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Why Rape Is Happening in Bangladesh?

Photo explanation  A motherly-aged-women addressing the rapists as her sons to have mercy on her

Photo explanation A motherly-aged-women addressing the rapists as her sons to have mercy on her

Rape: Becoming a new normal for Bangladesh! A nation is losing its value in the spread of rape: What is the solution?

Rape is happening almost every day somewhere or other in Bangladesh. Women are being stripped naked. People are capturing this scene and spreading online. This brutality is beyond endurance. What a sick generation has developed in this country! In our families, rapists were raised, and no one noticed. The body is getting shivering at the thought.

Ordinary people like us neither can say anything nor can bear anything. When people try to raise their voices through the human chain, law enforcement shows their power. If the situation goes on like this, it may be direr when the people, tired of seeking justice, take up the responsibility of justice. Therefore, unprecedented punishment for rape should be ensured — This is the demand of the masses today.

Rape is a sexual crime or sexual violence. Rape is not sexuality at all; it is an abuse of male power. And the rapists grew up in the shadow of power. Usually, people want to try what they learn by seeing. Enjoying the rape scene with the whole family in the movie was not supposed to be anything better than what is happening in society. That is what is happening, what supposed to happen.

At a young age, when he should plan and build his future, he tasted power under the political influence — his boiling blood never wants to miss to exercise this power. When the country’s law and justice system became criminal friendly, they dared to rape with the help of uncontrolled and excessive force. They are always behind the scenes by touching the loopholes of power and law.

In Bangladesh’s climate and environment, a boy or a girl acquires full sexual ability at the age of 14/15 years on average. But they are in the throes of marriage after more than 10/15 years. They have no legitimate opportunity to suppress sexual appetite for such a long time. In addition, when the question of marriage arises, there comes a lot of social rules and regulations.

Sexual energy is an invaluable resource given by God. It is no wonder if this sensitive energy is not used properly, it will be misused, which is normal. On top of that, if there are moral decay and an opportunity to show extreme power, then there is no other way to stop rape.

Adult boys in this country are often sexually overcharged. Short-sleeved women are always adorned in advertisements and billboards — where all the exciting wrinkles of his body are being presented — Cheer girls show their belly dance in the middle of a cricket match, sexual content readily available on mobile phones, web series, pornography, porn movies and much more.

All those who present women’s bodies as cheap objects of consumption as sex objects are basically rapists. Young people are fully charged when they see this sex object. But is there any legal way to release this energy? No, never! As a result, masturbation, extramarital affair, and heroic rape are going on if there is power. Media, mass media, Facebook’s news-feed seem to have only one news — Rape! Rape! And rape!

A particular separate page on the newspaper is scheduled for murder and rape, which never goes empty. Such incidents are happening almost every day in every district. So, to get rid of this epidemic — it is high time we need to make marriage an easy process, we need to stop all avenues of pornography, we need to control the fierce power, and we need to teach our children morality and humanity.

Day and night, you tell people dirty love stories and teach the power game of dirty politics. And when the rape happened, you start to do hullabaloo. What a double standard! Drama, movies, advertisements, books and the internet will be full of nudity and sex everywhere, the procedure for marriage will be complicated, the political exercise of power will continue, and if some rapists are caught and hanged, the rape will stop — What a childish idea it is!

Planting humanism inside the human is not a piece of cake. People often said — as soon as a cow comes out of the cow’s stomach, it becomes a cow — As soon as a goat comes out of the goat’s stomach, it becomes a goat — But once human came out of the human stomach, it does not become human, instead, you need to make him human.

If human beings cannot become actual human, animalistic behavior develops in them. Then there is no more humanity in him. Sometimes he even surpasses the beast. On the contrary, if he became intensely conscious of natural aridity and gradually practices the value, he slowly becomes a great man. Therefore, moral education and the practice of humanity are needed to make people human. It is vital to practice moral education and humanity in the family, in the society, in the educational institution, in the state.

If we really want to stop rape from society, we have to change the overall system and establish an anti-crime and humane society. Our education system must also be a God-fearing education system. Not only that, first, the ruling class and the guardians have to turn themselves into God-fearing people. Only then it will be possible to change the overall system.

The lack of morality, the spread of obscenity, the absence of an independent judiciary and the subculture of seizing power in the country, have no chance to stop the rape epidemic all of a sudden. It will continue like this. Some events have gone viral; that’s why we had the opportunity to know them while the rest will be suppressed.

From now on, it is not possible to deal with this crisis unless we all take it seriously. Efforts must be made from all quarters. There is no alternative to building a moral generation. Rape cannot be prevented without the practice of humanity and the practice of morality. The education system is crucial for awakening conscience and developing the human being. Otherwise, one of our darling brothers may become the rapist, or our beloved sister may become the next victim. Then there is nothing left to do but get disoriented and say, “We want justice.”

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