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Why Heroin Addicts Don't Recover


Can Drug Addicts Fully Recover?

They can get better. Let's lay that out there before going any further. In many cases, however, heroin addicts make repeated attempts to “get clean” that fail almost before they get off the ground.

Almost everyone has heard a heart-wrenching story of a loved one who got clean and managed to stay clean for an extended period of time before relapsing and, sadly, losing his or her life as a result.

So why is it that so many heroin addicts simply can’t recover?

The Misunderstood Nature of Addiction

Addiction takes many forms, and the word is often tossed around quite lightly. Your mother may make jokes about being "addicted" to coffee or gardening. You see television specials focused on helping young adults who are “addicted” to video games and your friends work the word in when expressing their pleasure with something, such as being “addicted” to roller coasters.

In reality, none of the above-mentioned things constitutes a true, physical addiction (and no matter how much you love shopping, you aren’t addicted to it).

True addiction comes when an individual is unable to properly function without the needed substance. While video game addicts begrudgingly take time off from gaming to attend school or go to work, heroin addicts are still snorting, smoking, or shooting their chosen substance no matter what.

Do other addictions exist? Yes. Can they really compare? No.

The Longer the Addiction, the Harder It Is to Break

Any ex-smoker will tell you that the longer a person smokes, the harder it is to quit. The same principle can be applied to heroin use. This is because daily activities become ingrained into your daily life. Physical addiction aside, the brain is a powerful weapon. Feed it with a highly addictive substance, such as regular opiates, and it will turn on you, ready to devour your very psyche in an effort to get more.

High vs. Normal: An Unfair Fight

Most people who try heroin do so for a simple high and they achieve it, but at a cost. Once the body becomes accustomed to opiates (and this occurs extremely quickly), it will revolt if the drugs stop coming. The end result? Heroin addicts must shoot, snort, or smoke even more heroin simply to feel normal.

Failing to get a “fix” leaves a heroin addict physically sick and psychologically tormented. They cannot function either psychologically or physically past a certain point. Sure, we’ve all seen the withdrawal videos of heroin addicts shaking and sweating while their bodies detoxify, but try and imagine what the addict is experiencing. Think you’ve got it? You don’t. The drug is so powerful, so demanding, that it strips the user of his or her sense of self. It's more powerful than self-respect, fear, pride, and the love an individual has for his or her friends, family, or children.

How Heroin is Made

Heroin is processed by adding acetic anhydride to simple morphine and bringing the substance to a boil. As the compounds coalesce, the raw heroin will sink.

Morphine and heroin are similarly addictive substances. Believe it or not, there are quite a few Americans out there running around addicted to morphine, but most of them have jobs that allow them access to the drug. Heroin is much, much easier to come by than morphine, which is closely controlled.

Opiates for Heroin Detox

Drug treatment centers offer a myriad of heroin detox methods to help addicts reduce the pain of withdrawal. The fact that a lucky few manage to quit the drug “cold turkey” makes it easy to point fingers and blame relapses on each individual’s lack of strength and motivation. In reality, all bodies are different and process toxic substances in different ways. What didn’t get a full hold on one person's brain could have driven another person to insanity.

Methadone is usually the drug of choice for heroin addicts. This reduces the need for a “fix,” although cravings may still occur. Methadone can be used either permanently for “maintenance” or tapered over time as part of a slower detoxification program. The only problem with this method is that methadone is, in and of itself, an incredibly addicting substance.

There are also other detox methods and pharmacological treatments to consider, such as opioid agonists and antagonists or rehabilitation.

Heroin Withdrawal Can Kill You

Before you decide to tie your loved one to a chair and just force him to detox on his own, thinking he’ll thank you later when he’s clean (yes, people do this), you should remember that for serious addicts, withdrawal can be just as much of a death sentence as remaining on the drug.

In the event that such an unorthodox detox were successful, there’s still no guarantee that the individual won’t relapse. Ridding his physical system of opiates doesn’t rob his brain of the knowledge of what heroin can do. Just like a smoker who remembers what it's like to smoke a cigarette after abstaining for a while, the heroin user may seek out additional drugs as a way of reclaiming that high.

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After awhile, heroin users don’t use because they want to. The pleasant feeling that once accompanied the drug is muted by the body’s overwhelming need to have opiates merely to feel normal. Detoxing can bring the high back. Thus, detoxification can, in itself, provide the former heroin addict with motivation to return to the drug.

Advice for Family Members

If you’re the friend or family member of a heroin addict, all you can do is encourage the person to get clean, be as supportive as possible, and stay out of the way. No one who gets clean by force or overwhelming pressure is going to stay clean. As heart-wrenching as it is, that person has to want to rid themselves of the heroin before they can ever do so, regardless of their families' pleading.

What you can do, however, is practice a bit of tough love. Some addicts need to hit rock bottom before they can begin to scramble back to the surface. The longer you hand out a free ride, the longer the user will remain a “comfortable user.” Sure, the addict is in less danger than if he were on the streets, but the longer he uses heroin, the harder it will be for him to shake the habit.

If the addict has children that live with him or her, you absolutely must notify the local police department or children's services of the user’s addiction. Regardless of how good a parent he or she claims to be, the smallest bit of heroin left on a paper or in a syringe can and will kill a small child. If your loved one were in his or her right mind, rest assured you’d be thanked. Even if you can’t save the addict, you can take steps to save the addict’s children.

My Opiate Experience

First, let me state that I have never been addicted to heroin, never even tried the stuff. I haven’t lost a friend or family member to it and I hope I never do. While researching heroin addiction, however, I found myself completely blown away by the sheer magnitude of what this drug can do to families. If you aren’t convinced, let me tell you my story.

I have a natural narcotics immunity. I didn’t discover this until I was 19 and landed myself in the hospital. I’d had a kidney stone that I didn’t seek medical help for because I didn’t have insurance. The pain was regular, constant, and sometimes debilitating. I self-medicated when I could with vodka and cranberry juice—a remedy suggested by, and supplied by, my grandmother, with whom I was living at the time. She couldn’t afford to send me to the doctor and I never told her how bad the pain really was.

After several weeks, one night the pain was so bad I couldn’t draw breath to scream. I literally crawled out of my room and was rushed to the hospital. I was given large quantities of various intravenous narcotics, none of which worked. The doctor on call declared that I must be a drug addict to not respond to any pain medicine. I didn’t hear this because I was hurting too much. I was in school and trying to get an education. I wasn’t doing any drugs—not even the recreational pot smoking my friends were doing.

My sister arrived later that morning. Being a nurse, she was furious that I never told her about the pain and she managed to explain to me that some people just have a natural immunity to narcotics.

The only thing that worked was morphine. The first time the staff gave it to me, I didn’t feel it. I was screaming. I thought I was dying. (I was. My heart stopped sometime later and they managed to revive me). After a second dose of morphine, however, the pain went away. I felt it go into my bloodstream like thick, hot coffee. The heat then rushed across my face and torso like a cloud and the pain was gone. There was no sense of being “high” and I got no pleasure from it, but the pain was finally gone.

I was in the hospital for a week, receiving morphine intermittently when the pain got bad. I was on a steady morphine drip. I had to remain in the hospital to give the powerful antibiotics time to take effect. The last day I opted for ibuprofen rather than morphine because I was petrified of getting hooked on it. I knew very little about addiction, but I knew enough to worry.

The day after I got home, I got sick. Very sick. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I had no idea that I was withdrawing from the morphine. It was one of the worst feelings I can remember. I was nauseated, too lethargic to move, and, perhaps worst of all, I felt everything was pointless. My body vacillated between sweating and freezing. My terminally ill father put me on his oxygen machine, thinking it would help. I would have done just about anything to make the pain stop. None of us realized it was actually a very mild opiate withdrawal.

And then it went away and I got better and moved on with my life. It wasn’t until an accident six years later landed me back in the hospital on a morphine drip for several days and the scenario repeated itself that I realized what actually happened.

Considering my high tolerance for other narcotics and the very brief period of time that my body was exposed to the opiate, I can only begin to imagine what the withdrawal experience must be like for a heroin addict. Remember, heroin is more powerful than morphine.


Griff on March 23, 2019:

Well I never saw my change up in life take it's hold on me at age 26 after braking my collar bone. Had surgery put on opana at a insane amount could afford therapy kicked after months of nacardicts that was 8 yrs I want back. But I will say I didn't and don't blame nobody but myself because yeah I've not lost everything because I have the women that I married of 16 years but she is one of a kind but please nobody be judge mental of others I never asked to be a addict but try to understand that person is not healthy they are asking for help without asking for it outright. Believe me they were and they still are that loved one that wants to so badly be the example of what to not be the example of what not to do. And I Know ok would never wish that on someone because life is so much better with out that but the body is a miracle to start with I thank God for everyday but I have to put it in check I am the one it's hell but it is my road and I will have to walk it till the end please just help people they look like they need help even if they don't ask thanks.

lauren mincher on July 28, 2018:

Hi I was texting and speaking to a recovering addict. He was an addict of heroin and many things for twenty five years. He been clean four years got a flat a job and doing well. He lives Scotland and I in England. Ive been to hes for the weekend. But six weeks ago conversation asnt gone well I told him I had feelings for him and he said he had mixed feelings for me. Although he as childish behavior and sometimes I struggled with things as he went hot and cold on me. I told him four weeks back it must end as he didn't show me feelings and emotions and i was confused. However two weeks later he txt me asking how I was and we got talking. But thing just went the same. He asked me for phone sex but still didn't show any feelings towards me. I declined and told him this must stop. He blocked me and told my friend he needed to put hes recovery first and he was sorry he had no feelings for me. Hes led me up the garden path with faulse hope can any body help me understand a recovering addict and why hes done this pls

Chris Tobias on December 10, 2017:

I’m a recovering heroine addict I used from 2001 to 2016 everyday I destroyed every relationship I ever had but my mom and grandma never one turned there back on me

I’m still in treatment and let me tell you

If your friend or family member is using

They will stop one way or the other.

