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Why President Trump Attacks Are Non Stop Since 2016 Election

Jason Cloninger is a conservative writer, U.S. Navy & Army veteran, business owner, husband of 17 years, father, 2A supporter, & patriot.

The Russia Hoax

The Russia Hoax

The Russia Hoax - Strike One

The Russia Hoax was essential in the attack upon candidate Trump, as they saw that his popularity was growing quickly. They drastically needed a means of weakening him in the eyes of the American people. However, it was more than just that. By trying to build a false narrative of a non-existent relationship between Trump and Moscow, it would allow them to weaponize government intelligence and investigation assets and resources against him.

Fusion GPS was hired by Hillary Clinton and the DNC to build an opposition research document that could harm Trump's chances at the Presidency. Mainly they were hired to come up with a solution to help Americans forget about her illegal classified email server, as well as the atrocities of her completely failed operation in Benghazi. Fusion GPS hires Christopher Steele, a former MI6 agent who was stationed for a while in Russia, to dig up as much as he can on candidate Trump. He immediately begins generating the "Steele Dossier", which was comprised of a bunch of fantastical misinformation, lies, and possibly even Russian Intelligence misinformation meant to do harm to the United States. We don't know his real sources, but he claims that one of them is a high ranking Russian intelligence officer. Question, if Trump has spent pretty much NO time EVER in Russia before, why was Christopher Steele working to get information on Trump in Moscow? Why even begin to look there, and not at his dealings here in the United States?

One thing of note, Christopher Steele also knows Stefan Halper. Halper, who was apparently using his position and ties to Cambridge University in England to have intelligence seminars with foreign agents, has direct ties to both Alexander Downer and Joseph Mifsud. So, all of the major players around Steele and Papadopoulos are all connected. Some of the major questions regarding the integrity of the Steele Dossier is credibility. Who wrote the dossier? Why are some parts written differently than others? Analysts have indicated parts of it read like a Russian intelligence report. Did he get those portions from a Russian contact? Was that contact running a counter-intelligence operation against Christopher Steele, trying to sow discord in the United States? How much of it was contributed by Stefan Halper?

Christopher Steele takes the information within his dossier to several people. First, by contract, he had to deliver the information to Hillary Clinton and DNC via his contract with Fusion GPS. However, he also managed to put it somehow into the hands of Senator McCain. Apparently, either Christopher Steele was not satisfied with this, or he was being paid to be "more social" with his findings. He took his information to the FBI, who also received the information from Senator McCaine's office.

However, some time prior to Steele taking the dossier to the FBI, Brennan at some point also managed to get ahold of the Intelligence within the Steel Dossier. Because, as we now know, Brennan was pressuring Comey into taking action by opening a federal investigation. So, before Steele took his information to the FBI, either Steele delivered his product to the CIA himself or one of his former colleagues in MI6 shared the information with U.S. Intelligence through the FVEY intelligence sharing channels. Senator McCaine either got his copy from Fusion GPS or one of his contacts at British Intelligence, Sir Andrew Wood.

At this point, there are still several missing pieces that will begin to show just now connected this network of conspirators truly is: George Papadopoulos, Carter Page, Stephan Halper, Joseph Mifsud, Natalia Veselnitskaya, and Alexander Downer. We know that Stephan Halper was an FBI spy into the Trump campaign, who has decades of experience in campaign intelligence management. We also know that he specifically ensured that he would speak to Papadopoulos and Page, thus giving the FBI FISA warrant access to them, and anyone else in the campaign that they spoke to, via the "Two-Hop-Rule". However, who was the one who tasked Mifsud to engage with Papadopoulos and feed him bad Russia intel for him to hopefully repeat? Was that Halper too?

