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Us Election: A Biden Win Looks Likely, so What Went Wrong for the 45th President?

With about 40 days to go until the US election the polls seem united in one common outcome, Biden will win. A CBS news poll suggests that Biden is on track to secure 279 of the electoral college votes with Trump miles behind on 163, not even capable of catching Mr Biden if he wins all of the so called "toss-up" states which currently are thought to amount to 96 electoral college votes.

This certainly appears to be a grim outlook for the Trump campaign who are grappling with the independently minded President, who during the run up to their campaign has been damaged by the Coronavirus pandemic. The damage has mostly been self inflicted with questionable comments about certain treatments, slow action to create an effective testing system and general complacency which seeped into his core base of supporters and the country.

Something about the Trump campaign was amiss from the very start at the campaign rally in Tulsa, at which Trump promised there would not be a seat empty. The arena in which the rally was held had a capacity of around 20,000 seats, despite this the Trump campaign disclosed that only 12,000 people were in attendance. It was later revealed that fire marshalls reported the crowd numbers to only stand at 6,200, just over half what the Trump campaign claimed.

When challenged on this by ABC news Tim Murtaugh the Trump campaigns communications director lept for the throats of the media saying; "I think the president understands that what happened was we had more than a week's worth of just a barrage of negative news from the entirety of the mainstream media". This was by far the biggest surprise in Trump's war on the media and frankly I find it an unrealistic argument. How Could this be the case when Trump inspires such an unprecedented love for himself among his supporters. He has some of the most die hard supporters in the history of western politics.

Trump's disappointing Tulsa crowds.

Trump's disappointing Tulsa crowds.

Another critical problem for Mr Trump has been his handling of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the United States. The facts are concerning, The US currently has 200,768 deaths which is the highest in the world. The US also accounts for almost 6.9 million of the worlds 31.4 million cases. Despite these figures the President is steadfast in his belief that the US coped fine in the face of Covid-19.

Perhaps the US would have done better had the President seen Covid-19 as a public health threat instead of a stick to beat China with. Questions must be asked of China, the way they handled the pandemic and their influence in the WHO both critical questions, however while the world had just begun to fight the virus Trump had just started arguing with China, even calling it the chinese virus. This helped no one especially himself.

From Covid-19 to failed rallies and stupid comments Donald Trump has put himself in a hard position and is clearly suffering for it in the polls. However people are wrong to write him off. He may well be 3.8% behind Joe Biden but just before the 2016 US election he was 4% behind Hillary Clinton and shocked the world by winning.

And with 2020 the way it's been, who knows what the result will be!

© 2020 Matthew Wood


Sharlee on September 26, 2020:

Interesting article. It will be very interesting to see who wins the election. It will ones and for all tell us what way the country is leaning.

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