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How Is Hardly Mentioned Natural Immunity Alone Protecting the 40% of Mankind Against Covid-19?

Val is not a medical scientist, but a free thinker capable of telling apart true science from a politically tailored one.


Alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical drugs are legal, but they can hurt a lot of people.

-- Ziggy Marley

Illusions of Enforced Draconian Social Restrictions Vs. an "Airborne" Virus

I always loved playing with logic, just like any other out-of-box thinker, not necessarily buying the obvious and the mainstream -- but looking for a possible alternate truth.

That's how I stumbled upon so much lack of logical explanation by the politico-medical authorities, when it comes to this covid-19 pandemic.

In this particular instance I am simply wondering about something that any free thinking person would find peculiar and not really making any sense. It's all expressed in the title of this post, with some additional unanswered questions to be asked.

O.K., so they told us that the virus was "deadly and airborne". As for the "airborne" part, what exactly does it mean -- when matched to the horrendously draconian restrictions that were enforced?

Let's get clear about it. It cannot mean that it is only "airborne" if someone would sneeze and cough around you, and you would pick up those droplets. For, what are realistic chances that so many people would sneeze and cough in a chorus at so many places that so many people would get infected?

Indeed, "airborne" must mean that anything you touch, or the air that your are inhaling at ANY place -- is a good chance for you to get infected by that virus.

Now, if it's not so, then why such a draconian preventive measures to be enforced at all?

And if it is so, then how is it medically possible that the most of the mankind is not in the Intensive Care Unit or dead, because it would be practically impossible during two years to avoid the bug.

You see why there is no logic in it?

Two years of exposure is a very long time for virtually anyone not to touch something with the virus on it, or not to breathe with an infected person around them?

Also, please, try to agree that by the time you came home from a crowded shopping mall where you touched so many things -- it is too late for you to wash your hands, because the bug is already all over you -- if it's so "airborne and submicroscopic" that it could literally enter through your eyes and ears that are not protected by a mask

Now, someone will rush to say that not all of the world's populace are susceptible to this virus, because their natural immunity is strong enough to fight it.


Why there is no cure for cancer. Because the medical industry doesn't want one. And the pharmaceutical industry doesn't want one. Because they would lose a lot of money!

-- Genesis P. Orridge

What Did I Just Say...Was It "Natural Immunity"?!

Did I really dare...have audacity, to mention these taboo words!

Words that our Presidents, Prime Ministers, Their Exellences, all Grand Poobahs of Medicine, the Media, and all other puppets of the Big Pharma have been avoiding like devil avoids facing a cross!

For two years we didn't hear anything else but "vaccines...get vaccinated...get the booster -- not an official word about the possibility that our natural immunity could protect us. And nothing about Big Pharma working on a cheaper capsules with those existing and proven to work formulas. Yes, existing and proven to work, since they did such a nice job on Donald Trump's quick recovery.

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The suggestion about Ivermectine was promptly hushed, with no one caring that so many doctors had used it successfully to treat covid-19 infection.

Instead, we were begged, scared, persuaded, coerced, blackmailed, even bribed with free game tickets and burgers -- just to get vaccinated.

But no word about our natural immunity. The one which has kept almost half of the mankind alive.

Why would they advertise natural immunity? -- there is no money in it.

So many of us got scared shitless from daily bombardments with reports about numbers of hospitalized and dead -- and with that stress lowering our natural immunity we really needed anything, a vaccine, or a placebo in form of one, whatever actually worked.

So, O.K., what is the proof that almost the half of the world's populace had natural immunity strong enough to ward off an infection?

The answer is right in front of our noses -- in form of some billions of globally unvaccinated individuals who are still alive after they, logically, HAD TO get in contact with the virus during over the last two years.

Which raises the logical question: How many of those vaccinated actually had a good natural immunity, but succumbed to the suggestive advances of politico-medical authorities working for the interests of Big Pharma?

Now, why am I repeatedly mentioning "billions" of unvaccinated people?

