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Why Feminism Is Not Good for Women


Feminism was started as a movement for rights for women, which was necessary back then. But, now, it has become more of a superiority movement. Here are a few things why it is not good for woman.

Propagating myth that men and women are equal.

Men and women are not equal. We both are different. From our reproductive organs to the way we think is completely different.

Males typically have more muscle mass, more bone mass, and a lower percentage of body fat than a woman. Men also have larger lungs, wider airways, and greater lung diffusion capacity than women.

There are multiple differences between women and men in terms of their cardiovascular function. Women have lower resting blood pressure regulation and higher resting heart rate. They also exhibit reduced tolerance to orthostatic stress and impaired venous return.

Men tend to have more upper body strength than women and they burn calories faster because of their metabolism. These are just physical differences.

Men tend to be more in control of their emotions than women do. Men are good at spatial orientation and women are good at reading people’s emotions and learning languages. This is the reason men tend to choose STEM fields and women people-based fields like nurse and other related fields.

We have a lot of evidence and common sense for this but, feminists tend to think this is oppression or patriarchy. An experiment was done by the US military to check the effectiveness and proposed two units. One has all-male units and the second will have mixed units consisting of males and females. It was found that the all-male unit was faster, made fewer mistakes, and completed the objectives given faster and more effectively than the mixed unit. Now, the battleground is not a place to push your narrative as lives are on the line and not to mention, national security. Bullets and enemies don’t care about the gender or who is standing in front of them. They just care about killing. There is another issue of what happens when a female soldier gets captured? Now, what will the forces do? Can’t just dump the soldier or not do anything and time is of the essence. There is a myriad of problems concerning this issue.

Gender pay gap myth

It has long been debunked but, we have to go here again. The gender pay gap is a myth. If it was real that women get paid less for the same amount of work a man does then all companies will only hire women, nobody will bother hiring men in the first place.

The main thing that determines your payment is your qualifications, skills, experience, hours worked, and how replaceable you are. That’s the reason a CEO makes millions while a janitor barely makes thousands.

When they discuss the gender pay gap, they never mention the number of hours worked or how much work was done. They will blatantly say they are paid less. On close inspection, we can see that it is generally men who work long hours and go in the high-paying fields. When they talk about this pay gap they calculate all the earnings of women and men to see who makes more money.

They don’t take into consideration what jobs are being done by them. Women generally do the job that involves communicating with people like nurse, receptionists, and other jobs that don't require sitting alone in front of the desk on hours on end. These jobs, unfortunately, pay less.

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The other factor is that men do most of the dangerous jobs. Bricklayers, mining, police work, army, sewage, and other labour-induced jobs are dominated by men. The risk they carry is compensated with rewards in the form of big salary packages.

The other important factor is biology. Women get pregnant and men don’t. Pregnancy takes a toll on women’s body and during this time they are physically incapable of showing up in an office and working in later stages. Even though they get paid for maternity leave, this accounts for not working and therefore decreasing their experience in work. They also have to take care of the children during their first few years, which results in decreased productivity. Some women voluntarily take themselves out of the workforce to take care of their family and others get back at work after a break of a few years. These lost years don't affect men and they rack up experience and take promotions, moving up the career ladder.

Bash women who think different

Feminism is like a cult that ostracizes those who act, think, and speak differently. Let us take an example, suppose you are a woman who wants to have a family with a husband and some kids. You voluntarily decide that you want to quit your job and focus on taking care of the family and your husband will provide financially for you and your kids while you will take care of the work in the house like cooking, cleaning, and groceries. The feminist will practically eat you alive.

You will be called a slave of a man, a boot licker, a pick me girl, and everything they can think of. It is really funny to me. Feminism claims to support women and their decisions but when a woman makes a decision that is different from the narrative, they are called a slave or woman-hater.

They practically hate men because they cannot be one. They are jealous of the fact that men have superior physical strength, don’t have to worry about childbirth, don’t have periods, can control their emotions, and think logically. If you look closely, you will find out they are removing everything feminine about women and replacing them with masculine. They promote being confrontational, dominating, argumentative, career-focused, etc.

They tell women to neglect to be nurturing, caring, thinking about their family, showing respect and love to their partners, and many other things which would make them find a good partner.

They also promoted the hook-up culture that is prevalent today. Having sex with random men without any care in the world hasn’t done women any favors, it has shown the opposite effect. It is favorable to men as they get to have sex without any kind of commitment and they can just dump and move on to the next girl. Today’s women are on anti-depressant and have more mental health issues than any other generation before. They have practically become miserable.

This is from the same narrative of equality, that men sleep around, why can’t we? The thing is, men’s brains are different. For men, sex is just a physical activity most of the time, that’s why they can sleep around with random women without any emotional attachment whatsoever. When women get intimate with men, most of the time get attached to them, that’s the reason it is women who get emotionally attached after a one-night stand. There is a biological reason as well. The other reason is men don’t carry the risk of pregnancy, so they don’t think much about it.

