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Why the Rent Moratorium and Covid Relief Checks are STUPID


crazymom has common sense, owns rentals, and has seen drug addicts and dishonest people exploit the system because it's a stupid setup.


Stupid Free Money Policies

Stupid Free Money Policies

Why The Moratorium is Stupid

1.The five requirements to qualify are stupid: Anyone can claim they qualify because it doesn't require any proof given to the landlord of their claims, only a written statement,with a date and signature.

The income statement:individual must state they earn less than $99,000 individualy, $198,000 joint. If my tenants made that kind of money to begin with they wouldn't be renting they would buy their own home, If I made that kind of money to begin with I wouldn't be a landlord!! When a tenant rents they are asked to provide proof of income to the landlord, or proof that they are making any effort to find employment. In my experience many tenants are hanging out at home smoking weed all day instead of trying to find work. Why? EASY FREE RENT! does anyone not qualify for free rent under this income requirement? because I do even if I am working and able to pay rent.

2.The best effort to get assistance statement: the indivifual has made their best effort to seek government assitance. Again, no proof is required that they have applied, no documentation required for the reason for denial which could be anything and everything other than COVID. such as they applied but didn't complete the application, that the individual is actually working and makes enough to pay or that they are already on government assistance and do not qualify for rent assistance based on established assistance policy or that they are drug addicts and have to test etc.

3.The unable to make a full payment due to lost income, hours,wages, layoffs,extra ordinary medical expenses:yes if your busy doing drugs, don't show up to work, or are in jail from comitting a crime you will not be able to have any income or make a full rent statement. In fact, many aren't even offering a $1, $5, $10 etc. they are jsut riding the free rent train until they get evicted. Yes, I know a very few or you actually are telling the truth and you can't pay, so if you aren't this dishonest scoundrel tenant--I'm not talking about you. Do not take insult. Do you sense animosity-yes! because I see this happening much too often and judges want to provide free housing even denying evictions with good cause such as criminal nuisance, which is NOT protected by this moratorium. Some judges think they can do as they please and the landlord has no recourse. Again no proof of effort is required or documentation for loss of income it could be any reason other than COVID.

4.Partial payment best effort statement aside from nondiscretionary expenses: Question for landlords out there-How many of your tenants currently awaiting eviction have tried to make even a $1 payment toward their rent? or provided any proof of income, looking for work, positive covid test, hospital stay? etc. What is nondiscretionary income exactly?

5.It will render the individual homeless, or share living quarters: yes CDC choosing not to work, doing drugs or committing crimes can lead to homelessness or living with a relative or friend on a couch. That is very true. Again if you are the one honest tenant truly needing help out there, do not take insult I'm obviously not referring to you. Again this could be any reason not necessarily related to COVID and no documentation is required.

These statements were cited from HHS/CDC Temporary Halt in Residential Evictions to Prevent the Further Spread of Covid-19

So Many renters are dishonest to begin with and try to get out of paying rent and this set up is a dream come true. I am sure there are one or two people who legitimately need help and are trying but many do not and are simply exploiting the system.

Who Doesn't Want More Free Money

Stupid Free Money Policies

Stupid Free Money Policies

Why The Covid Relief Check is Stupid

Another well-meaning but stupid policy: the COVID relief check.

Any policy which simply sends out money without tracking who actually needs it or has been affected by COVID--NOT any of a million other reasons IS simply STUPID. This policy should be included in some sort of documentary called a Million Ways to Bankrupt a Government, Free Money, Spoil the People or "Dumb and Dumber" the Government Version.

COVID Relief Need and Use

Conclusion: Fix it or Get Rid Of It!

The best way to fix this situation so that it doesn't encourage rampant abuse of the system, victimization of Landlords, a failing government and people without accountability and a lack of motivation to work or seek out solutions to their problems is to provide the money through the already existing channels or agencies such as unemployment, housing authority or disability/social security. Require proof!! of any claim in writing, documentation. What lender, what planet just gives out money without documentation or proof that it is needed? Fix it or get rid of it ASAP. Better yet get rid of it. There are a million hiring signs out there. Employers can't find people to work. Nobody wants to take the jobs. Employers are struggling to find good employees and even not so good ones. Why? because FREE money is so much better than trying to fix your own situation or work your way out of it.

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