My mom one told me she had all she could take with worry, and she knew that because she was to the point she would rather bury me the go to bed one more time worrying about me. And that hit home and I didn’t stop I wasnt going to stop no one could get me to stop but I still hear those words every night and I know she meant it and that she must really be hurt to feel that

Well it to time but I’m one month 18 and I’m sober today

But I made the choice to do it and I did it on my one with my mom telling me she’d never turn her back just don’t hurt your kids Chris they love you and it would destroy them to bury you

And looking at them sleeping one night I thought of how there day would be if they woke up and there granny had to break the news of my death and that’s the straw that break my back and I thank god every day he let me make it and no matter how you do it just fucking do it stop we are not weak people and you are stronger

Even meds, suboxon, methadone, anything but heroine.

And I blame big pharma for the epedimic of today

Karen on August 25, 2017:

My fiance gas been off of heroin since 2014. He began after his divorce of 16 yrs when he met a dancer in a club and she got him to try it. She was an addict looking for a lonely man to share her addiction and pay for hers too once she got him hooked. He got away from her and he is now since 2014 drug free! He would never go back ever! He prayed to god every day continually and the demons left! He did this without any medical help! Purr determination and faith! So to say that it is impossible to get off of heroin and recover is completely false it's up to the person where they want to be a loser or a winner.

The Father on August 07, 2017:

In Feb, 2017 I met a women and started dating. I found out March she was a full fledge alcoholic in stage 3 ( nose bleeds, vomiting, cirrhosis of liver , neuropathy of legs, pancreatitis inflammation) who had been drinking up to half a quart of vodka a day. She weighted 123 lbs and had 2 large bruises from a beating given her age 49 by ex boyfriend, a heroin addict age 32. I offered to help get police involved , but she deleted their emails and said no. We agreed as her ex was a neighbor across the street one block over not to go there walking her dog. In March during the last snow storm she sends me a text saying I told her mother she does not eat breakfast over my house, and she wants to move away...Ends up at ex boy friend's house walking the dog. By end of the week she is sick , loses 10 lbs and I have to take her to the hospital. It was alcoholism and she went down to 110lbs. In April we had a date one Friday night and when I went to pick her up she was drawing free hand and zoned out , drunk, drugs ? I left and received texts all weekend of her being sick...Monday I spent 7 hours with her admitting her into a hospital...she said gall stones, the medical report and nurses said alcohol....I had my best friend, 26 years AA drive 1 hour to talk her into going to AA. She said , " I don't want to hear it. She basically threw me out of the room. Her husband was granted sole custody of her two kids in neighboring state, she has 2 DWIs in that state and her 79 yr old mother drives her when she can function to spend a few days with her kids. So, in March I take her to Cabo for 1 week, on the night we get back, she goes and sees him ( ex boy friend heroin user)...Tells me next day he wants help, has heroin needles in arm, and she is going to help him...I see no, do not get involved the following Tuesday Sunday she is in bed having alcohol poisoning. Her mother and I are looking and finding empty large bottles of Vodka and waiting to decide to wait it out, sick in bed, no hospital trip 2nd episode. In April another alcohol episode , but no hospital. I buy and give her an engagement ring and a wrist bracelet to show her my love. She rewards by putting a code lock on her cell phone and has 2 ex boyfriends calling her to get together with her late at night while we both are in my bed at night. Ex boy friend number one unhappily married, and the other , heroin user, yelling at her saying your a whore, your fucking everyone, where are you. She and I have airline tickets for Europe in July, and she drives my mother to her medical appointment with three 50 ml bottles open in her car driver door. I am angry at her and drive her home Friday. Saturday I spend 5.5 hours talking to her and 3.5 hours on Sunday with her sick in bed from alcoholism. She stays at my house for 1 week. Sunday night, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday she is nose bleeding and vomiting in my bed. I take care of her the best I can while working from home caring for my 84 yr old elderly mom, shopping, laundry, food cooking. Thursday and Friday night take her out to dinner, Saturday my cousin's cookout, and Sunday my friend's dinner for his 18 year old daughter graduating High School...She is eating now, all better, has not had alcohol for 7 days and she starts a fight Sunday and midnight and wants to go home...Her mother is away and she must have gotten texts from ex boy friends wanting to hook up....I was to drive her Monday 3 hours round trip for me to spend a few days kids. ( last time I drove her she couldn't sty, her son told me dad would kick her out as she was drunk, drove her back home). She calls me and says my house has rugs which make her nose bleed, the curtains are drawn, she lights bright sunight, and I have a house alarm and my from is like a hotel room, so she'll stay home, and where do we stand on this. I tell her good luck, and , " I am thinking this ungrateful alcoholic, the god dam nerve of her". She went out to dinner with ex boy friend that Monday night whose wife and kids were away for the week....he called to smoke a butt , so they got together and she also had reposted her ad they we both agreed to hide which I had to fight her to do before Cabo trip in April. The trip for Europe July 17, 2017 is approaching in 6 days and I realize my girlfriend is a lier, a cheater, and is in end stage Insanity alcoholism , final stage.....we don't see much of each other, her mother left me a key to check on her, but she is never home. Her son texts me and tells me she is seeing her ex boyfriend ( heroin addict) and he beat her bruising her both arms and elbows and back). She had lied to me saying she fell. These are the past 7 bruises I have seen on her as we slept in my bad and I hear the moans she made.....By Friday I get a drunken call about her dog passing, another trigger for her to drink, averaging 1/2 a bottle of alcohol a day. Then, Friday I have an emergency , at my family's rental building, I am property manager and seek her to come as we could spend 2 hours during the ride talking. The car is a Chevey, and she says no to going in it, says it smells. I just had the car detailed clean, and we both smoke ciggerittes, She says no, and I go on. She calls leaving a cell message saying she had legal paper work shit for me to notorize as I am to over see her 15 yr old son and his friend back from Eurpe to USA. I go out Friday to unwinded after a very bad 759 dollar major building main line plumbing bill and job that took all day Friday from 11 am until 9pm to fix. I drive to her house and left myself in , she is gone. I walk around back of her ex boy friend's parens' house. ex lives in basement and she is asleep in his bed at mid night. She gets up leaves bed and goes into another room. I leave and send texts to her until 3 am,no response, I go home and sleep. Go to her mom's house and she is not there. I call her mom in Europe ( have 300 dollars bills on all the calls I have made saying she is out of my contol due to alcoholism) saying what happened and to call her to come home. At 11 am she marchs in and when asked where she was says on a date. I tell her I saw her at her ex's in his bed. She says she was on a dad with ex. I ask for my engagement ring back and leave, I go to have her cell number blocked and go home. I am so totally hurt and I cancel my ticket to Europe. Saurday night at 2 am she comes to my house drunk....the gait walk, and alcoholic speech. I tell her I am not going to Europe and we are done. I walk her to driveway, she gives me the finger and backs her car into my garbage can taking it into middle of the street and drives off. As her mother is away in Europe I tell her and we agree I should check in on her. Sunday I did not check her. Monday not in then in , says at AA, her car in driveway, was sleeping on couch, I had checked all rooms...all lies. Tuesday I see her. 7 bruises on her body, ankle, both eyes, right jaw bone, wrists, back head cut...Says she fell watering out door desert plants at 4 am Saturday night...I take her to medical clinic she has a concussion. She had a 1.75 ML vodka botte in her suitcase that was it....she tried to detox from alcohol and or drug use by turning heat to 87 degrees in house in month of July....She coudn't make the trip, her mom was out there waiting for her in her home there. Her daughter, son, his friend and I do not go....She is now the victim from a fall. It was in my thoughts another visit to the 32 year old ex boy friend heroin addict who she tells her mother has stopped using and is going to a clinic....My 5 and half months dating an out of contol alcoholic.... In our last phone conversation, she asks if I love her ? OMG

Brooks Keĺley on August 01, 2017:

You are right about most things but oh my god you are so funding wrong about notifying CPS. You have ensured that if they do not kill themselves immediately they'll it soon enough because they've lost their reason to live and no you didn't save your grandchild you destroyed their family and increased their chances of being addict. Theyre addicts not idiots, by your logic should we take the kids of morpine patients, and people with bleach and paint. Kids could eat that and die too you know. It almost never happens but when it does its national news. Ask a child of a heroin addict if they would have preferred foster care and the system? He'll No. Better take alcoholics children cause they might drink and drive too. If you love them all just be valuable and supportive and chances are they will quit or use moderately. If it gets to the point that they need to be taken others will notice and call if/when the time is right.

Royal on June 28, 2017:

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dervvb on June 20, 2017:

Heroin/Opiate withdrawal cannot kill you. the only instances of death related to opiate withdrawal were cases in which the subject was in such poor health due to age and other medical conditions that the stress of withdrawal exacerbated their other serious health problems. Opiate withdrawal is extremely unpleasant but quite safe. This is in stark contrast to alcohol and benzodiazapene withdrawal which can result in death if the subject tries to kick "cold turkey". Education.

girl on April 16, 2017:

hi, heroin addicts. I'm a girl and i wanted to say for those of you who havent recoered, believe that YOU CAN DO THIS. HAVE FAITH, STRENGTH, COURAGE.