This has resulted in today’s generation having no relationship skills. Divorce is at an all-time high. Cheating is evident almost everywhere and people are going around broken and rather than fixing themselves, they get into a new relationship thinking it will heal them.

Taking care of your children is practically frowned upon. They think they are being independent by spending their time working for a corporation whose owner doesn’t even know your existence rather than spending time with your child. The raising of children and providing good values is the job of parents, both father, and mother. That has been pushed to the schools and teachers. No wonder today’s kids are dumb and stupid.

They also seem to think that it is empowering to roam around half-naked and then are surprised when they get the result of it. All actions have consequences. It is not empowering, it is just attention seeking, plain and simple.

Rising single motherhood rates

Feminism has pushed this rhetoric that they don’t need men, until, you need to fix something, there is a natural disaster and you need help, physical protection, building something like houses, roads, vehicles, machines, invent new things, make effective medicines, etc. I did not see any feminists protesting that they won’t take the COVID vaccine because it was created by men, I wonder why?

As people like statistics, we are going to consider the USA, here are some, the black community has 70% single mothers, more than any group in America. More than one-fourth of children have not met their fathers, kids without a father are 4 times greater risk to be in poverty, 7 times more likely to get pregnant as a teenager, more likely to face child abuse, behavioral problems, go to prison, 2 times more likely to be obese, 2 times more likely to drop out of school, a greater chance of committing a crime.

Fathers instill discipline, logic, and direction in their child’s life. They teach their children not to be victims and not to have a victimhood mentality. Making your way and designing your path is what fathers teach us.

Today’s boys are not even allowed to be boys. They are not allowed to play outside and be rough, they are taught to be soft and feminine. The result is that they are emotional, bitchy, winy morons. They don’t even know how to think critically anymore. To raise boys into strong, confident men, we need fathers back in the house rather than away.

Promoting double standards

The court system is completely against men. Women get less time and punishment for the same crime committed, they get more help from the government, and most of the time they receive favorable outcomes.

In the case of family court, it is overly skewed. Women get a lawyer from the government; the men have to pay for it. More often than not, women get custody of the children, even though there is no proof of her being a good parent. A mother can be a drug addict living in a dump somewhere and yet, she will get custody just because she is a woman.

The alimony system is complete garbage. Women are given money based on the fact that their lifestyle needs to be maintained which I find utterly stupid. If you want a particular lifestyle, you should earn money and get it yourself, you shouldn’t beg your partner after you have separated to give you those things.

These unfair laws have resulted in an epidemic of gold diggers who add no value to society other than the fact they were born women and managed to get in a rich man’s pants. No quality, no skills, just leeching off a hard man’s work like a parasite. And then they wonder, why marriage rates are plummeting.

There are practically no laws for domestic violence done by women. If a woman hits a man, she is not arrested, but, a man is immediately arrested even if there is no evidence to the claim.

There is also no punishment for women who do false allegations. There has been a rise of false cases of rape, molestation, harassment, domestic violence, etc. In court, a man has to prove his innocence which is absurd. A person is guilty until proven innocent, so, I believe the person who alleges needs to prove that the crime actually happened. For example, if I allege that my money was stolen, I need to prove that it was in fact stolen from this location, this day, and an approximate time of the incident.

These false cases take away the seriousness of the real victims of these crimes. They don’t get the attention they deserve as too many lies are being told.

There are practically quotas for women right now for companies to have, which is again weird. People should be hired based on their skills, not gender.

The abortion law is another issue. Feminists say that men shouldn’t have an opinion or say whether a woman should keep a child or not. But, they throw a hissy fit when men say they should also have a choice to not pay any child support if they don’t want to. Which is fair. If men have no say in the matter, why should you have the right to force men to pay up for something they have no rights over?

Excluding women altogether

There is a new phenomenon in the world right now. We are not supposed to call women “women” any longer, we call them “birthing people”. We can’t say “breast” either, we have to say “chest” and we don’t “breastfeed” children, we “chest feed” them now because some people might get offended.

Just when I think the world can’t get any more stupid and weird, people prove me wrong. Right now, men are allowed to compete in women’s sport because they identify as women. They are even allowed to go in women’s locker rooms.

It is as if they want to erase the identity of being a woman. Men are being shamed if they don’t find trans-gender women attractive. Apparently, it is transphobic and you can get canceled for speaking sense or truth.

This has also given form to gender-neutral bathrooms, where both men and women can go together to do their business.

Considering all this, feminism has gone amok. We always talk about toxic masculinity but I think it is time we talk about toxic femininity.

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This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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