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Will Hillary Clinton Run in 2024?

I'm on the right side of politics and enjoy a good debate on government, the economy, common sense, and the rights of the people.

Rumors are swirling that Hillary Clinton is preparing to make another run at the White House.

Rumors are swirling that Hillary Clinton is preparing to make another run at the White House.

Joe Biden's polling numbers continue to sink. Inflation which stood at 2% during the Trump-era now stands at 7.5%, a forty year high. Our Southern border is out of control. Illegal border crossings are up and the Vice President is not doing anything about it. A majority of American citizens are fed up with restrictions still in place over a virus which is weak and getting weaker. The courts are handing him loss after loss on key agenda issues. Democrat Governors are now making major decisions that go against the White House's agenda.

Foreign policy is a disaster. Energy prices are up due to his pipeline policies. America's adversaries across the globe are doing unchecked missile tests and moving troops into areas which could lead to war. On the home front, he's having difficulty passing any lasting legislation. Law and order is lacking across the country due to anti-police policies. The demands for him to submit to cognitive testing is growing, as his behavior shows signs of problems. Those are just some of the reasons why President Biden has all the makings of a one-term President. They also create the perfect environment for Hillary Clinton to run again in 2024.

With the midterms less than nine months away, key leaders in the Democrat Party and the media are expecting major shifts in seats. Currently the Democrats enjoy a slim margin in the House and the Senate is balanced. The policies of President Biden are expected to lead to GOP voters and independents coming out in force in November. All polling currently points to the GOP taking both chambers of Congress, which would effectively derail Biden's agenda for good. Hillary could easily step in to become a de-facto spokesperson for the Party once again and try to reclaim her Progressive base from years ago.

Hillary Clinton has tried and failed to win the Presidency.  Her last chance could be in 2024.

Hillary Clinton has tried and failed to win the Presidency. Her last chance could be in 2024.

Hillary Clinton Pros and Cons

Hillary Clinton does have a strong resume as far as Democrats are concerned. She also has no ties to current President Biden. Most of the Democrat Party leadership are either serving as Cabinet members or serving in other roles in the Biden administration. Like it or not, but they are all permanently attached to him and his destructive policies. Clinton on the other hand seems to be in great shape. Time has passed and she's been laying low. Her record is solid with Democrats. She served as Secretary of State, which demonstrates her ability to sing on the big stage. She has very high name recognition among older Americans. Her husband was one of the most well-liked Presidents. She has been in the DC game for a long time and should have no problem raising huge amounts of money.

Looking at the entire country and not just loyal Democrats, her likeability goes down significantly. She has had countless scandals in her political past. Many young voters don't know about them all, but they will. The Right-wing media will make certain of it. She has shown numerous examples of acting like she is above the law, something which regular Americans are getting sick of in their elected leaders. The e-mail scandal will come back to hurt her.

Her age will disadvantage her. Many voters will remember seeing how exhausted she was on the campaign trail while running against President Trump. Also Benghazi will once again be in play. Her lack of any real legislative or policy achievements will be highlighted. Legions of conspiracy theorists will certainly pull out the lists of former Clinton-family employees and friends who mysteriously died. Throw in Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky, Vince Foster, and the Clinton Foundation and you're really looking at a woman who has a mountain of baggage. The youth will not let her get away with old-school messages, nor will they buy into her charades on the campaign trail.

Kamala Harris, the current Vice President won't be on the 2024 ballot.  She has minimal voter support and she's distant from the Democrat Party.

Kamala Harris, the current Vice President won't be on the 2024 ballot. She has minimal voter support and she's distant from the Democrat Party.

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How Does Vice President Kamala Harris Fit In?

Vice President Harris, like President Biden, had a horrible 1st year in office. As the first female Vice President, she had a traffic-free path to creating history. Everyone was closely watching her and sadly were disappointed. The one major task she was assigned was to get the Southern border under control and she's shown no interest in even visiting, let alone fixing anything. She's completely disconnected from mainstream America and the Democratic Party. Her failures have many Americans saying she is both unqualified and incapable of taking on the responsibility of the job. Those sentiments are supported by her historically low polling numbers.

Some might argue that Joe Biden is setting the agenda and she's just caught up in it. Every Vice President can say the same thing, but none of them did as much self-inflicted damage as Harris. The most glaring thing is her poor work ethic. The tasks she is assigned, she isn't making any progress on. She is a relative newcomer to D.C. and she's not making friends. She's not helping out fellow Democrats. Her staff has high turnover and she's been branded as lazy and a bully. She doesn't bother to read briefing materials and then yells at her team because she's not prepared. She makes off-the-cuff remarks that show immaturity and plain old bad decision making. Even though she was hand selected and put on the fast track by former President Obama, VP Harris is all but invisible.

Many on the political Right have believed that the plan all-along was to use Biden to get the nomination, and then have Harris take the reigns. He was expected to serve for part of his term and then gracefully step away from the office for one reason or another. VP Harris could then have several years as the first black female President to galvanize the Democrat base in preparation for 2024. The problem with this scenario now is that Harris is the equivalent of damaged goods. She has no standing with the rest of the Party or with voters. She has no legislative or other political success stories on her record. Her approval is so low that the Democrats will leave Biden in office and see what happens. There is no chance that she will get enough support to be a viable candidate in 2024.

Kirsten Gillibrand, Democratic Senator from New York, could be a potential running mate for Hillary Clinton in 2024.

Kirsten Gillibrand, Democratic Senator from New York, could be a potential running mate for Hillary Clinton in 2024.


Unless something major happens in the next nine months, the Democrats are going to be soundly defeated in the 2022 Midterms. The Biden-Harris agenda will be on permanent ice. Republicans could repeatedly impeach Biden, as the Democrats did to former President Trump, even if they didn't have a majority to oust him. This would allow two years of damaging investigations and discovery. Democrat voters can see the writing on the wall. They can also see that the Party bench for future candidates is visibly lacking. An announcement by Hillary Clinton would be something they could rally around and pin their future hopes on. It might even get Democrats energized to come out in larger numbers to support Democrat candidates in 2022.

Taking a snapshot view of the political landscape in America right now, the signs are there. Mrs. Clinton is expected to speak at next week’s New York State Democrat Party Convention. She will definitely put on a strong showing and lay the foundations for further rumors. Already a few of her close political allies have written op-eds that she will be in the race. The mainstream and emerging media have both started publishing articles discussing the pros and cons of her running for a third time. The Democrat Party is showing signs of splintering into Progressives and Socialists, but someone like Mrs. Clinton could pull the sides back together.

Will she run? In this writer's opinion, yes, she will. She's not a good candidate and has a lot of baggage, but the Democrats really don't have anyone else. Joe Biden won't be able to fix the economy, and he may not even serve his full term. VP Harris can try to reinvent herself as many times as she wants to, but the truth is that she's just not likeable. Transportation Secretary Buttigieg has been hammered as the US Supply Chain is in chaos; he's not going to run. Liz Warren, Bernie Sanders, and many of the other old guard are just too old to mount a successful campaign and they all have a track record of not being able to cross the finish line.

I'll go out on a limb and predict a Clinton-Kirstin Gillibrand ticket. It will be female-heavy rhetoric that tries to shift the narrative away from Biden's failed agenda. Some of the usual topics will be up front an center in their agenda such as abortion and women's rights, transgender issues, rebuilding the economy, and racial issues. However, it won't matter. The nation will take years to recover from the damage that has been done in just over a year of Democrat leadership. No Democrat, not even Hillary Clinton, can save them from being in the minority for likely the remainder of the decade.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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