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Women Who Kill. Betty Broderick-Jodi Arias

Betty Broderick Entertaining the Kids


The Betty Broderick Story

Murders are committed almost every minute of the day. We have become so used to murder that the news of the latest victims seems to blend into the next. But, when a murder is committed by a woman, interest is sparked immediately, as men commit more than 90% of violent murders.

Betty Broderick is a name familiar to just about everyone in the San Diego area because she notoriously shot and killed her ex husband and his new wife several months after their marriage.

Betty had been the perfect wife and mother, she had four children and had lived much like a single mom throughout her marriage to Dan Broderick in effort to help her husband pursue his legal career. After years of hard work Betty was finally starting to reap the rewards of hard work and sacrifice as Dan had opened his own practice and gained a reputation as a serious powerful litigator.

Betty's joy of success was short lived when Dan became more distant and rumors began to circulate that he was having an affair with his assistant, Linda Kolkena. Betty asked Dan to fire Linda and make their marriage work but Dan denied the affair up until he moved out. At that point he told Betty that she had been right all along and that he was in love with Linda.

Betty was seriously unstable from that point on, and when Dan married Linda she was tormented by what her children were telling her about their new stepmother and Dan. They were planning to have a baby. In a rage Betty spat foul language about how she was the one who suffered for 20 years and now this woman was reaping the rewards. Linda was going to have babies with her ex husband and live in the lap of luxury while her own kids would be tossed away by Dan and she would live as a single woman.

Betty finally snapped and at approximately 5:00 AM Betty crept into the Broderick's home and shot the couple while they slept. Betty is currently serving a life sentence.

Linda & Dan Broderick


Linda at a Lawyer's Conference with Dan


Dan & Linda's Wedding Day with Dan's Four Children


Susan Atkins & The Tate


Susan Atkins and the Murder of Sharon Tate

Susan Atkins was a member of the Manson gang and became notorious after stabbing Sharon Tate while she was 8 months pregnant and due to deliver her baby in just four weeks.

Charles Manson was a hippie who after being released from prison, was fitting right in with the loose morals that had eased their way into society since he had been a free man. Manson saw an opportunity to take his frustrations out on the world by talking the modern talk that the new youth were enamored with. Charles hooked up with wayward teenagers and and misfits who were anxious to live outside the norm, and it was not long before Charlie had a sizeable group of devoted followers who saw Manson as their god.

Charlie ordered a group of followers to go out to a nice neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills and murder some nice average people who were living their lives in conventions that he despised. Part of the group was Susan Atkins, a troubled girl of no moral code whatsoever. The group broke into the home of actress Sharon Tate, who was 8 months pregnant. After terrorizing and then murdering everyone in the house, Sharon was the last one alive, and she pleaded with Atkins to spare her life for the sake of her baby, to which Atkins said, "I don't care about you or your baby" and proceeded to stab the terrified Sharon. The gang left a bloody mess of bodies behind and were eventually caught because Susan Atkins was placed under arrest for a minor violation and could not control her thrill at having committed one of the biggest murders to hit Hollywood in the entire history of this jaded town. She bragged to inmates about what she had done and soon the whole gang was on trial. The people of California sentenced the Manson gang to death but unfortunately the ruling was overturned as California politics became more and more liberal. Susan Atkins married and gave birth while in jail as did many other members of the Manson family while Sharon Tate's disgusted mother had to sit by and watch her daughter's and grandson's murderers have families while her hopes of every becoming a grandmother were slaughtered by these monters.

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Sharon Tate Murdered in 1969 at the age of 26


Jodi and Travis


Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias murdered her boyfriend, Travis Alexander in Mesa Arizona. He died of multiple stab wounds, a massive slit to the throat that spread ear to ear, and a gunshot wound to the head. On May 8, 2013 Jodi was convicted of first degree murder. There was little doubt as to whether or not she had done it. She had gained the reputation of "the psycho ex-girlfriend" among Travis's friends, but the intense brutality in which she killed the man she had claimed to love was what had friends shocked.

Travis and Jodi began dating in 2006 and had broken up after seeing each other for a few months. Jodi had a string of unsuccessful relationships and was tired of being strung along and used by men. Travis was a devout Mormon and because he was very traditional, successful and responsible, Jodi had hope that this relationship would be different from her previous ones and was focused like a laser beam on winning Travis into marriage. When Travis began to see her behavior as manipulative and clingy he broke up with her. Shortly after their break up Travis was found dead by his room mates and concerned friends who discovered a key to his bedroom and walked into a horror scene. Reports have proven that Travis broke up with Jodi in favor of another woman and that Travis mentioned to his friends that Jodi was stalking him, reading his emails and even slashed his tires.

After lying in many different directions Jodi finally admitted that she killed Travis but that he had been very abusive towards her and she feared for her life. After a long trial Jodi was found guilty of first degree murder and it has yet to be decided whether she will get the death penalty or life in prison.

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Kelly Ann Christensen from Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas on August 24, 2019:

Betty Broderick is considered the biggest NPD case in the U.S., the case that divided a jury, a city, and maybe a country. It is interesting that the Mansons did what stalkers do today, prior to killing Sharon Tate. They broke into her home, did not steal anything, but simply moved things around in order to inflict psychological distress. We termed this "physical gaslighting."

leelee20 on October 31, 2015:

@benny frank: i looked at that picture of dan and his family at dan and linda's graves and it's a bit odd to me too.. to each their own but i don't think it's something i would have done. my brother had a child 6 years after our mom died and while he told his little girl about our mom, he never posed for pics with her at mom's grave.

Benny Frank on January 23, 2015:

Here's a very odd pic of Dan Jr, his wife and 2 babies:

Benny Frank on January 21, 2015:

I'm surprised she didn't kill them sooner. I believe Dan and Linda were trying to drive Betty to suicide. I hated Betty until I read a lot about her case and realized what an alcoholic psychopath her Dan was and what a total slut Linda was. Dan also abused animals but, of course, that was never talked about. Linda also was not known to be the most hygienic person around. Her nickname in the office was 'Linda Vagina' because she didn't bathe very frequently. Also, Dan never considered that he would have given Betty an STD by screwing a low life like Linda Kolkena? Nice guy, very thoughtful of him. Disgusting pair Dan and Linda were. Too bad Betty didn't let them self-destruct, which they would have. Linda could barely hold a job and didn't hold a candle to Betty's intelligence. Dan would burn himself out or someone else would have killed him eventually. I wish Betty would have risen above the abuse; she would have been a better person than Dan and Linda ever were.

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