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Why So Many People Are Against Feminism


The Dictionary Definition Of Feminism Vs Reality

Prof. Janice Fiamengo On Feminism And Double Standards Lecture

Prof. Janice Fiamengo On Feminism And Double Standards Questions & Answers

An Overview Of The History Of Feminist Hypocrisy And Bigotry

Why are people against feminism? That is the question many feminists ask. Generally this is based on their contention that what they are doing is about advocacy for gender equality. Inevitably if you attempt to criticise feminism, the dictionary definition will be thrown at you. For the record the dictionary definition is as follows:


“The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.”

-The Oxford dictionary

The reason why many men and women alike cannot support feminism is because there is a disparity between what feminists claim they represent and what they actually do. Perhaps feminists have heard of the saying, “actions speak louder than words”. If feminists actually lived up to the dictionary definition of feminism, then people would not have such a problem with them. If I were part of the feminist movement and I was interested in making sure the actions of my movement reflected what it stood for, then I would be deeply concerned at the current state of affairs. The fact that so many people seem to regard feminism as something other than a movement for equality would be ringing alarm bells. Yet that is not what I see from feminists.

It may come as a surprise to some people that I call myself “Masculistfeminist” whilst I have systematically criticised the feminist movement and advocated for men’s rights. Why have I done that? To demonstrate what someone would actually do, if they saw the state of the feminist movement at the moment and actually lived up to the dictionary definition of the word feminism that so-called "feminists" hide behind. If feminists were authentic and transparent individuals, then they would be criticising their own movement and actively attempting to change it. Bigots and hypocrites are using the word feminism to disguise their actions under a banner of equality and are using this banner as a shield to not only deflect any criticism of their actions, but to also ostracise critics and falsely label them as misogynists. So I thought I would claim the word feminism back from these gender ideologues and return it to society. They are using feminism to disguise their double standards. They are also disgracefully using this tarnished banner of equality as a weapon to silence critics and my intention is to deprive them of both of these tools.

Some of the public (although many are not) are still under the false perception that feminists want equality. This is the propaganda feminists use to deflect public attention from what they are doing, while they ensure that their discriminatory legislation and public policy to further marginalise men is passed through our congresses and parliaments. You can call it totalitarianism by stealth, I do. In reality feminism is more about gender supremacy. It is a movement that solely focuses on the interests of women and elevates these interests above the rights of men and the general welfare of society. It is the lack of consistency between what feminists claim to represent and what they actually do, that makes people anti-feminists. As Prof. Janice Fiamengo discussed in a recent lecture she presented at Queens University (see adjacent video above). What does feminism have to do with gender equality when they clearly promote and institutionalise double standards as reflected by their rhetoric and actions? Absolutely nothing.

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Women And Feminism

Polls in the US reflect that only 23% of women classify themselves as feminists and you have to really wonder why. If feminism was really about women’s rights based on the principle of equality between the sexes, then why are not all women feminists? I assume women care about their rights. There are many reasons for why women don’t identify with feminism, but they all seem to have a common theme. Feminism does not represent women. Why? There are so many reasons that I could probably write a hundred hubs on that question alone. However to summarise, most women don’t hate men. Therefore most women find it relatively difficult to blindly follow feminist dogma, patriarchy theory, rape culture, the threat narrative of male oppression and the encouragement that goes along with it to develop a mindset that men are the enemy. Secondly most women don’t like to think of themselves as powerless and helpless victims.

Most women are aware that their gender has always had power in society and that this was merely a less overt form of power in comparison to that of men. Most women like to think of themselves as possessing self-determination and prefer to not regard themselves as mindless puppets or victims of the patriarchy or men. Perhaps the number one gripe women have with feminism that I have come across, is that feminism actually tells women what to do with their own lives and judges them on it. Feminism pressures women to conform to some ideal image of what a woman should be and if women don’t conform to that role or behave in the manner feminists approve of, then they are letting the sisterhood down. No wonder women are resentful of the feminist movement. These women are judging other women. Then again I am a man, what would I know? As feminists will say, I should check my male privilege! Perhaps feminists should check out the now viral #womenagainstfeminism on tumblr, before they so flippantly dismiss criticism coming their way.

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Mark Pearson And His Story Of Being Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault

Men And Feminism

Now what about men? What do men think about feminism? I look at feminism like I do religious extremism (I have nothing against the peaceful and respectful practice of religion). Both segments of society are full of fanatical ideologues that impose their worldview on society and care very little for what other people think or want. It is not that men are against women’s rights. Far from it. We have daughters, mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, female cousins and female friends that we care about. We want to know that women will be treated equally to men. The difference between feminists and men, is we don’t see the feminist movement as a movement for equality. Most of us see feminism as the movement that is responsible for men and boys becoming increasingly marginalised in society and eroding our legal rights. I have had to alter plans for my own life, to account for the transformation of marriage into an institution of exploitation (see my article on that using the link here). Men see feminism as a movement that places the interests of women above the interests of the other half of the population. A movement for female supremacy and female favouritism in other words. Feminism has cultivated an environment where innocent men such as Mark Pearson from the UK (see the adjacent video above, I highly recommend it), can be subjected to a year long witch-hunt for baseless and clearly false accusations by women for sexual and physical assault. Whilst the falsely accused man lives with a destroyed reputation, ruined career, loss of friends and post traumatic stress, their female false accuser faces no consequence whatsoever for destroying a man's life. This is the social and institutional change feminism through their lobbying of the justice system, political system and painting men as violent brutes and sexual deviants with their propaganda and control of the mainstream media have brought about. A society where women can simply point a finger at a man, make up a false allegation and men can have their lives destroyed, with no consequence to the female false accuser. A society where such women are granted anonymity, whilst the male accused has no such protection and has their name and face dragged through the mud of the mainstream media. A society where men are treated socially, as if they are guilty the moment a women points a finger at them and where men must prove their innocence. This is the kafkaesque nightmare feminism has created for men. Your sons, your brothers, your fathers, your boyfriends, your husbands and your uncles are all exposed to a legal and political system that has been weaponised against them by feminism.

