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Why Is Donald Trump's Skin Orange?

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I am apolitical but do like to stay current on trends. I search anything and everything on the internet into the late hours.

Former Whitehouse Employee Reveals Trump

As reported by US Weekly, former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman in Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House divulges that the President of the United States uses a tanning bed every morning. Us Weekly quoted Omarosa's book saying: “He prefers to do it in the morning so he ‘looks good’ all day."

But does it look good? The Independent published statistics showing that 73% of UK adults opted out of UV tanning bed thanks to President Trump's "misuse." As quoted on, so adds Jason Kelly, Cleveland-based makeup artist:

"I know exactly what he does to himself — the tanning bed, the spray tan, he wears the goggles and you can see the hyperpigmentation around his eyes . . . . What I'll do is use a slightly deeper color and blend it into his tan so there's not an abrupt contrast. I'm ready for it.”

Other makeup artists believe he frequents tanning beds (hence the rings around the eyes from the goggles). According to sources, Steve Hilbert (CEO of New Sunshine since 2006), a maker of tanning beds and booths Kardashian-branded lotions, has close relations with Trump. He even pushed some of New Sunshine's products—coincident or not?

Protestors Use Face Paint to Mock President Trump

Many commentators mock his orange skin tone referring to him as "President Agent Orange" and Angry Creamsiscle—protestors are often seen wearing orange face paint.

A mashup of young Trump, senior Trump, and tanning beds.

A mashup of young Trump, senior Trump, and tanning beds.

Why Is Trump's Skin Orange?

All tanning specialists and enthusiasts know that an orange glow isn't something to be proud of—the goal is to be bronzed. An orange glow is a direct indication that your tan likely came out of a bottle and is termed "fake bake." "Fake bake" is a much safer alternative to UV exposure and UV radiation in tanning beds which is known to cause cancer (aside from the chemicals).

Spray tanning works by dyeing the dermis of the skin and is a popular alternative in mainstream beauty to UV damage caused by sun and UV exposure. The problem with the orange tone is that it is clearly fake. We know that beautiful, tanned skin is often envied by those with paler complexions at it makes many feel young, healthy, and beach-kissed—the huge allure of the tanning industry.

"I know exactly what he does to himself — the tanning bed, the spray tan, he wears the goggles and you can see the hyperpigmentation around his eyes."

— Jason Kelly, Cleveland-based makeup artist

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The Real Reason Trump's Skin Is so Orange

Can Your Diet Turn You Orange?

Yes. I recall when my sister ate plenty of carrots and yams as a baby her skin took on an orange hue . . . but I doubt his color is from his diet. This condition is called carotenoderma or carotenemia. Usually one can see the traces of spray tan on the elbows, knuckles, knees, and creases of the body but he's often in a suit.

Are Tan People More Attractive?

We know President Trump embraces vanity on some level—he chooses partners who are undoubtedly beautiful women, and his celebrity status prior to presidency probably pushed him in that direction. Many men in the media have their makeup done by professionals before appearing in public—this is a known, so let's dig a little further.

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Robert Sacchi on March 01, 2019:

It could be like other things people do even though it does more harm than good. I guess everyone chooses their own poison.

Laynie H (author) from Bend, Oregon on February 28, 2019:

Thanks for your comment. I've always be fascinated with tanning culture, especially when one stops recognizing how unusual their tone is . . .

Robert Sacchi on February 28, 2019:

A good explanation about how to get an unnatural glow. One of the few funny scenes from "Christmas With the Kranks" is when Mr. Krank takes his wife to a tanning salon and the receptionist is orange.

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