Craig Fisher on April 05, 2017:

I can tell you for FREE that people turn to Heroin when they're like me. I've had 3 hip replacements, 2 total dislocations all the way to my butt check, and they tore the Meniscus in my knee putting me back together. I WAS on a regiment of 4 10/325 Hydrocodone and 2 15 mg Opana ER for almost 5 years UNTIL my Dr pawned me off to a Pain management doctor who immediately took me off of the hydrocodone. I also suffer from diabetic neuropathy so you can imagine what kind of damage the 2 dislocations done. The way they're going about this is KILLING US FOLKS who suffer from CHRONIC PAIN!!! I'LL NEVER BE BETTER, but thanks to their " Lump EVERYONE IN THE SAME GROUP "mentality, it will force a 49 year old decent man to consider street drugs. SMH and SHAME ON THE CDC or whoever it is doing this

John on March 18, 2017:

Treatment centers and halfway houses are a total scam and NA is the only way to get and stay clean a day at a time

Mike on March 17, 2017:

I do understand it's a hard way to go but in today's culture it everyone fault but your own look at yourself and decide is it worth being a slave to something or even better your destroying yourself and everyone around you I've recently found out my wife is on this junk I've tried everything and your right at times she's great and other times she's off to go get it behind my back this no disrespect to anyone but you have to go search for it that's not a relapse that a want if you really want to stay clean and I'm mean stay clean go inside the police station and give up every dealer you know there will be more to step in there place and if every person did this it would become so hard to find that guess what no relapse

Ml on February 06, 2017:

This article although I didn't read all the way through and skimmed through headings of paragraphs is bullshit. You cannot die from heroin withdrawal. You can die from dehydration and you can die from choking on your vomit in your sleep. It die from not having heroin is not possible unless you do what you feel like doing and that is kill yourself. Also the title saying someone can't fully recover is bullshit and a slap to the face of anyone that has put in the work and humbled themselves long enough to resign from the position of general manager of the universe. This is poorly put together info

A woman of concern on January 29, 2017:

My child's father is addicted to H and has been for over 10/15 years,our child isn't even born yet ..I would never keep my child from their father or snatch away their father/daughter relationship.but I'm at my wits end and I need advice.

jonas richards on January 29, 2017:

you're not helping anyone. you're reinforcing hopelessness. no ands or ifs or two ways. you should REALLY delete this.

Tara on January 15, 2017:

This was a great article until you wrote about withdrawing being able to kill you... incorrect information. You can only die with benzo withdrawals and alcohol, you may feel like you're dying from heroin withdrawls but you cannot.

Kiran from Pakistan on March 26, 2016:

Heroin addicts can recover and live a healthy normal life like us. Only in case the addict's family support him/her quitting the drugs.

The addict goes through a period of withdrawals which is physically as well as psychologically torturing. If the person is dedicated and form enough to quit heroine, its not impossible for him/her. However it is quite difficult though.

Melissa Deibert on October 10, 2015:

Heroin addicts can make a full and healthy recovery. I know this cause I am a recovered heroin addict. The key is having a strong will and the want to recover. Thing is as a human we can do anything we want to and will do nothing we really don't want to do. I look into my mirror every day and have for over 20 years now and remind myself where I was and where I do not want to be again. I quit cold turkey more than 20 years ago and I have looked back every day for more than 20 years as a reminder of the nasty person I was and the nasty person I no longer want to be. So to all those wandering it is possible but we as addicts need tough love. If there is no one in our life willing to give that tough love and no handouts, which are just enablers to the addictions we may just be stuck. I had both and I am here today to tell all that it works if you let it. The person in question has to want it for him/herself if it is going to work or the person trying to help will be drug down also. Therefor to all those trying to help a heroin addict you need to know when to let go or it will harm you as well as the addict in question.....

Stephen H on October 06, 2015:

Actually, despite what the internet generally claims, though you may not die directly from heroin addiction, you can die from the complications that arise from the sheer trauma of it. My friend's appendix burst after a two year habit and he was rushed to hospital as a result and people have been known to die from severe dehydration and other complications such as perforated stomachs ect.

Shorty on April 19, 2015:

I met the most wonderful soul through mutual friends a few weeks ago. We talked and hung out consistently and we both started having feeling for each other. We talked about EVERYTHING in the world and beyond.. I had never met someone so beautiful in so many ways. I found out he had been doing heroin (again) while we had been talking and it really freaked me out. I confronted him about it and we talked about how I could not see it continuing any further because it scared me so much. I was straight forward with him about how scary it was for him to be doing that and that it was going to ruin his life. Yesterday (five days later) he overdosed. He texted me a few hours before about how he missed me.... I am heartbroken. I truly see my love for him and the timing could not be more upsetting to me. We had stayed in touch and my gravitation towards him never wavered. I will miss him so terribly and I am finding it hard to not feel like I played a role in him doing so much and overdosing... I know I should not feel this way but the world lost an incredible person. When I told him I was scared of him doing heroin he said it scared himself... How am I going to move forward from this? I am at a loss. Thanks and everyone look out for each other.. this world is crazy

luisj305 from Florida on March 10, 2015:

This drug is disgusting. I hope to see the day our entire nations people forget what it is. You do the drug you risk dying, but if you stop doing risk dying ..darn it, just don't try it!!

If more drug related information were to be put out into the public it would really help prevent new users from experimenting.

Great hub Edward, very informative.

leiabny6 on October 19, 2014:

Although you did offer some good advice for family members of a heroin addict, a lot of the information you provided is incorrect. I have been clean for 3 years. I injected heroin for almost 10 years and grateful I am still alive. Even though you feel like your going to die during detox, you won't. Also, I am living proof that addicts CAN recover. Having faith in God is the solution.

jeff on August 09, 2014:

This article is so full of misinformation. You can only die from withdrawing from sedatives and hypnotics like alcohol, benzos, barbiturates, and some other cannot die from heroin or opiate withdraw! And where is all the concern about other opiates? There are tons of people, a lof of them in regions of the country where heroin is practically non-existent, that exclusively abuse pharmaceuticals. A lot of these drugs are a lot more powerful than heroin and cheaper if one has a prescription. Main issue with heroin is that it can sometimes be unclean and the potency varies a one may be used to using a 20 bag a day of a certain purity, then they go get a 20 of new dope that is about 10x the potency...and bam, dead! I had been addicted to heroin for a few years, but somehow never brought myself to shoot up....but I can tell you from my experience with friends that using a needle is a whole other demon in itself! Number one thing that kills needle users is them being clean for awhile, relapsing, and going out and doing as much as they did before....when someone has little or no tolerance left, and goes out and does as much as they did when they did have a tolerance they usually overdose. This needs to be clear to addicts reading this....if you are clean, you relapse, PLEASE do not take that much...even $10 dollars worth could kill you if it is strong enough. I think this is also why methadone and suboxone is prescribed so is there to reduce craving, but its primary benefit is that when people do relapse on heroin or other opiates it is nearly impossible for the to overdose because their tolerance is already high! Hate methadone because it has so many bad drug interactions(especially SSRIs) and actually kills a lot of people still. Suboxone is overperscribed but it does have its place with a lot of the people that take i prevents them from overdosing and from getting high if they take a high enough dose...but even this stuff can be abused if not taken properly. And a lot of people do recover....even if they do relapse a couple times they can still get better. There are plenty of places you could move to, even within the U.S., where heroin is non existent...but of course the painkillers will still be there, but as long as you choose good friends and have the support of friends you families and dont go out seeking the drugs you should be fine.

snow1 on July 03, 2014:

ah I have a fiance who is an addict his father was an attitude and his brother overdosed. Je has been an addict since fifteen. He says he loves me.but I doubt him. I have asked over n over again to get he is in jail for five months. I wrote him an told him he needs help.but everyone says to leave me. But I honestly love him.I'm so lost..please help

Jd on July 02, 2014:


Recovered heroin addict


Jd on July 02, 2014:

10 year off dope

And other stuff.

Firs AA now

sara casey on June 07, 2014:

wow. so many of your comments are missing the big picture. its not about being a liar, a prostitute, or a thief. no i have never once done any drug, but my mom, uncle, grandparents, and almost every family member i have is either addicted to heroin or currently in prison because of it. I cant tell you why they do this, for i have been asking them this question for the past 5 years. "why are you doing this? What made you decide to start doing this?" its not a decision that just pops in their head, something that has tragically hurt them inside, or especially being around other people that are addicted as well, causes them to begin this road of destruction, or to relapse and continue. As for calling social services, that really rubbed me the wrong way because they took me and my little brother from the only family we ever knew and placed us with strangers. It broke us more than it broke her because never once did she quit or try. forget that methadone treatment or NA because she went to those.. and she went high off heroin. she "fought" for us, but she fought half heartedly, while still using. and when she lost, she kept using. In and out of prison for years, promising she would be clean when she came home, only to fuck up 3 days later. it is the PEOPLE that an addict surrounds themselves with. Ive seen her tell me to my face that she was clean and then get high in the other room. I agree 100% with the person that said "you have to be an addict to understand an addict." you are absolutely right. because i do not understand why i begged and cried and tried my hardest to save her when she didnt want to be saved. Addicts have a one track mind when they are using, find dope, get dope, use dope. and it starts all over. I really wish that heroin addicts, or any drug user for that matter, would sit back and fully understand how drug addiction affects children and families. We watch our mothers and fathers or uncles and aunts, kill themselves slowly and there is NOTHING we can do.. We take the risk of knowing there is a possibility that they might not be here tomorrow. whether its overdose or jail. and when youre gone we are left here to live life without you. without the person you used to be. thats the real issue with addiction.. the being left behind part..

