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Would It Really Matter If Kate Wore a Cap or Hat?

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

A hat really does something for Kate Middleton.

A hat really does something for Kate Middleton.

Put a hat on this hub and she's ready to go.

Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is 39, but just barely looks a young 22. I'm not an ogler. I just tell the truth. And I am sure that over 90% of us red-blooded guys across the world will agree with me.

So what is my topic today? Catherine and how wearing a certain hat might change how she would think toward the world. Or something like that. I figure that any text of any length written anywhere will be sure to get ready by the Middleton throngs. And I am not kidding. Prior to (the late) Princess Diana, Catherine stole the hearts of both men and women in less than three weeks.

Kate, for short, won the approval by doing one thing: being herself. And she is so pretty. That helped a lot. Don't blame me for how great she looks. I did not create her. But quite frankly, I have always wanted to have lunch with her in some busy city park somewhere. I would be glad to bring my own lunch so I could afford to buy Kate's eats, as to be a thrifty fan. What would I bring? Two delicious bologna sandwiches with cheese and mayo. Maybe throw in a thermos of hot black coffee and our lunch date is set

When it comes to Kate Middleton, she is so popular and talented, that I believe that she could land any job in our world and be a success. But I do not think that she would score big points in running a backhoe, bulldozer, diesel rig and working in a big city sewer system. Come on. Let's be a bit understanding.

I personally believe that Middleton would make a terrific Wonder Woman, played by Linda Carter. What do you think? Kate has the hair, eyes, and great teeth, so this transition from a princess to a super hero should not be that tough. Honestly, the transition is not that tough. And the change from the lovely Linda Carter would be a great PR move and take-up residence in Buckingham Palace. What dreams we have.

Speaking from an editorial viewpoint, I do not really see how the image of the beautiful Kate Middleton could be harmed, no matter what hat or capital that she just happen to be wearing at the time. After all, it's her pretty face and figure that gets the attention, not her cap or head.

Now that we have solved that fashion dilemma, how would Middleton appear in public wearing a baseball cap? I am not going to be prejudice here. But I think that any of the MLB would jump at the chance to get her name on a contract allowing her to stroll down London or other countries smiling, flirting, and wearing that MLB cap.

I cannot picture Kate wearing an NFL helmet. And just a little of her pretty face, lips, and figure would be showing, but an NFL helmet? Not unless the NFL allows me to escort her as I am a huge NFL fan. No team here. I need to keep my friends.

Forget about Kate taking-on the helmet of a suit of armor. Okay. No problem here.
Would Kate get by okay if she were to a take-off of Bozo, the Clown, with red hir that sticks out? YES! No need to talk any further.

You see, clothing does make the man, and a cap or hat does make a gorgeous princess like Kate Middleton look either acceptable or very comical.

Everyone Have a Safe and Joyful 4th of July. Thank YOU to ALL of our Veterans Who Gave so Much to Keep MY Country Free. (K.A.)

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Wow! This exclamation sums itup well.

Wow! This exclamation sums itup well.

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