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Why Do We Hate Our Jobs and How to Get out of That Situation?

Why are there so many of us who hate our jobs?

Why are there so many of us who hate our jobs?

It all started at my first job. I was 19 and I got hired in a multinational company that pretty much managed all the payments and client support for various companies. Being my first job, I was excited for the first 2 years, as I felt like my work is something out of this world. Me, a small meaningless human, got to be in charge with someone else’s payments, wow, such a big deal. I gave the best of me, thinking someone will eventually see how much I work and how much passion I put into that. I had no idea at that time that managers were actually glad I was just a tiny robot that ensured their income.

When did I realize my life actually sucked?

After 2 years I became a team leader and had the chance to see how they actually see their employees. They were nothing but pawns in their game. They had no interest to make them grow as an individual or professionally, but instead they tried their best to keep them into their box, punish them if they did not obey to all the rules and keep them away from the truth. We were not allowed to keep our cell phones on the desk, we were not allowed to sit more than 15 minutes in our break, and if you ask me, we were not allowed to think very much.

Obviously I was the black sheep, as I tried to be transparent with my team and let them know how things are going, and I was not a good leader because I did not yell at my team, I did not punish them and all the weird things they promoted.

I left that company after 3 years, and I dove into another where my trainer used to yell at us if we did not understand some concepts, then into another where people were poor, depressed, and overly stressed.

My next job was a secretary. I felt so meaningless doing that. Opening letters, answering the phone, having a colleague that always complained about being exhausted but never really working anything drove me crazy. I had to do the work of 2 people and I was rewarded half a salary. What an achievement.

That’s when I hit rock bottom and started to ask myself what’s actually happening with companies. I started talking to ex colleagues from my former jobs and realized they were all miserable! It wasn’t only me. What a relief! I was having a bad salary, no relevant experience or something that could get me hired in a good company, a college degree that no one cared about and a lot of willingness to learn something new and rewarding. But I was stuck in an endless loop. No one hired me because I had no relevant experience but I had no relevant experience because no one hired me and no one gave me a real chance to learn something. I’ve always wanted to learn IT, I even started taking some courses but I was so exhausted after my jobs that could not focus on anything new. And obviously had no money to invest in a good course.

Why are we miserable in our jobs? I think mostly because we are not doing what we like. We are only stuck in meaningless jobs because we need something to eat and we need to pay our bills, just like society wants us to. But no one tells you that you are the only responsible for your life. Your thoughts and thinking patterns manifest and create your life. Most of us are being kept captive in a reality from which it’s really hard to escape, because the basic needs from Maslow’s pyramid are not being met. We are focused on how we will get through the month with all our expenses and we don’t have time to think about life in a different manner.

I started to take responsibility for my own life. I started to understand that my thoughts will create my reality and started searching for a greater purpose.

At this point I am not necessarily in a better job, but I am in a better place mentally. I know it’s up to me to change my reality and I am improving my thoughts every day. I don’t currently know what I am supposed to go in order to live a more fulfilling and abundant life, but I trust the process.

Surrender to life and stop fighting against the flow in order to let the flow take you to wherever you’re supposed to be in. Let creativity flow through you and let your intuition take you to places where you’ve dreamed of being in.

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