Angie Power from North Cali on February 27, 2014:

You get an A for the effort. I would like to share with you though, that actually, Heroin Addicts DO Recover. They have to first realize, though that it is possible, and they have to have the desire. To say that a heroin addict does not recover would be a false statement. But I appreciate reading the opinions of people who have never been addicted to it, and how they perceive it. Maybe it is those kinds of popular opinions that motivate people like myself to work harder at recovering so that I can be one of the miracles who can prove you all wrong! (And I mean that with all due respect.) :)

Noj on February 12, 2014:

I met my now ex and she hid her addiction for months, she was an amazing person and loving person. I didn't know she was in recovery. Anyways, we planned marriage and kids. Right before she got pregnant I found about her past and that she was on methadone. I decided to stay with her and support her with this, I do love her and still do to this day. But shortly after her getting good pregnant, which was planned, she relapsed, left the house and never came back. I had spoken to her a few times where she wanted to have an abortion because she didn't want C'S involved ( she has a 7 year old daughter) and take her children. To make a long story short, because she could not escape using drugs she aborted our child 15 weeks into the pregnacy. I haven't seen her in 6 months and neither has our mutual friends. I just hope and pray she is okay. I've never done drugs and I believe that I was a positive support person for her until she relapsed for some reason. This drug will make a person leave their kids, family, and all things that are good for them.

confused ugh on February 09, 2014:

All of these make me feel so confused. My boyfriend of four years has been in and out of rehab countless times and everytime i think that it is going to work out "this time" . I am getting to the point in my life where i am wanting to have kids but I would feel so selfish to have kids with someone and put my kid in the same up and down yo-yo position that i am right now. I don't know whether to give up or keep trying .. Also hearing stats like 95% of addicts will OD makes it seem inevitable and makes me want to just spend as much time as i can before it does and makes leaving seem so much harder. If anyone has been in this position please help with advice anything.

danielle on January 28, 2014:

As a 12 stepper I have a massive recovery community and know people who have been abstinent for 20 years plus. The title of this article is ridiculous as an addict myself I know its hard but it is extremely doable. I know so many people In long term recovery a d articles like this take hope away from the still suffering addict.

MehAnon on January 26, 2014:


"You have to use it at least half a year on a daily basis to get fully hooked. Why do people make such an effort?"

No, after about a week of constant use you'll feel withdrawals, but they do get stronger the longer you go on. Heroin allows you to feel like you have accomplished all your life's dreams, goals, and desires, and more, in an instant. The first time I injected heroin, I cried because I was experiencing the best feeling I will probably ever feel in my life.

How did I get to that point? I had a ton of personal problems, and I never thought I would accomplish anything in life, so I figured why the hell not at least feel good about myself for a little while. It was a pretty logical decision. I was wrong in thinking I could never accomplish anything in life or be a productive member of society, though.

MehAnon on January 26, 2014:


I am! I was addicted to heroin for 3 years. I feel great today! And every day. There are no more ups and downs. But omg, it took years of sobriety to get here! This wiki page helped me so much in understanding why it was taking so long:

thejule28 on December 18, 2013:

This thread is extremely old, but I am wondering if anyone can tell me if they know of any successful story of a heroin addict who is actively in recovery... and has been in recovery for years. I would like to know if it is possible. I doubt it is, but I am just curious.

anonymous on November 16, 2013:

Lisa, sadly I don't think you will ever read this and that's a damn shame. Either you wont read it cause your ignorant ass already went blind or you just think your so much better than everyone else. Its ironic that you actually made the effort not only to state your opinion on how "worthless" these addicts are but also to put your story up which is also just begging for people to feel pity. And guess what now I feel no pity at all. I want to state that every addict was at once also an innocent body. If you have never dealt with an addict than you truly don't understand what its like. They WANT help and Still sometimes cant beat the disease. Yes the DISEASE. That's what it is and that is how it should be treated. I do not want pity for my story but want to inform people on this horrible disease. I am 19 and a normal functioning college student. Normal meaning a girl who just lost her brother to this disease a year ago. My brother had a child and a life before this disease took over. He was that guy everyone wanted to date cause he would do anything for the people he loved. This is until heroin took over. He lost his sanity and did things no one would be proud of but never once would I say that he is worthless. You really need to research some more and maybe find out that you are not just hurting the addicts out there but the families by your harsh words. We lived through this Hell and one thing I have learned is that everyone is worth it. Every person has a story. Some worse than others. I personally think death is a lot worse than being blind. I would go blind to have my brother back. As Im sure many other people would do for their loved ones. Just please stop being so ignorant and selfish and learn more before you open your big mouth. There is hope everyone. Even though I lost my loved one to this disease doesn't mean you will. Don't give up and tell your loved one how much they are loved daily. That is one thing that cant hurt, is being told you are loved. Be strong but remember that they are struggling and yes boundaries need to be made but they must know people still love them they are human just like you and you know how nice it is to be told you are loved. You can get that person back. DON'T GIVE UP ON THEM. Hope this helped at least one person.

78 anonymous on October 16, 2013:

and as for fu, that statement is soo true, ppl that are not a heroin addict, don't judge because you really have no possible way of understanding. google the videos and watch and listen to these heroin addicts and it will open your eyes! just saying.

78anonymous on October 16, 2013:

my son is a heroin addict. I have seen it all, watched my son get sick, anger white as a ghost, brought him to emergency room for blood poison from needles. before all this, I was giving him $, need food,gas pay a fine, register car, so on and so on. at that time I didn't know he was in the heroin. lots and lots of $. 3 grams a day, arrested,in jail for the weekend, out and back at it. then up to 5 grams a day, back in jail for 11 days, out , now wants help but cost, $6,000.00-$10,000.00 !!!! haahaa ya okay, along with a waiting list. on the news they stated they have to turn them away because of a long waiting list. so, now what! they also had a show on heroin, candy coated it. this is serious and out of control in the united states. my opinion- be graphic so these kids know what exactly heroin does to you and the results. I had no clue, heard a lot, so to really understand I googled, graphic heroin addict videos!! made me sick, and what I heard and watched and listened is exactly what is happening to my son. something an addict never knew the full extent and a parent shouldn't need to see and I found out the hard way, trying to help is enabling. my trying to help did more harm than good. so the post from fu, you are sooooo rite!!!

fu on September 17, 2013:

your retarted. and you will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever understand because your not a heroin addict. I am and it blows and you never get rid of it and you can suck my dick. Thanks for letting me share

anonymous on August 26, 2013:

just cause your brother didn't doesn't mean the rest of us are that weak

Jfreed on August 16, 2013:

i just buried my brother a month ago... A heroin battle of over 20 yrs....I have seen it all and although I wanna stray positive I must say, heroin I like getting cancer, it may go into remission but in the end it will get your or a complication from it (ie; Parkinson's , other nervous system issues) I'm sorry but I refuse to believe that any can recover ....

Hurting on August 15, 2013:

Debbie, thank you for giving me a tiny fragment of hope. I didn't know I was dating someone who was using heroin until a couple of months ago. We split because I found out after she stole money from me. I am heartbroken and have set her free, but I still love her and hope that one day she might live without the chains she's bound herself in.

Bill from Greensburg Pennsylvania on July 13, 2013:

Hey good hub. Well written to bad the video links no longer work. Very informative.

Wayne Joel Bushong from America on July 09, 2013:

I have had a gambling addiction for several years now. I never understood addictions and how they could control a person. As horrible as my addiction is I can't imagine heroine. I remember doing coke once and the next morning wanting more. I knew ME and knew I would destroy my life on it , therefore never touching it again. Great read, voted up and interesting.

Debbie on July 01, 2013:

I was a heroin addict for nearly a decade, I stopped nearly 10 years. Heroin produces the best feeling anyone could experience but it also produces the worst. Having travelled the whole journey from the highs to the lows I know the highs are short lived and outweighed by the lows. Sooner or later you get fed up of the lows. I know I won't go back to it. So a heroin addict can recover, and it doesn't take a lifetime.

Ben on June 16, 2013:

No one wants to be addicted. There's no effort out forth to be addicted that's so ridiculous Being branded a junkie and watching you destroy everyone around you sucks (understatement). I'm in the process of kicking and I've relapsed 3 times in the past two weeks. But I'm learning from it, that's all you can do. People don't wake up one day and decide they want to be a heroin addict. It wrecks your life. And I don't believe you have to hit rock bottom to change. You live at rock bottom, sometimes for years until something happens that gives you hope. You can't let that moment pass by. It's will power, support and a whole lot of preparation. Plan on the apocalypse when you kick and then you'll be prepared for the worst or (hopefully) be pleasantly surprised. Very spot on article. As a heroin addict you find yourself in the weirdest and worst situations daily. Contorting your body for hours to find a vein. You don't think about it cuz you need to get right. Everything's justified and normal after a short time. It's pathetic but I don't believe there's a single addict that's past a point of no return. Help is hard to find, it disturbed me how many places and doctors I had to call just to get denied. No one knows the side of them they find when addicted to heroin and can't imagine there's anything else to them after a while. But there's always hope and seriously best of luck to anyone who's still struggling. You owe it to yourself, your families and the people you've lost to get clean. Quitting today will be easier than quitting tomorrow. And if you've never tried dope, don't. You may never understand it but it would be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.

twamp on June 16, 2013:

@ronald, you are ignorant to think it takes 6 months to become addicted to heroin you are extremely misinformed. It can take as little as 3 weeks become physically addicted and psychological addiction can happen after the first use. . Get your facts straight. Coming from someone who has first hand experience.

Ronald on June 11, 2013:

I don't do drugs (well, nicotine...). But what amzes me that it really takes a conserted effort to get addicted to heroine, I am told. You have to use it at least half a year on a daily basis to get fully hooked. Why do people make such an effort? I am addicted to cigarettes, but they are addicted after a few days (and I was only 12, so oblivious). I can't understand grown up people who use it every day for half a year and then not think, well, am I not trying to solve something that should be solved otherwise?