Feminism And Discussion Of Eugenics, Infanticide And Genocide Of Men

Men are well aware that they are not privileged in many areas of society, such as family court and that it is actually women that are privileged. Men compare this reality to feminist dogma and the typical feminist reaction to ignore, downplay or trivialise men’s issues (many of which they shamelessly helped create) and understandably lose all respect for feminism. But it is not just that. Feminism breeds hatred toward men. Feminism has portrayed men as villains, deviants, inherent rapists, naturally abusive, genetically defective and even sub-human. Under the banner of feminism, so called feminists have discussed eugenics, infanticide and genocide of men and boys (see adjacent video above). Why would men support a so called movement for gender equality, when this same movement is clearly inspiring hatred toward them and some of it’s members even discuss the extermination of men? Here is another definition feminists might what to reflect on before throwing the dictionary at critics of their movement.


“The practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case.”

-The Oxford dictionary

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Not All Feminists Are Like That!

Now of course feminists will attempt to argue that not all feminists are like that (see the adjacent videos, I highly recommend you watch them). That the plethora of examples critics provide, are merely the actions or rhetoric of a minority of individuals and that this cannot represent feminism. The hate of men within feminism is systemic. We are not talking about a handful of people, this is quite a few people and more importantly many of them are feminists in prominent positions of society and within the movement itself. I have a recommendation for feminists. If you want to make the remark that this is not what feminism is about, then publicly come out and condemn the people within your movement that are responsible for the outrageous actions and the bigoted rhetoric, agenda, propaganda and disinformation that has been propagated by your movement. Want some examples? See the adjacent videos. The future of our society will depend on people recognising what feminism is doing to our political, legal, social, government and academic systems, workplaces and mainstream media and people rising up and holding feminists accountable for their lies and bigotry. Consider yourselves warned of what the consequences will be if society as a whole continues to do nothing and does not challenge feminism.

The excuse that it is only a handful of fringe feminists spreading man-hating bigotry and marginalising men and boys in society, does not have a leg to stand on. Prominent feminist icons such as Prof. Sally Miller Gearhart, who established one of the first women studies programs in the United States, called for the male population to be reduced and maintained to 10% of the human race. Leading feminist Prof. Mary Daly at Boston College, also called for a drastic reduction in the male population and predictably refused to teach male students. Valarie Solanas called for the "elimination" of any male and referred to it as righteous, beneficial and an act of mercy. The hateful rhetoric and bigotry of other prominent feminist leaders and academics such as Germaine Greer, Andrea Dworkin and others, is also well documented. Such feminist rhetoric is not exactly old news either. Quite recently one prominent feminist in the media, called for all men to be put in concentration camps (see this link). All of this insanity comes from their warped mindset of men. You want to see how warped the feminist view of men is? Check this link. This rhetoric belongs in a mental asylum, not in areas of societal influence in politics, government, media and academia. These are all areas which feminists have infested by the way and have a strong and established foothold in!

Feminists have attempted to silence discussion on men's issues on multiple occasions and have even resorted to threats and intimidation in order to prevent the first international conference on men's issues from taking place. Then there is the hateful rhetoric and beliefs of feminists in places like Sweden. These are not isolated cases, man hating is a pattern within the feminist movement. Feminists are on the public record in the media attacking the humanity of men, demonising masculinity and spreading their hateful propaganda. What is even more disturbing, is the manipulation of our legal systems by feminist bigots, to further marginalise men, grant violent women exemption from justice and enshrine their female supremacist bigotry and misandric bias into the practice of law. In her own words, Erin Pizzey the founder of the world's first women's shelter and a strong critic of feminism, called Feminism an "evil empire" and frankly I am inclined to agree with her.

The hate and bigotry of feminism is everywhere to be seen. While bigoted posters are being put up by feminists saying, "teach men not to rape" (Like men in general need to be told not to rape!), we have feminist philosophy professors that attempt to make justifications for the rape of boys by adult female staff in juvenile detention centers. In the legal system we have feminist law professors like Prof. Elizabeth Sheehy, writing books attempting to justify the case for the legally sanctioned murder of men by their wives. In the government we have feminist social science researchers hiding statistics on male rape victims and inflating the numbers of female rape victims. We also have feminists denying the existence of female child abusers and female perpetrators of domestic violence and attempting to silence academics and advocates who draw attention to these matters.

I could go over the long and consistent history of the marginalisation of men in family courts and the divorce process by feminist lobbyists and feminist government officials in conjunction with the state. I could discuss clear examples demonstrating feminist indoctrination in our universities and feminist censorship of men's issues awareness on university campuses, such as those shown in this link, this link and this link. Or I could write about the numerous attacks on masculinity by feminists in the mainstream media and in their propaganda. But perhaps what I find most disturbing of all, is the influence of feminist lobby groups on our politicians and government policies. Take President Barack Obama and Joe Biden for example and their parroting of the feminist agenda on rape, despite their false claims and damaging policies being condemned by RAINN, which is one of the largest rape prevention organisations. Such a damaging feminist influence on politics is not rare, similar feminist lies and distortions have been propagated about the mythical gender pay gap from our governments. Feminists are even attempting to invade science with bizarre concepts like "feminist biology". I could go through more examples on the damage feminism is doing or has done....

I am sorry but we are way beyond talking about a few bad apples here. Hate, bigotry and fraud is systemic within mainstream feminism and is having substantial negative impacts on our governments, legal systems, academic/educational institutions and mainstream media. Men and boys have been marginalised in our society by the feminist influence in our institutions and that is a fact. Using the excuse that not all feminists are like that, is simply not good enough. That is especially true when most feminists remain completely silent or even cheer, when people within their own movement attack men and boys. Staying silent and then attacking people for speaking out against the widespread hypocrisy and bigotry of mainstream feminism by making claims not all feminists are like that, is indefensible and helps perpetuate the problem. So no, I will not "shut my mouth" as one feminist has asked me to do.

