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Why Tinubu's Slip of Tongue at Rallies May Not Affect His Chances of Winning Presidential Election

Ibraheem Sikiru Adekunle is a Software Engineer with keen interest in molding political opinions and weighing marketing strategies.

Noticeably, at the presidential campaigns of All Progressives Congress (APC), the party's presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been sighted on many occasions committing blunders in his speeches. In this article, we will look at whether his chances of winning the presidential election might be affected by the errors he commits, at the rallies.

Bola Tinubu, culled from the Vanguard

Bola Tinubu, culled from the Vanguard

The slip of the tongue being committed by Tinubu has brought up arguments from some quarters, looking at the proximity of whether the chances of Tinubu to win the 2023 presidential election could be affected by the blunders he commits, at political rallies.

Keenly, looking at the political profile of Tinubu, his political space, and the behavioral nature of Nigerian voters, the slip of the tongue by Bola Tinubu at presidential rallies may, actually, not affect his chances of winning the 2023 presidential election.

Let us look into this, by critically considering how both the literate and illiterate voters may react to Tinubu's slip of tongues.

Tinubu's Chances Remain Up and High

As stated earlier, the chances of Tinubu winning the 2023 presidential election may not be, much, affected by the blunders he commits at the APC presidential campaign venues.

This is because many voters in the country who are literates, they understand that "to run a country, effectively, doesn't require your solitary effort. Rather, it requires one's ability to surround oneself with sound-minded people who will join hands with one, in the course of heading government parastatals at the Ministries, Departments, and Agencies to coordinate affairs of the country.

With Tinubu's distinct idea, literate voters who are his supporters know that he still has the administrative capacity to put together his old boys, who have been working with him for years, and other best brains across the country, with the aim of delivering good governance.

The literature supporters of Tinubu know much about how Tinubu had surrounded himself, with sound-minded individuals when he was the Executive Governor of Lagos State. This has already convinced many people in support of him. Although, some literate people may choose to cast their vote against Tinubu because of the blunder he commits at the campaign, but Tinubu's previous performance when he was holding public office, would definitely gain more minds towards his presidential campaign, among the literate voters.

Tinubu's Supporters at APC Campaign

Tinubu's Supporters at APC Campaign

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Looking at the illiterate voters, their admiration for Tinubu may not be affected, at all, by the errors he commits in his speeches at the presidential campaigns grounds.

The illiterate voters are resolute in their support for any politician or political party of their choice and hence, Tinubu's blunders at rallies may have little to no effect on the number of illiterate voters who are his supporters. They will still cast their votes for him, regardless of what happens at the venues of his presidential campaign.

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