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Why Everyone's Nerves are on Edge - Part 2

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What Was in the Part 1 Article

In Part 1 of Why Everyone's Nerves are on Edge, I reviewed the U. S. problems. The problems are so vast, we are constantly on Edge that more will happen.

Part 1 highlighted who are suffering as a nation. Employees without jobs, family and friends disturbing our need to have social contact, the devastation from natural disasters, COVID-19, and businesses closing have us uneasy about the future.

This article continues to show why everyone's on Edge.

Social Justice

The Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) was established in July, 2013 by three women. It is a political and social justice organization. It advocates non-violence and civil disobedience. The Black Lives Matter organization protests against incidents of police brutality, and all racially motivated violence against black people.

The BLM movement has been organizing protests from state to state. The George Floyd homicide incident earlier this year, caused an explosion of participants. They are considered the largest movement in the history of the United States, with over 15 to 25 million participants and 30 local chapters. The Black Lives Matters movement functions as a decentralized network of activists with no formal hierarchy.(Wikipedia).

The BLM movement is still marching, and on Edge.

The Transition of Power

President Trump has decided not to conduct a smooth transfer of power after he lost the November 3rd election to Joe Biden.

President Trump is still repeating his opinion that mail-in ballots were not reliable. Even though he mailed his ballot to his new home in Palm Beach, Florida. And, he is still saying the election was 'rigged'.

As of the date of this article, President Trump is still refusing to concede the election. He plans to continue making the transition as difficult as he can. He will not respect the peaceful transfer of power after losing the election. This despite COVID-19 running out of control, and Mr. Trump is still our President until January 20th.

President Trump has always had the flair for the dramatic He is now behaving as a sore loser. He insists he won the election. He is dragging the Republican party to agree. He is apparently more concerned with losing the election than offering a national COVID-19 plan.

Did you see the first presidential debate between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden? Are you watching the President now spin out of control, with a desire to convince electors with changing their vote to him? Do you see our President not really interested in the suffering of his citizens from COVID-19? Are you on Edge yet?

Who is Not on Edge?

Despite all the changes in our country, there are those who comport themselves in their usual professional manner.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, and his colleague, Dr. Deborah Birx, the Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator for the White House and a global ambassador, both continue to give regular reports before the public. This despite President Trump''s lack of intertest to have regular national status reports.

For months, they have remained dedicated to the science of COVID-19. They have continued to stick to the science, despite politicians occasionally rebuking their expertise. The politicians no longer ask for advice.

Although they look exhausted, they do not seem to be living on the Edge. They appear confident, relaxed, and always ready and willing to address any concerns about the coronavirus.

Young children thankfully, seem to be totally unaware of the dangers of the coronavirus. They miss their friends, their teachers, and want to go back to school. They are trying to get used to wearing masks. They are trying to learn in remote settings, Still, in general, they do not appear to be living on the Edge.

We have our three federal political leaders. They remain calm and collected as they pass bills, represent their constituents, and negotiate another federal stimulus package. They are Nancy Pelosi (D), Mitch McConnell (R), and Adam Schiff (D).

This Group is Doing Fine

Last, but not least, as a non-political example, we have adopted pets. The shelters are happy that people are adopting pets. This is because folks now have the time to train pets at home. Pets tend to have a relaxing influence on people.

Pets must be in heaven now, with each of their new owners. They are happy in their forever homes. Because they are no longer in danger of a premature death, they are no longer living on the Edge.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons to be on the Edge. These are bad times, with Americans living in nightmares, and stressful situations. Still, Americans are strong, determined, and resilient citizens. Due to these traits, we will continue to keep these issues and others part of the national conversation.

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