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William Henry Harrison May Have Sired Children With His Slave Dilsia

Cheryl has a BA in psychology and enjoys writing stories that change history as we know it.

William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison

The 9th President

The truth that’s not in history books about our nation is amazing so our views of the past can be off at times. William Henry Harrison was the 9th president of the United States and is known for having the shortest term. He went into the office at age 68, on March 4, 1841, and died of pneumonia on April 4. Harrison is also well known for another issue that has not been substantiated, yet the rumors persist. Allegedly, like Thomas Jefferson, Harrison had a fondness for one of his slaves who as named Dilcia. He is said to have had six children with her and sold 4 of them to other plantations. There is no record of Dilcia but her daughter Madeline is said to have shared the tale with her own son who would have been Harrison's great-grandson. American slavery has so many unanswered questions such as why prominent men could not be faithful to their wives? How could they rape young black girls, impregnate them then go on with their daily lives, including politics and church duties? If they believed Africans in America to be beneath them, then why would they desire the women so much? How then could any man in good conscience sell away children that were his own flesh and blood? There is no way to obtain the answers at this point, but the stories as we know them can be shared.

Walter White.

Walter White.

Walter White

Walter White, is allegedly the black great-grandson, of the 9th president and when you look closely at this photo, I believe there is an uncanny resemblance. My husband said I’m looking too hard and he saw no resemblance. Readers can decide for themselves but one thing is true. Walter White does not look like a black man and neither does he appear biracial. He looks as if he actually could have passed for Caucasians but he took up the cause of African Americans and became involved with the NAACP where he was president. he was also an activist for Civil Rights. White is said to have worked within the black and white worlds and did his best to make life better for everyone. His mother Madeline White told him that her mother Dilcia was born in 1809 and that William Harrison was her mother’s father. Walter’s dad is not mentioned but since his mom had the surname White, she obviously was married. Her husband may have been biracial or a light skinned black man, considering how white Walter looks. Take note of the following phot. Male slaves and their wives with children as dark as they are alongside street of white looking children. This is evidence that those children have the blood of the plantation owners flowing through them even though their mothers were married to other slaves. These children, their mother ms, step dads and the plantation owners wives were all victims of the choices of the men in power.

Blended slave families.

Blended slave families.


In the book and movie Queen, by Alex Haley, Queen’s mother Easter was I. Live with her father James, who became the master when his father died. In the book Jubilee, by Margaret Walker, her grandmother Elvira was the result of the master taking advantage of “ Vyry’s” mother Hettie. There has been some talk that perhaps Thomas Jefferson was in live with Sally Hemings but more than likely iit was a matter where f lust and the young slave had no choice in the matter. This was probably the case of Dilcia. She more than likely was a teenage slave who had no choice in the matter which would indicate that she was raped, over and over again. In addition to the suffering of slave women who were be utilized by the men who owned them, there we’re also wives who suffers in silence and shame. According to Alex Hailey and Margaret Walker, their grandmothers looked more like their fathers than the children of the white wife. In both books, Jubilee and Queen it is recorded that the mistress took out her rage on the innocent child. Margaret Walker wrote that her great grandma Hettie was married to another slave named Jake and had an older daughter by him. Just consider the humiliation that Jake and other men felt when their owners could have their way with their wives and produce white looking children. There is no record of Madeline’s life on the Harrison plantation but it’s possible she suffered the same fate. Her mother might even have been married yet still at the master’s beck and call. None of this can be proven or disproven so all we can do is speculate.

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Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on September 15, 2020:

Many atrocities happened those times which are well documented Those were dark days in our country.

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