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Will DNC Try to Mount Corporate Coup Against Sanders' 12 Million Votes?


Even with a Democratic primary as ridden with fraud as in 2016, at least we were still pretending we were having elections. It is now hotly disputed, but even by the DNC's count, Bernie Sanders won 12 million votes across the country to Clinton's 15.8 million.

Moreover, by all polls up through last summer, Sanders soundly beats Trump by far more than Hillary ever did.

And just like that, with Hillary Clinton's health in question and she fainting in public, America is at a crossroads unlike any we have seen before. If Clinton cannot proceed, will the corporations which are represented by the DNC dare mount America's first true corporate fascist takeover?

The 2000 Florida cliffhanger between Bush and Gore was nothing.

In that controversy, the process was agreed upon, but its execution was in contention. Who gets the most votes wins was the process. Deciding how to count those votes and for how long was in question. In the end, the Supreme Court said no more counting, and the presidency was handed to George W. Bush.

In 2016, the making of a corporate-backed coup defended by military force is incipient. Nothing less.

If crowds take to the streets to protest the handing of the Democratic nomination to anyone other than the candidate who won it by any legal, political, or ethical measure, a newly militarized police force will be waiting for them. This time, this force will not be defending law and order. It will be defending chaos and anarchy, as corporations overthrow the US Constitution. Joe Biden or any other dependable puppet placeholder for the Democratic nomination have exactly zero votes in the Democratic primaries. So, by any measure, they have zero legitimacy, and would constitute treason and rebellion against the sovereignty of the American people.

Posse Comitatus has been carefully and painstakingly erased over the last 10 years, for those who even know what it is, and so the intervention of the standing army - the US Armed Forces - into domestic law enforcement is a real possibility.

A lot has been happening while many people have been asleep. They may be about to wake up.

It doesn't matter how the DNC twists its own rules, as can be expected, to provide the fig leaf for denying Sanders the nomination. Any fundamental definition of law, fairness, logic, and political common sense tells us Bernie Sanders is the legitimate heir to the Democratic nomination. To give it to Joe Biden or another hand-picked choice of the corporations behind the DNC would be like an Olympic Marathon winner being disqualified, and then giving the Gold Medal to a flunky who rode in a golf cart to the finish line, rather than to the Silver Medal winner.

Not only Sanders, but millions of people worked their hearts out for what the DNC now seeks to override with a snap of its fingers, gave money until it hurt, because, in America, peaceful change is achieved at the ballot box. Fitness to be president is the judgment of millions of people watching a grueling and exacting contest, not much different than a Marathon. Biden and puppets have rallied no one, inspired no one, filled no stadiums, won no bruising primaries. The core of legitimacy is having passed the judgment of millions of Americans, under the hot Arizona sun, in the bitter New Hampshire cold, in the coffee shops and diners of Missouri, Fresno, Lackawanna.

Selecting Biden would be like pulling someone from the stands after a nail biter baseball game and declaring him Most Valuable Player.

If crowds march on the DNC's corporate headquarters to attempt citizen's arrest of the top officers, because US law enforcement will not, after a Biden or someone else is made the defacto puppet president, and Obama calls out the police, the National Guard, or the US military to defend the officers of his party over even the desires of its rank-and-file, then even the veneer of democracy that the farcical Democratic primary gave to the election process will be done away with.

From now on it's what we say, because we say it, and full citizens of the United States, empowered with a vote, may as well not have that right to vote.

All of America will now be for sale to the highest international bidder, up for dismantlement piece-by-piece. The rule will be set that primary elections, and therefore any election, doesn't matter, so it would be just as well to abolish them. Let all the congressmen be declared in office for life, since no one will participate in elections anymore because it will be blindingly, irrefutably clear that they determine exactly nothing.

Will the DNC and its corporate faction challenge US sovereignty and the US Constitution? Who are these corporations, these people? On what meat doth this, our Caesar, feed?


Psychwriter1515 on September 12, 2016:

Wow. Great piece. You said exactly what I was thinking, but eloquently and persuasively!

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