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Winter Not Likely to See Massive Covid Wave.

COVID Virus.


According to SAGE's Professor Neil Ferguson, there will be no major COVID wave like last year. Over last Christmas, there was a major lockdown, but according to the eminent Professor, this will not occur this year.

Professor Neil Ferguson says the situation in the UK is "quite a different situation to some European countries reintroducing measures". Speaking to Radio 4's 'Today programme "It is unlikely we will have a catastrophic winter wave" like last year. However, continued the Professor, "we cannot be complacent but at the moment we are not like the Netherlands where they need to get on top of rising COVID numbers".

Figures released on Friday by the Office for National Statistics or ONS suggest, that COVID levels are falling from 1 in 50 for the week to 30 October to 1 in 60 in November. However, Boris has warned that with high rates of COVID in Europe, the European wave could come here.

The Imperial College of London said the booster jab and high infection rates earlier this year means the UK could have higher levels of immunity than other countries.

For example, in the Netherlands, they are imposing a part lockdown. In Austria, they are imposing restrictions on the unvaccinated. In Germany, large gatherings may have to be canceled.

Vaccinating young people is quite a controversial subject, especially, those of school age. However, Professor Neil Ferguson is all for vaccinating the young. Like anything, the professor will have his critics and his supporters in this view. How has the Professor come to this view? Well, it will be based on what is supposedly, sound science.

COVID is still there and make no mistake about that. Those who speak in the past tense, about the 'pandemic', as if it is over, are making a big mistake. Yes, there have been improvements with the development of the vaccine, etc, but the virus is continually evolving. There is an arms race, as it were, between the virus and the vaccine. Every new strain, that appears, will be a response to the current vaccines. Hence, scientists will continually have to tweak and refine, the vaccine, to keep up with the virus.

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We have had today, 'Remembrance Sunday' and rightly so, remembering those who gave their lives in wars. So the question has to be asked, will there be some sort of remembrance day for all those on the NHS who have died fighting this virus. For all those hundreds of people who have fallen victim to this virus. Am I comparing the fight against COVID to a war? Yes, I am because it is a war, between mankind and a deadly virus. And, like any war, there have been casualties who should be remembered and perhaps, a monument to the fallen erected in their honour.

Finally, then, let us hope, the SAGE Professor is correct in his assertions. Let us hope, there will be no strong winter wave. That we do not have to impose lockdowns, restrictions and other measures as our European cousins have done. COVID is never going to go away, it may be with us for as long as humans exist. In time, we will get better at managing it as we have the flu. That's not to say though, other viruses will not emerge due to human activity or otherwise. Viruses have been around long before man and probably will be when we have long gone, from this planet.

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