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Yes, this is America

Was this an unimaginable scenario for the United States or the world? The US Congress is the US Congress. The lower house is called the House of Representatives, while the upper house is called the Senate. A joint congressional hearing was held Wednesday at the historic Capitol Hill in Washington. The purpose of the meeting was to recount the Electoral College votes received by President Joseph Biden and formally announce his victory. Suddenly, during this ongoing session, the US President himself enthusiastically appealed to the thousands of whites outside the Congress who were protesting against Donald Trump, saying, "I have won, while the ratification process in favor of Biden is going on. You run to Congress and go inside." Go and protest and stop this process. This has not happened in the history of the United States for 159 years. The mob actually stormed the Congress building and broke through the building.

One of the protesters sat on the speaker's chair. The whole world was watching these live scenes. The civilized Western democratic world immediately condemned Donald Trump's behavior. Joe Biden called the riots, disorder and the temporary occupation of the US Congress "internal terrorism, an attack on democracy and the darkest day in US history. Comparing Pakistan and the United States, it will be seen that when democracy is stable, all the institutions of the state work in their respective spheres and there is a chance that an institution may deviate from its orbit or dare to take an unconstitutional step. Donald Trump has been scouring the courts for the past two months as President of the United States, perhaps looking at the Establishment, but from nowhere in the face of the need for ideology, or in the form of endless series of threats or compliments. There was no encouragement in the form of. The stable system stood firm like a rock. A man named Donald Trump, due to his stubbornness, dislike, and unbridled greed, got out of the orbit of the system and immediately the alarm went off and in a few hours it felt like everything was back in place.

Nancy Pelosi, the courageous Speaker of the House of Representatives, immediately called in the army. A curfew was imposed in Washington from 6 pm to 6 am and the ratification meeting resumed. The meeting, chaired by US Vice President Mike Pence, lasted until 3:30 p.m. Mike Pence was instructed by US President Donald Trump to challenge the Electoral College vote. Mike Pence declared that he could not take this step without justification. The meeting lasted fifteen hours. At 3:32 a.m. Thursday, the U.S. vice president confirmed Biden's victory. About half an hour later, Donald Trump bowed to the system but maintained his stubbornness, saying that although he did not admit defeat, he acknowledged the endorsement and now, as scheduled, Biden will be sworn in on January 20. But he will not attend the ceremony. It was as if the rope had burned but the bill had not gone. The difference between a stable and a shaky democracy is that even egoists like Donald Trump have had to submit to the system; It has been decided that Trump will be indicted. Some of Trump's friends and Republicans and Democrats in the Senate and House are urging him to resign immediately and avoid the humiliation of re-impeachment, but stubbornness and altruism are "attributes" that humiliate man. Don't leave China without being brought down. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said a motion of impeachment against Donald Trump would be tabled by Democrats in Congress on Monday, January 11. Bernie Sanders is a highly respected senior member of the Democratic Party and speaks highly of American politics and the Constitution. He said in a statement that some people say that with Biden's victory confirmed, there are only ten or eleven days left in the swearing-in ceremony, so what is the need to impeach Trump? "We want to send a message to the American people and to the pro-democracy people around the world that our electoral institutions, our political chambers, our courts and, as a matter of fact, our system are working perfectly," Sanders said. However, if a person takes any action beyond his orbit, he will be taught a lesson so that no one will dare to point a finger at the election results in the future. So we will take a second impeachment against Trump, which will be successful this time. Democrats now have a lead not only in the House but also in the Senate. Trump seems to be captivated by his aggressive temperament. So instead of leaving with honor, they are bent on leaving the White House in disgrace.

Some analysts are of the opinion that democracy has become a spectacle and its decline is not as far off as that of communism. We do not agree with this analysis at all. This is a very superficial thing. Communism fell because it was unnatural. Now, if the same communism has been introduced to nature in China and the right to private property has been returned to the individual, then China's development has become the envy of the whole world. Democracy is present in every philosophy of life and especially in the true religion. In the Qur'an, the Almighty says, "They decide their affairs by mutual consultation." So far no one has been able to introduce the world to a more effective political system than Danish Noorani or Danish Burhani Democracy. However, capitalism is also unnatural in many respects. How can it be that a few people amass wealth all over the world and continue to thirst for billions of rupees. Scholars understand the difference between democracy and capitalism. Democracy is the name of the post-free political system, while capitalism is another name for the exploitative economy.

There are many lessons for us in the turmoil and chaos that unfolded in Washington on Wednesday, January 6. The first lesson is that the stronger the democracy, the more peaceful the society will be. The second most important lesson is that a hurricane and an attack on the Congress were not accepted by the strong political system even for a few hours. Each institution continued to do its work in its own orbit. Those who did not go threatened any establishment and those who did not come did not call anyone. Now American politicians are treating the individual flaws in their system. Over the next four years, one of Biden's most important missions is to tear down the walls of prejudice that Donald Trump has erected among Americans. Yes! This is America. Democracy here has proved that it is strong and stable and no one can create even the slightest rift in it if it is toppled.

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