How about you stop remaining silent and ignoring what bigots within the feminist movement are doing. Of course I am assuming you actually care about equality for men, since you claim to believe both genders should be treated equally. That is the dictionary definition you throw at me and other critics and claim to follow correct? Then start walking the talk. Your silence on these matters and your acceptance of these bigots within your movement, gives passive approval of their actions and you are enabling these people. Why am I not surprised? Clearly any movement that embraces an ideology that portrays one group of people as victims of oppression by another group, is going to generate hate. Why would you care about what feminism has done and is doing to men, when you are given so much reason to hate another group of human beings? Patriarchy theory, the threat and victim narratives associated with it and the underlying victim mentality have to go. Please review these two articles linked here and here for further discussion on my views and critical analysis of the core doctrine of modern mainstream feminism.

My rationale

So why did I include feminist in my name? The reason was to contrast what feminism actually is doing to men and society, with the actual dictionary definition of the word itself. Feminists use this definition as a kind of get out of jail free card. It is their way of avoiding accountability and dodging scrutiny. "Oh that is not us!", Feminists decree. That sounds awfulIy like the defence of "just following orders" at Nuremberg. I want this flimsy excuse stopped. I want to force people to contrast the public image feminists convey of what their movement is about, with what the people identifying themselves as feminists are actually doing to our society. The wool that has been pulled over the public's eyes is being removed and I want to accelerate that process by demonstrating the inconsistency between what feminists say and what they actually do.

So you call yourself a feminist, well for the first time in your life start acting like one and stop acting like an advocate of gender supremacy. Live by the true definition of the word.

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Feminists Are Ideologues

Like I said, feminists are ideologues. You can’t reason with an ideologue. But you can reason with normal men and women in the public. If you present facts, then most people will take fact over dogma any day. Why? Unlike feminists most people think rationally. They base their attitudes and decisions on facts and not on ideological thinking. Feminists see any attempt to criticise their ideology as a personal attack. Feminism and femininity for them is one and the same. Feminism has been internalised and is now a part of their identity. This is the essence of indoctrination. If you criticise feminism, then these ideologues flight or fight response gets activated, emotion overwhelms reason and you might as well be talking to a brick wall. This is why I have given up trying to reason with feminists. I cannot reason with a feminist anymore than I can reason with a religious fanatic.

Perhaps what makes me most angry about feminism, is not actually these zealots at all. It is the machiavellian individuals behind the scenes, who stay in the shadows and away from the front lines. They are the ones who are actually lobbying for legislation and policy that marginalises men to become law. They indoctrinate these young people, often at university campuses, take advantage of them and use these young people as militants for their own movement. They are pure sociopaths and quite a number of them don't believe a single word of the garbage ideology they spread and promote. It is simple, they just hate men. Their whole ideology is just a means to an end-To manipulate the sheep below them and acquire power.

Look at all of the examples in the videos adjacent to this section of my article. I literally don't have enough room in this article to show the numerous examples of feminists bullying men and women they disagree with, or their blatant disrespect for freedom of speech and directly adjacent to this paragraph, their disrespect for the law and law enforcement. This is what feminist ideology does to people's brains. It is not just wrong, it is dangerous for society to let these thugs posing as self-righteous victims continue to bully other people. That is especially so on university campuses where all of these incidents in the examples presented took place. This is not at a football stadium, censorship of freedom of speech and disruptive and illegal behaviour, is being instigated by feminists at university campuses. Universities are meant to be places where the free exchange and challenging of ideas is meant to be encouraged.

Feminists justify all of this behaviour, along with their digusting bigotry and hypocrisy toward men and boys, under a mindset victimhood. Their ideology revolves around a narrative of perpetual female victimhood and male oppression, which in their minds allows them to justify the very conduct they falsely accuse all men in society of. The politics of gender and feminist victimhood was the subject of journalist Cathy Young's lecture, which as can be seen in an adjacent video above, was the subject of feminist disruption which led to the police being called. Cathy Young's actual lecture is also in another adjacent video above, for those who want to better understand the politics of feminist victimhood and gender and how feminism spins the social narrative in the media and government. Feminism is beating a drum that they and only they, may voice an opinion and shape the social narrative. Feminism is now actively engaged with the UN in discussing the censorship of the internet and the regulation of speech online, based on what feminists will deem as appropriate. Articles like this may not appear on a search engine in the future if feminists have their way. This is the book 1984 happening before our eyes.

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Feminism And Atheism

Feminists are ideologues and ideologues have a lot in common with religious zealots. Feminists are well aware of the fact that they are competing with religion for the hearts and minds of their target group. In an effort to make themselves appear more legitimate and to compete with their religious arch-rivals, feminism has attempted to identify with the atheist movement (Again I have no problem with the peaceful practice of religion). Atheists have a profound disliking for ideologies that are not based on facts. So naturally many atheists have expressed their dismay at the invasion of the feminist movement into their space. Perhaps feminists should reflect on that for a moment. Here we have a movement that prides itself on reason and fairness and this movement seems to be very critical of feminism. This is not the men's rights movement or even humanism. This is a movement whose main criticisms are not directed at feminism and yet feminists have managed to attract their attention. How much of a warning sign do you need to tell you something might be wrong! Feminism is making enemies of people everywhere.

