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Why the United Nations is Useless

I am a freshman adult who is being real in a fake and corrupt world. Trying to make people open their eyes

First of all, What is the United Nations?

United Nations is a political council in which the members all represent their country and bring up world wide problems and political affairs. It was created in October in 1945 in San Francisco, California, United States. It was made in the basis of the allies in WWII. It includes 193 countries in it, and none of them make no progress

Why is it useless?

The United Nations is absolutely a useless organization. Its formation was primarily supposed to be able to prevent wars and to protect human rights. In fact, it achieved neither because the big powers, particularly the US is using it as a tool to foster its own narrow interests.

Take the use of veto; America has exercise it for hundreds of times in protecting Israeli oppression of the Palestinians, prevent the condemantion of Israel's creeping stealth of Palestinian lands and properties and downright abrogation of Palestian's human rights to exist as a free people in their own native land.

In PNG before and during Independence, it kept a blind eye in ignoring the rights of non-indigenous natives born in the country.

Of course, Rwanda is a bad case of UN perfidy and dereliction of duty.

In the case of the Iraq invasion by America, the Coalition of the Killing got carte blanche to invade, pillage and destroy the country and its legitimate and sovereign government without UN Sanction and all the member nations just stand askance and said and did nothing.

Australia, an original contributor to the drafting of the Human Rights charter, has immorally incarcerated Asylum Seekers who came by boats to seek safety and safe harbour from the ravages of its contribution to the aggression and invasion of the US in the Middle East, declaring that it is so doing to encourage and foster democracy to those nations it helped destroyed to remove their legitimate sovereign leaders and destroy their infra-structures and habitats, but when those people so affected decide to come by any means, Australia imprisons them in far off islands of PNG and Nauru permitting their menfolk killed in the most heinous manner and their womenfolk and children to be sexually assaulted and incarcerated interminably without hope for reprieve so that many would rather commit suicide than to go on under under harsh and hopeless conditions.

Under its dictatorial Border Force Minister, Dutton the UN Human Rights Commission is forbidden to even go to inspect such inhuman conditions of the Incarceration Centres.

So what powers and what use is the UN Instrumentalities when said Human Rights Commission does not even air such violations in its Assembly discussions?

Or when it does, it will be vetoed by the Chief Collaborator to protect Australia’s criminal conduct?

When further approval is sought by the super power and its lackeys to enter other aggressive acts and refused, it was roundly condemned as a "Useless and toothless organisation"

So when it does the bidding of the big powers, it receives approval and when it doesn't, it incurred condemnation.

So, if the super powers get what it want, then it is a great organisation.

The conclusion must be it is a tool of the big and powerful but it failed and failed miserably in its primary missions.

Events Where UN failed

  • The Israel-Palestine conflict
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This conflict has been one of the UN’s longest unsolved issues. The United Nations failed to intervene in all of the wars between Israel and the Arab Nations, as well as being unable to arbiter a proper solution to solve the question.

Many people have died because of the UN’s lack of involvement and intervention.

  • Rwandan Genocide

800,000 people were killed in the span of 100 days during the Rwandan Genocide of 1994. There were United Nations peacekeeping forces on the ground but were ordered to stand down and no intervene. The peacekeeping troops stood and did nothing while the Tutsi people were massacred.

  • Sudan Conflict

In the midst of the Sudanese conflict in 2003, the Military regime ordered the Janjaweed to execute minorities in Darfur. It would be 3 years until a very small unit of UN Peacekeepers were sent in when 300,000 people were dead.

  • Khmer Genocide

This overlooked genocide was one of the worst genocides of the 20th century, and of all modern human history. Over 2 million Cambodians were executed under Pol Pot’s regime between 1975–1979 until the Vietnamese government ousted the regime.

  • Srebrenica massacre

In July 1995, more than 8,000 Bosnian boys and men were executed by Bosnian-Serbian forces while the deployed UN peacekeepers looked on. Around 700 Dutch Peacekeepers stood and watched the massacre unfold, but were ordered to stand down; not that they would put up much of a fight.

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Mariah B from OR on August 06, 2020:

Good examples, really eye-opening. important info here for everyone to know

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