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Women in America Getting Killed

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Barely three weeks into the new year, three murders have been committed on three different women with ties to California. All three have been attacked and killed within days of each other.

One was murdered in Hancock Park, the second near was bludgeoned near the Union Station in Los Angeles, and the third was pushed to her death in the New York Times Square Station subway. The victim who died in New York grew up in the Bay Area.

As far as investigators have theorized, these three attacks were all unprovoked. All happened in broad daylight. Race or hate crimes have been initially ruled out in each attack. And all three were totally unrelated.

40 Year Old Pushed To Her Death

Michelle Alyssa Go was pushed to her death onto an oncoming New York Subway train as she and other commuters were waiting to board on their way to go to work. The victim was on her way for what should have been a typical day at work at a consulting company.

70-year old ER Nurse Attacked

Sandra Shells, a 70-year old Emergency Room Nurse, was attacked in Los Angeles while she was waiting at a bus stop. She was also on her way to work, on her usual workday at the LA County USC Medical Center. She died a few days after because of the injuries she sustained during the attack.

24 Year Old Employee Stabbed to Death

Lastly, 24 year old Brianna Kupfer was stabbed to death inside her place of employment. At the time of the attack, she was working by herself inside a high-end furniture store in Hancock Park, in the Wilshire Area of Los Angeles.

What in the World?

All three were just going about their normal day.

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All three ladies, from various backgrounds and age groups, all working or on their way to work, like on any typical work day were just suddenly attacked by homeless individuals acting on their own, and who were all presumed to be suffering from some form of mental illness (or were emotionally disturbed).


All three cases are being currently labeled as random attacks, not related at all. But for certain the similarities are glaring:

  • the victims were all women,
  • the attackers were all men,
  • all of the suspects have long criminal histories,
  • all the perpetuators were homeless individuals,
  • all are senseless attacks and heinous crimes,
  • and all apparently were not caused by anything the victims did, who they are, what their race or ethnic backgrounds are,
  • and all resulted in their deaths.

This is one more reality that we all are facing.

These attacks have brought about various emotional reactions and for sure are adding to everyone's concerns, especially for women who are just out and about doing what they normally are doing in a normal day.

Who do we go to, to ask why are these happening? And what do we need to do, to minimize the repeat of such senseless crimes?

Michelle Go and her alleged killer being arrested

Michelle Go and her alleged killer being arrested

Brianna Kupfer and her suspected killer

Brianna Kupfer and her suspected killer

Sandra Shells and the suspect to her death being arrested

Sandra Shells and the suspect to her death being arrested

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