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Feminism And Academia

On that note, another segment of society that has had quite enough of feminism is academia. This does not really surprise me. Academics are naturally critical thinkers and have a dislike of nonsensical garbage. Unfortunately feminists like universities (lots of young impressionable minds to indoctrinate) and universities happen to be where academics reside. I cannot put myself in the shoes of academics except to say that my first direct experience of feminism was at university. It happened in the men's toilets of the science faculty of all places! Spray painted in pink along all the walls, was "feminist deathsquad" and "all men must die". This is the type of man hating environment that is systemic among our Western universities. Oh and my experience happened at one of the top universities in Australia and the world. This happens in what is meant to be our best learning environments and men are expected to study in them.

Are universities not meant to be institutions of higher learning? Are young people not meant to build their futures at such places? If you are part of the male minority at university, watch yourself, especially if you are in the US. Where does this hate come from? Feminism and particularly the indoctrination programs called women's studies (see adjacent video on that from Prof. Janice Fiamengo). It must frustrate lecturers to no end, that they can't speak the truth about feminism without being ridiculed and committing career suicide. Perhaps what is most disturbing however, is the interference of feminism in the academic process itself. Prof. Fiamengo discusses this further in her lecture on women's studies (again see adjacent video). To summarise her lecture, women's studies is rife with poor scholarship, lacks rational consistency and it discourages critical analysis. This is quite disturbing considering universities are meant to be the very places where people are meant to learn these skills. Universities have been transformed from institutions of higher learning into becoming institutions of higher indoctrination for feminist ideology.

Direct Evidence Feminists Hate Facts

The damage does not end with women's studies though. Feminism is also undermining other disciplines such as science. I have provided an adjacent video on an investigation done by reporters in Norway, on the extent to which feminist indoctrination has undermined science in their country. Honestly I think I am really not being harsh, in comparing modern feminism to the religious zealotry which denied the reality that the Earth orbited the Sun. Just like the inquisition, the feminist thought police have also gone on witch-hunts when academics (such as former Harvard President Prof. Lawrence Summers) have dared to say something they don't like. Given this type of environment, I can't blame academics for being frustrated. Indeed many of them expressed as much to journalists in the Norway TV report (again see adjacent video above).

Alison Tieman On Why Feminism Will Fail And Why It Is Hate

What Can Feminists Do?

No one has a problem with the legitimate advocacy of women’s rights. This especially applies to men who have died in their thousands for millennia to protect women and look after them. Apparently according to feminists, all of that part of history never happened. Men were too busy oppressing women. Events like the Titanic were a myth. Whilst people do support women's rights (including me), people do have a problem with feminism. So what do feminists need to do?

  1. Get rid of patriarchy theory. It is counterproductive to your objectives and at odds with reality.
  2. Stop painting men as villians and women as victims and inspiring hate.
  3. Don’t remain silent and do nothing when other feminists engage in misandry or advocate discriminatory practices against men in the name of gender equality.
  4. Embrace facts and not dogma. Be prepared to question the status quo of not just society, but the core beliefs of your own movement. Do they still hold true or were they ever true in the first place?
  5. Separate feminism from your identity. Allow your individuality to flourish and stop conforming to group-think.
  6. Seek a cooperative partnership with the men’s rights movement.

The world needs a legitimate women’s rights movement. Yes that is coming from a man involved in men’s rights advocacy (an MRA). I care about the human rights of my female relatives and female friends just as much as I do for the men in my life. Guess what? Every man does and we always did. MRA's don't have a problem with the legitimate and transparent advocacy of women's rights. We do have a problem with bigotry, hypocrisy and megalomania.

There are men’s human rights advocates such as myself, that desire a partnership with such a legitimate women's movement. Modern feminism is not that movement. However, with the right leaders it could be transformed into that movement or more likely it could be replaced with something authentic. Why do I want a partnership to form between the men’s human rights movement and a legitimate women’s human rights movement? Many of the problems that men and women face are interconnected.

Solving them is best achieved by burning the candle at both ends. Otherwise society is just going to keep going around in circles (which is really what this sociopathic bigots want, it keeps the money flowing). Domestic violence is one such example. The mental health and welfare issues of men and women play a causal role in domestic violence affecting both men and women. Aside from that, men and women are inseparable. We have relatives of the opposite sex and we care about them. We all have sisters and brothers and mothers and fathers. Why are we engaging in a competition between the genders when we clearly need a partnership? It makes no sense and it is a pathology in society.

Dr. Warren Farrell

Prof. Christina Hoff Sommers


I know that there are women who like myself, want a united front to form on gender advocacy. Unfortunately the beast modern feminism has become is in the way. Feminism in it's present state either needs to collapse and be replaced with something transparent, or it needs to transform itself into something authentic and legitimate. For this to happen we need leadership. There are two people, one man and one woman, that I believe are best placed to achieve this. Dr. Warren Farrell and Prof. Christina Hoff Sommers. Both individuals have been involved in the advocacy for men and women’s rights. Both individuals seem to be aware of the interconnected nature of men and women’s rights. Both are highly intelligent, very experienced in these matters and well connected with the government, academia and media. Both are agents of change. Both will be remembered in the centuries to come as leading thinkers of their time on gender. Both are setting an example for men and women’s rights advocates.

Honestly I think what needs to happen more than anything, is everyday men and women in society need to take back women’s rights from feminism. Women in particular need to get involved. I have had emails from men and women alike, telling me of the culture of fear that keeps many of them silent. I understand that. However like Nazism, if we don’t stand up to ideologies of hate, then nothing is going to improve and the future we leave our children in will be a shadow of what it is now and things are already pretty bad. I am just a guy, I am no different from anyone else. I got sick of this nonsense last year and I decided to do something about it. I want my rights back as a man and I want to be respected as a human being and not marginalised because I am male. If I can do this, then so can other people.

A Man Is A Rape Supporter If....

Feminism Is At War With Men And The Women That Love Them

Make no mistake, feminism is at war with men and women that do not conform to their worldview. If you are a man that values your freedoms and your rights, then you need to step up and defend them. This is not about hating women, this is about your rights and my rights. If you are a woman and you care about men in your life, then likewise you need to step up with men and stop this nonsense. Speaking of nonsense, I will share with people one of the best rants of all time against feminism in the adjacent video above (A man is a rape supporter if...). The Amazing Atheist believes he may have found the dumbest person in the world. I must say, the feminist in question might want to get off the Kool-aid and save what is left of their brain.