According to Google, about 60% of the world's population got fully vaccinated, and with roughly almost nine billion people on this planet, it leaves 40%, or over 3 billion people who never received a vaccine.

Thus, I am not making up that number of unvaccinated people who went through two years of this pandemic with no other protection but their natural immunity.

In many quite populated countries vaccines were not introduced at all, here mostly talking about those so called "third world countries".

But then, why only look at them -- if even most of the Republicans in one advanced United States of America refused to be vaccinated.

Besides, it didn't take only those "uneducated, and misinformed" to refuse the vaccine -- but look at all those renowned virologists, hospital doctors, nurses, teachers, a massive number of PhD's who found something "unconvincing" about the vaccines -- to use the mildest word.

Statistics actually showed that those who refused to get vaccinated were mostly educated, or highly educated individuals.

I may be totally wrong, but I, personally, never believed the official reports about all those numbers of infected and dead. Not because my out-of-box mind-style would automatically make of me a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

But rather because it became ridiculously impossible for the John Hopkins University to gather fresh daily reports from every hospital of every city in the world -- so that we could hear about them in the morning news.

I believe that the advertisement machinery for the vaccine was well set up, people well primed with fear to be sure and steady customers, and I also believe that many, many of those labeled as covid-19 victims didn't die of the virus at all.

You feel free to believe your own thing, I'll respect it.


Money has transformed every watchdog, every independent authority. Medical doctors are increasingly gulled by the lobbying of pharmaceutical salesmen.

-- Thomas Frank

Is This Virus Selectively Picking Its Victims?

Now we are coming to something where my lack of education in these matters can only try to be compensated by sheer logicalness.

Why have kids been mostly exempted from this infection?

Not that there were no isolated cases, but even as lay people we know enough about possible genetic predisposition in some kids for respiratory, or any other disease for that matter.

But the initial story -- while Big Pharma didn't yet impose vaccine for five years old and above -- was that kids were generally safe from covid-19. We must say that the "Anthony Fauci's science" has been changing a lot -- albeit we have been strongly urged to "follow that science".

Back to the kids' suddenly unrecognized natural immunity -- for the longest time, the incidents of kids' infections were quite rare.

Why was that -- if this virus is supposed to be so "deadly and airborne"?

Look at any other deadly pathogen -- like cholera, malaria, tuberculosis, tetanus, even our yearly flu, and so many others that I don't know about to mention them here -- and you don't see any age-exemptions there.

And if covid-19 is not in the category of the above diseases, why have we had restrictions which were suggesting exactly that?

I admit, I have from ever thought that children's biology was much more delicate than the one of grownups. This tiny critter covid proved me wrong. For a dash of humor, maybe it's because kids are not watching TV news to be indoctrinated into belief about a "deadly virus" going around, so their immunity stayed intact and free from that stress.

And then, of course, we also have all those stories about some people being "infected but asymptomatic".

So, again, we have to stumble on that unpopular couple of words -- "natural immunity".

Really, folks, why are the authorities playing with words while avoiding to say that there is a big chance that your natural immunity will protect you? Like, they have been using a lot that phrase "some people are at higher risk" -- which automatically implies that there are also those at "lower risk".

And they might as well be the most of the population, again, looking at all of us who have survived this pandemic without getting a series of that "magic needle" stuck into our arm.

On the other hand, there are those vaccinated ones who got a stroke, heart inflammation, cerebral palsy, reproductive problems, and what else is there to only be discovered as a long term side effect -- not forgetting to mention the currently increasing number of them ending up in the Intensive Care Unit.

So with this virus being so deadly -- judging by the draconian restrictions, which by the way presented nothing short of an act of medical terrorism and political dictatorship -- we have this lovely variety of kids and grownups who are only "partially" affected. or not affected at all, despite their two years long exposure.

One would never expect that from a pathogen with so persistently morbid advertisement.

Well, what can I say but keep wondering if the big politico-medical racket will drag itself into yet another year, or even stay with us indefinitely -- simply because masses of people choose fear over logical thinking.

For, it's one thing that ads can try their best using the scaring tactics -- but entirely another thing if we are buying it.

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