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Women, The Phantasmagoria

Women the brightest


Wonderful woman

"What is it that surprises you the most in the world" ? This question was once asked to a person. He replied" Women"
Women were always meant to be inferior as compared to men. They were only responsible for taking care of their home and and their children. They were made to spend whole their life inside the kitchen , no matter what they thought of it. They had no rights to speak out or express themselves. They lived like machines without opinions.

But these are of no importance now. Things have changed along with the passing of time. Women burst out themselves and retained their identity. They claimed and shouted that they need to take part in building up the world. They made it clear that they no longer have the intention to live like a machine.Women started exploring the world of knowledge.Education is the foundation on which any change is built. Learning helps women to help themselves so that they can break free of the chains with which they are bound.

They found that, the life they led earlier was useless. They were living dead. So they started moving ahead with great goals and ambitions.
Women have an undisputed role in building up a good nation. Not only that, they are responsible for raising a better generation with moral values, but they also have roles in shaping the world in which they live in. We've heard of Kalpana Chawla's experience when she joined to study aeronautics, the she experienced those days. Women were ment only to be homemakers. Whoever broke this law was considered as the person who brings shame to the society. But she disregard everything and went forward. She succeeded in accomplishing her dream. This is just only a single example about the ignorance towards women who dream of a better world. Rusa Parks, played a very important role in the civil rights movement lead by Martin Luther King. It was Arundhati Roy who first brought Booker prize to India. Mother Teresa was also not so different. And also, we've to remember how the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, helped refugees disregarding the opposition she faced from all others. Never forget, how responsibility to help Britain escape from the turbulent force ( Brexil ) came into the hands of Teresa May. While all terrible acts of TADA, POTA, UAPA and AFSPA troubling the country, it's a woman called Sharmela who's protesting against this development of the nation also includes its human resource with better quality.
Women have a lot of roles to play. It's amazing how they manage tk do more than two things at a time. Women should be very well aware of what is going around them. For that they need education among girls. So the first aim should be promotion of education among girls. Only a society with education can help in building a better world that we see in our dreams.

Women should always stand in front of everything. They should be ready to everything. Remember, when Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar were arrested and taken away it was Shahla Rashid Sora who led the protest in the JNU campus. Women should be ready to protest against everything that will have bad effects on the society. Women are always ready to strive hard for others. We know how much she suffer for the sake of her baby. She should take care her whole society in the same way she takes care of her baby. She should be ready to work for others,like Kiran Bedi. Women are an integral part of the society and this is an undisputed fact. They've their own role in raising of a better generation. It never means that men do not have any role. Everyone is equal here. No one can be judged as important or of no importance. Women are wonderful creatures who remain patient even at the times when they are filled with rage.

It is true that many women are competent but they often lack confidence. They are afraid of failure. We have seen women like Golda Meir of Israel, Margaret Thatcher of Britain, Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka and Indira Gandhi of India. They were all more manly than men! They were iron ladies who had the courage to do things the way they thought right. But most ladies lack such confidence. They prefer to stay at home, looking after their husbands and children. Their mindset has to change. They should feel that they are in no way inferior to men. There is a popular African saying: “What a man can do, a woman can do better!” Let them believe in it and then they will see the difference.

So it is of no wonder why the world famous scientist known for the bravery in overcoming his disabilities, Stephen Hawking, claimed that women are the creatures of God that surprised him most.

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