I have left a final video below of a presentation by Erin Pizzey, the founder of the world's first domestic violence shelter and what she had to say about feminism and the enormous intergenerational damage it has done. I would highly recommend people listen to what she has to say from her fifty or so years of watching feminism grow from the sexual revolution to the present day and from her initial involvement in the early days of feminism. We have been warned of what is coming if feminism is allowed to continue to take society on the pathway it prefers. We ignore what Erin has to say at our peril.

Erin Pizzey (The Founder Of The World's First Domestic Violence Shelter) On Feminism


Ryan (author) from Australia on August 11, 2014:

-Greeneyedblondie-Thanks for your comment. Anyone can look at the facts and see that the claim women are some oppressed minority in Western society is a grossly misleading interpretation of the real world. Look at the education system, look at family court, look at divorce, look at reproductive rights, look at the military draft, look at life expectancy, look at health, look at government funding and programs. It all favours women and girls and men and boys are dead last every time. I could go over the fact the majority of the homeless are male, the fact that the gender pay gap has been proven to be a baseless myth by numerous academics (Prof. Thomas Sowell, Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Dr. Warren Farrell, Prof. Christina Hoff Sommers and others) and other examples, but you seem to know the fact that women are very often not the disadvantaged group in society, which is good. My concern with feminism is simple, they claim to be about gender equality and yet their actions, rhetoric and the conduct of their leaders very often is in contradiction to gender equality. In fact feminist conduct seems to be more related to female supremacy hidden under a fake shroud of so-called gender equality. Secondly feminists have a track record of consistently attempting to silence, dismiss, inhibit and attack anyone that tries to address the serious issues affecting men and boys in society. They are a major barrier to the advocacy of men’s human rights thanks to their presence in the mainstream media, government bureaucracy and legal system, education system and politics. Consequently one cannot ignore feminism and their clear bigotry and hatred toward men and boys, when advocating for men’s human rights like myself. The attempt to silence Dr. Warren Farrell, Dr. Janice Fiamengo, Dr. Paul Nathanson and Dr. Katherine Young and others at the University of Toronto and other campuses in 2012 and 2013 (see videos above), shows the bigoted contempt feminists have for the human rights and concerns of the male half of the population. Their attempt to censor discussion of men’s human rights, cannot be ignored by men’s right advocacy.

Ryan (author) from Australia on August 11, 2014:

-BruiseWayne42. Being against feminism or antifeminist, does not make a person anti-women, anti-women’s rights, or fearful of independent self-confident and self-assured women. However some feminists would certainly like to paint and label those that criticise them that way, to silence criticism of their bigotry and hypocrisy toward men and boys and use emotion to pull the wool over peoples eyes. In actual fact a number of independent self-confident women are antifeminists. Feminism follows an ideology which many men and women find to be incredibly flawed and demonstrably wrong. This combined with the bigoted conduct of prominent feminist leaders and feminist academics, makes people antifeminists. It has nothing to do with misogyny. As for myself, I don’t care about the shaming tactics feminists and white knights employ. I am not a sheep that can be herded back into line. All I care about is right and wrong. It is wrong to marginalise the male half of the population, subscribe to an ideology that instills hatred toward men and boys and follow a framework built on lies, to further the feminist cause all in the name of equality. It is fraud, it is hate and it is evil.

Feminism has very little to do with instilling self-confidence and self-assurance in women. Their entire ideological framework is based on the notion that women are powerless victims at the mercy of privileged men. Feminism is all about portraying women as natural default powerless victims, even when that is clearly at odds with reality and playing on peoples protective instincts (mainly men’s) and emotions to further their cause and gain power and money. The reality is society in the past and present is far more complex than saying women are always oppressed, men are always privileged, men are the oppressors and women have no power. For further discussion on why patriarchy theory is wrong, please read my article titled, “The Patriarchy And Other Feminist Half Truths”.

I am not certainly not going to allow people to marginalise my rights or attack my humanity as a man and just "get over it". I am not that apathetic to my own well-being. I am not going to just sit back and say nothing, while people like Hanna Rosin and Maureen Dowd engage in debates with the support of the mainstream media about whether the male half of the human race is "obsolete", "unnecessary" or whether it is the "end of men", as if men are utilities or products off an assembly line that don't have a right to exist in future society. Put in blacks, Jews or women in the place of men and both Rosin and Dowd would have been sacked and publicly vilified, let alone receiving support from the media to promote their bigotry. This is how low the social attitude is toward the humanity of men right now. It is disgusting. How do people expect to raise their sons in such a hateful and man-hating social climate? What do you think the impact bigotry like the "End of Men" has on young boys and their psychological health?

The divorce and family court system is steeply biased against men and even imprisons them. Men have no reproductive rights to speak of. Fatherhood is continually mocked in our culture and popular media and entertainment. Fatherhood is stripped from tens of thousands of good men by the corrupt family court system, which is heavily biased against men and sees them as nothing more than a paycheck. There is a suicide epidemic among men, many of which kill themselves because of divorce. Even boys as young as 15 now are killing themselves, something that was unheard of in the past. We have a boy crisis in education thanks to an education system that ignores and margnalises boys and because of a fatherless society and culture that treats men as idiots, all of which have been the product of decades of feminist social engineering in the education system, family court system and media. We have women only scholarships, dozens of learning programs and policies for girls education, women's departments and student groups at our universities and yet we have basically nothing for boys. Girls are treated as some oppressed minority in the education system and boys are ignored and yet girls are excelling in every area of education from kindergarten to graduate school and boys academic performance is in steep decline. The social and economic ramifications and consequences of the boy crisis in education will be enormous and disastrous. Moving on, if a draft is called tomorrow men and only men will be called upon. I could go on further and raise more examples.