Once Papadopoulos repeated this intel to Alexander Downer, an Australian diplomat with some interesting organizational ties, with Downer apparently fishing for information and overtly recording him with his smart phone, Downer went via FVEY channels to report that he had overheard a Trump Campaign member who had direct knowledge of Russian hacked emails from DNC. However, this is not what Papadopoulos said. He said "dirt on Hillary". Which begs the question: Why did Downer know what Mifsud told to Papadopoulos, when Papadopoulos didn't disclose exactly what Mifsud said? Logically, once we look at the photos in the public domain showing Stephan Halper with Mifsud, Downer, and Steele, and Halper's decades of interactions with Russian agents via his intelligence symposiums at Cambridge University, we can definitely identify him as a possible suspect/source of the Steele Dossier. Did he supply some or most of the intelligence, claiming that it was from a Russian source that he actually knows?

However, this was not enough for them to convince the American public that there was a "Russia problem" within the Trump campaign. They needed more "Russia" contacts to point to than just what was included within the Steele Dossier. The Dossier could also not be the focus of attention. If everyone was relying upon the Steele Dossier as the primary evidence against the Trump campaign, everyone would be dissecting it with a microscope and (obviously) it couldn't stand up to even basic levels of scrutiny. That is where Donald Trump Jr. comes into play.

Fusion GPS retains Natalia Veselnitskaya, who sets up a meeting with Donald Trump Jr. In the meeting, where she originally stated was about ensuring sanctions don't impact the adoption of Russian orphans into the United States, she starts talking about other topics such as sanctions relief. As soon as he discovers that she was there to talk about items not originally agreed to, he promptly leaves. Later, we discover that Natalia Veselnitskaya met with Fusion GPS both the day BEFORE and the day AFTER her meeting with Donald Trump Jr. It becomes crystal clear, especially from a bird's eye view, to see how someone was controlling the development of this "Russian Collusion" narrative, building the story of Russian collusion with Trump family and campaign, which there was absolutely zero evidence of prior to Fusion GPS being hired.

Add in the leaked information on Paul Manafort regarding his supposedly shady dealings within the Ukraine, which was done by Alexandra Chalupa of the DNC, and now they have enough manufactured dirt to make it appear that the Trump Administration has connections within Russia. However, remember all of the downplaying all of the DOJ did regarding the Steele Dossier? It "wasn't important to the investigation", or "wasn't necessary for the FISA warrants". However, upon release of Horowitz's IG Report, we find out that is was the only thing that allowed the original Carter Page FISA warrant to get approved.

The worst part of all, is that we are now receiving intelligence from the Ukraine that the prior released "Black Book" which was used as evidence against Paul Manafort was in fact a manufactured product. We are also seeing indications that the CIA withheld and/or misrepresented facts to the FBI in relation to the Steele Dossier, their activities and communications abroad, or both. Which means the sole bases for the FBI raid into Manafort's home was falsified evidence. It also means that the FBI's being pressured by John Brennan to open a counterintelligence investigation to also be suspect. The source says that it was created specifically to harm the Trump Administration. If this is discovered to be true, Paul Manafort may get a chance at his freedom, and it's another piece of evidence that can show there was a massive organize crime syndicate within our government and foreign governments trying to falsely overthrow the President of the United States.

Accurate depiction of the Spygate activities which was the beginning of the attempted set-up of the Trump Campaign to drive a false narrative of Russian Collusion.

Accurate depiction of the Spygate activities which was the beginning of the attempted set-up of the Trump Campaign to drive a false narrative of Russian Collusion.

Mueller Report

Mueller Report

The Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, Which Never Should Have Been

The Mueller Report, published in 2019, after Robert Mueller's appointment as Special Counsel on May 17, 2017, is a document that never should have been. Don't believe me? Read Alan Dershowitz's Forward within the book. All of the "Russian Connections" that they tried painfully weave into the Trump Team, were all manufactured. In fact, the FBI 302 interview of Rod Rosenstein indicates that candidate Trump was in no way a suspect at all before the Special Counsel was appointed. The Attorney General, at the time, Jeff Sessions also did not need to recuse himself. All of his "Russian Dealings" were all within his duties and responsibilities both as a Senator and as a member of specific special committees. No one on the President's Team during the election had inappropriate contacts with Russians. The one person who did have Russian contacts, many of which we KNOW are Russian spies, is Stephan Halper, the FBI spy sent to be their FISA Court "Two-Hop Mule". He has so many Russian contacts, that he would have been a much better candidate for Russian collusion than anyone on the Trump Team.

