS-CoV-2 and still did not contract the virus.
  • People want me to die despite never having been infected, just because I don't want to wear a mask.
  • I view people who bully others over not wearing a mask, rightfully, as extremists.
  • I have seen more healthy people without masks on a continual basis than masked individuals.
  • I do not know anyone, nor am I affiliated with anyone, who has contracted SARS-CoV-2.
  • I am, without a doubt, safer from the virus than those who are wearing masks, as I am adhering to the more-important guidelines such as social distancing and avoiding places of public gathering whenever possible.
  • I'm safer outdoors without my mask than those congregating indoors with them.
  • I wear a mask when it is required—*gasp*—to the detriment of my own health, because I respect the law and safety guidelines laid forth by experts; this is in stark contrast to many actions taken by mask-extremists and those who control the economy.

Let's move onto unarguable facts about the mask-toting extremists I'm able to observe within my own acquaintances:

  • Mask-extremists want others to get infected, become severely ill, and in many cases for them to die in order to prove their extremism is warranted.
  • Mask-extremists base most of what they see off of memes, rather than the loose guidelines being released by experts.
  • Mask-extremists care more about virtue signaling than they care about wearing a mask.
  • Mask-extremists think that wearing a mask in public allows them to congregate against the SARS-CoV-2 social distancing guidelines.
  • Mask-extremists are being used by the media to promote protests and rioting, but put down people just trying to be happy.
  • Mask-extremists are a detriment to the American way of life, the way of life that sees us happy, healthy, and safe without adhering to extremism.
  • Mask-extremists are bullying children as young as two into wearing a mask, despite not being able to adhere to the more important guidelines laid forth by experts.
Why do they let us risk "essential" workers' health, if this mask crap is so important? Money is worth more than lives, is that the type of nonsense you support as well?

Why do they let us risk "essential" workers' health, if this mask crap is so important? Money is worth more than lives, is that the type of nonsense you support as well?

Mask-Toting Extremists Break Their Own Rules and Expectations

American extremism, and by extension the extremists themselves, has and have always made me crack up with laughter born from a sense of pity. This is because here in America we can turn everything into a political opinion, and most people won't think any farther than the illogical trash they already subscribe to. If the brainwashing machine says to jump off a cliff to prevent SARS-CoV-2 from spreading, so do the extremists get in line to be thrown off.

Luckily the media and memes aren't saying to jump off a cliff and I don't have to watch the sheep trot willingly to the slaughter, except I'm seeing a slaughter of conviction occur instead.

Mask-extremists don't seem to actually care about the health of the public because as soon as the economy began to open against the expert advice of epidemiologists the world over, so did the mask-extremists say it is okay to hit the bar and get trashed! What hilariously flimsy convictions, and dare I say a pathetic show of solidarity in their extremism and bully tactics. Yet, there they are sitting at the bar with their masks on being the degenerate Americans who make us all look like hypocritical dumb-dumbs.

Funny thing, however, despite their breaking of their own convictions they still are not getting ill. It is almost as if you don't actually need to wear a mask, but just be more hygienic and avoid gatherings where others may be infectious.

You see, that's what I do; I avoid being a nasty, dirty face-toucher and I keep myself and my environment clean. Unlike the careless mask-extremists thinking their cloth covering will keep everyone safe, I go out of my way to ensure everyone is safe.

My son walked up to these statues, wondering why they weren't social distancing.

My son walked up to these statues, wondering why they weren't social distancing.

I'm Safer Than Mask-Extremists

Wearing a mask automatically puts you at a higher risk of contracting SARS-CoV-2, and this is because touching on and around your facial region is unavoidable as it concerns putting on and removing your mask. For those of you smart enough to remove and put on your masks from the back of your head, congratulations on being the marginal minority. Nonetheless you are not justified in judging me, bullying me, or otherwise forcefully coercing me because I safely choose not to wear a mask.