Alonzasgrl on May 08, 2013:

I have read every article on here, and I must say some of you are right where you should be as far as knowledge. But to the parents of an addict. You must first learn YOU ARE POWERLESS OVER YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS ADDICTION 1 Next to the addicts who are trying to recover and may have relapsed don't quit trying, never ever quit. Yes take one minute, then a half hour, then 1 hour then 2 hours and so on until you got your first 24 hours 1 day clean and from there it will be like riding a bike. Find a higher power in your life to put your feelings up to and willingly hand over any negative thoughts or intensions over to that higher power let go of it all. Work your steps ! Call your sponsors if yu don't have one go to a meeting and get one or two ! call them if you feel an urge or negative thought about scoring. do not chase the dragon bec in the end he will win if you continue to use. Try to remember back in your life when something great happened and yes maybe some of you have nothing great that you can remember then for you think of something great you always wantd to happen then chase that dream and make it happen. And the parents of the addicts stop enabling your child or loved one to use you, you must let them make the same choice to stay clean and out of trouble as they chose to use. Knowone forced your child to do drugs, are we on the same page ? This was a choice and once they were hooked they lost control, but YES anyone can choose to take back their control over any drug or situation. Find another addiction like church, vol at a shelter, or a pet rescue find a place you are needed on a daily basis and you will then find yourslef ! My daughter is an addict sometimes recovering and other times an active addict, but all in all she is my daughter, she has to take the lumps and bumps along the way, if its jail then its jail if its church then its church, it is her choice. To get clean you have to want it more then you want the next high. Thos of you main lining, its not the end not at all. You too can find a way if you so choose too . God Bless all of you both the addict and the people who love them. Never give up on anyone !! Never enable them either, don't make it so easy as a parent to help your child use by giving them money ect... if they are hungry feed them if they are naked clothe them, if they are freezing give them a blanket, but unless you want to bury your child learn to say NO ! I love you always but the choice is yours get help and fight or leave and I will miss you but always love you ! That's tough love and hell yea it hurts, but you you have a better chance of getting that loved one back if you let them go ! They will find their way either back to you or they will find their way HOME with their higher power that was always their waiitng for them to call upon him .

Kate on May 08, 2013:

My brother overdosed from the maintenance drugs that he was prescribed for years to deal with his Heroin habit. He used everything to deal with the real issue of addiction, personal pain. I was involved with a wonderful guy for 6 months before his family told me about his Heroin addiction. It was a 5 year roller coaster ride. I cold turkeyed him after calling a hotline where I was told,"He wouldn't die from it". I've known many people who use that have died, lost their children,killed others not using a lock box andI have volunteered at a local agency making safe kits for addicts. It was my own experience during Chemo and Radiation that taught me what a struggle it can be stopping a pain killer. I got sick,very irritable and life sucked. I learned respect for that struggle. Every addict I've ever met has a dark hole in them that they try to fill instead of dealing with the hole itself. I do know people who beat their addiction with drugs and whole families that are addicts. There is a lot of shame involved with any kind of addiction. So even when people stop there is a whole lot of work to be done but for many as a NA person told me years ago,"Some addicts require a Frontal Lobotomy to get better". Sad but, true.

MrChit on May 06, 2013:

I have to say that addicts can get clean and stay clean. I have known people who shot a gram a day of tar for 1yr+ and quit through sheer will-power, even though they had money in the bank and numbers in their phone...

Personally when i quit h, it was a living nightmare. voices/negative thought/unbelivable pain. There really is no word that expresses how incredibly painful/difficult quiting can be. I was lucky enough to have good info on quitting tips: what to expect to happen both physically/mentally/emotionally as well as a list of otc drugs to help ease the process. My family also did a great job of teaching me from a young age the value of integrity, morals, and restraint. It took all my everything to pull myself out. i failed several times at quitting before. This time i am confident i can kick it. really its simple NEVER GIVE INTO BAD THOUGHTS. Once your clean NEVER SCORE AGAIN, it gets "easier" once you've got a few months under your belt as long as you talk about what your feeling and have a good support system. All in all if you fail at quiting keep trying, try, try, try. If you get info and good recources and mentally train yourself you can overcome it, just keep trying and give quiting everything you have.

Nemo on May 06, 2013:

I believe I have the same condition. Several times I experimented with different opiates and just could not figure out what there is to it. I just flushed the remains of a bag of H through the toilet, and that's the end of my experiments. In some regards I consider myself lucky to not know what it should feel like (paradoxically). You can never undo that knowledge, which will make it a choice for the rest of your life.

I don't look down upon any of you who are in dire straits, as it is probably the same curiosity as mine that started it all. I wish you all the best.

ashamed on April 30, 2013:

i am 27 with 3 children n addicted to herorin. I kicked two months ago and was clean for 27 days and now im back on this crap im so mad at myself but I dnt feel norma without it. I cant function the way I can wen im using. I snort it not shoot or smoke it wen I first kicked I was snorting over 2 grams a day everyday for a year now I am down to only about a 20 bag a day I want to stop I noe its not right ive lost so much weight and I want to be around to watch my children grow up. But the feeling of no energy useless aches pains not being able to sleep and no patience is unbarrible. I get chronic migraines and stiff neck all the time I was on norco 10mg and then I got my tollerence up and started taking oxycotten morphine ect. Then I turned to this crap. Im disguested with myself and so disappointed. Plse somebody does it get better as u stay clean. Does ur mind stop thinking about gettin high every sec of everyday the longer u stay off the crap. I need help. Plse.

james westley on April 29, 2013:

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Justfortoday on April 27, 2013:

Herion addicts do recover, I still have a ways to go but thanks to recovery and NA I haven't touched it in a little over 7 months, when I was using and saw articles that said I couldn't recover it def didn't help any. Get more educated on addiction.

Bre on April 19, 2013:

Good story but false information.

Layla on April 07, 2013:

Opiate withdrawal is actually THE ONLY withdrawal that can't. Misinforming people is no way to go about writing an article intended to help.

You said yourself that you are NOT an addict. Do some more research and maybe I'll read your new and informed article.

Anna Deeds on March 21, 2013:

I just want to let everyone know there is HOPE for heroin addicts to recover! I was an IV heroin addict for 10 years. I quit and so can anyone else who is addicted to opiates. Today, I'm a Licensed Counselor and I help others with their recovery. I have 10 years clean from the needle and 7 years clean from methadone and all other substances. I know what it takes to get better and I can help others. It takes a lot of hard work but it's much better than the alternative...a life of chasing a high.

You can find me at

Anna Deeds, LPC

Jenn P on March 20, 2013:

I have been an addict for my entire life, from one thing to the next. I know the lie that an addict can never get and stay clean... BUT that is a tired ole lie. tomarrow i will celebrate 4 years clean... I started with the typical alcohol and weed in my early teens, went to benzos and other pills, then found heroin and crack. I gave everything I love up, you see I did not loose it I gave it away, I hit many bottoms only to find a trap door to hit anthor bottom. I found this simple program years and years ago but I found it with the help of parents,children,probation officers,courts.... Any addict who does not WANT to stop will not stop no matter what. There is a solution to our problems and I found it!!!! It's 12 simple steps.... One day at a time,a desire,and other recovering addicts. one addict helping anthor is without pararell.there is hope don't ever give up. i have a life i never imagined was possible and i owe it to hard work and one or a hundred of those other recovering addicts showing me how to live without the use of any mind or mood altering substances. THANK YOU NA/AA YOU SHOWED ME HOW TO LIVE A BEATIFUL LIFE

Helen Kramer from Santa Barbara, CA. on February 22, 2013:

I have empathy for all addicts on this planet, and pray for all. A lifetime battle that takes courage, perseverance, and support. Though not impossible, although at times takes more work than humanly possible. I send my blessings and prayers to all.

Stellar Phoenix Review on February 22, 2013:

This blog is spectacular! You definitely know how to keep a reader happy. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost..hehe) Wonderful job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool! Stellar Phoenix Review

:( on February 18, 2013:

My boyfriend is a heroin addict and hes in jail right now for it...before i met him he caught a case residential burglary. He pled drug addict and got out on probation. He went to a 6month rehab and they had him on methadone. Then they took him off and he was clean. That was when i met him. He told me from the beginning he did heroin but he said he was done with it now. At the time i knew heroin was a really bad drug but i underestimated the power of the addiction and i believed him when he said he was done with it. We became friends for a while and eventually got together and he was still clean. He then for some reason relasped im guessing because he lives with his dad out in the middle of no where and where his dad works is a neighborhood in west Chicago where selling heroin is dominant. The temptation was there so he would get it when he worked with his dad so on the days he was home all alone for hours with no food and no human contact but when he texted me it got bad. I couldn't always see him because he lives an hour n 30mins away from me. I have school and work and driving like that would be a chore. He didn't have a car or lisence because he was in jail and just got out of rehab when i met him he was saving money working for his dad. Anyway once it got real bad I threatened to break up with him and he had his dad check him into rehab the very next day. They put him on a drug called suboxone. It blocks the heroin high effects and it blocks the crave for it but it doesn't get you high. But he was still home alone all the time so his dad is on aderrall and my bf would steal some from his dad to play xbox and be super focused...his PO drug tested him n he came back dirty now hes in jail...I must say i think ive lost hope...if hes not on heroin it seems like he has to be on something...and im seeing stories of how you can never recover from heroin addiction..I get the feeling this cycle will never end and its pointless to have hope...The sad part is when he was little his uncle that he was really closed to was a heroin addict..and he killed himself not by overdose he blew his brains out with a and my bf's family fear he will end up in the same boat. When he was little he and his grandad found his uncles dead body so i would assume that impacted him a lot

JSinPA on February 18, 2013:

Wow, lots of good and bad info/advice here. Seems most of the good from recovering/current addicts, bad from the others. First let me say I'm on day 8 of sobriety from a 6 month binge on h, snorting was my method. Detoxing on my own. Spent 30,000 on it from August-jan. before that had a 8 yr mostly on addiction to oc's and subs. Last feb I self detoxed from subs, clean for 2 1/2 months. Let me say getting off the subs was 20x's harder than this. I was sick for 24 days solid. Getting off the real shit is way easier, last night I slept 7 hrs, first good night of sleep but after only a week I'm really happy! I don't have bad urges awake, not yet, but have had opiate dreams the last 2 nights. I'm really determined to leave it behind for good this time, have a great gf and 1 yr old daughter, and I would never forgive myself of I wasn't there for her growing up. Please don't give up on ur addicted friends/family as suggested by some, if it wasn't for my parents, little brother and gf I'd have never quit. Love from them went a long way for me. Thanks :-)

joe on February 10, 2013:

you wouldn't withdrawal if you were immune LOL

hopefulmomma on February 10, 2013:

As the mother of a 22 year old heroin addict/alcoholic I would like to thank everyone for their contribution to this discussion.