So, if the President had no Russian ties to him prior to his run for the Presidency, and no one on his team did before these foreign agents attempted to reach out to his team, then why was a Special Counsel even needed? If it was such a risk, then why wasn't he given a security briefing before by U.S. intelligence community in regards to it? The DOJ can definitely handle investigating whether or not Russian persons were using Facebook Ads and Pages, plus fake news sites, to influence our election. Some of you will say, what about Carter Page? He had Russian dealings! Yes, he did, through the normal everyday activities of his job in the energy sector. He ALSO was working FOR the CIA to collect intelligence on some persons in the Russian energy sector who had organized crime ties. However, this little tid-bit was blocked from the FBI when an email from the CIA was intercepted and doctored by... none other than FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith!

Why would an FBI attorney hide exculpatory information that would prove that attempts to frame Carter Page having unclean ties to Russia were being made? We have the Steele Dossier which not only reads like the Enquirer, but any attempt to verify facts within the Steele Dossier flops immediately. In fact, the details within the Steel Dossier are just as fantastical as the claims of the Enquirer, if not more so. So, what is the explanation? How were both the CIA and the FBI fooled into using the Steel Dossier as evidence - without verifying the information within it? Why did they use it in the FISA court without applying the Woods Procedures, and hide all exculpatory evidence from the court?

We have carefully dropped faux intel to persons on the Trump Team, we have spies with questionable ties being paid millions to spy on the Trump Team, but people are having a hard time recognizing that we are looking at a RICO case? The ties of all of these persons are well documented in "Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump" by Dan Bongino, and can also be seen in The Epoch Times Spygate image above. Once we start correlating how all of the persons know each other, and then start to dissect all of the malfeasances there are with the origins of bad evidence, and hiding of good evidence, it becomes much clearer. There is no way that this many attempts to plant false evidence could happen without planning or coordination, both in the U.S. and abroad, and there is no way that so much exculpatory evidence could be hidden by multiple members of the Mueller Team and the FBI without there being a clear motive behind all of the actions collectively. There are too many coincidences for these occurrences to be attributed to mistakes, oversights, or blunders. When control of the United States is at stake, which is big money, and control of our DOJ is at stake, which could mean discovery of any committed crimes of persons from the past administration, the motive of self preservation, personal financial gain, and collective political gain, the list of co-conspirators (persons who hid evidence, altered evidence, provided false evidence, or press members who helped to drive the public narrative by refusing to investigate the facts and persons behind each of the hoaxes) matches perfectly with those who benefited from the damage to the Trump Campaign and later Trump Administration.

Point of fact, the Mueller Team is guilty of acts of malfeasance that Americans should not expect from a group of attorneys sanctioned by Congress and working such a high profile and sensitive issue. They have been caught, on multiple occasions, hiding or burying exculpatory information from the courts and counsel for the defense. They were even forced by court order to stop accusing Russian companies of election meddling, after being sued by one of them, because they lacked sufficient evidence to show any of that to be true. They strong armed charged against multiple people within, or who supported, the Trump Campaign, and we are discovering that they may have lacked sufficient evidence to even predicate those investigations, much less charge the persons that they charged.

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As we fast forward to present day, you're seeing General Flynn not only asking for his guilty plea to be withdrawn, but asking for total exoneration of charges from the government, because he provided it under duress and because his prior counsel were literally the same firm who signed off on his FARA form. So, the source of his being charged were the lawyers defending him. Mueller lawyers knew this fact, drug the case out, bankrupted General Flynn, threatened to drag his son into the case, and then his prior attorneys advised him to accept the plea deal that would protect his son from being included. It's pretty convenient if you ask me, that we're consistently seeing evidence against Trump team members being faked, and then evidence that would exonerate then being hidden from the courts by the Muller Team. If General Flynn hadn't fired his previous counsel and hired famous anti-corruption attorney Sidney Powell, we never would have found out just how crooked the Mueller prosecutors were in the scope of the malfeasances they perpetrated upon General Flynn and the court. Nor would we have found out that his prior counsel were the ones who submitted his FARA filing, signed off on its integrity, and then failed to notify the judge of these facts.

