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Why Do You Need to Follow Basic Covid Health Protocols in the Philippines?

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What if you have Covid-19 in the Philippines?

The Philippines is one of the hard hit countries in South East Asia with Covid-19. The Philippines government continues to battle the pandemic, but the virus still poses a threat to the country. Basic health protocols, like wearing masks in public areas and avoiding large gatherings, are still in place. Though some Westerners may view this as stepping on basic human rights, but as a poor country, the Philippines view this as a necessary step to fight against Covid.

Everyone understands that there is a need to follow health protocols. It is a human response to help save one’s life and help save others.

But why do you need to follow basic health protocols in the Philippines?

What if you have Covid-19 in the Philippines?

Here are two (2) reasons why you should follow health protocols, if you are in the Philippines:

  1. There is a lack of testing facilities for an immediate contact tracing
  2. Surviving Covid is very expensive

The Philippines lacks Covid-19 testing facilities

Most of the Philippines went into lockdown last March 2020. The Philippines government spent billions of pesos to defend itself from the Covid virus. But sadly after seven (7) months of lockdown, the technology is not fully implemented across all major cities of the country. The Covid testing facilities and the test kits are not fully available for mass testing. These lack of resources, slows down the speed of identifying who is infected during cases of virus transmission. Thankfully, the inadequacies of government support are counterweighted by extreme dedication of the medical frontliners. This challenge of the Philippines health system places the responsibility of its citizens to follow the basic health protocol. A citizen can help the country by not becoming a victim of the virus.

Free Medical Health in the Philippines is not for everyone

The Philippine’s free healthcare system has a limited capacity. This is the reality of a growing third world country with low financial resources to help its citizens. The poor health care system of the Philippines is a clear sign that it is not advisable to get sick in the country, especially with something as serious as Covid. And just this Year, Philhealth,the Philippines health care department was under fire for an alleged corruption scandal of ₱15 billion from its top executives. Thus, it is a clear example that Filipinos should follow health protocols.

From PHILHEALTH CIRCULAR 2020 - 0009, below is the financial coverage of Philhealth to Covid Patients.

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Inpatient case management for confirmed COVID-19 developing severe illness or outcomes.

  1. Mild pneumonia - ₱ 43,997
  2. Moderate pneumonia - ₱ 143,267
  3. Severe pneumonia - ₱ 333,519
  4. Critical pneumonia - ₱ 786,384

The rate category was effective April 15, 2020. This means that Philhealth coverage has a limit and is based on the severity of the patient. The remaining amount of the hospital bill will be shouldered by the patients.

The typical bill of a Covid patient varies from medical facilities, but for severe cases and confinement in private hospitals, the hospital bill for Covid patients in the Philippines can range from ₱1 Million to ₱3 Million. After you survive Covid, you will be survived with a huge debt.

Thus Filipino and all citizens, if not for health, at least they should follow the basic Covid health protocols of the Philippines for their financial safety.

Why you should protect yourself from Covid in the Philippines

The basic health protocols are established to help prevent the spread of the virus. After seven (7) months of lockdowns and billions of pesos funded in the system, Covid is not showing anys signs of stopping the Philippines. The Philippines has an ongoing battle with adversaries, such as corruption, illegal drugs, terrorism, and now Covid. The Filipinos are not only protecting the health of many by wearing masks, they are also helping the country by being part of the solution and not contributing to the problem.

Protect yourself from Covid. Help, by not spreading the virus. And if you are a Filipino, save yourself from life threatening financial debt.

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