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Reasons why People Leave their Homeland and Emigrate from There Country To Other Countries?


Why People Migrate from developing countries to developed countries?

Generally, people prefer to live their whole life in their homeland, where they born and used to spend their childhood and youth. Love for the motherland exists in our nerves. In the normal circumstances people don’t like to leave their loved ones. They have to decide to migrate only in dire circumstances. However, there is an increasing tendency that people used to migrate and international migration is a hot issue of the present era. Importance of this issue can be gauged from the aspect that in most instances the illegal emigrants have to risk their lives and in some instances even they lost their lives.

In order to find out the reasons we have to first answer the following questions:-

1. Which are the countries from where people are migrating? What is lacking therein?

2. Which countries are the most popular destinations of the immigrants? What attractions these countries have that attract the immigrants.

Countries from which people migrate:-

This is an open secret that people from under-developed and developing countries like, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, African countries etc. prefer to migrate from their home country to developed countries. These countries are lacking of opportunities of employment, basic facilities, social justice and equality, security, political and economic stability. There are other countries like Afghanistan from which the people migrate due to consistent war in the Afghanistan. In Pakistan, there are about four million Afghan Refugees.

Popular Destinations of Emigrants:-

Most popular destinations of emigrants are developing countries e.g. America, Australia, European Countries etc. These countries have better economic and political conditions. Basic rights of every human being are adhered to. There is more security and socio-economic justice.

From the above, we can easy sort out the reasons; why people migrate from their homeland, which are as under:-

1. Employment Opportunities:

This is the most important factor which attracts the emigrant to leave their homeland and in some instances their families as well. Emigrants are assured that immediately after their arrival they will be offered a better employment. Thanks to cyber world, a person having a particular skill in an under-developed country could easy know about the earning of a person having similar skills in a developed country.

2. Socio-Economic Conditions:-

Socio economic conditions of these developed countries also attract emigrants. They guarantee security, justice, equality and all other rights guaranteed under the United Nation’s charter. In their homeland they could not even imagine out such rights.

3. Population Growth rate – Rule of demand and supply.

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This is also a fact that in developing countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan population growth rate is more than the developed countries. On the country, economic growth rate is slow in developing countries and high in developed countries. So a rule of demand and supply can also be applied. Developing countries have excessive human resources whereas the developed nations need more human resources. So they have to allow emigrants.

4. Attractions by Developed Countries:-

The governments of developed countries have also introduced the schemes to attract the skilled human resources so that they may play their role in the rapid development of their country. This is a fact that intelligentsia of the less developed countries used to migrate to the developed countries and has played significant role in the development of these countries.

Secondly, the developing countries have also introduced schemes to introduce investments. The developing countries always welcome the investors and skilled human resources.

5. Currency convertible rates:-

Developed countries have strong currencies. For example, 1 US$ is equivalent to Pakistani Rs.85/-. So, a Pakistan if earned a US$ 1000/- per month only his income in Pakistan currency would be Rs.85,000/-, which is the income of a highly skilled personnel in Pakistan.

6. Better Future:-

An emigrant sees a bright future for his offspring in the countries, so he prefers to migrate to developed countries.

7. Religious or Racial Reasons:-

A Jewish living in Egypt should prefer to migrate to Israel. Similarly, a Christian would have more liberty in a Christian majority country as compared to a country where Muslims or Hindus are in majority.

8. War

People from a war affected countries would always prefer to migrate. Most recent example of such migration is Afghanistan, who migrated to their neighboring country Pakistan. Though in Pakistan they also have to life a miserable life but they have no other option.

9. Rejoining of families:-

This is a very rear immigration but this also a reason to migrate from one country to the other.

10. Disparity in the circumstances of the countries

There is great disparity in the per capita income of the developing/underdeveloped countries as compared to the developed countries. For example, the individuals living in India cannot even imagine earning the income earned by the people in the countries like Australia, USA, UK or European Union Countries.

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