We are witnessing organized crime, on a massive scale, by a significant number of persons within our government and related industries. All of their coordinated actions were engineered to build up this narrative against the Trump Team, and to weaponize DOJ and Intelligence Community resources to overturn the 2016 Presidential Election. This was a massive operation, to protect the Clinton Campaign and President Obama, and members of the media have been covering it up since day one. They are risking jail, and possibly death penalty if found guilty of treason, by doing so. So, what everyone should be asking themselves is this: "What crimes are so bad that they are all collectively willing to risk jail or execution to hide?"

Reason For Fake-Whistleblower Whistleblower

Coverup for Biden, Burisma, NGO's, & Democrats (Plural) Scandal...

So, the Democrats knew that the Ukraine election was coming, and that President Trump would be calling the winner to congratulate them and discuss U.S. foreign policy moving forward. They decided to use that call in order to set up an accusation of impropriety. They even tried this scandal once before, with a false claim regarding weapons sales to Ukraine. It flopped because there was absolutely no evidence or truth to the claim. However, several investigators have stated that they believe that the previous accusation regarding Ukraine was merely a dry run for them. They wanted to harm this administration, and the Ukrainian election (with an expected congratulatory call) gave them the means to do so.

The other component however, was the pending investigation. If they have a whistleblower approach the house, then the Democrats can control the narrative because they control the house. They should have not been able to literally keep the whistleblower from testifying, as anonymity is not required by law, nor is it a right enumerated in the constitution. In fact, the accused are able to face their accusers in the court of law, and the court is able to ascertain whether or not the whistleblower is credible based upon facts and testimony.

However, in crazy town, the Democrats were able to "claim" anonymity as a right. The Press, along with their (obviously) politically biased Big Tech companies, helped to support their illegal and grotesque interpretation of the law, due process, the rights of the accused, and the rights of the accuser, by never pointing out that there is nothing written anywhere which allows anonymity of accusers. Never in the history of our judicial system have we ever witnessed such a banana republic atrocious interpretation of our justice system, and it can all be laid at the feet of the Democrat Party, the Press, YouTube, and Twitter.

This whole big staged event, a grotesquely poorly written puppet show, was all to accomplish one thing: Keep Republicans busy so that they cannot investigate into Ukraine corruption. Biden's running for the Presidency was not even in the cards until they realized that he was going to be the "whale" that the Trump DOJ would be aiming for once they discovered details about what happened under the previous Ukrainian administration. His son's impropriety, the millions of dollars in "loans" from banks which received U.S. Foreign Aid funds, the $7 Billion in aid that cannot be 100% accounted for, the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating fraud at Burisma while Hunter was employed there, were all pushing the evidence in the direction of the Biden family. However, they were not the only Democrats involved with questionable or nefarious activities in the Ukraine. They also weren't the only ones receiving money from the NGO's that our foreign aid money magically wound up going to. How many PACs or political donations came to the United states from those NGO's or from Ukrainian businessmen who profited from our foreign aid dollars? Who received them? What involvement did they have with Ukraine foreign policy decisions and votes?

Also, the activities of LTC Vindman were highly suspect. Firstly, he violated the UCMJ. Secondly, he tried to alter the call transcript. He made two little changes at first, prior to the document being moved onto a secure server. However, if you intend to nefariously update a document in order to harm someone, you don't just do it outright. You do something small to see if it raises any alarms or concerns, or if anyone even notices the changes. If no one does, then you do the big alter to frame the intended person.

