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World News and My Views, June 2021

These are the leaders of the G7 meeting 2021

These are most of the leader, at the G7 meeting, who are meeting in the Cornish seaside resort of Carbis Bay England. This sound more like that they are having a holiday than do some work. Anyhow, let us hope that they agree to do something good.

These are most of the leader, at the G7 meeting, who are meeting in the Cornish seaside resort of Carbis Bay England. This sound more like that they are having a holiday than do some work. Anyhow, let us hope that they agree to do something good.

June 2021, my world news and my views.

Dear readers, I am writing this article, because I am writing a sort of diary that will help me remember what has happened in the past, I will be writing on many issues, we will start with the G7 meeting, that has been reported thus, and I quote.

The G7 group of nations are meeting in the Cornish seaside resort of Carbis Bay from Friday for what will be the 47th summit.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is hosting the event, but what is the G7, who is heading to the summit and what is likely to be up for discussion?

The G7, also known as the Group of Seven, is an international organisation made up of the world's seven largest advanced economies: Germany, Italy, Canada, France, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The member country holding the G7 presidency, currently the UK, is responsible for organising and hosting the year's annual summit. Each member nation takes over the presidency for a year on a rolling basis.

The leaders of the G7 countries ended a three-day summit with a diverse set of initiatives, including a pledge to vaccinate poorer countries against the coronavirus, with one billion vaccine doses.

The G7 made ambitious promises, such as sharing vaccine doses with less well-off nations that urgently need them. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who held a press conference at the conclusion of the summit, said the group would pledge at least 1 billion doses, with half of that coming from the US and 100 million from Britain.

(End of my quotes).

Anyhow, every time they have these meetings, we hope that they solve most of the present problems, but most times it does not happen that way, therefore, I know that they have promised these things, that can influence the entire world the right way, so, now I hope they keep their promises.


The three leaders that interest Australia most

These are the three leaders that most interest us, they are, Boris Johnson, Scott Morrison and Joe Biden, as we explaine hereunder.

These are the three leaders that most interest us, they are, Boris Johnson, Scott Morrison and Joe Biden, as we explaine hereunder.

The leaders that interest Australia most.

The three leaders above, are those that most interest us from the Australian point of view since we are writing from Australia. Anyhow, what we see here is a meeting that was supposed to be between the prime minister of Australia Scott Morrison and the American President Joe Biden; but Boris Jonson joined them. (That is okay since they are all on the same side, but my reaction is this, does Boris Johnson think that they might be saying anything behind his back.)

About the COVID19 and others.

Anyhow, part of this article will be mostly what is happening in Australia, because I am in Australia. Now let me explain, while I would like to keep my diary for the entire world, I have realized that I will write mostly about Australian events, USA events and Italian events.

Now, at the beginning of this month of June 2021, there are not major things happening. On the news there is the COVID19 to talk about, and people are talking about the immunization programs, which are progressing in different ways, some countries are doing better that the others. Of course, the countries that have immunized most have gained some control of this disease, but it is not easy to tell, since there is no proper way of telling, how many have been immunized and how many people are getting sick, so, we still must wait and see.

Anyhow, we want to believe that the worst of the pandemic is over, suddenly we realize that it is not so, the state of Victoria and Melbourne is having problems again with the COVID19, because out of nowhere some people are testing positive, they are worried about this new type of virus. They are talking about a type of virus called Delta, there are lock-down again, and people are not happy, but so far there are no extremely sick people or dead people, but they are just worried.

Suddenly, some people from Victoria have come to Queensland, so, now we are also worried here, I hope this disease will stop soon, because it makes us worry too much. Of course, there is the immunization that we can use, but some people do not want to be immunized, because of the reaction it can have, there have been cases that people have died from it. So, not everybody is willing to be immunized.

Now, let us check the sick and dead list to see and compare what is happening:

Anyhow, today the 25th of June 2021 the COVID19 continues thus;

In the world there are and have been, over 180,000,000 confirmed case positive, and 3,900,000 deaths.

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In the USA has gone up to 33,700,000 positive and 608,000 deaths.

Brazil 18,200,000 positive and 507,000 deaths.

India 30,000,000 positive 392,000 deaths.

UK 4,700,000 positive 128,200 deaths.

Italy 4,255,000 positive, 127,400 deaths.

Mexico 2,500,000 positive, 232,000 deaths.

This is a short list, where it appears that the death rate may be slowing, and some countries are better off than others.


Now let us talk about immunization, most people want to be immunized, but there are a few that do not want to be immunized, because there have been cases that had a reaction to this vaccine, so, some of us are worried, and not willing to be immunized. Anyhow, this immunization program is going to continue for a long time; but whether everybody will be immunized we do not know.

Various world news

While I have started writing this article, it is the seventh of June, and the only good news today is that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry now have a daughter, this may start the healing process, with the royal family, I hope it does.

Some people view about the American President Joe Biden, and I quote.

Sky News host Alan Jones says allowing US President Joe Biden near a press conference is "elder abuse" and the media almost universally not calling out this "embarrassment" is a reflection on them.

The remarks come following the president confusing Syria and Libya in a press conference at the G7 summit.

"Why anyone would listen to Biden, I have no idea. Why anyone would let him near a press conference, I have no idea," Mr Jones said.

"This is elder abuse.

"Why the media almost universally refuse to say this is an embarrassment, reflects not only on Biden, but on the media.

"And the democrats in America are a disgrace to turn this bloke up as the leader of the western democracies."

End of quotes.

For me Joe Biden is an old man, but that does not mean that he cannot lead America for a few years.


Sporting notes.

History making Socceroos.

Australia made World Cup history by defeating Jordan 1-0 in a combative encounter in searing temperatures in Kuwait to notch an eighth successive win in the first phase of qualifying.

Italian soccer. In Italy they have had this match Italy versus Turkey, the Italian team won.

Tennis, Epic Djokovic comeback to win Roland Garros.

Novak Djokovic left the court to go the locker room for a little chat with himself after dropping the first two sets of the French Open final Sunday.

Aided by flawless serving down the stretch, a determined Djokovic summoned his imperious best and came all the way back to beat Tsitsipas 6-7 (6) 2-6 6-3 6-2 6-4 for his second championship at Roland Garros and 19th Grand Slam title overall — one away from the men's record shared by Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Australia Rugby League

In Australia they have played the State of origin rugby league in Queensland, and everybody thought that the Queensland team was going to win, but as it turned out it was the N.S.W. team that won.


Personal notes

About the G 7 meeting. Today we know that they have had this G7 meeting, and all went well, at least it looks that way. So, now we must wait and see if what they have talked about can be done and will be done. Since there are not many details that can be found in the news.

Anyhow, I must say that I am not aware how much they have talked about the climatic change and what can be done. This worries me a bit, because today I have seen on TV that in some places the temperature is going up.

You see, there are many violent storms and extreme temperature around the world that can be said, that they are caused by the climatic change, so, something needs to be done.

A note about Australian politics, after a few years, Barnaby Joyce is back as leader of the National Party. He is very outspoken and colorful politician, so, for me it is a good thing he is back. Politics sometime is boring and these people make it just a bit more interesting, it is a bit like when President Donald Trump was president, you see, you may not agree with what they are saying, but you still watch them just to see the way they do it.

Anyhow, I would have liked to have writing other things in my diary, but I should be happy with what I have done for this month.

See you next time.


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