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Benefits of working in an Ngo

I am Naila Nawaz, an engine and a social worker. I had joined both the fields in parallel back in 2012 and I am in love with both.


Working in an NGO is quite a challenging job. However, it is one of the most satisfying jobs in terms of goals. It gives you a real sense of responsibility when you get to know the ground and miserable realities of the society you live in.

You can work either full time or part time for an NGO. Also, there are both profit (having salaried employees) and non-profit (having non-salaried, volunteer members) NGOs.

Areas targeted by NGOs

There are many fields of work of NGOs. Some NGOs target only a particular area and some target more than one. Below are some of the areas in which NGOs around the globe are working in:

  • Self and social awareness
  • Education / Child education
  • Rural development
  • Health
  • Marriage
  • Reconstruction
  • Cleanliness
  • Debt Paying
  • Interest free loans for business/ business establishment
  • Spreading happiness
  • etc.

Why to be a part of an NGO?

NGOs are mission based organizations rather than profit based. Yes, at times, there is profit but that is in the form of betterment of humanity, nation or world. In this job, the priority is to work towards a specific goal that somehow helps people or the environment, rather than working for profit of a board of directors or investors.

It doesn't mean that one should not work for wage. If you can not work in an NGO as a salaried employee, you can volunteer in parallel with some other job and there'll be no restriction of time or hours to complete for NGO in that. Now-a-days, in the era of social media, many NGOs are working through platforms like Twitter and Facebook. So you can be a part of an NGO from any where and at any time.

Benefits for members of NGOs

Members of NGOs (both volunteers and salaried employees) get a lot of benefits as well. Below are a few of them:

Skill set improvement


All the NGOs have departments like finance, marketing, research, IT etc. You can gain experience in your particular area of work and can improve your skill set which will ultimately lead you to great job opportunities.

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Professional development


In an NGO, you can learn to work in a team and can also improve your leadership qualities by leading some project. There're lots of such opportunities in an NGO.

Better Networking


You can get a chance to build a network with influential people and bigger companies. You can also get to know people having same goals as yours. It will increase your job prospects within the NGOs or with the institutions that NGO work with.

Broader perspective


Working in an NGO can help you broader your perspective. In every project, and at every step, you have to use a strategic approach and that not only broadens your way of thinking but can also cause a positive impact on the way you pursue your goals.

Social Contribution


Through an NGO you can make a positive contribution in society. You can promote a social, environmental or a political change on a broader scale and can eliminate the problem factors from the world.

My work in an NGO

I work voluntarily for an NGO (Pakistan Citizens Alliance ) in Pakistan. I always wanted to work on educational projects, and that's the main area in which this NGO is working in. I believe that helping people by educating them or their children will ultimately result in a civilized and prosperous society. By working in an NGO I am contributing in the betterment of this society and this world, and I believe everyone can and should play his/her part for this. No doubt, it is a job with lots of challenges and you take and complete this challenge not for your own self. But the satisfaction you get after completing a challenge is the best thing that sums up life of member of an NGO.

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