The Vindman testimony also didn't make any sense in regards to the executive powers of the President. His testimony was literally like this: "The President did something that I and some staff didn't like regarding foreign policy. Instead of my raising my concerns through proper channels, I decided to lawyer up and then attack the Presidency by helping Democrats to weaponize myself in conjunction with the whistleblower." Now, it's no longer only one person saying something ridiculous, it's two. So, people must believe them if it's two, and one is in uniform. Benedict Arnold wore a uniform too, and it didn't improve his integrity one iota.

The President has a duty to ensure that our foreign aid is going to a non-corrupt country and that the money will be used as intended, towards the betterment of the lives of their population. The President, as the chief law enforcement officer, has a duty to pursue any and all evidence of corrupt acts committed by any American citizen, no matter their position, office, or political affiliation. We even have a treaty with Ukraine in regards to this very matter, allowing any and all persons to be investigated and prosecuted in order to rapidly root out corruption from their country, so that their money can finally begin to do good for their citizens and not go into the pockets of oligarchs and their corrupt networks.

Russia Collusion Hoax Exposed & Disintegrated by 2020

House Fake Investigations & Shampeachment

Schiff & Nadler Shampeachment

Schiff & Nadler Shampeachment

Nothing Up To Now Justifies Investigation Into the President or Impeachment

Literally, what were they thinking? Every moment leading to now, every attempt at trying to frame President Trump with made up conspiracies, non-existent crimes, and accusations of crimes that the rest of us already know the Democrats are guilty of, has fallen flat. Even the Ukraine call attempt to make it look like President Trump said something on the call that he didn't, was utterly torpedoed by President Trump's decision to publicly release the complete transcript from the call. Even though Americans read the call and understood that nothing inside of it warranted an investigation, much less fell outside of the purview of our nation's top executive, the Democrats pretended as if no one read it. It was literally like watching people reading a script that they knew everyone else knew was crap, but they kept reading it because there wasn't any other plan in place to harm the President.

The impeachment was the culmination of all of their lies, leaks, and lament over the loss of the 2016 election. The problem they were facing? All of the crimes they committed under Obama, where they were funneling money into foreign nations, NGO's, and Foundations, which would then come back to them in the form of donations and PACs, was about the be exposed by a President who was well aware of their corruptions. Trump had been donating to them for decades, and watching them cheat Americans from their money, do absolutely nothing to help Americans, sell off our jobs and take away our freedoms, and celebrate with lavish parties where some of the lowest and nastiest human beings were being celebrated. He saw behind the green curtain, and knew their corruptions. He arrived stating that he had enough of it, and that he was going to take back everything that they took away. The problem? That would risk him uncovering everything they did, and all of the money they took, to get America into the gutters we found ourselves in.

House Impeachment

Adam Schiff Starchamber Antics - No Due Process, No Unbiased Access to Witnesses

What Are Democrats Trying to Hide?

There are a log of scandals that Democrats would have reason to hide from the American people. Each and every one of them tends to have large sums of money somehow involved. A few of them are possibly so bad that anyone found guilty may face the death penalty. However, President Trump is not on a partisan vendetta. He simply wants good people rewarded, and criminals to get punished. He literally just commuted former Illinois Governor Blagojevich's prison sentence, a Democrat, because he knew he had served his time. He also knows that he was caught doing the same thing that other Democrats had done in the past.


Uranium One was an extremely well-kept secret, until it wasn't. Essentially, a shell company for the Russian government was trying to buy up some of the United States Uranium reserves. There were decent amount of moving parts with the process, including approval by a committee that Hillary Clinton served on as Secretary of State. It was approved, and we sold a significant amount of our Uranium to the Russians. However, before that finalized is where things really got interesting. A whistleblower came forward stating that executives involved with the target company were receiving bribes, or were being blackmails/extorted if they did not take bribes. These nefarious activities were originating from the Russian government. Who was Director of the FBI at the time? Why none other than.... Robert Mueller! He even had to take a sample of the Uranium to Russia for it to be tested. The FBI then raided the home of the whistleblower and confiscated all of his evidence of these nefarious activities.