My beautiful, talented, troubled daughter has been battling heroin addiction for the past four years. It is has affected all who know and love her, one way or another and, as her mother, it continues to break my heart and it WAS my obsession. She had been in and out of rehabs and halfway houses and, following a period of almost 6 months of sobriety, had relapsed. It was then that I hit MY bottom and made my way into the rooms of Al-Anon, a 12 Step support group for friends and family of alcoholics/addicts. It has saved my sanity and brought amazing insights that allow me to live my life peacefully and even happily whether or not she is using. It doesn't cure the grief but it has helped me live a full and satisfying life in spite of the loss. I finally understand what so many alcoholics and addicts already know: We cannot control or cure another's addiction.

What I CAN do is continue to love her, provide moral support in her efforts towards sobriety and pray that she finds her way back to the beautiful life I believe awaits her on the other side of addiction.

If you have a parent, child, partner or loved one who abuses drugs or alcohol, please don't underestimate the toll it is taking on your sanity. This insidious disease spreads to everyone in the family and gets us behaving like crazy people as we meddle, manipulate and martyr ourselves. Al-Anon and Nar-Anon meetings are free and worldwide.

My experience has been if you go to a few meetings, bring an open mind and just listen, you will find answers that can lead to peace, acceptance and even joy.

I agree that there are many paths to sobriety and there may be many paths living a fulfilled life around a loved one's addiction. This has been the road that worked for me.

Courage to all that are battling addiction, whether it is your own or a loved one's.

MARY on January 05, 2013:

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sandra on January 04, 2013:

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mom on January 02, 2013:

interesting all of it to many different points from addicts to recovering addicts to family daughter age 23 has been a heroin addict for 3 yrs that i know of..been thru it all ..burglaries of homes..stealing from her places of employment..from us family members ..getting involved with prostitutes..the lies oh so many many lies i dnt believe anything that ever comes out of her mouth. i just wait n c what happens next and the truth usually comes out..she is on her way to prison now..thanks to me. well really thanks to herself..she was doing the crimes i just couldn't sit back and watch it all over messed up ..going to work that way fadded she couldn't even hold her head up ..cant watch it anymore so i called her po and had her revoked..didn't take long..she was out of jail just 2months.. i love my daughter with everything i have..she was beautiful hard working and honnest once...a long time ago ..and being a selfish mom i want that one my life.. as i call em heroin zombies..i see so many in my town ..all connected to her somehow ..and i just wish they would all just go away..i see them daily and i think of how much i truly do hate them ..not just because my daughter fell in it but because i know who they are what they are and sooner or later they will be stealing from the innocent and lieing to their families as well..its hard to live with and i know its hard for her .. i am her only support team and i hope i am enuf ..she will be getting treatment in prison for about a yr n a half and i hope its wat she needs to stop but i have come to the rreality that if she comes home and it starts up again..i have done all i can as an outsider to help and then i will give up ..if she gives up then my fite is wishes to u all..but at sum point we all have to either have faith to a point ..then call it as it is what it is ..and move on.

barbara on December 10, 2012:

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ShawnsMom on November 25, 2012:

Shawn, my beautiful 22 year old son died 7weeks ago from a heroin overdose. What started out as a prescription from a doctor for oxycodone for back pain quickly became an addiction. Shawn started doctor shopping and then when he stole a doctors prescription pad and was arrested for forging prescriptions he turned to heroin because it was cheaper and easier to get. We sent Shawn to an inpatient rehab facility where for the 45 days that he was in there we were at peace. I actually felt euphoric knowing where he was and that he was finally getting the help he needed. I git my beautiful son back fir those 45 days. The son who was everybody's brother, everybody's best friend, everybody's first love, everybody's soulmate. We called him "ferris buehller" because like the character in the 80s movie, Shawn was witty and charming and loveable and popular. Shawn needed more than 45 days of rehab but insurance wouldn't cover any more time so they released him. Three days later my son Nicky, Shawn's older brother, found Shawn unresponsive on the kitchen floor. It was the day of Nicky's 24th birthday. Shawn had died of a heroin overdose. Heroin is a terrible drug. It does change a persons moral compass. My Shawn was robbed of his true self by this terrible drug. He stole everything from his friends and family, he became a pathological liar who couldn't be trusted. We tried desperately to help him but no one could be around him because he was selling our laptops, our tvs, stealing money, credit cards and everything else. Heroin changed who he was. It changes a persons brain chemistry. I was elated to have my Shawn back for those 45 days he was heroin free. I know that nobody forced him to put a needle back into his arm but addiction is more powerful than any of us can understand. My heart breaks not only for my beautiful son and the fact that he didn't get to live and enjoy his full life, but it breaks for all of the young kids and families who are tragically torn apart by this demon.

God bless you all

OhioSorrow on November 01, 2012:

I was sOber in AA for 10.5 years. I had ACL reconstruction, and was prescribed percocet during recovery. I took the meds as prescribed. Shortly after rehab for my knee, I was taken off the pills. The combination of lack sof meetings, and the obsession of wanting more pain killers led me to relapse. Two months after relapsing, I tried heroin for the first time ever. It's now 14 months later, and I've been clean 22 days. I've destroyed every relationship in the past 6 months. I lost my job, friends, family relations. I only IV'ed for 3 months. The needle itself has become an addiction. I would shoot water into my veins if I was without heroin. I stole,lied,cheated every day of my use. I certainly wasn't raised this way. Heroin is the devil, as I obsess daily for just one more shot. My addiction wants me dead, but will settle for me high. I'm fighting for my life, and it scares the shit out of me. Heroin IV users die, just depends on how soon. I have had COUNTLESS friends die from this terrible drug. I know I'd be right there with them if I decide to use again. Don't ever give up hope on a loved one with this deplorable disease. As long as they are breathing there is still hope.

god is love

Jessica1850 on September 23, 2012:

After reading theses comments it makes me think am I ever going change?? I am 24 yrs old been using herion for over a year Iv user. In high school I started doing pain pillsa after knee surgery. I have suffered from depression but never wanted to admit it. When I was 18 I got shot 4 times driving home from friends house. It has ruined my life. I have PTSD from it and really bad anxiety. I started off with going back to pain pills and then started trying every drug I could get my hands on. Now after 4 years of that my friend tried herion and soon got me to try it. Biggest mistake of my life. I feel so ashamed my brother has been addict all my life. I have seen first hand how to ruined my family. I hate my brother growing up and now I feel like I am putting my family through more than he did. Because I should've learned from him. I say am going to quit then something bad happens and I use it as excuse to get high. I really don't want to struggle with this my whole life. It sucks I feel like they don't want to help me. I go doctor to get anxiet mecdine but then they won't put me on stuff that works because I am drug addict. It's so stupid why won't they help me?? All they do is judge me and treat me like I am not even a person. It's like if I didn't tell them I was drug addict they wouldn't even know. Why judge me for making mistakes in my life. I wonder if I would've never got shot would I have turned to herion?? If there's is anybody that knows of places that help with out judging you. I really do want to stop! I want my relationship with my family back. I am sick of hurting them. I always thought I could just hurt myself and nobody would notice I was wrong. Thanks for posting it has made me think so much more about my addiction!

drewthabutcher on September 20, 2012:

really i don't think its a good idea to (as suggested) remove the child ov a heroibe addicts home.... i myself am a young ex-horoine addict (25) and honestly i quit cuz i had no money, no job, and im not gonna pull tricks or hook out my babies momma for it, its all in the physiology and psychology of the addicts habit and not ENTIRELY on SOLEY THE DRUG!!! i find it appalling that u suggest in every heroine addicts home the children should be removed.... I FIND IT APPALLING THAT ANY FSS AND/OR CPS AGENCY COULD TREAT EVERY CASE SOOO BLACK AND WHITE... the reality is that every case is different and should be treated as such.... that's all i needed to say ive overcome my 8 year addiction to heroine and any opiate i could get my hands on JST TO AS U CORRECTLY STATED feel normal...

stephanie robertson on August 04, 2012:

Heroin is a horrible drug. It has touched the lives of many people I know. All middle class college bound that can't find there way back. It all started with percocets and it became cheaper to buy heroin. I have watched children born to the addiction, steeling, lying, violence, child abuse all behind these drugs. We have the money to afford top rehab programs and paid over 200.000.00 so far for rehabs in maui CA, FL, PA, MD, OH, DE, TX, MN and NY. Problem top dollar, and still no recovery. The recovery is fine as long as they stay on Suboxone or Methodone for the rest of their lives but we cant afford to support a legal drug habit. This is the solution for all programs they check them in give them drugs and when the drugs stop they leave. The the methadone program was just great they sold them and suboxone on the streets for heroin. The babies all have problems and we cant take one more child but they keep on having them. The social workers don't care, drug rehabs making money, pharmacutical companies making money, doctors getting kickbacks and after all this time and money they wont be the ones who will have to pay for the funerals. These drugs are out of control and the solution is hope they can keep a job to pay for the same drug made by a pharmacutical company instead of a drug dealer. Who is getting that kickback.

