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Why Do My Resolutions Fail?

Emmanuel Nuga, is a full-time writer, a researcher and a tutor.


As the end of the year draws nearer. Most people, if not everyone, are probably anticipating or questioning what the new resolution will be. What change must be effected either for the better me or something else? It's such an interesting moment. But more often than not, people don't get committed to those resolutions. Ironically, the drafting, thinking and wishing nevertheless are no guarantee for making things happen when there is no active response.

resolution definition is actually an intent, vow or strong will to do something.

According to a clinical report, only a total of 46 percent were able to accomplish their resolutions last year.

Your First Question On Resolution

First and foremost, before you think of any resolution against the coming year. Your first question should be: How many resolutions have I realised this year? What have I embraced or discarded for the better me? if none, oops! Sorry, your resolutions at this late hour against the coming year might be nothing but a mere wish. Moreover, should resolution always come towards the end of a year?

Considering the following points of view, you may tell whether or not your resolution against next year will materialise or not. And this probably may be a guide for you.

The Agitation Of The Hour

How sure are you about your resolutions? and what makes you think the traditional excitement of the moment is not the reason for anticipating for one like anyone else? Probably, because it is usually a moment when people make speculations about what to do next year.

Whereas, you have low or zero commitment in working out your plan. I have come to realise that it is often a temporary enthusiasm to want to make a resolution, that is why some fail.

Paris Was Not Built In A Day

Depending on what your resolutions are. but first of all, let's consider a habit resolution as an example. Let's say your resolution is giving up too much sleep or oversleeping. To deal with this kind of habit you will need a lot of time as the habit may not just go away at once. Though, you are currently still a die-hard sleeper. What gives you the assurance you won't continue with the same thing next year, when you have not dared minimising your sleeping hours.

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Or should we say you are resolute to be hardworking coming next year. Whereas, you never dare to shake off the lazy attitude while still in this year, at least gearing up an effort to live disciplined coming next year. Obviously, you will remain as lazy as you are when the new year comes. In fact, the laziness could double next year. "Paris is not built in a day". You may need more time to put things right.


How Is Your Strength Like?

"Cut your coat according to your size", says the wise. Can you do more than you are able to, considering the level of your present strength, when you have done just little or nothing to accumulate strength in your area of weakness, take for instance, When you try to add more stories to a building whose foundation was architecturally meant for a bungalow, you can tell what might eventually become of that house; It either collapses or subsides. In other words, you either give yourself time to build more strength, before embarking on what might currently appear impossible at the moment or you avoid it.

What could the nature of this kind of a resolution be? Trying to gather money in haste to acquire something very luxurious or your level of capability is not up to. And here you are, the money currently on you is not up to a half of what you are eagerly anticipating to acquire very soon. Perhaps, the assurance you will get it at a favourable cost is not certain.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Get ready for unforseen circumstances. Although, you don't wish for one. but you have to prepare for it. "When you expect the rain, you must be ready to take care of the mud". Take the sudden outbreak of the global disease Coronavirus that wrecked the earth last year for example. You could tell from your perceptions of events, dreams that got distorted by this pandemic? Come to think of it, dreams were not only affected, lives who had dreams also went for it. The lockdown and many other restrictive policies got a lot of people estranged from their resolutions because some of which would have involved a movement. Anyway, the next one may not be global. It could span from personal circumstances.

Don't Breed Too Much Plans

Don't stuff your brain with too many resolutions otherwise you will end up not committing yourself to any of them. Trying to either fix or navigate through different things at the same time will make no sense of your resolutions. If you have a list of resolutions, consider examining them under a scale of preference. If so, start with the one that is most relevant or you can easily attain. Then hopefully the rest follows afterwards. But the idea of trying to resolute things at the same will amount to not achieving anything.

Past Resolutions Record

How were your past records of resolutions, good or bad? Were you able to meet up with your goals? If not, Why? Or if yes. How? Your reasons for either being able to or not being able to meet up with past new year resolutions will point out your areas of weaknesses and strengths followed by a careful observation. It is a yardstick to measure your strength.


Do More Acting Than Thinking

Must you wait till next year before you start the journey? If they are resolutions that can be kick started with immediate effect. Why not start the journey now instead of waiting till next year? Let's say for instance, your resolution is to be more disciplined. The possibility of living up to that standard coming next year depends on your preparation this year. If you haven't excluded those things that might distort your disciplinary pursuit next year. Undoubtedly, you may not live up to that standard when the year arrives. Action speaks better than words and better than just drafting and writing without any motivation.

Be Specific

Your specificity allows you to know what it takes to actualize your goals. It provides you a clean and clear idea on what you must do. If you specify on improving your health. Definitely, you may have to visit the gym room or get drugs prescribed by the doctor for healthy growth.

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