I have no interest in letting a social system stand, that has no regard for my rights or humanity as a human being because I happen to be male. I certainly am not going to remain idle while an ideological movement claiming to be about gender equality, seeks to marginalise my rights and place in society further because I am male. Feminism is not about equality, it is about female supremacy.

greeneyedblondie on August 10, 2014:

I hate it when people in the United States say we need feminism. We can vote, we can work higher up in companies, and we can own property. In the USA we don't need feminimity! We're not victims anymore. We can and are pulling our own weight, the only thing stopping us is what stops everyone else-stereotypes. Teach women in other countries to be feminists if you're so worried about it.

David BruiseDude from Cleveland, Ohio on August 10, 2014:

A lot of people are definitely threatened by a self-confident and self-assured woman. I think people need to get over it already..

Ryan (author) from Australia on August 10, 2014:


Gunther on August 09, 2014:

This is a very good summary. I almost completely agree and where I don't I feel enriched. Thanks.

Ryan (author) from Australia on July 27, 2014:


You say-The word feminism is not salvageable.

From my experience that seems to be the consensus of many people in the general public. Feminism is not synonymous with women's rights or gender equality. A person can be anti-feminist and for women's rights, men's rights and gender equality, like myself. Feminism is an ideology and a hateful one at that. Rejecting it has nothing to do with being anti-women, it means you are opposed to their ideology and their theories. Of course they would like to claim otherwise to shame men and women who criticise them into silence, but people are wising up to their tactics. Newsflash for feminists-You don't own or have a monopoly on discussing and advocating for women's rights or gender equality and you are just as accountable for your own rhetoric and actions as any other political or social ideology or movement.

As for my use of the word "feminist" in my username, that comes down to a couple of reasons. There are two general defences feminists use to deflect accountability for the hate, bigotry and gender supremacy, prominent members of their own movement advocate or have advocated. The first defence is clinging to the dictionary definition of feminism, as if the dictionary suddenly wipes away the bigotry and hypocrisy committed in the name of feminism, with feminist support and with feminist funds. So I thought okay, if feminists want to play word games, then by their dictionary definition of feminism, I am a feminist. Therefore they should not have a problem with me making feminists and the movement itself accountable for their own hateful and bigoted actions and rhetoric. I mean if they are really are for equality, then what is the problem with me shining a floodlight on all their bigotry and hypocrisy that they hide behind their glossy PR campaigns and push under the rug? Words mean nothing when their actions run contrary to their empty rhetoric.

The second reason for the my use of their name, is to highlight the absurdity of the defence, "not all feminists are like that". Not all Nazi's were like that either, but that did not make it suddenly acceptable for Nazi's to do nothing and say nothing while 6 million Jews were exterminated by members of their own party. Likewise feminists ignoring and doing nothing about bigotry committed by prominent members with actual power, authority, money and political influence within their own movement, is indefensible. Not all feminists are like that is not an excuse. There is a big difference between a twitter feminist and feminists with actual political, legal and media influence enshrining their bias and bigotry into the practice of law, the education system and in government policy and further marginalising men and boys. Using the excuse "not all feminists are like that" is not an excuse to look the other way and not hold these powerful people accountable for their own bigotry and bias. Again I thought I would use the name feminist, to set an example. Again if they claim to be about equality, then what is the problem with holding these bigots accountable? Accountability is missing from feminism and the machiavallien sociopaths playing off peoples emotions within the feminist movement love it. They can carry out their agenda with no opposition.

You say-I think the movement for true equality about needs to adopt its own official name

Some people call themselves equalists, others call themselves humanists or men's human rights activists. What matters far more than names and labels, is what people actually do and what they say they stand for. Feminists don't seem to understand that concept.

Jarod on July 25, 2014:

The word feminism is not salvageable. Using it as an advocate for gender equality as archaic using the word "gay" to mean "happy". I think the movement for true equality about needs to adopt its own official name

Ryan (author) from Australia on February 13, 2014:

A sincere thank you for a coherent response Belleart. Yes I am comparing mainstream gender based feminist ideology with Nazism. There are many parallels between patriarchy theory and the Nazi anti-semitic ideology and I am not the only one that has made such a comparison. Both ideologies spoke of a class of people as being less human, targets of genocide, legally sanctioned murder and marginalisation and had a central dogma that inspired hate. Both had prominent people (in the case of feminism-academics, movement leaders and now legal experts) discuss the genocide and murder of a group of people. Just like not all feminists are like that, not all Nazis were like that either. Too bad they that only a handful of them tried to overthrow Hitler, Himmler, Goring and Goebels.

My argument is similar to the feminist argument? I will trust people to read my articles and make up their own minds on that one. I think it is pretty obvious I am on a different page to mainstream feminism on how I think and reason. Although dissident feminists like Christina Hoff Sommers and to an extent Camille Paglia share similar thoughts to my own. I am writing against feminism, which is an ideological movement as opposed to a class of people such as a gender or race which is what mainstream feminist ideology does (patriarchy theory, duluth model etc). Feminism is not synonymous with women's rights, it's ideological baggage makes it something else entirely. Yes I am saying that mainstream feminism demeans men and that they are partly to blame for men being marginalised in society. I have the evidence in my 36 or so articles and in the linked videos to prove that, which clearly is right in front of people to read and watch.

"What exactly would you have feminists do to ensure that misandry and radical feminism stops?!"