Patrick on August 01, 2012:

Hey, this was a great article.. I also was addicted to heroine, I started using oxycodone for about a year and there was a bust and they became hard to find.. So I like many other of my "friends" started using heroine, because its stronger and cheaper than oxy. I was addicted to heroine for almost 2 years, It doesn't sound like a long time with opiate addiction, 3 years total. However, it started when I was 17 years old.. I am now 21 and have been clean for over a year. I never realized how much I had changed until I got clean.. It is incredible.. Its almost like having two people fighting inside one body and the bad one is the one who always wins. Horrible drug, horrible addiction.

nessa on July 28, 2012:

hi I was never aware of what my ex was going through. When we met he was in the process of getting clean but little by little I saw him fall apart. I had never seen him use the drug in front of my eyes therefore I was still in disbelief that he was a heroin addict. When he couldn't take it no more he would get mad..angry start cussing like crazy he will get his Xbox sale it and go get high. The next day he ll act like nothing ever happened! what made me want to run out the door was thr simple fact that he didn't admit drugs were hurting him. He blame his family and other factor even himself but never the drug. The day after I left him I went to his house to pick up my belongings and he was in handcuffs. He had thr whole police department at his house he treaten to hurt himself or his dad. I was like no way this isn't true his not that person. And he wasn't atleast mentally he had smoked heroin before things got out of control. The sheriff ask me if I did drus if I will help him get his drugs. I was like "no I honesty though he was able to overcome his addiction." Now his in jail and his parents are good people they didn't even press charges I ran out. I change everythig because I really don't want to see him. I do hate him and hate myself for being in this situation. but I figured if he hits the bottom he might just recovered. I can't hold his hand no more it's to painful for me. idk if I ll be judge as a bad person for lettin him go like that but I know in my heart that I did whatever I could to help


liliana on July 26, 2012:

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corey on July 22, 2012:

what a horrible way to live your life on methadone forever

misty on July 18, 2012:

I don't understand why they can't just let their girlfriend break up with them. Why do they sit there and try to convince them that they are clean and they're going to seek help.

Tony on July 13, 2012:

I started in Jr. high using drugs went to high school still using, dropped out in 1980 when I was in the 11th and a little later I was a full blown heroin addict. Did the usually things like, stealing, jails, then prison, hospitals, homeless, being sick from withdrawals, programs, and in 1998 I got on methadone and still on it to this day. I meet a woman a heroin addict too we end up having two kids and I am not on their birth certificates. When my son was born his mom was in prison & when my daughter was born I was in prison for a violation so I wasn't at their births. Because their mom wasn't in prison when my daughter was born she was born addicted to heroin and stayed in the hospital for a couple of months going through the withdrawal & some medical issues because of the heroin. From 98 to today I been clean, raised my two kids by myself which they are now 14 & 16. One get straight A's the other B & C's. We go to church as a family and doing worse then most but better then some. I am a winner and you can be one too. With or with out methadone we heroin addicts can make it. Don't let no one tell you different. There is life after heroin.

JS on July 12, 2012:

i was using heroin for 4 years, to the point i needed it just to feel normal. it gets so frustrating because it becomes just another bill on top of every other bill u gotta pay. i really did not want to do it anymore but was not able to stop. i moved away with family, away from my dealer and my friends to a place i knew nobody and quit cold turkey. and it really was the most horrible experience. i didn't die from the withdrawal but the depression actually led me to have many suicidle thoughts. i lost everything i had and really had to hit rock bottom before seeking help from family. ive been 7 months sober and i hope i can keep it up. and for those who think heroin doesn't change your moral compass, you have not been a true addict, by yourself, hitting rock bottom. maybe you had parents or someone giving you money and u were always able to purchase the drug so you have never really had to deal with the lowest point in your addiction. what do you do when your withdrawing and have no money? just about anything, and if you have never even come close to doing something you never thought u would then you have not truly experienced heroin addiction. it irritates me that people who haven't been through that can comment on how if you do scumbag things on heroin its because you were a scumbag before. anyone who has been through this knows what im talking about, and if you haven't, dont comment things like that

lynn Davis on July 09, 2012:

Once you do it, you're opening up to a demonic possession. That spirit is controlling everything. It has to be casted out by an anointed deliverance team who have been covered in the blood of Jesus. once it's gone out, the void has to be replaced with the Holy Spirit to have power to fight. I pray for you. Satan! The blood of Jesus is against you. I command you loose them right now. In Jesus name We pray. be healed

lynn Davis on July 09, 2012:

Once you do it, you're opening up to a demonic possession. That spirit is controlling everything. It has to be casted out by an anointed deliverance team who have been covered in the blood of Jesus. once it's gone out, the void has to be replaced with the Holy Spirit to have power to fight. I pray for you. Satan! The blood of Jesus is against you. I command you loose them right now. In Jesus name We pray. be healed

Deanyuk on July 08, 2012:

I think you hit on a vital point that staying clean is the hardest part and your addiction can restart from using other drugs, not just the drug you were initially addicted to.

i suppose any user has to sit down and realise that temptation will always be there and if you allow yourself to have that "oh 1 last time" or "oh 1 more hit" then you will be forever relapsing.

I haven't truly found my cure yet, but to be honest is there a cure? i think the only proven cure that works is when the user reaches that point of enough is enough!

31 days on July 06, 2012:

I have self medicated anxiety and depression my entire adolescent and adult life, and spent 2+ yrs on meds for them and was as equally miserable.

Watch Basketball Diaries - he's right. It fixes EVERYTHING

and after a long enough addiction, you're F***ED...

But I can tell you 2 things:

1.) it is possible to quit, but DO NOT use suboxone, subutex, or methadone. The withdrawal from these isn't as bad when tapered off but lasts longer wich is an alternate hell. Clonidine actually helps repair your brain, look it up.

2.) Staying clean is a simple matter of willpower. As is a persons choice to either kick H or kick in somebody's door and rob them (which I thought about but could never do, I would just be sick until I figured something out...oh and I was shooting over a gram a day and using crack or glass occassionally but stimulants don't affect me like others).

I was an alcoholic for 3 years of my 5 year cocaine addiction and quit both cold turkey to better myself at 20 years old for 2 years until I found pills and eventually heroin.

What I am saying; that I am probably the fastest person to give up on a good day.

I feel depressed, tired, restless, and moody on a normal day so how do you think I am able to survive 30 days of feeling like shit, sneezing all the time, cold sweats, crippling weakness, unfathomable depression and knowing it would all go away if......

I believe in God, though im not a good christian

I haven't been to a single meeting

I'm 25 now and I simply want to be sober MORE THAN I want to go back.



I even called my old dealer a few days ago (I couldn't take it anymore) and he said he was waiting for me, but I just asked him how he was doing and wished him well.

25 Clean on July 04, 2012:

Drug addict for 20 years with the last 12 of the 20 being a heroin addict. Clean for 25 years. Cold turkey and a geographical change is the only way to go in my opinion.

Find yourself a dedicated family member or a sponsor, live with them, spend a week in bed kicking, and don't leave the house for any reason without taking that person with you for 3 months.

Cut ties with all your old friends forever and never, ever spend a minute with anyone that does any kind of drugs.

For all the long term heroin addicts out first, you won't know how to relate to people that don't drug but it gets easier with time. Then it becomes second nature.

If I can do it, you can do it.

Deanyuk on July 03, 2012:

im not saying it doesn't help some people, what i am saying tho is that considering its the most talked about & pushed treatment going for opiate addicts it's success rate & positive reviews are hardly awesome.

Also if i'm actually taking the stuff i'm surely allowed to have an opinion on it?

It's just such a bizarre concept to have someone who is addicted to opiates, then take a completely different synthetic opiate every day in the hope they may cut down their use...when you put it like that why not just offer pure heroin & have a scheme that they reduce their dose, surely that makes more sense?

Deanyuk on July 03, 2012:

omg yes you have hit on a real point about NA there i have had that problem the 1 and only time i have gone and it had more dealers than it did people who want to get clean (alot probably had to go just due to court orders) i have heard of a lot of stories where dealers wait outside...tell you about gear...get you gagging, act friendly, let you come with them to score then rough you up and take your stuff.

as for the iv diamorphine, yer i have heard of it and every city that has trialed it has said what amazing results its had, i really don't get why they don't start rolling it out everywhere...there is a documentary about this scheme and 1 woman who is takin iv dia simply says "methadone wasn't for me & to put it bluntly, how on earth do you think you are gonna cure most addicts by introducing a new,different and synthetic drug"...i did laugh, she is so right

I will have to try find this documentary because the guy who narrates it was once a real high flyer politician and he was the medical secretary and guess what he was doing for guessed it writing out diamorphine scripts for himself....cant blame him but i am jealous n annoyed;) but yer he said noone would of guessed he was an addict because he constantly had clean gear and a constant supply so wasn't running around 24/7,scheming or whatever else.

what's the NA's like where you live then?

CleanjunkieX on July 01, 2012: the using addicts scheming to score outside, I mean this:

How many times have I got clean for a bit and met someone who suddenly wants to tell me all about this "fockin dynamite" "fockin nice bit a gear" they're just about to score and yours truly just couldn't resist...?

That's why moving to a different place, though it doesn't always work, helps...



I don't reckon I'd have stayed clean so long if I hadn't moved away...

maybe I'm wrong...

