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Why Don't Strangers Talk To Each Other

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Why Won't People Talk To Each Other?


Why Won't People Look at You?

If you are human and I am guessing you are then why is it that strangers don’t talk to each other?

Have you ever felt that you were the only friendly person walking down the street as people walk past you and don’t even acknowledge your existence let alone keep from just about walking over you?

People will go out of their way in making eye contact with a stranger. If they do happen to look at you it quite often turns into a stare down right from the old west. Who will look away first is the impression I get.

Why Don't Strangers Say Hello?


Stranger Danger

Is it because as children our parents always told us to never talk to strangers. Our parents asked us as children to avoid strangers at any cost.

That training embedded in your subconscious all these years must have done some damage. Now without even knowing it you are avoiding strangers at any cost. Not making any eye contact and definitely not saying hello. Stranger danger is what your parents ingrained in your mind.

There will be times when saying hello to strangers is just not the right time. When people are getting on and off the subway don’t expect anyone to take a second to say hello.

Everyone is focused on where they are going. If you are sitting at a sporting event there is a good chance strangers won’t talk to you unless there is drinking involved.

At sporting events people want to watch the game not necessarily make friends.

Don't Talk To Strangers?


Is Technology The Reason People Are Not Friendly?

Technology has made snubbing people even easier. Everywhere you go now on the train on the bus or just sitting at the mall. Everyone is looking down at a cell phone.

Even when you walk down the street people are walking and have their heads tilted down staring at their devices not paying attention to anyone. Technology has now taken people and turned them into walking zombies.

Have you ever watched someone almost get hit by a vehicle as they cross the street? I have more than once and I am sure you have as well. There is a serious worldwide problem happening with people driving vehicles and staring down at their laps, texting or watching something on their phones.

People have died doing this and people have died because someone driving was focused on their phone. People driving and using cell phones is not the same as people who won’t talk to strangers however it is an extension of the problem.

Some People Only See Their Technology


What's With all the Attitude?

So many people with such terrible attitude. How many times have you looked at someone and they just glare back at you like they are ready to throw down and start a fight with you?

It happens every day all over the world. The attitude these people have is terrible and uncalled for. To make it worse they play some sort of tough guy game and will not say hello or anything to you until you say something.

Are they afraid and this is a defensive way of being safe?

As enlightened and personally happy people seem to be wanting to be there are just as many or more people who would seem to rather give you a dirty look than just say a friendly hello.

Some of us Just Aren't That Friendly


A Friendly Experiment

The world is turning into a scary place. Everyone wants to be recognized for their individuality ad awesomeness and they just don’t want to be friendly no matter what.

The next time you are at the grocery store purposely pay attention to all of the people you make eye contact with but don’t say hello. How many of these people do you think will be the first to say hello?

I am going to throw out 20% of the people you make eye contact with will say hello.

I would also like to add that 20% is probably way to high, the reality is that 10% or less of the people you make eye contact with at the grocery store will actually say hello. Sad but true. Try this experiment for yourself. Count how many people you make eye contact with and how many of them say hello to you first if at all.

What's With the Attitude?


Does it Depend on Your looks?

Now of course it does depend on who you are whether you will have many strangers say hello to you or not. If you are a middle age male or female most people will ignore you.

If you are well past your 60’s there is a good chance the same amount of people will ignore you as well. If you are a female in your 20’s or 30’s and dressed to kill then more people will say hello to you.

If you are a male around the same age and dressed to kill you will still have to say hello first. It’s just the way society is now.

There are so many reasons that people will not talk to strangers. Some reasons can be valid however most reasons are unfortunately not. The only thing you can do if this bothers you is take a moment and ask yourself if it really matters.

Does it really matter if people do not say hello or talk to me? It probably doesn’t even matter. The right people will be drawn to you in life based on the path you are moving on.

Don’t let strangers ruin your day and get into your head.

Carry on with your life be pleasant and still say hello if it strikes you to do so. If you get a hello back then great and if you don’t it just doesn’t matter.

Are Beautiful People Friendlier?