I want feminists to collectively self police their own movement and I want your leaders to set an example that misandry is not acceptable within the movement and I want them to walk the talk like men's human right activists do with against misogynists. Or said in another way, precisely what you claim to have done regarding misandry and the media and misandric behaviour, except directed at misandry in your own movement. Talking about men's rights in the media and society as you claim to have done is admirable, but it is kind of strange if someone remained silent when there is misandry right in the movement they belong to spread by hateful lunatics in prominent positions talking about legally sanctioned murder, genocide and male obsolecence. It would be like speaking out against racism against black people on buses in the 1960s in the American south and belonging to the KKK and saying your a good klanswoman. It is one thing to for people to say nothing about hate within their own movement, but it is even more incredible for these same people to then have a problem with outsiders criticising their movement for the exact hate they ignore, downplay or pretend does not exist.

"Stop painting men as villians and women as victims and inspiring hate.

Don’t remain silent and do nothing when other feminists engage in misandry or advocate discriminatory practices against men in the name of gender equality."

You say you do those things already, great. So you are speaking out against misandry in the feminist movement, excellent. I encourage people to check out your Hub material and verify that. I am doing these things too as people can clearly see in this article and others. A number of former feminists left the movement because of the man hate in feminism you say you have written about and now advocate for men's rights or have transitioned to humanism or equalism. A minority of "disowned" feminists are trying to turn things around like Christina Hoff Sommers, I fully support what they are trying to do. You say you are doing likewise, like myself, great, thank you. Then there are all the other feminists staying silent about it, criticising outsiders that speak up against misandry within feminism or are actively endorsing this misandry and hate.

Now what about the other five things I mentioned? I will assume you do those too. I detect a conscience behind your writings, listen to it and avoid letting other people tell you what right and wrong is. I will continue doing the same.

belleart from Ireland on February 13, 2014:

"Repeating the notion that "that not all feminists are like that" is no excuse for doing nothing about man hating bigotry within your movement. Just as it was not excusable for Nazi soldiers to do nothing when their colleagues had the Jews liquidated. Corruption and injustice in organisations spread when their leaders are not held accountable by their members."

Are you equating feminism to nazism? Your argument is actually similar to the feminist argument, women giving out about men because they demean women (which yes darkproxy, is still a huge concern, not a facade, and what costume party?) which has caused men to argue that women are men haters due to some of their harsher views of men, when in fact you are writing out against women who demean men and saying that the feminist movement is to blame. What exactly would you have feminists do to ensure that misandry and radical feminism stops?!

"Stop painting men as villians and women as victims and inspiring hate.

Don’t remain silent and do nothing when other feminists engage in misandry or advocate discriminatory practices against men in the name of gender equality."

these are both things I already do, yes I have written about sexism in the media (something that does matter darkproxy, which is why so many women wrote about it) but I have also written about misandry in media. I do speak out about misandric behavior as I do with all sexism.

Ryan (author) from Australia on February 11, 2014:

Dark Proxy-I did not delete your last comment, I don't do that, unless I get gibberish. Just had popped offline, sorry. People are entitled to have differences of opinion on things whether they are feminists, men's human right activists or humanists. So I will publish all comments provided they stay on the subject matter at hand and have some reasoned basis to them (whether I agree with them or not). I think what you described is a real issue and I know it has been discussed within feminist groups regarding the insistence on covering relatively superficial or baseless matters (Video games) rather than much graver injustices facing women such as sex slavery and human trafficking. There is a divide there between feminists. Now having said that, I do believe that there is a solid case to be made that women are over-sexualised in marketing and mass media and that this is connected to serious body image problems including anorexia. I am concerned about this as a man and so are many of us. Where myself and so many others completely separate from mainstream ideological feminism is attributing the cause to patriarchy, male privilege et cetera. The reality it is minority of executives, advertisers and editors making these decisions, many of whom are women (particularly with women's magazines) and not having any regulation or accountability to the public. This is about profit at the expense of public health, not about men oppressing women. Yes similar problems affect men and no feminism is not cause of all men's problems, but it is a significant barrier to men's rights advocacy unfortunately (mainstream feminism).

Darkproxy from Ohio on February 11, 2014:

I've read public displays of misogyny MF, Belleart's complaints are superficial. She is mostly demanding things like remove Ryan Lewis from the music industry over "blurred lines" because its rapey. Her concerns are nonsense and while she claims to be a true feminist and anti-radical she really isn't it's a facade. She would rather focus on trival issues for women like costume parties over actual issues like false rape reports being out of control, female pedophiles walking around soceity with free reign at little boys. I believe I covered her failings.

Ryan (author) from Australia on February 11, 2014:

-Belleart. There are feminists like Christina Hoff Sommers who I have immense respect for, that have publicly criticised feminist bigotry and attempted to do something about it. Then there are the far greater number of feminists that have remained silent and allowed these influential people to continue to marginalise men, spread hatred and disinformation and damage society. Silence and inaction is indefensible (some have even actively supported these bigots). Brushing the man hating baggage of feminism under the carpet and doing nothing about it hurts women's rights. All good women and men have to do is do nothing to allow evil to flourish. I don't plan on remaining silent and I am not going to pretend like these problems are not systemic within the leadership ranks and influential positions of the feminist movement. I never made mention that all feminists hate men or all feminists are ridiculous, but I did say that mainstream feminist dogma is hateful and speaks in half truths and that the movement has mostly been taken over and now run by radical ideologues.

Does that apply to even single feminist or aspect of feminism? No. However when looking at the movement collectively I do hold that point of view and so do many many others, not just MHRAs or antifeminists. Instead of getting defensive, feminists might want to start following in the footsteps of dissidents feminists like Sommers and quash the nonsense and hate within their ranks. You don't get credibility by remaining silent when people talk about genocide in your movement, you do when you speak out against it. Repeating the notion that "that not all feminists are like that" is no excuse for doing nothing about man hating bigotry within your movement. Just as it was not excusable for Nazi soldiers to do nothing when their colleagues had the Jews liquidated. Corruption and injustice in organisations spread when their leaders are not held accountable by their members.

