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Why did Imran Khan Fail?

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Imran Khan was a cricketer for Pakistan. He won the World Cup in 1992. In 1993, he was appointed as an ambassador and remained for three months. In 1996, Imran Khan founded a political party named PTI. In 2016, two major parties were present. One was the PPP and the other was PMLN. But things did not remain the same when, in July 2018, Newaz Shareef's government fell in a case of corruption. He was sent to jail for 10 years. Both parties (PMLN and PPP) lost their esteem due to the charge of corruption. At the same time, Imran Khan's party was getting the support of people through attractive slogans. In the 2018 election, PTI got 155 seats out of a total of 342. However, the PMLN received 84 seats, while the PPP received 56 seats. The PTI won the majority of seats and formed a government. Imran Khan has become Prime Minister of Pakistan.

In this article I write about the main reasons of Imran's government fail.

Vote of no-confidence

Many people's hopes were attached to Imran Khan. It was thought that Imran Khan would become the first Prime Minister who would complete his tenure. But it proved wrong. The Supreme Court declared the Imran Khan movement unconstitutional and a vote of no-confidence was passed against Imran Khan on April 10, 2022, with a majority vote of 174. Causes. The Imran Khan government failed for numerous reasons, but the key reasons have been described below.

1) 'Naya' (New) Pakistan

Imran Khan got the support of the people by attracting slogans. He promised the people that he would give a better life to every citizen and make Pakistan corruption free. But it was not easy and Imran Khan failed to deliver the necessities of life to his citizens. He said that he would make a new Pakistan. It is to be noted that the corruption rate decreased during the Imran government. But at the same time, Pakistan's export rate decreased as compared to its import rate. In this way, Imran Khan lost the support of the people and his government failed.

2) Mismanagement of opposition

In the democratic form of government, one party ruled, and the other parties performed the function of opposition. The Opposition plays a key role in the success of the government. A healthy critique is imperative for the proper function of the government system. But Imran Khan did not understand the importance of the opposition. The ruling and opposition parties are the two pillars of government. Imran did not show any flexibility with the opposition. The Opposition appealed for a vote of confidence on March 8, 2022. All opposition parties united and a vote of no-confidence was passed on April 10, 2022. After Imran Khan, Shebaz Shareef became the Prime Minister of Pakistan

3) Lose the army's support

It is a widely held wrong assumption that Imran Khan established his government with the help of the army. It has proved when the army takes no action in political matters. The chief of army staff, Qamar Javed Bajwa, stated that the army will remain politically neutral. At this, Imran Khan replied that only an animal remains neutral. This was a very harsh answer. It is wrong to say that the army remains neutral in political matters. Instead, it is the army that decides the future of our politics. The Army determines who will rule and who will sit in opposition. We are not allowed to question the army because it directly affects patriotism.

4) Failed to choose his team

Imran Khan remained unable to choose his team. All its ministers have no experience in politics. As I already said, Usman Buzdar blundered. Imran Khan should choose those members who have experience in politics. Imran Khan remained unable to eradicate corruption. But during his government, government officers did not discharge their duties with honour. People face many difficulties due to their wrong behaviour. A dispute over foreign funding also plays an important role. It is important to understand what foreign funding means. For the first time in Pakistani history, foreign funds were conducted in a proper way. Different countries gave donations that did not exceed 1000 to 1500 dollars. But some mistakes are present in this report, and the opposition (Shabaz Shareef) is using this case to put Imran Khan out of politics.

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5) Coronavirus

We know that the Coronavirus wreaked havoc on every country. In 2018, many people were removed from poverty, but this struggle proved useless due to COVID-19. Numerous people were deprived of their jobs.


What is going on?

According to Imran, his government collapsed due to the combined efforts of America and the opposition. Imran should stop saying this because it directly affects the relationship between America and Pakistan. America is a superpower country, and it has some role in our politics. But America does not support any party officially. Instead of blaming others, Imran should fix his mistakes.

At present, political instability is present in Pakistan.

Only an election is the possible solution of this situation.






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