So, the FBI starts an investigation, as they literally had to. However, they fail to tell Congress about said investigation. Congress, who would immediately put a halt to the sale of our uranium to the Russian company if they found out that Russia was using nefarious means to corrupt persons involved in order to to assist with its approval, are supposed to be notified by the FBI of any investigations involving national security, economic stability, or if they put our infrastructures at risk, utilities being a part of that. Not only was the investigation buried, but Attorney General Loretta Lynch, according to the whistleblower (who are supposed to be protected from retaliation or intimidation) threatened the whistleblower with prosecution if they should utter a word to anyone about what they tried to report.


The review of the Hillary Clinton private email server, its being compromised, how much information was compromised, and who compromised it, its still on-going. As much as they worked to bury this, most people truly don't understand just how bad this really was. Plus, they don't know that Comey's long-winded little explanation of why he didn't recommend prosecution, because "she didn't intend" to place at risk or harm national security, was a blatant lie. He failed to SHOW intent or premeditation, but that doesn't mean that the evidence wasn't there. There are two indisputable facts which prove that Hillary Clinton KNEW that she was circumventing safety checks put in place to protect national security, and they're so simple to comprehend that a 6 year old can understand it.

First, there are security requirements in place to ensure protection of government information, maintenance of its integrity, and availability of related documents and data for investigation and FOIA requests. in order for her non-government, non-safe, email server to access the State Department's hardened SMTP server BEHIND their hardened firewalls (plural), someone (or a team of someones) had to place security exceptions in place for her to penetrate the firewalls, and route properly to the State Department's mail server. This, at a minimum, required Secretary of State approval AND signature. No one, especially a career State Department IT person, is going to be DUMB enough to do all of that work to put the State Department at risk WITHOUT a guarantee that they would not have any punitive measures levied against them. It is literally a purposeful implementation of a circumvention of security protocols, placing national security at risk. The fact that the State Department IT staff were being shielded and protected from having to testify about these acts showed during the investigation, because they were allowed to NOT testify in front of Congress and to remotely plead the 5th.

Second, she was emailing President Obama on his Blackberry phone using her non-government, unsafe, email server. However, in order for her insecure, non-government network residing, placed in the basement of her home, email server to even SEND emails to the president, her email server had to be "white listed" to allow President Obama to receive her emails. That is not one, but two intentional, premeditated, and cognizant actions which required not one, but two approvals for them to occur. One approver being POTUS, for Hillary's email server to send email to the President, and the other approver being Secretary of State Clinton, to allow her email server to access State Department mail server.


When Behghazi occurred, and resulted in the deaths of U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens, U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALs Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty, Americans were left with questions. For one, why was a U.S. Embassy capable of being overrun? Why were any Americans even still in Libya? Why was an Embassy and CIA annex operational in Libya when all other governments had left? These questions led to Congress opening an investigation, and to some amazing reviews of the information released by the Obama Administration versus the facts relayed to Congress from others.

The most important facts relayed were that prior to the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya, apparently the United States State Department approved the sale of weapons to groups in Libya looking to overthrow the former dictator. The problem is that those groups had known links to al-Qaeda. The CIA annex was supposedly an on-going operation to "buy back" the guns sold to them prior to the overthrow of Gaddafi, so that those guns could be routed to Syria to help them with their next regime change operation. Meaning, they were removing the evidence from the scene of a crime, because selling guns to known terrorists is against the law. The fact that the attack was not pre-planned and part of an uprising due to a YouTube video, a lie the Obama Administration told all over morning television for weeks. The fact that we could not get military assets into the area in a timely manner to rescue our CIA assets trapped in the area, also a lie that was disproven by military leaders who were actively trying to get approval to mobilize for hours.

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Edward Lane from Wichita Falls, Texas on February 19, 2020:

Very interesting article, Jason! Thanks for sharing. Will be interesting to see what ongoing investigations reveal.

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