Ryan (author) from Australia on February 11, 2014:

-The Knight-All I do is go off what feminists actually do. What they claim to be about is meaningless if they do not practice what they preach. When feminists talk about male genocide, men being less human or genetically defective, advocate the legally sanctioned murder of men or speak of male privilege from one corner of their mouth and then go on media circuits talking about "The End of Men" or why men are obsolete or "unnecessary", it is kind of hard for people to take feminists seriously when they say they are about equality. How exactly is talking about genocide, or writing books about "The End of Men And The Rise Of Women" or talking about men like they are obsolete products off an assembly line about equality? That looks a heck of a lot more like gender supremacy to me and to many others. As does the feminist manipulation of our laws to favour one gender over the other in family courts, divorce law, domestic violence, sexual abuse and their distortion of statistics. You speak of these individuals as extremists within the feminist movement and yet time and time again there is nothing but silence from the majority of so-called mainstream feminists regarding the rhetoric and actions of these bigots. Secondly many of these bigots are academics, leglisators, media officials and even politicians. They are prominent and influential people, some even work with children. The collective silence of mainstream feminists and even their overt approval of these people is indefensible.

belleart from Ireland on January 28, 2014:

Christian j_ I find that response totally ignorant....I have said on more than one occasion that I too find the radical areas of feminism to be the exact opposite of what society needs. The type of feminism that masculistfeminist talks about is disgraceful and hinders the progress that feminism has made in the last 20 years. But like all feminist haters, they assume all feminists are ridiculous, regardless whether their beliefs are hating men.

theknight on January 27, 2014:

You don't seem to have a solid grasp of what feminism is. What you described it as (judging women and telling them how they should be, bringing men down, etc) is exactly the opposite of feminism. They are advocates for gender equality, not gender supremacy. There are extremists, sure, but the people on the anti-feminist side can be just as crazy. Funny how anti feminists seem to think their definition of the "feminist agenda" is more correct than the definition given by actual feminists.

Ryan (author) from Australia on January 27, 2014:

Precisely. Talking about eugenics, infanticide and the extermination of men is not exactly about equality. Apparently a number of prominent feminists that have discussed male extermination can't tell the difference and really do hold the sick belief men are subhuman.

tn5421 on January 27, 2014:

Feminists could stop taking pages out of the Nazi's playbook, too.

Christian J. on December 10, 2013:


please don't get the wrong idea of what feminism or 'equalism' is all about and why its important."

It is a known fact that feminists like "belleart" suffer from severe cases of cognitive dissonance, they simply refuse to accept any criticism against the that feminist hate movement after Masculinistfeminist explains that entire movement for what it really is. She still refuses to accept the truth. Cognitive Dissonance describes that condition perfectly. There is no chance that anyone can get their inherent disbelieve that feminism is actually a "love" movement designed to improve the relationship between the sexes. That wish is completely devoid anyone has an even simple discussion with any feminist. They are compulsive haters but refuse to admit it.

Ryan (author) from Australia on November 19, 2013:

I am not totally against feminism in it's entirety or in an absolute sense because the movement is very broad. However I am against mainstream feminism as defined by their insistence on clinging to the half-truth of patriarchy theory. I do also believe that on the whole feminism has become a movement lead by radical ideologues and holds an ideology which inspires hatred of men.

So what branch of feminism do I support? The Oxford dictionary definition of the word and nothing more than that. Or feminism minus all the ideological baggage and man hating garbage.

The feminists I support, like Christina Hoff Sommers tend to be called dissident feminists. Well if being sane, thinking rationally and acting with integrity makes you a dissident or an anti-feminist, then such people should wear it as a badge of honour. Women like Sommers are the only chance of feminism being saved from itself.

I am completely for women's rights. No one can claim to be for men's rights and not be. Nor can anyone claim to be for women's rights and not be for men's rights. They are fundamentally the same thing-human rights. If you are for one then you have to be for the other.

"Please don't get the wrong idea of what feminism or 'equalism' is all about and why its important."

Equalism and feminism might be related to each other in the dictionary, but in reality we both know feminist ideology and the bigoted actions of many of it's members makes feminism a distinct beast.

I am against what feminism actually represents in reality, not what the dictionary defines it as. I won't ignore or downplay talk of genocide or eugenics by feminists either. Not only is such talk coming from influential people in society and from the feminist movement itself, but the examples are too numerous to simply call an aberration.

belleart from Ireland on November 15, 2013:

Please have a read over my essay on 'public displays of misogyny'. I feel like, from reading your hubs, that you are totally against feminism when in fact there is still a dire need or it in modern society. I still quite enjoy your hubs and you write very well, but please don't get the wrong idea of what feminism or 'equalism' is all about and why its important.

Ryan (author) from Australia on October 13, 2013:

The problem is simple. We cannot strive for gender equality if we only focus on women. Men need to be liberated from their traditional role as well and their needs and concerns taken just as seriously by society. Yet we have only attended to the needs and concerns of women for the last 40 years and expect that not to create an imbalance. This is what ideological thinking does, it makes people look at reality through a narrow lens with devastating consequences. If we ignore men's issues and human rights, then inevitably that will impact women and they will have no choice but to "have it all" and be responsible for everything. The irony is feminism then attempts to blame men for the imbalance they have helped create. Feminism has actively silenced and downplayed discussion of men's issues for 40 years. With their zero sum mindset, they have also actively discriminated against men to elevate women and put them on a pedestal. We now have raised entire generations of boys that have had their future stripped from them through fatherless homes, a biased education system and society that demonises masculinity. Then we wonder why they don't marry and kill themselves at several times the rate of their female counterparts. As the saying goes, "you reap what you sow" and these hypocrites will learn it the hard way.

PetervandenBerg on October 08, 2013:

I fully agree with this Hub that is conforming my own experience. I would like to add that feminism pressures women so much "to have it all", both a career and a family, that most of them are stressed and nearly exhausted. Before, women maintained the social relationships and held society together. Now, they have no time for that and society is disintegrating more and more.

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