Oh and I meant strong enough not strog enough (nice served with rice :))

cleanjunkieX on July 01, 2012:

Hey DeanUK, you're so right.

Just the article is misleading and states detox can kill: relapse after detox can kill.

Have you heard, there's a program where they're prescribing supervised IV diamorphine slow reduction to chronic addicts who have failed all other programs, google it, they've been doing trials in London, Brighton and some other place,

and guess what:

It WORKS (doh! They didn't need to do research to work that one out)

And I agree, legalisation would end the dodgy gear...dream on eh? :(

I could go on and on on my political soapbox about it but won't. Check it out though, ask about it...(I can already hear angry shouts from "the taxpayer" lol: get over it: we're HUMAN TOO)

wishing you success, like I said, it is possible, one day, something will just "click" and you'll be strog enough, not that it's easy...


I strongly agree with the comment someone wrote about calling social services on heroin addicts being like giving them a death sentence.

they might be "well meaning" (DAMN!) but actually if they think twice they're pure vindictive daily mail addcts with the desire to orphan kids and cast them into "care".

Whoever wrote this article, dig a little deeper (pardon the pun if you even understand why it's funny) with yor research and you'll find most kids who get shoved in the care system end up abused there and come out addicts.

Or if you think I'm overgeneralising, how come nearly everyone I knew/know who was/is using went through the care shitstem at some point? Myself included.

Yeah, Judges, doctors, surgeons, lawyers, university lecturers amongst others use gear in easy for them to fund it (steal it from hospitals ;)) on the sly though. When you're addicted it ain't about morals. It's about desperation....

...which NA state is a gift: the gift of desperation...rock bottom...

NA ain't for everyone. I've relapsed before and blamed NA, seriously. But it can work if you meet the right people who genuinely want to help and not the using addicts scheming to score outside, which does occasionaly happen....

Anyways, take care care of you& good luck :)

Deanyuk on July 01, 2012:

congrats on being clean for so long hun, you should be so proud:)

However heroin detox does kill a lot of people...not from the symptoms...(although they do suck hard) but because detox programmes let people leave knowing they could relapse at any time and when they do their tolerance is gone.

You constantly hear of tragic circumstances where someone tries so hard to get clean, does rehab...goes a day,a month,maybe 6 months then the urge gets too much, they score and their body cant take what it used to, there is no telling how pure your gear is.

CleanjunkieX on July 01, 2012:

Heroin detox doesn't kill you: quit with the bs, folks. But any underlying undiagnosed health conditions that you never realised you had MIGHT.

I was a chronic IV heroin addict and I've not touched it coming up to 11 years next month.

We CAN and DO recover, OKAY?

Some are not so lucky.

I detoxed multiple times, relapsed multiple times, but after two overdoses and some really bad gear someone helped me detox in their home with lofexidine, buscopan, diazepam, temazepam, loperamide and I can't remember what else.

I couldn't have done it without the medication or the help and support from someone who believed in me when I didn't believe or trust or love, even like myself.

Despite the medication, it was the hardest detox I ever did.

I was also lucky insomuch as I didn't have any children. Many of my using friends did and that made it that much harder for them. Some made it, some didn't, some are clean today some are still using, some died.

When I was using I was blind and deaf to people's help, to NA. Like many, relapsed straight out of rehab.

The Post Acute Withdrawl Syndrome is very real, and it can last years.

After nearly 11 years heroin free I can hoestly say that there have been times I've been happy to be clean, times I've struggled and times of intense craving which tends to happen when life gets tough.

I can't say I'll never relapse, but I can't say I will.

I'm just doing the best I can and doing my best to avoid alcohol because I always substituted that and the detox from that is worse than heroin: that, and benzo detox can kill you, not heroin detox, which just feels lke you're dying.

When I did my rattle, the last time, I was pissing blood from infection I never knew I'd been anaesthetising.

I would have died if I'd kept using.

All of you still out there, I wish you find the support you need. YOU CAN DO IT.

Plenty people might have given up on you but I ain't, and there are loads out there who believe in you.

Love to you all.

Deanyuk on July 01, 2012:

Hey guys it's so good to see honest discussion & some real issues being tackled & experiences being shared.

I'm dean from England and I have used most drugs since 16 but heroin is the 1 that has always captured me & I have an almost romance with.

I have been using for a fair few years now & I am really struggling to see a way out, it just seems a constant circle of ...use so much you are skint, go through withdrawal, hate life & constantly dream, When asleep of getting dope then as soon as you get money again getting high again in constant repeatition.

I have been on first suboxone but now methadone for a year but I only changed so I can use on top.

Just this weekend I have spent atleast £280 (about $480) on the stuff & walking around dangerous areas just getting it is risky enough. But it's after this weekend I've had one of them rare moments where I just lay & evaluate things, I have stayed clean all day which is a big achievement as I still have a lot of money in my bank but I think I'm staying clean just to beat withdrawal.

Heroin is without doubt either stalling me or day by day stealing my future & I know it needs to stop someday or I will end up with nothing in some hostel.

One point Noone has touched upon though is the USA & Uk throw out methadone & suboxone but what if they just legalized heroin? It would make it affordable,safer to obtain,cleaner & more importantly it would stop the endless kids being locked up or selling their bodies.

This article is portraying that there is no hope for recovery, well I think the statistics of rehabs everywhere suck so maybe we should legalize it.

Nate on June 30, 2012:

I've used opiates for a full year now, IV heroin for 6 months. I went into detox 9 days ago and was there for 3 full days. The day I got out i had to go to court for a probation violation (for pissing dirty for heroin and leaving community service to do heroin) and the judge sent me straight to jail until the next week on a $100,000 dollar bail. I'm lucky my parents bailed me out because I should be there right now. Oh, and the whole reason I'm on probation is because I got caught stealing scrap metal for heroin 6 months ago when I started. So basically I've been clean for 9 days. I'm feeling a little weird, the physical withdrawals are gone except for the restless leg when i try to sleep. I also CANNOT stop thinking about doing dope again, it's like i'm 14 again but instead of thinking about sex all the time i think about shooting dope. I feel like I've lost a best friend (heroin), but in reality it is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Totally mind****ed. The only reason I don't go and get a bag right now (I still have a job and money) is because I know my PO will piss test me and if i fail i will go to jail. BTW, doing methadone or suboxone WILL NOT HELP YOU AT ALL! When you run out of those, you will go right back to using. So a little advice to those whose loved one is doing heroin - make sure they go to a detox program that does not use methadone or suboxone; these are only SUBSTITUTES to the heroin. They gave me some kind of blood pressure pill and some tramadol when i went and it was painless. I just want to stress the importance of not replacing an opiate with another opiate. Sure, I feel pretty fucked all around, but I can truly say that I'm %100 opiate free. However, I cannot say how long this will last...

angelina7 on June 27, 2012:

i have been with a recovering heroin addict ( hes been clean for ten years and on a programme).... for approximately five months. this is a second time around thing for us. i think what i am having a problem with is his need to control. i want to be there for him and because i see where he is feared by most of his friends and family , i want to let him know that while i will not abandon him.. he cannot mistake this for weakness. he says i am the only one he will listen to because i am the only one that stands up to him when he gets beligerent and rude.. i want to know basically.. how can i help him with the anger issues

Social worker on June 18, 2012:

I'm a social working researching information on drug use and affects on families and reading all these comments has been enlightening to say the least.i am working with 2 children who lost their mother through prolonged heroin use over 20 years and she died a painful and prolonged death through acute organ failure .she spent months in agony with heart problems , joint pain , Lymfoma ect... All caused by the drug .she was 52 years old and was such a lovely person who tried so hard to care for her children .its an illness that needs to be treated. The children are struggling not only because they have lost their mother who they loved dearly but because it was advodiable , it's not like cancer that no one chooses to have.YOU have a choice .If you must use this drug PLEASE don't have children it's simple just have the pill implant every 3 years avoid bringing innocent drug adicted babies into the world who are in constant pain when they are born and grow up to have many problems and learning difficulties and emotional issues and quite possibly end up on the drug themselves

never again... on June 18, 2012:

If you really want to quit you will. It is a long hard process but you just need to determine what is more important. I quit cold turkey after using for 10 years .... it didn't kill me. I stayed in my boyfriends (now husband) house for three months. Did not talk to anyone that used with and I cut ties with everyone I knew. On the 16th of this month I have been clean for two and a half years with no relapse and no real desire to go back. I have had the chance to get heroin throughout and I just looked at pictures of my stepson and husband and I don't want to ever loose them. I never stole or prostituted to get my fix. I was one of the few that would work through withdrawals to get money to then go get my fix. Life is what you make it and your desire has to be strong. It truly is a mind over matter experience. Cold turkey is truly the way to go. If you don't do that then you are replacing one addiction for another one that is legal. My advice is simple but hard - change everything that you can. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So if you keep trying and things are not working change something. Do not try. Try is to fail. Just do what you need to do. And do it for you.

arif on June 11, 2012:

i am telling all addicts,don't u miss the feelings when you took it first?all you are taking these to get that feelings.there is only way to get the same feelings.if you can stop taking it by yourself.if you need to go rehab or doctors,you wont get same stepped in,you have to come out from the cage of dragon after chasing for a least wait 6 months for same pleasure.i know all addicts are brave to do that because they dared to step in.try it

Lizz on June 08, 2012:

I think with drawl is what is happening to my body.

I currently started doing cheese everyday for a week and a half and now that I quit I feel nauseas, sick to my stomach, like everything is pointless and angry.

Hopefully I feel better...

I regret ever trying it.

Nikki on June 05, 2012:

My brothers clean 2 years cold turkey off herion, completely different person. Trust me there's hope.... Just.caus someone uses don't mean they get tha death sentence....


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