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Why Trump is Not Like Hitler

Armed Anti-Trump protesters at Arizona State Capitol

Armed Anti-Trump protesters at Arizona State Capitol

Although saying Trump is like the fascist Hitler is a laudable attempt to apply the lessons of history to present events, it is wrong. A study of history will show that the two are not comparable. Yes Trump is crude, rude, a religious bigot against Muslims, and socially unattractive. But that's not enough to make you Hitler.

The fact is if it had been Hitler who just assumed the presidency, there would be 10,000 peope rounded up in political prisons and another 10,000 dissidents executed on the spot. No, Trump is not Hitler. What he is, is a misogynistic, over-grown frat boy in a way that's not funny.

Let's take a look at how Hitler came to power. He started a political party which went from beer hall to beer hall looking for new adherents. Generally the program was to set up a machine gun at the door so everyone knew no one was going anyplace, and the room was told that they'd now be treated to a little speech. Hitler then took the floor and proceeded to mesmerize some in the audience. Beer halls where communists drank were simply raided and smashed to smithereens with axe handles and crowbars, and its patrons beaten.

Trump on the other hand rose through a fairly routine set of Republican primaries, marred by thuggery at some rallies to be sure, but nothing we didn't see Bush supporters do to protesters wearing "Out of Iraq" t-shirts.

Last weekend, on the occasion of Trump's visit to the UK, the George Soros-linked group Refuse Fascism issued a communique entitled Three Points. Refuse Fascism insists Trump is a fascist threat on par with the rise of Hitler, who must therefore be opposed by force if necessary.

Again, a laudable attempt to apply history to the present, but wrong.

In the Three Points is the assertion that:

"The Trump/Pence regime is relentlessly lying, muzzling government agencies, threatening the media, and firing or threatening government officials who stand up to them."

Which is all true. However, none of these behaviors is unusual for a US president. Trump has even put up with a fair amount of talking out of school that he didn't have to, such as when NSA Deputy Director Richard Ledgett told the media that Trump's assertion that the British had helped Obama spy on him was "arrant nonsense." Arrant nonsense or not, Trump was well within his prerogatives to fire Ledgett the next day, but he didn't. It is the prerogative of the Executive Branch to choose political officials who follow the company line.

The real trouble is, if one accepts the argument that Trump is a fascist and a Hitler, the conclusion is unavoidable that he must be opposed by any means necessary, including force. Hitler committed some of history's worst crimes, and loyal officers tried to kill him several times.

Last weekend a contingent of Refuse Fascism held a march on the state capitol of Arizona, armed to the teeth with assault weapons.

Now this is a huge step and a big problem. When lots of people with opposing views start showing up with guns and facing each other, it is almost never good. Too many things can happen. A loose trigger finger. A firecracker. Once the shooting starts, all bets are off, and the dogs of war are unleashed. Who let the dogs out?

Armed Anti-Trump Protesters in Phoenix

The fact is that Trump is a product of a very imperfect but extant democratic process, who can be dealt wth by ordinary Democratic means. If Trump starts to act like Hitler, Congress can easily impeach him, since the language on impeachment in the US Constitution is deliberately vague for just such an event. "High crimes and misdemeanors" can mean just about anything, and that is the way the Founders wanted it.

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Hitler neutered the German Parliament after the Reichstag Fire, and gathered all powers unto his hands, something the US Constitution does not allow. It is way too soon to be picking up weapons in opposition to a "tyrannical government," as Jefferson said. When people are disappearing in the middle of the night, that's different.

If Congress does not impeach if it is warranted, then they are complicit and need to be defeated in midterm elections.

That is what we should be working for. Throw them out. Throw them all out. And put away those damn guns.


munkle on March 31, 2017:

The Arizona lefties are setting a bad precedent, Virginia. Let's hope it doesn't spread to other open carry states. As far a Trump establishing a totalitarian dictatorship, that is just plain silly. Let me know when he starts breaking down doors and dragging dissidents away.

Virginia Allain from Central Florida on March 31, 2017:

I don't think one little video of a left-leaning gun-toter means you can tar all progressives with that brush. As far as Trump = Hitler, he's working his way into establishing a totalitarian dictatorship. Given time, I think he will be filling boxcars with immigrants. He greatly admires Putin, so who knows when he will start bumping off his political opponents or making star witnesses have fatal accidents.

We are in scary times here and our very republic depends on us resisting Trump's assaults on our rights.

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