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Words on Fire - A Very Political Manifesto

With her latest screech of feigned victimization, comparing sensible and precautionary COVID relief measures to the systemic murder of millions of Jews, duly elected chancre sore Marjorie Taylor-Greene demonstrates once again that, had she been born black, she would’ve killed herself before graduating from diapers.

Were she an outlier and not actually the waxen face of a movement convinced that their every breath is subject to overbearing government regulation she’d be easy to dismiss and ignore. Instead, we know that millions nod their heads in a mockery of sage agreement, accepting as gospel the lies, the fables, the outright fairy tales that she offers them as testimony for modern and tyrannical times.

Who are these people and from whence do they spring? How have they so long suffered such repression, harassment, cancellation and disenfranchisement without rising up en masse? Well, they did try that on January 6th but, from the never-ending string of fake but abject apologies and the litany of excuses that begin “but, but…” that can’t be considered a success. One could almost consider it merely a visit to the Capitol by America loving tourists eager to feel the throat of some government employees. Their true uprising waits in the wings, trying to gather sufficient volumes of patriots not just willing to say that they’re willing to die but eager to do so.

It’s easy to say that this all began with Trump. That would be false. As I learned growing up in Philadelphia, the roaches don’t appear when you turn on the light. They’ve been there, flourishing in the darkness the entire time that you were unaware of their presence, their vileness, their intent. At least roaches are genetically pre-disposed to such actions. What can be said of humans who act the same way? What to say about those who covet power to a degree that will allow them to disenfranchise whomever they choose? How can you explain away people who much prefer the sweet taste of a lie to the bitter bile of a truth that they can’t swallow?

What can a sensible person call such people? That’s easy. If polls are to be believed. If their voting preference is to be taken at face value, they long-ago named themselves and they wear it proudly. We know who they are and they know that time is not on their side. Because of that, no legislative maneuver, no legal or illegal manipulation of law, no lie too big to tell, no truth to honest to distort, no fact for which an alternative can be found are the tools they’re trying to use to stave off the inevitable.

They’ll fail. Tick tock, tick, tock…..


Lamar Jones (author) from Delaware on May 25, 2021:

Thank you Rupert. I firmly believe that any obstacle can be overcome by resourceful, well-intentioned, open-minded people. Sadly, America's supply of such people continues to decrease.

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Rupert Taylor from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada on May 25, 2021:

Lamar. As an English-speaking white male I have never known the tiniest smidgen of discrimination. I find a lot of what is happening in America utterly repugnant, but know that I hear your plea and wish the circumstances of people of colour were as privileged as mine.

The disgusting frame of mind exhibited by that woman whose name I shall not mention began when the first slave ship left the West African coast. It has changed in intensity but not in its foundational beliefs of unfounded superiority.

From my lofty perch in Canada (Oh we have our own issues with racism) I look south and wonder what on earth is happening to my neighbour? What demented ideologies have been set loose by a president whose name I shall not mention? As you say, they were always there. Was it better that they were cloaked by a thin veneer or that they are out in the open? I can't answer that but I do grieve for the soul of a country that holds itself up the beacon of freedom.

Every time there is a racial outrage I hear the bleat that "But, this is not who we are." Sorry, but it becomes increasingly clear the failure to censure that woman and her ilk says "this is who you are."

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