That seems to anger people as well, the unarguable fact that I can safely and conscientiously refuse to wear a mask. The mask-toting extremist tears are beginning to taste sweeter and sweeter as they only become more rigid in the face of evidence contrary to their ignorance. As such, let me provide more unarguable evidence as to how I can be safer than you, despite never wearing a mask.

Have you ever been drop-kicked for touching your face, or having your hands anywhere near your face? It teaches you how dangerous it is to ever put your nasty fingers and hands anywhere near the most vulnerable part of your body, and I got over the habit really quick.

— Kyler J. Falk

During my time in the Marines, I learned that touching your face or going anywhere near your face with your hands was a deadly sin. If I were to go anywhere near my face with my hands I would get punched, kicked, and taken to the dirt for over thirty minutes of incentive training. Just like the military, I want you mask-toting extremists to be punished each and every time you go anywhere near your face with your nasty hands.

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What did these punishments for touching our face look like? Well, it looked like you getting yelled at directly in your ear for thirty minutes as you perform the hardest workout of your life. On top of that, you're doing it in the dirt while someone kicks rocks and dust into your eyes and mouth. If you touching your nasty face didn't get you sick, then the mouth full of ground matter will.

The military is just about as logical with their incentive to do, or not to do things as these mask-extremists are; but unlike mask-extremists, the military instilled within me the habit and desire to never touch my face and be more hygienic than anyone else. I was forced to wash my hands with sanitizer, soap and water when available, and harsh chemicals so much that I developed a skin condition in the military.

On top of excessive hand washing being a normal idea to me in my daily life, I avoid touching any public surface that could be contaminated by avoiding those places to begin with. If I have no choice but to go into a nasty public venue, then I wipe down my chosen area both before and after being there. All this is more than I can say for the mask-extremists I'm observing, who number in the hundreds.

Which leads me to my next thought, which is about the media choosing to blame bars and restaurants for the rise in SARS-CoV-2 cases while remaining silent about the protests and riots as an obvious culprit.

Riots are sometimes necessary, but they are obviously a culprit in rising infection rates.

Riots are sometimes necessary, but they are obviously a culprit in rising infection rates.

Why the Media Silence?

The infection rates for SARS-CoV-2 are rising, and the media was quick to change the already-questionable narrative from the protests to bars and restaurants being the main reason for infection rates increasing. As of yet, I have not seen a news outlet go out of their way to blame the riots and protests specifically for the rise in infections. However, I have seen them downplay such serious and egregious examples of ignoring safety guidelines in favor of blaming small businesses and their owners.

Heck, I've seen more stories glorifying the arrest and citing of small business owners that are struggling than I have seen reports putting blame where it actually belongs. "To what ends?" I find myself asking more frequently, and with greater concern as time goes by.

This all seems like a plot, or some sort of directed attack on the American people during a time already plagued by crisis and tragedy.

America will still be standing strong, but it is our job to keep her that way.

America will still be standing strong, but it is our job to keep her that way.

We Are Strong

Unlike mask-toting extremists, I believe that America is strong with or without mandatory rules. In fact, I think it is the freedom to do as you please in America that only goes to show our strength and solidarity in times of crisis and tragedy. Even further, the best in the community who aren't wearing masks but still remain uninfected are a sign that the future isn't as bleak as the media claims it is.

Stand strong with both your masked and unmasked American brothers and sisters, because at the end of the day we are all you have in the battle against tyranny; that same battle is always trying to press its way deeper and deeper into our hearts. I've taken a stand against it, ignored baseless and harmful claims, and gone out of my way to call for more transparency. You need to join me in the message that we will not be deceived and manipulated by those that wish to tear the country apart.

Mask-toting extremism is doing more damage to the goal of flattening the curve and boosting American morale than it is doing good.

Won't you stand strong in reality with those of us providing evidence to the contrary of ignorant extremists; or will you join them in their misguided angst that is biting at the ankles of freedom and solidarity?